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Jang and The News contradict while reporting the same drone strike – by Watanpal Yousafzai

A US missile strike is thought to have killed a number of German nationals in Pakistan’s tribal region. Estimates place the number of Germans killed at five.

A rocket attack from a US drone aircraft left eight suspected Islamist militants dead on Monday evening in the North Waziristan region of Pakistan. Reports from Pakistani officials indicate five of those killed were German, possibly with Turkish backgrounds.

The strike took place in a village called Mir Ali, near North Waziristan’s main town in the tumultuous region that borders Afghanistan. The area is known as a hideout for militants linked to the Taliban and al Qaeda, and the militants killed were reportedly members of a group called Jihad Islami.

And here is the same attack reported in Daily Jang and The News, which contradict each other. The HuT Mafia in the daily Jang have intentionally misused the term “mosque” to incite provocations.

Thanks to our friend Watanpal, who has pointed out to this hypocricy of the HuT mafia.

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  • Media should play a more responsible role in the war against terrorist as Pakistan is at a very critical stage since independence.

  • An excellent example of media can promote extremism, by distorting and twisting facts such biased reporting defies the norms of journalism

  • 3 steps for redefining our national interests and in my view they should be:

    a) Investing in education so that the youth does not fall prey to extremism.
    b) Put an end to uncontrolled hate-speech it is form here the religious extremism stems.
    c) Giving minorities their due human, legal and constitutional rights.