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No entry for CJ Khwaja Sharif, his two sons and son-in-law

Entry of LHC Chief Justice in Lahore Bar banned

LAHORE: Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court, Khawaja Sharif, and several key lawyer leaders, including Aitzaz Ahsan and Hamid Khan, have been banned from entering Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA).

In a joint meeting held today, LHCBA and Punjab Bar Council (PBC) decided to impose a ban on Chief Justice Khwaja Sharif, his two sons and son-in-law, Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, Qazi Anwar, Justice (retd.) Nasira Javed, Law Minister Rana Sanaullah, Hamid Khan and Athar Minallah from entering the bar.

They also decided to cancel the licenses of these lawyers.

LHCBA leaders alleged that the above mentioned people tried to damage the sanctity of the bar by speaking against the lawyers. They further said that Justice Khwaja Sharif had ordered police to baton-charge the protesting lawyers.

A joint session of Punjab Bar Council and the Lahore Bar Association was held at Iwan-e-Adl, which decided to suspend the licences of senior lawyers and sons of the Lahore High Court Chief Justice.

Those whose entry in the Bar premises banned include the two sons and son in law of CJ Khawaja Sharif and senior lawyers including in Justice retired Tariq Mehmood, Hamid Khan and others.

Talking to media after the meeting Vice Chairman Punjab Bar Council Mumtaz Mustafa condemned manhandling of lawyers by police. He alleged that the Lahore High Court Chief Justice Khawaja Mohammed Sharif has been directly involved in Friday incident.

On appeal of the Punjab Bar Council, the lawyers will observe a Black Day on Monday against police torture. Black flags will be hoisted to observe the day.

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  • The end of a romance (between PML-N and lawyers):

    Baton charge and shelling over lawyers by the Punjab police will have multidimensional affects as relationship between bar and bench would see some change. Some lawyers have initiated a campaign to malign the judges after Friday’s violence in Lahore High Court Bar.
    Political analysts say that the unrest will lend some leverage to the federal government and if the events prolong then the government could further buy time in already pending cases like implementation of December 16 judgment on NRO and appointment of Chairman NAB.
    PPP sources revealed that emerging situation in LHC Bar Association would be useful for the government, which was seriously thinking to play up the situation by lending every possible support to lawyers.
    People’s Lawyers Forum President Raja Abdul Rehman told TheNation, “If District and Sessions Judge Zawar Ahmed Shaikh had earlier been transferred then this situation would not have emerged.” He said: “Transferring a judge of subordinate judiciary is not a big issue.”
    The consequence of the Punjab police action against lawyers would end the romance between Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) and lawyers’ community.
    The PML-N has been the backbone of lawyers’ movement, which had restored the apex judiciary twice after it was axed by the former dictator Musharraf. It is an open secret that PML-N had supported the lawyers’ movement and in return managed to grab the support of major chunk of lawyers’ community.

    The incident would affect the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) elections, due at end of this month.

  • are these sons the same who took ENVELOPES from Shahbaz Sharif in 2006 according to Khawaja Sharif?

  • Would banning them help? They will look mazloom. What would have been interesting and more effective would have been to resolve against Khwaja Sharif and his family for stopping their undue influence in cases.!

  • Nowadays some participants of talk shows like Rana Sana ullah and Qazi Anwar have expressed that the rift between Lahore lawyers and judiciary is a result of bribe from Dr. Babar Awan. Will they tell the nation how much money had they got during two years of “LAWYWRES’ STRUGGLE” and from whom?