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Hamid Mir confirms that some elements in Pakistan army support banned Deobandi terror outfit ASWJ-LeJ in Balochistan

Ramzan Mengal Deobandi, head of ASWJ-LeJ in Balochistan enjoys full support of Pakistan army
Ramzan Mengal Deobandi, head of ASWJ-LeJ in Balochistan enjoys full support of Pakistan army


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Here is a thought-provoking column by Hamid Mir in daily Jang (4 March 2013) where he highlights how certain rogue elements in Pakistan army’s intelligence agencies support banned Deobandi terrorist outfits (Lashkar-e-Jhangvi LeJ aka Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat ASWJ) in Balochistan. (Also see: Pakistan army and Punjabi politicians are key sponsors of LeJ-SSP-ASWJ terrorists in Balochistan – Shahid Qazi – See more at: https://lubpak.net/archives/299787)

Also refer to this previous column by Hamid Mir in which he suggests that Deobandi terrorists (LeJ-ASWJ) and ISI are two sides of the same coin: https://lubpak.net/archives/236923

Apparently, Mir went to Khuzdar Balochistan to investigate Baloch killings and found out first hand that banned anti-Shia outfits freely operated in Pakistan army’s (FC) presence. The ASWJ-LeJ has killed not only more than 20,000 Shia Muslims, it has also killed more than 45,000 Sunni Sufi and Barelvi Muslims along with hundreds of Christians, Ahmadis and other communities across Pakistan.

Mir reports that the ISI-sponsored ASWJ-LeJ operatives (6 bearded men and 8 women) chanted slogans against Sardar Akhtar Mengal and other Baloch nationalists. He also reports that a senior police officer (DIG) was unable to get those people removed from the road because they (ASWJ-LeJ operatives) were clearly supported by the ISI and FC (Frontier Corps).

We wish that other media persons and politicians too shows the courage to report the same to highlight rogue estabilshment’s links with LeJ-ASWJ responsible for Shia genocide and Sunni Sufi genocide in Pakistan.

Whereas politicians are not to be exonerated, the major blames lies with the institution that holds the major power in this country and that created and supports these Jihadist Deobandi groups. Army chief must critically review the current policy of appeasing Deobandi Jihadist monsters in a vain hope that they will fight the BLA militants while their core focus remains on Shia Genocide.






A Shia perspective from Quetta



Shia Hazara Muslims hold Pakistan army responsible for anti-Shia terrorism










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  • We salute you Mir sb;

    It is no more secret now that the current abysmal picture of the nation has been gifted to us by our security agencies and leaders

  • Sectarianism in Blochistan is hurting the unity of the country,it is the sad fact of realities of lives in Blochistan. For those religious Shia Muslim community and worker they been assassinated by outfit organization, they are still working without any fear of the law of the land under the umbrella of securities agencies(Lashak-e-Jhangvi LeJ aka ASWJ).Recent visit of Hamid Mir ravel the miscreants behaves of these outfit groups. Believing journalist like Hamid Mir never lie at the most extremist sensitive, subject to the bleeding environment of Blochistan, and also have the confidence his impartiality of his journalism. It is the threatening Saga of our country’s sovereignty, it will not be preposition to keep the country united. This is the worst notorious selective activism to kill our innocent people, no matter wherever they belong to Shia, Sunni or political workers, think about the seriousness of this barbaric activism. If these sectarian assassination continue our international partners those are not the well-wisher of Pakistan, diffidently take the opportunity to interfere in our domestic affairs.What is the cause to create the unbearable or endurable difficult situation for our own people.What is it the justification to let these outfit organization to work?

    These section of outfits are defaming the country ‘s name at the international level. Outside world impression be created by these illegal groups, Pakistan is unsafe and the nursery of these multiples terrorism organization. In the long run it could be the dangerous not only for country it be worst for international world as well. Wherever any terrorism happen in the world, every suspicious look go to the Pakistan. If they continuation of target killing then phenomena of terror get or hold the roots in our cultural. In near future country will never be stand their own feet. It need to be controlled or finish this acrimony hostile vicious situation in the cities of Blochistan even do the police or army operation against these terror groups. If they exist longer country not gain the stability at all, in these circumstances loose the relationship with friends and get more isolation at the international level. Eastern board is already vulnerable so many time army faced the violation of control line and took many causalities because of the illegal infiltration. It could cause the war at control line without reason, Shia Muslim done nothing wrong, they are the faithful citizens of this country, they are paying Tax like another. The state affairs run by Tex money, this money use to keep our securities, the welfare of the state. Never forget only Muslim country is capable to keep the nuclear power in this region. It be happened by the support, truthful and loyal faith of the people of the country at Pakistan. Trust and optimism of people are not be the questionable. Think about the state of affairs if getting out of our control, then defiantly will face another East Pakistan within Baluchistan. Shia Muslim is the part of the Muslim communities, If some sect of peoples are not agreeing with the Shias’ ways of worship accordance with others the group’s belief, they is no compulsion for any sect to follow Shia Muslim, every sect of Muslim faith is independent to follow their own ways, without any restriction. Now we need to draw the fine distinction line among all the sects of Muslim communities without any conflict because this will not be accepted, all the sects of Muslim faith will be respected, no difference between any sect, this is the only way forward to protect the destabilization of country.Otherwise it will be accelerated in the whole country,as it already happened in Abbas town Karachi Sindh, many lives are lost and many injured,now the responsibilities of the Government to take strong action against the militants and keep carry on up to the finish the terrorist groups.
    This article is written by Saeed Ahmed
    freelance journalist.

  • the pakistan army and agencies are are a organ of a fascist state, which is genociding muslim bangalis, muslim balochis and pashtoons and non muslim too.and creating fundamentalism and terrorism on name of islam.and all cruality is being on name of islam.
    stop the genocide of baloch nation
    stop the hazaras genocide on name of religion and sect

    but it is strange lashkar jangvi centare is panjab jang. but the are killing peoples in balochistan, and panjab is more peacefull, we dont want sectarism o terrorism in panjab and other provinces and countries. but if goverment want to stop it, it can stop the centre of lashkar jangvi and other fundamentalist and extremist and terrorist organistaions , it can stop it centre and donot finance it, these are also generated talibans by pakistan whom pakistan is using in kashmir against india, in afganistan and in balochistan against balochistan people and against baloch freedom movement for freedom.in balochistan there was no sectarism . and balochistan was secul and peacefull country .but the sectarism and fundamentalism and extrimism is generated by pakistan agencies to use it against balochistan people and against balochistan movement freedom

  • We salute to Hamid Mir for disclosing these facts and atrocities committed by the Pakistan Agencies. May God Almighty bless him safety and security.

  • Everyone in Quetta knowns that ISI and FC support ASWJ Ramzan Mengal and Rafique Mengal.

  • We condemn massacre of Sunni Barelvis, Shias, Ahmadis by Deobandi ASWJ terrorists.