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Khoon: A powerful song-video by Topi Drama on how we are all complicit in #ShiaGenocide


Since January 2012, more than 1700 Shia Muslims have been killed in various parts of the country, particularly in Quetta, Karachi, Gilgit Baltistan, Rawalpindi and Parachinar, by Takfiri terrorists. In the last few decades, the total number of Shias killed in Pakistan exceeds 21,000.

For years, we have witnessed the inhuman massacre of the Shia Muslims while we all knew who the culprits were, i.e, Takfiri Deobandi terrorists of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi who freely operate as Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ, previous name Sipah-e-Sahaba). We all knew the ones who pulled the triggers, and also those who nurture and protect them for cross-border Jihadist militancy.

However, we stood on the sidelines- the silent majority, the silent media, the silent politicians and institutions of this country. This song is about us and the blood we have on our hands.

Topi Drama band comprises two Sunni Muslims and a Christian, who decided to confront the collective Nazi-style obfuscation and silence on Shia genocide in Pakistan. “Khoon” is the first ever song-video in the history of Pakistani music that openly sympathizes with Shia Muslims, identifies the ASWJ-LeJ killers and questions the silence of Pakistani politicians, media and other institutions.

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(1 Corinthians 16:19)Advances in science and medicine continue to reveal how complex and well designed the human body is The Creator of the Universe planned the cosmos and the human body with amazing levels of expertise and attention to detail Psalm 139:14-16 records a beautiful prayer from the created to the Creator admitting that God is the originator of life the crafter of its qualities and the possessor of its boundaries ??I will give thanks to You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; wonderful are Your works and my soul knows it very well My frame was not hidden from You when I was made in secret and skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth; Your eyes have seen my unformed substance; and in Your book were all written the days that were ordained for me when as yet there was not one of them?? A world that denies the existence of God assumes that we are either here accidentally or of our own doing Neither is true and neither can be truePsalm 39:4 reminds us that earthly life even when extended by scientific advances is exceedingly brief when compared to the infinite length of eternal life ??Lord make me to know my end and what is the extent of my days; let me know how transient I am?? Followers of Jesus no matter the length of their earthly life have placed their hope and trust in the next life As Paul wrote in Philippians 1:21 ??For to live is Christ to die is gain??Do I want to live forever Yes I want to live forever in the presence of my Savior I want to live and I want others to live in the destination Jesus described in John 14:2-3 ??In My Father??s house are many dwelling places; if it were not so I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you If I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you to Myself that where I am there you may be also??CYNTHIA RIGBY WC Brown Professor of Theology Austin Presbyterian Theological SeminaryIt doesn’t make sense to me that the possibility of “radical life extension” should be rejected because it is “cheating death” or “playing God” Decades of living have been added to life expectancy over the ages due in large degree to advancements in medicine Infant mortality rates have been lowered; many diseases have been all but eliminated These developments have not only made our lives longer they have made them better We can bond with our children when they are born expecting them to live We have less reason to move about the world tentatively concerned we will contract polio or die of the fluWhat I think of when I imagine the eradication of cancer is not only the lengthening of life but the lessening of grief I have walked with two close family members who successfully battled cancer as well as with a handful of friends some who are still alive and some who are not One of my friends Deanna Thompson is living with fourth-stage breast cancer She is in her forties has two children and is in year five of the struggle She tells her story in her book “Hoping For More” The eradication of cancer Bring it on for my friend and her family Take away the undercurrent of worry the constant checking of the cancer markers Give them MORE life And more life to us all The life God desires for us The abundant life Christ promisesSome of those commenting on the ethics of radical life extension register concern that it might mean a bunch of elderly people filling the planet with “no room for youth” My hope would be in contrast to this that life extension would extend youth creating more space and time for being youngAs Charles Wiley from the Presbyterian Church (USA) says there is no reason to fear science as people of faith God can certainly work through science As long as living long does not become the only thing that matters – as long as it does not become an idol – I say again: Bring it onRIC DEXTER Nichiren Buddhist area leader Soka Gakkai-USAMy great-grandfather lived 106 years In his final years he delighted the younger kids with the tales of his life some of them were even true The older kids benefited from some of the wisdom those years had imparted To him of course everyone in the room was a kid The kids who were in their maturity learned of some of the mistakes he had made and what he learned from themIn a letter to an elderly follower in the 13th century Nichiren encouraged her saying ??One extra day of life is worth more than all the treasures of the universe?? Taken on its face this would seem to indicate that extending one??s life by decades would be of incalculable value The question though is not how many days you have but how you use those days Quality is the true value not quantityA Buddhist perspective looks at each day we have on this earth as an opportunity to fulfill the vow of the bodhisattva That vow is to free others from their sufferings In other words the greatest value in life lies in the desire to live and work for the benefit of others The more days we have the more opportunities Thus extending life-span is betterIf we do not use those extra days for a purpose beyond our own enjoyment or simply as delay of the inevitable an extended life span has no purposeWhether extending our life span is a positive thing really depends on what we learn to do with that life My Sensei explained ??There is a great difference between simply living a long life and living a full and rewarding life What??s really important is how much rich texture and color we can add to our lives during our stay here on Earth??however long that stay may be??PHILIP JENKINS Distinguished Professor of History Institute for Studies of Religion Baylor UniversityWould I want to live forever The short answer: Sure But on what termsChristians like many other religious believers certainly hope to live forever and retain their individual identity Other believers hope for eternal life as part of their people in a group identity Both of those groups though see extended life in supernatural terms Extended life on this earth is quite another matterAs in so many things this question was discussed and resolved by Jonathan Swift some three hundred years ago In 1726 his Gulliver??s Travels imagined the immortal tribe of the struldbrugs who live on the imaginary Pacific island of Luggnagg At first Gulliver is delighted to imagine such wonderful people and he speculates on what he might do himself if he was blessed with that immortality ?C all the things he could learn all the books he could read how much could he benefit society ??I should be a living treasure of knowledge and wisdom and certainly become the oracle of the nation??But then he discovers the dreadful conditions under which the struldbrugs live Yes they live forever but in a kind of extended living death or perpetual senility At age eighty they lose their eyesight and their hair ??As soon as they have completed the term of eighty years they are looked on as dead in law; their heirs immediately succeed to their estates; only a small pittance is reserved for their support; and the poor ones are maintained at the public charge After that period they are held incapable of any employment of trust or profit; they cannot purchase lands or take leases; neither are they allowed to be witnesses in any cause either civil or criminal ?? They were the most mortifying sight I ever beheld; and the women more horrible than the men Besides the usual deformities in extreme old age they acquired an additional ghastliness in proportion to their number of years which is not to be described?? Merely extending life is a horrific threat not a promiseSo no thanks I won??t be a struldbrugMore modern prophets of longevity know that extended life has to be combined with special added talents As the goal of future science acid guru Timothy Leary proposed the formula of SMILE ?C Space Migration Intelligence Squared Life Extension Yes we should extend our lives but only if we could vastly expand our intelligence perhaps through a kind of merger with machine intelligence But the consequence of all those undying geniuses would be that the tired old earth would fill up very fast indeed and the only way to save the race would be to spread through the solar system and the nearby starsHuman beings of infinite lifespan vast intelligence wandering between the worlds ?C as Leary realized it??s an image of near divinitySpace migration presently seems off the table but plenty of modern writers imagine the coming of superintelligence which would incorporate human minds through an apocalyptic event they envision as the Singularity Humanity would continue but outside their (now obsolete) bodies It would be immortality of a special kind Some foretell the Singularity as a certainty before 2050 perhaps earlierDon??t let anyone tell you that scientific visionaries lack a traditional sense of the messianic or the apocalyptic If they say these are not religious visions they are kidding themselvesIn short I think that present day advocates of simple “radical life extension” are remarkably unambitious when you consider the other schemes that are out thereTraditional religious believers though need to remind the world that there is an excellent case to be made in favor of death as the culmination of nature Maybe they should borrow the title of Clifford Simak??s wonderful science fiction novel: Why Call Them Back From HeavenJOE CLIFFORD Head of Staff and Senior Minister First Presbyterian Church of DallasLife is a precious gift; and death is part of life It is not to be feared it is to be faced by us allFrom the standpoint of faith death is not the enemy It is the end of our existence in one realmFrom a practical standpoint our death makes room for the birth of the next generation Radical life extension is ultimately a selfish decision as it disregards the needs of future generations Our planet is already strained by a population of over 6 billion people In our nation the health care crisis is directly connected to the amount of money spent in the last year of life Medicare spends 30% of its total budget on the 1% of beneficiaries who die each yearDecisions about end of life matters are ultimately up to individuals and their physicians but we must realize that at some point it is a faithful decision to say ??I??ve fought the good fight I??ve finished my work?? and to pass the torch on to the next generation For their sake radical life extension is a bad ideaNITYANANDA CHANDRA DAS Minister of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) Dallas I am sorry to say but this is a scam a post-dated check and a grant pleaThe science community would like us to believe that they can solve all problems of life including the major ones such as death disease and old age This is much like the Ford horseless carriage advertisements of the 1900s that claimed automobiles could solve America’s pollution problem It would rid the streets of horse manure Yet still people will invest and despite scientific advancements the death rate in America remains a steady 100%Back to the question In the ancient r??mad Bh??gavatam it is stated “What is the value of a prolonged life which is wasted inexperienced by years in this world Better a moment of full consciousness because that gives one a start in searching after his supreme interest”This material world is like a hotel When staying overnight at a hotel a wise person does not remodel his room Similarly those who are wise to not try to make permanent plans to stay in the temporary material world They are invested in the eternal for they are eternal That which is eternal can never be satisfied with the temporaryThis issue of chasing after the temporary goes back to the root problem of life: People misidentify the self/soul with this temporary ever changing material body this is called ignoranceAMY MARTIN Director Emeritus of Earth Rhythms and Writer/editor Moonlady News NewsletterBefore we go extending life let??s focus first on cherishing the one we have What is the use of extending life when our culture is so eager to snuff it out Television and films display weapons like emblems the blood of murder flows like water Even superhero movies have scenes where tens of thousands die in seconds Our military budget which equals those of the next dozen countries combines is slated not for defense but wars of aggression Besides what??s the use of life extension when we??re rapidly trashing the planet upon which our lives dependWILLIAM LAWRENCE Dean and Professor of American Church History Perkins School of Theology Southern Methodist UniversityWhen I was a young pastor in Pennsylvania I frequently visited a church member who was in her middle 90??s Her health was reasonably good except for a history of kidney stones With a twinkle in her eye she enjoyed telling me the treatment plan recommended by her doctor was that she drink a glass of beer every day Within her generational cohort of Methodists a majority of whom were opposed to drinking alcohol the idea of drinking beer under doctor??s orders was an opportunity to stretch the boundaries placed on lifeBut there was one boundary she did not want to expand In a thoughtful conversation one day she told me that there actually was no great pleasure in nearing the age of 100 She said that all of her friends were dead The family members or neighbors with whom she could interact had no personal recollection of the events that were important to her A physical capacity for survival past one??s centennial year even with reasonably good health was not a prospect that brought her joyWhat Christians affirm about ??eternal life?? or ??resurrection?? is not a matter of extending the years of one??s existence ??Transformation?? is the key word in understanding Christian belief about eternity Is one living and experiencing a truly transformed life If one has hope for a transformed life after having ??threescore years and ten?? or ??fourscore?? (Psalm 90:10 King James Version) or even a century on earth that is of interest for Christianity Chronological expansion is notBut Christian values also insist that the theoretical possibility for extending the span of human life will require the community to be prepared for the care of those who add decades to their existence What social institutions and economic resources will be needed to support a growing populace that lives to 115 or 120It is one thing to ponder how long any of us might want to live on earth as individuals It is another thing to ponder whether we are ready to meet the needs of everyone who lives as long as they might wishJIM DENISON Theologian-in-Residence Texas Baptist Convention and President Denison Forum on Truth and CultureHere’s what surprised me most: In no category ?? Protestant Catholic attend worship or not believe in afterlife or not believe in God or not ?? did a majority say radical life extension (RLE) would be a “good thing” (The only exception: Black Protestants by 54 percent) I expected the percentage to be much higher especially among those with no afterlife commitmentThen I read further: Among those who say RLE is “bad for society” 72% believe the “treatments would be fundamentally unnatural”; 80% say they would “strain natural resources”; 72% say only the “wealthy would have access to these treatments”; and 70% say medical scientists would offer RLE before they “understood health effects”Here’s my conclusion: A majority of Americans whatever their faith commitments reject RLE because they don’t trust the way it will be made available or administered I share their concernIn 1900 life expectancy at birth was 463 years for males and 483 years for femalesToday it is 76 years and 81 years respectively How many of the medical advances that have extended our lives would have been viewed as “cheating death” 100 years agoMedical science is one way we are to “work” (abad in Hebrew to nurture and sustain) and “keep” (shamar to protect and preserve) God’s creation (Genesis 2:15)But medicine is also subject to abuse (eugenics for example) and unintended consequences (Thalidomide used to treat morning sickness can cause birth defects) I don’t believe we are “playing God” to advance medical science provided we consult God as we doDARRELL BOCK Executive Director of Cultural Engagement Howard G Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership and Cultural EngagementSenior Research Professor of New Testament Studies Dallas Theological SeminaryThis is a question that does become complicated as our ability to sustain life increases and at varying qualities Considering the average length of age in the first century was in the forties — if one made it to the age of five; otherwise it was in the twenties — we can sense an element of relativity in the question To the extent medicine cures us of disease and allows us to live longer (and often with a good quality of life) then this is a good and acceptable thing The only place where this would be problematic is if quality of life is not really enhanced but is extremely diminishedThe danger here is that we move into a realm where euthanasia comes into play The “withholding of radical care” is something doctors wrestle with today The options may only intensify Hopefully people will think about making their personal intentions clear so that the burden for deciding these cases falls on those who should have the moral choice whether to pursue radical care or not As to whether this is desirable or not as long as lives are self-sustaining the answer is yes However long we are talking about it pales in the face of eternity which once it starts does run for a very long timeMATTHEW WILSON Assistant Professor of Political Science Southern Methodist UniversityIn this discussion we have to keep in mind what “radical life extension” does and doesn’t promise It does offer the prospect of extending human life expectancy by several decades; it does NOT promise physical immortalityIn that sense while it would present a whole host of social political economic and technological challenges it does not change the basic moral or existential calculus in any profound way We are still and will always be physically mortal beings whose allotted time on Earth is momentary in the scope of God and the cosmosWhether that time is 40 80 or 120 years does not alter this fundamental reality In a sense we have already “cheated death” as a species by nearly doubling human life expectancy over the last 500 years mostly through improvements in sanitation better nutrition much safer childbirth and the discovery of some basic medicines (chiefly antibiotics) No one seems to find these advances and the dramatic increases in average human longevity that accompanied them to be morally problematic I don’t see a continued extension of human lifespans through morally licit technologies (that is excluding cloning embryo harvesting etc) to be different in any profound waySo yes I would be happy to embrace “radical life extension” both societally and personally as long as it offers the prospect of a life in reasonably sound physical and mental health It doesn’t change the fundamentals of a Christian worldview: our time on Earth is still finite and our true immortality is as souls created and sustained by an eternal God Extending physical life is fine as long as it doesn’t stem from the conviction that “this is all there is” That’s a bleak outlook no matter how long one’s allotted timeMIKE GHOUSE President Foundation for Pluralism Dallas and speaker on interfaith mattersThe ability to extend life is a beautiful gift from God and he wants us to enjoy the good things he has bestowed on us Indeed we are discovering beneficence in everything that surrounds us to enhance the quality of our life That includes living longer Of course I want to live forever but stagnancy may not be in creators planThe scriptures and traditions extol the gift of life ??Everything on the earth has a purpose every disease an herb to cure it and every person a mission” Native American theory of existenceII Corinthians 9:8 ??God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance so that you may always have enough of everything and provide in abundance for every good work??Quran 55:4-10 ??He has created man and imparted unto him articulate thought and speech; and has spread earth out for all living beings??Bhagvad Gita 7:21 ??if a person desires to have material enjoyment and wants to have such facilities from the material demigods the Supreme Lord gives??Torah 33:1 ?? There is a closing benediction for all the tribes in which Moses reminds them of the abundance they are to enjoy and the goodness that God has bestowed upon them??Sikhism: “Giving or enhancing life through organ donation is both consistent with and in the spirit of Sikh teachings”Not too long ago when you reached 50 you were considered old In the year 1900 life expectancy in the United States was 46 years and it jumped to 65 in 1950 and by the turn of the century it was 74 The Center for Disease Control places life expectancy at 787 years now whereas the average life expectancy in 1776 was 35 yearsAdvances in public health lower infant mortality disease control and healthy living have contributed to living longer Indeed it has more than doubled since our independence In the first 125 years we increased the life expectancy by a mere 11 years whereas in the next 113 years it went up by 32 years Life expectancy has nearly tripledWe are not “cheating death” as the title of an Atlantic piece suggests Life is God??s gift and to protect and preserve it is a moral obligation Thanks to the advancements in science and technology we can appreciate the creator even more Quran 55:13 “Which then of your Sustainer’s gifts can you disavow” Sometimes, but that there is an infinite universe that undoubtedly has other planets with intelligent life.

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  • Watkins declined to say how any case against Cloninger might proceed. But he said “,Michael Kors Bags;we expect that this defendant will have his fair trial,Michael Kors.”

  • Into this picture steps Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont,Michael Kors Outlet, the ranking Democrat on the Appropriations Committee. Senator Leahy (D, VT) represents a state that depends heavily on clean, cheap hydropower. The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014 has a legislative provision authored by Senator Leahy seeking to prohibit the construction of hydroelectric dams in poor countries: “Section 7060(c)(7)(D). The Secretary of the Treasury shall instruct the United States executive director of each international financial institution that it is the policy of the United States to oppose any loan, grant, strategy or policy of such institution to support the construction of any large hydroelectric dam.”

  • Hein?kuussa olemme keskittyneet p??asiassa harjoitteluun, mutta my?s muutamakisa on takana. Suomessa t?n? vuonna olosuhteet ovat olleet kaikkea muuta kuinsuotuisat, kun l?hes jokaisessa kisassa on taivaalta satanut vett?. Niinp?huipputulosten tekeminen Suomessa on ollut hyvin hankalaa. Toisaalta kes?kuussaonnistuin kelaamaan J?ms?nkoskella vesisateessa huippu-ajan 13,95 pieness?my?t?tuulessa. Aika on eritt?in kova, sill? vesisade on vastatuulen lis?ksipahinta myrkky? py?r?tuolikelauksessa.

  • The defendant claims he thought she was an intruder. However prosecutors contend Steenkamp was shot following a row between the couple.South African Paralympic and Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius has been arrested after allegedly shooting his girlfriend dead at his home.

  • This home, the developer noted, will join many other “high end homes Irontown has done in other California cities including; Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, Goleta, Montecito, Mountain View, Santa Barbara, Los Gatos, and now Los Altos.” It isn’t, however, the only uber green prefab out there – Blu Homes, for example, .

  • Sure, he said did you see it,50 Beaten, hardcover, He never wanted to be a captain. But I was very happy, He could have just walked away, Jamire Williams, you know, because there were so many children.

  • percaya tau tak..sepanjang 5 tahun aku diluar negara..memgambil jurusan medikal. Aku tidak pernah menghidap penyakit ‘ cinta’..eh..blh la di kategorikan penyakit cinta ne.. kawan- kawan ku sibuk berkapel..sama ada dengan mat salleh ataupun dengan mat melayu..heeeee….

  • While there has still been no suggestion that AQIM played a direct role in planning the attack, there have been fears that al Qaeda’s North Africa franchise has gained influence in Libya amid the security chaos across the country left in the wake of the Arab Spring uprising which ousted long-time dictator Muammar Qaddafi.