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#ShiaGenocide: In first 48 days of 2013, 269 Shia Muslims killed, 459 injured in Pakistan


According to statistics available from the Shaheed Foundation, Shia Killing and Karbala-e-Quetta, at least 269 Shia Muslims were killed and another 459 injured in systematic attacks by Takfiri Deobandi militants (ASWJ-LeJ, Taliban) in various cities and areas of Pakistan in the first 48 days of 2013 (i.e., from 1 Jan 2013 to 17 Feb 2013).

It may be noted that both right-wing dominated Urdu media and pro-establishment fake liberal dominated English media in Pakistan misrepresents Shia genocide in Sunni vs Shia sectarian or Hazara specific ethnic terms.

Takfiri Deobandi militants of ASWJ,LeJ etc not only kill Shia Muslims, they have also killed thousands of moderate Sunnis, Ahmadis, Christians etc.

In terms of death toll, Shia Hazaras of Quetta (120), non-Hazara Shias of Quetta (80), Pashtuns of Hangu (32), and Muhajir and other Shias of Karachi (27) were the most suffered ethnic groups of Shias. However, Shias in other parts of Pakistan (Lahore, Rahim Yar Khan, D.I.Khan etc) too were target killed.

Here is a list of killed and injured Shias.

05-Jan-13 Punjab Chiniot Chiniot: S Moazzam Ali injured in firing on 31st Dec 2012 succumbs to injuries. 1
07-Jan-13 Balochistan Quetta @Spini Road, Abbas Ali kileld, 3 others injured in firing on taxi 1 3
07-Jan-13 Sindh Karachi Murtaza Alwani Embraces Shahadat. 1
07-Jan-13 Sindh Karachi Ali Raza killed 1
08-Jan-13 Sindh Karachi Imran Abbas 1
09-Jan-13 Balochistan Khuzdar Zawar Shah killed in fron of his shop 1
09-Jan-13 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar Dr Syed Riaz Hussain Sah of Parachinar 1
09-Jan-13 Sindh Karachi Syed Ali Haider Jafferi killed in north karachi 1
10-Jan-13 Balochistan Quetta Quetta:Twin Blasts at Alamdar Road ::91 Shahadats &190+Injured 91 190
15-Jan-13 Balochistan Quetta 15-Jan-2013 – Quetta: Injured Injured of Alamdar Road Blast Ahmed Wais 1
15-Jan-13 Sindh Karachi Karachi:Syed Qamar-ul-Hasan(Asghar Ali) 1
15-Jan-13 Sindh Karachi Karachi: Hussnain Shah killed 1
16-Jan-13 Sindh Karachi Ibne Hasan killed 1
16-Jan-13 Sindh Karachi Maqbook Ahmed 1
17-Jan-13 Sindh Karachi Karachi: 2 Shia known as Raza and Kazim Shah were injured 2
18-Jan-13 Balochistan Khuzdar Shaban Ali killed 1
19-Jan-13 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar Session Judge Ahtesham Ali injured 1
22-Jan-13 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar Dr.Shahnawaz Akhunzada killed 1
22-Jan-13 Sindh Karachi Habib Ali killed 1
23-Jan-13 Sindh Karachi Hasan Alam killed 1
25-Jan-13 Sindh Khairpur LeJ terrorists attack on Imam bargah, 4 Shia were injured 4
26-Jan-13 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar Ashiq Hussain injured 1
26-Jan-13 Sindh Hyderabad Hussaini Chowk, Alam Hazrat Abbas burnt by 2 terrorists
26-Jan-13 Punjab Muzaffargarh Zahid Naqvi was injured 1
27-Jan-13 FATA Parachinar Syed Hamid Hussain 1
29-Jan-13 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Abbottabad 2 Shia Ali Raza and Afsar Khan injured 2
30-Jan-13 Sindh Karachi Karachi: Alamdar Road Quetta Injured Hakim Raza dies 1
30-Jan-13 Sindh Karachi Waqar Hussain killed 1
31-Jan-13 Sindh Karachi Karachi:Iqbal Masood President Anjuman-Tableegh-e-Muhammad embraces Martyrdom 1
01-Feb-13 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Hangu 28 Martyred & 40 + Injured in attack on Shia mosque 28 40
01-Feb-13 Sindh Karachi Mehdi Abbas killed 1
01-Feb-13 Sindh Karachi Karachi: Syed Ali Hasan killed 1
02-Feb-13 Sindh Karachi Sarwar Hussain killed 1
04-Feb-13 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Hangu injured Malik Kamal of Friday Blast Embraced Shahadat 1
05-Feb-13 Sindh Karachi Zahid Ali injured 1
06-Feb-13 Sindh Karachi Aleem Jafri killed, 2 injured 1 2
06-Feb-13 Sindh Karachi Afzal Naqvi killed 1
07-Feb-13 Sindh Karachi Zahid Jafri killed 1
07-Feb-13 Sindh Karachi Blast in car of Navy Official Asif Kazmi,with his wife critically injured. 2
08-Feb-13 Sindh Karachi Allama Fazal Abbas martyred in hand granade attack by SSP terrorists 1
08-Feb-13 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar Senior Advocate Malik Jarrar Hussain 1
09-Feb-13 Sindh Noshero Feroze Attack on Shia mosque, Shia Alam insulted
09-Feb-13 Sindh Karachi Qmar Raza killed 1
09-Feb-13 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Charsadda Basheer Bachaa killed 1
11-Feb-13 Sindh Karachi Abdi Ali injured 1
11-Feb-13 Sindh Karachi Mukhtar Ali 1
12-Feb-13 Sindh Karachi Ghulam Raza & his wife injured by LeJ terrorists 2
12-Feb-13 Punjab Lahore Waqar Haider (Bank Manager in Soner Bank) martyred 1
12-Feb-13 Sindh Karachi Sibt-e-Hasan injured 1
13-Feb-13 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa D.I.Khan Dera Ismail Khan: Younus Kazmi’s Martyred Body Found 1
14-Feb-13 Sindh Karachi Anwer Abbas martyred 1
14-Feb-13 Sindh Tando Adam Tando Adam:Shia Ulema Council Leader Qaisar Chughtai Martyred. 1
15-Feb-13 Sindh Karachi Ansar Hussain 1
15-Feb-13 Sindh Karachi Sibtul Hasan 1
15-Feb-13 Punjab Rahimyar Khan 6 Shias injured by firing by Malik Ishaq and his supporters 6
16-Feb-13 Sindh Karachi Anjuman-e-Karwan Hussain General Secretary Syed Hasan Naqvi Martyred. 1
16-Feb-13 Balochistan Quetta Hazara Town blast (85 Shia Hazara + 25 non-Hazara Shia killed) 110 200


Total killed & injured from 1 Jan 13 to 17 Feb 13: 269 killed and 459 injured
Total Shia genocide from 1963 till 17 Feb 2013: 21336

For detailed database of Shia genocide in Pakistan: https://lubpak.net/archives/132675

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  • This is beginning, in coming years it will become holocaust. The supreme commander of Pakistan (Zardar) is playing minority cards. Election games. He is ibne Ziad of Karbela-i-Pakistan. Yazid is sitting in Riaz. Work out who is is Shimr!