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“Burkas for babies”: Saudi cleric’s new fatwa causes controversy

By Mohammad Alyousei
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A Saudi cleric has called for all female babies to be fully covered by wearing the face veil, commonly known as the burka, citing reports of little girls being sexually molested.

In a TV interview on the Islamic al-Majd TV, which seems to date back to mid-last year, Sheikh Abdullah Daoud, stressed that wearing the veil will protect baby girls. The Sheikh tried to back his assertion with claims of sexual molestation against babies in the kingdom, quoting unnamed medical and security sources.

Recently picked up on social media, Sheikh Dauod’s statement prompted wide condemnation from his fellow Saudis on Twitter. Some tweeps called for the Sheikh to be held accountable because his ruling denigrates Islam and breaches individual privacy.

Sheikh Mohammad al-Jzlana, former judge at the Saudi Board of Grievances, told Al Arabiya that Dauod’s ruling was denigrating to Islam and Shariah and made Islam look bad.

Jzlana urged people to ignore unregulated fatwas and explained that there are special regulations set by the Saudi authorities to administer religious edicts and appoint those who are entitled to issue them.

He said that he feels sad whenever he sees a family walking around with a veiled baby, describing that as injustice to children.

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  • This sort of insane views mark these clerics out and give a bad name and image to all the religious leaders and Ulema. The notable religious leaders do not subsribe to these commands called Fatwa. These un official Fatwa has no religios sanction and must be considered impractical and unjust and totally igmored . The Cleric Doud has misinterpeted the Islamic injunctions. Islam enligtens its followers to lead life accordig to injunctions of Islam .His opinion is based ob flawed logic and ignorance of thue faith. The Muslims are only ordained to follow the Quran and Sunnah. The Fatwa of half literate clerics meansnothing for the Ummah. These clerics show utter disdain to the Shariah aws.

    Javaid Bashir
    Attorney at law
    Nashua,NH, USa

  • i think the saudi clerics has gone to far off the main stream islam and its moral values. the society is the keeper of the morals,but with some sense to them. Is it not ridiculous to wrap up little babies in burkas.
    This is just insane view of saving the babies from rogues. This sort of things evoke propaganda against Islam. we must be careful while expressing such thoughts. today\s world has become a close circuit village and such things spread all over to attract negative criticism.

    Javaid Bashir
    Attorney at law
    Nashua ,Nh ,USa