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Pakistani #FakeLiberals must stop racism against the Baloch people – by Ada Khakwani


Editors Note: This sort of abuse is common place on the Pakistani Television networks. The editors profess to be “liberal” or “Muslim”, in both cases they are being abusive to their own core principles. These deplorable attitudes have to stop and if the editors cannot do their job maybe shut down some of these channels. Pakistan may be better severed with a little less abuse of oppressed people on TV.

t is a fact that several Pakistanis, even those living in the West, have no qualms about the contempt they have for Blacks. Inside Pakistan where a tiny minority of Balochs and Sindhis are dark skinned, the racism against dark skinned (Black) people is so marked and pronounced that it will shock most people. Media and newspapers are full of ads of unhealthy products to turn dark skin to paler shade.

Pakistani media, including right-wing dominated Urdu press and fake-liberal dominated English press, is dominated by Punjabi and Urdu speaking urban elites who generally are disrespectful towards ethnic and religious minority groups. On several Pakistan TV channels, it is not uncommon to see hosts and anchors mocking Baloch, Sindhi or Pashtun culture through demeaning remarking including against dark skinned Baloch and other communities.

The following video shows a recently aired show on a Pakistani TV network (ARY Digital) where the hosts mock Black Baloch by calling them born thieves and people who cause problems wherever they live. This is an insult to both Baloch people and colored people all over the world.

In the past, a peaceful protest by poor, dark-skinned Baloch people of Lyari outside a fair-skinned, urban elite politician and former media person (Sherry Rehman) was misrepresented by pro-establishment Fake Liberals as a barbaric attack by “illiterate, armed goons” on a so called “symbol of civilization”. https://lubpak.net/archives/28084

All pro-equality people of Pakistan and the entire world should raise strong voice against Pakistani racism against Baloch and other people.

Black Baloch have produced many honourable souls e.g. Professor Saba Dashtyari Shaheed was a black Baloch who sacrificed his whole life for peace, rights and freedom. Baloch blood and genes can never accept racism or religious extremism, whether is is shaped by Punjabi-Muhajir chauvinism or Takfiri Deobandi terrorism which has been crept into the fabric of Baloch nation by Pakistani State and its right-wing and fake-liberal toadies.

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Source : http://freespeechpakistan.wordpress.com/2013/02/09/racism-baloch/

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Ali Abbas Taj is the Editor of Let Us Build Pakistan.
@aliabbastaj on Twitter

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  • Pakistani, Indian societies is deeply racist. Dark skin is considered inferior than white skin. Reason, dominating invaders who ruled this area (Aryans,Turks, Persians, Greeks, Arabs, English) were white skinned while natives were dark. So this is a legacy of historical slavery that continues on.