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Jang Group’s campaign against the PPP intensifies – Ansar Abbasi hell bent on sending the government home – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi

It is indeed sad the way Jang has panned out to become a low in content but rich in spice tabloid. A newspaper having nearly 7 decades of existence is a sad reflection of the journalistic virtues that exist in the country. Let’s have a look at the Jang of September 26, 2010.

Some of the headlines are as follows:

  1. Yousuf Gilani nay zindagi ka sab say bara jua khailnay ka faisla karliya – Wazeer-e-Azam nay Sadar kay khilaf Swiss Hukkaam ko khat na likhnay kee Manzoori karli
  2. Bhutto, Benazir aur Bugti kee qatil fauj hay – Corruption sub ka haq hay – Wifaqi Wazeer
  3. Muslim League ka ittihad: Saudi Arab Apna Ailchi Nawaz Sharif kay paas bhej raha hay
  4. Hukmaranon nay corruption say buhat paisa kamaya, Ab tabdeeli ka waqt aa gaya hay – Chaudhry Shujaat
  5. PPP ko shikast denay kay liye Sindh kee qaum parast Jamaaton ko muttahid karnay ka faisla

But the most headline is the report by our dearest Ansar Abbasi saying “Swiss Summary par dastakhat kartay hee Gilani ko Tauheen-e-Adalat ka samna hoga.  hukoomat  gir jaye gee. Aainee Mahireen”. I make it a point to read the constipated thinking of Ansar Abbasi on a regular basis. Not that I am worried that the PPP government will go away but reading his and his gang’s stories tells me what’s the worst one can face. Honestly, his reports are laughable. In this report, he has done the following:

  • Called eminent jurists like Justice Saeed uz Zaman Siddiqui and Justice Fakhruddin G Ebrahim.
  • Tried to show how impartial these eminent Jurists are. Justice Saeed uz Zaman Siddiqui had led the coup against Justice Sajjad Ali Shah in 1997 and later on he was a presidential candidate for the PML-N. Similarly, Justice Fakhruddin G Ebrahim is for sure a former governor of Sindh during the PPP government in 1989-90 but one must also not forget that his son is a sitting judge of the Sindh High Court. His son Justice Tufail H. Ebrahim can potentially remain in the Sindh High Court till 2020. In a way, Fakhroo bhai, as we all like to call him,  is also a human being after all.
  • The questions posed to the jurists include:
    • Whether PM Gilani will be in contempt of court?
    • If in contempt of court, will the President be able to give him amnesty?

The remainder of story is all made up by Ansar Abbasi to give credence to his imaginative and wishful thinking. In a recent program of Capital Talk dated  20th September, 2010, Ansar Abbasi has claimed that he has never given dates for the PPP government to go, but in his columns and programs he has time and again depicted his wishes!

Coming back to today’s Jang, the most important news/statement is the following:

Man pasand manzar namay paish karnay walay muun kee khayen gay. Buri Khabren phailanay walay yaad rakhayn – khel khatam honay par baadshah aur payday aik dabbay mayn jatay hayn – PM Gilani”. The same can be read in english as “Those creating scenarios of their personal liking will bite dust. Those who spread bad news and rumors must realize that after a game of chess finishes, the King and Pawns all go back to the box!”

Now this is what is called “Sau Sunaar kee, aik lohar kee”.

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Ahmed Iqbalabadi


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  • Ahmed, Jang group may be super super wrong, but the PPP government is the most incapable, inept government in the history of democracy. You seriously want them to stay?

    I question your intellect as I question Ansar Abbasi’s.

    PPP has NO agenda, it’s like they are just there, for the heck of it.

    The have an absolute loon for a President and anyone who supports this President has no soul. NO one can justify this President. He’s a crook and EVERY small child in this nation knows.

    So whatever Ansar Abbasi is doing may be a very extreme act and utter manipulation, but you supporting the PPP…that is equally insane if not more!

  • Only Insane can say that Jang group is neutral but what makes me wonder is that Why our govt doesnt take action Please BAN them or ENDURE them and let us voters decide.

  • @Z Dreshak,
    This time the propaganda is not about Zardari or anyone. It is yet another desperate attempt to get rid of PPP through undemocratic means. What are we saying? Just wait for your turn. Elections will take place and you can get rid of PPP! This post had no mention of zardari. If PPP and Zardari are to be linked then they will always be because he heads the party!
    If PPP and Zardari are running the country, then they have been voted in not gotten this through charity.

  • Some times I read some articles in the Critical PPP site just for entertainment. Ansar Abbasi may have “constipated views” but the other side is always give “loose motions” type of reaction with their heads under the sand. Qayum Jatoi must be praised for being honest in expressing his and his party colleagues true characters. Their is a very long list of the most corrupt gang of politicians are second to none as they beat the “Mian saheb and his chalees chor”.
    The list of corrupt PPPP members is endless, which currently starts from Zardari himself (just because BB is dead).
    Amin Fahim
    Babar Awan
    Latif Khosa
    Qayum Jatoi
    Pervez Ashraf
    Yousef Reza Gilani
    Yousef Talpur
    Ahmed Mukhtar
    and of course the people like Adnan Khwaja and Ahmed Riaz Shaikh.

    I can put at least a thousand names of the most corrupt people in Pakistan.

    I suggest you people change the name of your site to “Let us destroy Pakistan” because that is what you people are trying very hard to do. In fact both the largest political parties i.e PPPP and PML N, are carrying their one point agenda to recover their financial and political losses before completely destroying Pakistan.
    I am a student of politics, watching closely the affairs of Generals, Politicians, Burocracy,Judiciary,etc and can them as under as the most corrupt and most damaging group of the country.
    1. Top position holder is the group of Generals.
    2. Pakistan Peoples Party
    3. Burocracy
    4. Judiciary
    5. Journalists
    Gilani has proved himself the biggest liar in the world and surely deserve an entry in the Guiness Book of Records for the reasons the whole world know.

  • Shahabuddin Khilji says: September 26, 2010 at 9:10 am
    The list of corrupt PPPP members is endless, which currently starts from Zardari himself (just because BB is dead). Amin Fahim
    Is there any reference against Amin Fahim?

  • Khilji also seems Ansaar Abasi like stuff…….Just blames and nothing else.

    If Musharaf was unable to get support of Makhdoom Amin Fahim that shows the clear past of makhdoom sb…..Else every culprit was under the umbrella of Mush when ISI started browsing their history……………..

    Generals, Judges, Judiciary r united for another PUNJAB led govt to bestow on people of Pakistan.

  • Dear Khilji Sahab,
    That is the beauty of this blog. We openly say who we are and allow people to post comments that are necessarily targeting us. If I can write “constipated” then you can call our thinking as “loose motions”.
    I am still unable to realize what Adnan Khwaja has to do with the PPP? Just because he was appointed by the PM doesnt make him a PPP worker! I would seriously like you to make and effort and let us know a thousand names of corrupt people in the PPP. We will make it into a posting by your name!

  • @Aamir Moghal: Though all the Jiyalas are very well aware of the corruption, I will quote just one scandal i.e National Insurance Corpn. land purchase scandal where some 3 Lacs per kanal land was purchased by NIC at 21 Lacs per kanal. Moreover the appointment of Ayaz Niazi, a Dubai Night Club
    guy like Adnan Khwajah, was made head of the NIC.
    @Ahmed: If you do not want to see the reality and live in utopia its your prerogative.There are enough proofs but not for the people blinded by you know what.Your argument about Adnan Khwajah itself is a further proof of that.
    Please open your eyes and judge every thing with open mind and heart and do some thing to save the country from the clutches of the corrupt groups of people I had earlier mentioned. Be a Jeay Pakistan worker instead of jeay bhutto, jeay Nawaz Sharif, Jeay Musharraf,or Jeay Generals