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ANP wants OBL Commission report in parliament -by Mustajab Tareen

OBL AbbotabadANP vice president, member national assembly and one of the most outspoken voices among Pakistan political forces Bushra Gohar has demanded that Abbottabad commission report to be presented before the public representatives in the parliament.

We appreciate her bold stance over the most embarrassing incident of the whole saga known as ‘War On Terror’ when head of a terrorist outfit AlQaeda appeared found in a bunker built in the Garrison town of Abbottabad, situated on a stone throw distance from the illustrious institution of Pakistan Military Academy. It must be remembered that Al-Qaeda is the Takfiri-Salafi outfit responsible for the deaths of thousands in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, United States, Libya, Syria, Algeria, Kenya, Indonesia and across the world

We urge other parliamentarians and social activists to voice their support for the call to made the report public for an accountability of those responsible for the OBL fiasco.

Here’s how Daily Times has reported the demand made by Bushra Gohar.
ANP wants OBL Commission report in
By Tanveer Ahmed
ISLAMABAD: The Awami National Party (ANP) on
Thursday demanded that Abbottabad Commission’s
report be presented in parliament for further debate
in the National Assembly, which was again haunted
by creation of new federating units in Punjab.
Contrary to previous days of current session, the
House appeared lacklustre because of thin presence
of members and absence of stalwarts of the
parliamentary parties. ANP’s Bushra Gohar stirred up
an otherwise dull atmosphere of the House. Speaking
on a point of order, she noted that Abbottabad
Commission’s report had been presented to the
prime minister and it should also be placed before
“Inquiry commissions are constituted in Pakistan to
shelve matters,” she said and added that history and
record of commissions constituted earlier in the
country to probe into different incidents was not
good. Gohar said Abbottabad Commission’s report
should not only be presented in parliament but stern
action should be tkane against the people and
institutions found negligent in connection with the
US operation, she demanded.

Source; DailyTimes
Link: www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2013%5C01%5C25%5Cstory_25-1-2013_pg7_1

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  • I admire the courage as Bushra Gohar sahiba is a vocal and a courageous voice in Pakistan politics.

  • Zero Dark Thirty – film depicting the hunt for
    Osama bin Laden will not be screened in
    Pakistan, The Telegraph reported.

    The movie – which has been nominated for five
    Oscars – portrays the hunt for bin Laden through the
    eyes of a young CIA officer, played by Jessica
    Chastain, and is described by the filmmakers as
    based on first-hand accounts.

    However, according to the report the distributors in
    Pakistan have decided “not risk the wrath of the
    censor board, the military and terrorist groups.”
    “Derogatory references to military and intelligence
    agencies meant any distributor would face awkward
    questions,” said Mohsin Yaseen – general manager
    for marketing at Cinepax.

    It’s a touchy subject for the local audience,” he was
    quoted as saying in the report.
    Recalling how censor board reacted to the movie Tere
    Bin Laden, Yaseen said “when Zero Dark Thirty came
    out, we thought it best just to keep away from it,”
    “But I’d love to see it. It’s just a film at the end of the
    day,” he added.