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LUBP: the next phase

ali_abbas_tajIt is a great honor and privilege to be taking over as editor-in-chief of Let Us Build Pakistan (LUBP Blog).

LUBP has done some fine work in the past and exposed crucial issues which the media has never done. There has been some controversy as well.

The policy of the new LUBP board is to continue to promote critical engagement with various stakeholders of Pakistani society in pursuit of a democratic, progressive and multicultural Pakistan. At the same time, we will do our best to bring all Pakistanis—regardless of their ethnic, linguistic, religious or sectarian affiliations—together in order to make Pakistan a peaceful and viable society.

LUBP does not and will not subscribe to an ideology which denigrates people based on their political, ethnic, religious or sectarian affiliations. We believe that all Pakistanis are equal in legal and moral terms. We also believe that anyone who self-identifies himself or herself as a Muslim is a Muslim, and no one has a right to apostatize anyone. We will continue to promote religious harmony in Pakistan, but will make critical but non-confrontational engagements with those who apostatize people who happen to have a different religious/sectarian point of view. In a nutshell, LUBP stands for non-violence and civilized functioning.

We will continue to clearly identify and support the persecuted and target killed communities of Pakistan and will also clearly identify and condemn the murderous banned groups and their sponsors.

We will also pay attention to other important issues such as economy, education, energy and peace with all neighbours in addition to issues of human rights, democracy and liberal values.

The new editorial board takes over from 1st February 2013. All the material published before this date will be archived and available to public given its immense significance for historians, scholars, researchers, and general readers. We encourage our readers to continue to benefit from the archived material in order to gain facts on Pakistan’s contemporary scene. If anyone has issues with past posts, we would like to encourage them to post their rebuttals which will be published in the spirit of free speech.

Please join us. Whether you agree with us or not, do contribute to LUBP. After all, progress starts when the dialectic of pros and cons is set in motion.

Let us build Pakistan!

Ali Taj

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Ali Abbas Taj is the Editor of Let Us Build Pakistan.
@aliabbastaj on Twitter


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  • I hope and pray some where safe. Everything can be talked about, but threatening free speech is a line that we cannot allow to be crossed.

  • Mr. Nishapuri I would like you to take some precautionary measures for your safety. You may be on top list of SSP, Lej etc. I should appreciate your out spoken attitude for putting light on untold truth.

  • @Ali : exactly and then we talk about “dictators” – Ive never seen anyone as bold as Nishapuri and LUBP should strictly follow his legacy. We assure full support since he always supported Ahmadis in time of need.

  • Welcome aboard Mr. Taj, hope and wish that your maintain the track led by Mr. Nishapuri.

  • I do welcome the new LUBP staff and hope them all success in their work to promote ideas and hope.

  • Welcome to the new team, let’s hope you will maintain the quality and standard of the bog as much as Abdul did during his tenure. My all prayers, support and well wishes are for you people.

  • Congratulations Ali and new Team,
    Now the Taj is on your head all my well wishes and support for your new role.

  • Welcome aboard Ali. I pay tribue to Abdul Nishapuri for his honesty, boldness/braveness. Unfortunately Pakistan’s corrupt system does not allow such brave people to survive. I hope he is safe & sound. AliTaj, I wish you all the best as an editor in chief of LUBP.

  • Congratulation to the new LUBP!
    I think , we as Manager would be provided enough on the job trainings to promote this Alternative Media, Thank you

  • We love Abdul. May he live to be 90. After 90, it’s really not worth it.
    What happened was really sad. Liberals must not make attempts to hurt each other. All liberals’ lives r at risk to begin with.

  • @Shazia Nawaz

    I cannot help but disagree:`all liberals’ lives are at risk to begin with ‘

    Who qualifies as `liberal’ in Pakistan? Clearly not the `Sudra caste’ progressive, nor any free-thinking out-riders. I think we may confidently say that the authority to so classify other citizens seems to rest strictly within the gift of the Liberal Establishment: worse, they have shown that they will tolerate no lese-majeste’, and will close ranks to rally round and defend even the most outrageous behaviour within their clique.

    I lay no claims to `loving Abdul’, how could I having little knowledge of any who run this outfit? If lives are now forfeit, then other than the God of their fathers, no one can protect them.

    No faux Liberal was ever at any risk in Pakistan. From Syed Hassan Nasir to the Bhuttos to the Baluch to every Jiyala of whom the highest price was exacted for having upset the polite consensus….all these people stood outside of the `Liberal’ tent.

    This is NOT an endorsement of any agenda `NISHAPURI’ may have harboured or even pursued…my sole interest in this forum is that unlike any other Pakistani liberal website, it allows for ALL opinions to be heard, and unlike other A-List Pak Libs, the editors seem not to channel anti-
    Semitism cloaked in `Palestine ki mohabbat.’

    If we cannot even call out what is so demonstrably Liberal hubris, we cannot pretend to be` buiilding’ anything here, except for another hive of conformity. As the old Marxists used to say: `let a thousand flowers bloom’.
    Yours in camaraderie and friendship, ASMA.

  • abdul nishapuri you are a hero…may Allah keep your spirits high and give you the strength to continue your noble work
    with such passion..i am praying inshaallah you will be back soon..