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Abdul Nishapuri’s resignation from LUBP

We have now received formal resignation from Mr. Abdul Nishapuri, founder-editor of LUBP. On his wish we are publishing the same as his last post on this blog.

“I am forced to resign from LUBP because of serious threats to the safety of my extended family. I have already lost a member of my family at the hands of Takfiri Deobandi terrorists of the ASWJ-Taliban, and can’t afford to lose any more. Information about my family in Pakistan was in the knowledge of a former LUBP worker Farhad Jarral who revealed that information to two NGO-activists in Islamabad. The details were subsequently revealed by the NGO-activists to a pro-Taliban Deobandi hate cleric known for links with banned terrorist groups. In the given circumstances, I have no option but to resign. If my family or myself is harmed, the three persons (the betrayer, the Jinnah Institute affiliated NGO-activists, and the Takfiri Deobandi cleric) should be nominated in the police report for inciting to and enabling violence. I have specifically identified their names to LUBP’s new editro, Mr. Ali Abbas Taj, and a few other friends. I wish luck to the new editorial team which will take charge of LUBP in the near future. I also wish to thank all those who stood by LUBP in the hour of need, and supported our right to free speech and agenda of human rights advocacy.”









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  • One of saddest moments of my life in recent times. A brave voice, you are in our hearts and prayers…Well done Abdul, now let’s pass this flame to some other brave voices..!

  • in future marvi sirmed’s pictures will be carried along with malik ishaq & iftikhar chaudhry for being directly and indirectly part of the shia killings.

  • i feel gutted. i am sure my elders were as down when arif hussaini was killed as i am today on the silencing of a selfless shia here.

  • Comrades;

    I am a distant but not unconcerned observer of this
    chain of events. Certain points need clearing up before Nishapuri is added to the list of THINGS BEST FORGOTTEN:

    Was his resignation deemed necessary because he had
    `caused offence’ to certain quarters?
    Was it because the post re Marvi Sirmed constituted libel?
    If so, why did the matter not go to court? All of us would agree that the Qazis would be prompt and enthusiastic in their execution of duty?

    Ms Sirmed, of whom I personally have no opinion other than that she is a hippy-dippy liberal, and popular in the entire left-liberal spectrum, this website included, hinted at forthcoming revelations about this website on twitter. When may we expect to be made privy to the information the lady is ostensibly sitting on?

    Also, not just Nishapuri but the entire team as per Ms Sirmed are establishment moles. Why then is it not being demanded that all be investigated and exposed?

    Freedom of expression is non-negotiable,particularly
    in cyberspace because this is the last bastion of that principle. Western leaders have buckled under Islamist pressure and are curtailing this cornerstone of free society slowly but surely, hence my concern about whether a precedent is being set here.

    I am therefore most keen to hear the opinions of others on this blog, particularly those active on twitter who seem to lean towards Sirmed.


  • This is indeed a sad day that Abdul had to leave this forum. The most owerfula nd alternative media for the voice of oppressed.

    Welcome to Pakistan, the Country of THUGS and BIGOTS

  • Abdul Nishapuri your resignation certainly shows you were doing the right Job. Marvi Sirmed Cancer Maggot and Tahir Ashrafi HIV Maggot. We must get rid of these Maggots out of our PAKISTAN.

    Nishapuri you are a brilliant writer and great thinker/activist. RESPECT RESPECT FOR YOU BROTHER.

  • Sad, but can’t remain silent. I demand Interior minister Rehman Malik (somebody from his team must have been monitoring this blog) to probe the funding sources (domestic and foreign) and activities of the NGO and terror supporter Takfiri Mullah. Demand, ban on their foreign travel and full investigation into the murder of Abdul’s relative. Terrorized Barelvis, Shias, Christians and Hindus of Pakistan will not let the flag of freedom fall, we will hold it high.

  • salute to Abdul Nishapuri.you have reached the top and stayed at the top for sufficient time,it was a brilliant experience for writers and readers,take care.Allah apko khosh rakien.

  • I had my disagreements with Abdul, I questioned him on many a times on many a posts But he was never abusive Yes he was blunt He was uncompromising But what do you expect a man to be when his people are being slaughtered, bombed, gunned down Did you expect him to be diplomatic about it Did you expect him to sweeten the bitter truth by sugarcoating it with a few lies… I pray for him and I pray for his family’s safety.. we have observed this whole fiasco on social media and God Forbid if something happens to Abdul or any of his relatives we know who to hold responsible… Be brave keep fighting Abdul I am sure you wont be “cowed down” by some Gucci activists and their “thugs”

  • Abdul, i must tell you that there is no one who doesn’t know you now. Your work is quoted by intellectuals in conversations and scholars on the pulpits. Activists who don’t personally know you rely on the material in this website. You’ve inspired many. We owe you a lot. May you live long. Longer inshaAllah. May your every loved one be safe. May every innocent be safe.

  • The fact of the matter is Abdul was primarly a rouble rouser and was perhaps being used by more than one ageny. Who pays for this blog’s expenses and 15 other blogs that Abdul operated with someone else’s money?
    His camaign of Shia genicide was to provide cover to Taliban that were killing the Hazara. He never mentioned the real killers but always mentioned Takfiris and whatever else. People know that Hazara killings were not Shia killing but ethnic cleansing of Haraza by Taliban. Calling that Shia killing was a deliberate and well thought out plan to provide cover to Taliban.
    I am sure he will surface withsome other avatar. That is how he made money and would continue do that. Old habits die hard.

  • Far fetching to settle scores with Nishapuri. Who is this “Deobandi” in veil? NGO or “moderate” Mullah.

  • I extend my morale support to Abdul Nishapuri as a regular reader from India.I may not agree with Mr.Nishapuri all the times but but admire his dedication for raising the voice against religious persecution.I do can not comment on his resignation and circumstances but sure that Mr. Nishapuri is a champion of democracy and Freedom of speech.Through his writing he is a great intellectual,well read and great Editor.My prayers for his family and best wishes to him.

  • Let’s leave Abdul to go out from the scene for some time as these vultures have no humanity and sense of tolerance so they can go to any extent. Till that let’s support the new team headed by Mr. Taj. InshAllah soon Sab taaj oochalay jain gay. Sab takht gira-ey jain gay,. Bass naam rahay ga Allah ka. Jo Ghayab bhi hai Haazir bhi.

  • Mr. Abdul Nishapuri contributed for promoting and encouraging the realistic, logical and liberal thinking at the LUBP Forum.
    His services, to make this Social Network an important Platform to share and exchange the Freedom of Expression, are commendable.
    With best of wishes,

  • Abdul you were brilliant, always learned from your courage, dedication and sanity. Very sad and tragic climax. Praying for you and your family. In the end truth will prevail.

  • The new editor starts off with dishonesty. The post above appearing as Amir Deobandi was by me (Harry) and editor decided to switch names. Is Abdul the hypocrite, still working behind the new Editor? He is clearly the editor in name only. Can anyone at this site answer the simple question? Why Abdul never named Taliban as the killers of Hazara? If he ever did, it was mentioned along with 20 other groups that he accused of Shia genocide. There was no genocide, Hazara murders were simply ethnic cleansing by Taliban.
    The fake Database of Shia murders since 1963, was the best example of protecting the Taliban. Which Taliban supporting agency is paying for this site?

  • Abdul urf Haji jee. This Facebook account is perhaps your another fake name for bogus propaganda. You’re protecting Taliban. This blog only supports Taliban.The real name of this blog should be LUPT.

  • Police foiled a terror plot targeting the main Eid Miladun Nabi procession in Dera Ismail Khan on Friday”, reports Express News on January 25, 2013.

    What a shame! Those Takfiri Deobandis (SSP, LeJ, AWJ, Taliban — all types, Laskars — all types, Jaishs — all types) accuse Shias of being “Sahaba Abusers”, Barvelivis and as “polytheists” (Mushrikeen); but they themselves plan to blast birth celebrations of our Lord (PBUH). Those JAHANAMIS are correctly called “Nasibis”, they neither tolerate Shia-Sunni affection for the family of the Prophet (PBUH) nor for him (PBUH). May Allah punish them in both Worlds.

  • ‘Haji’ is a title used by Barelvi Muslims who have performed pilgrimage to Meccas and Madina (the city of the Lord (PBUH). I see a Deobandi-Nasibi (clarification — not all Deobandis are Nasibis) abusing the title. This exposes them as Barelvi haters.

  • lol@LUPT, good sense of humor….but bhai saab stop being obsessed by Abdul as you are accusing everyone for being him :p

    tum kitne abdul maro gey har tweet se abdul nikle ga… haha

  • Abdul we all know that you are a very brave man. Inshaallah you will be back in near future & will raise your voice against the injustice

  • hahahaha . . . .

    khas km jahan paak . . .

    btw Marvi Sirmed is that female NGO person ??

    well just like englishmen created QadeyaniCult same like you created this platform once again as yourforefathers done in very far past.

    we are not familiar with Allah’s hikmah Shia were there Shia are Alive Shia will alive till Zahoor e Imam Mehdi.

    only in thousands, Khwarij are living in yemen i think, Motazila was ended very soon just 4 Khalifahs turned Motazila. and many firqas just vanished from earth were lived short intervals of time.

    so there is no Shia genocide thing in Pakistan.
    MeK’s people also Shia but thousands of killed by Revolutionray Guards and Quds Force.
    all pakistanis (deobandis, brelvis, gher muqallds, jamat e islami)condemned all type of killings , yes there were more attacks at Shias but PPP government also know killers are not ASWJ or LeJ right now, Rehman Malik always using word 3rd party never gave any name.

  • God bless U Nishapuri!!! and keep you in His refuge no one one will harm you i pray to God. its written in the fate of this nation when ever who stood fast too raise his voice for the voiceless religious extremists and fundamentalists dont let them do that. I am Regret

  • yet another drama by Nisharpuri. How do we know that he has really left? LUBP is biggest lie spreading forum in Pakistan thanks to Mr. Nisharpuri whose real identity is still unknown. The story mentioned above is not credible like anything published on lubp… I am not surprised to see many people praising Nisharpuri in comments section of this page , these are obviusoly fake persons and mr. nisharpuri is using them.. what a shame

  • To be Clear Mr. Nishapure has left as editor of LUBP. He was physically threatend. People may have problems with his manarism but I for one uphold free speech. We will continue to uphold and cherish the values of free speech. It is indeed sad to see responsible people involed in physical threats of bloggers and their families.

    As of 25th of January I am responsible for any posts made.

  • Hahahaha , the fear of death ,that prevails unto him . Coward ! for how long can u hide ?

  • Bdulnishapuri nay kia khoob Islam ki khidmat ki he. abdulnishapuri kuch tumhain khuda ka khof hota ye post kernay se pahlay. is forum main sahaba o ahle bait ki toheen ho rahi he. ALLAH tum se hisab lay ga. http://criticalppp.com/archives/223656/shia-kafir/comment-page-6#comment-461523
    LUBP khud Islam ka bahut bara toheen kernay wala he. Is k members board fake names use kertay hain. ALLAH barbad keray ga LUBP aur truthseeker sara khan taj ko. ALLAH tumhain dunya main hi apna injam dikha day dramaybazo.

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