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In Pakistan, a pro-Taliban cleric files law suit against a pro-rights blog #LUBP

Chairman of Pakistan Clerics Council, a conglomerate of pro-Taliban Deobandi clerics, has filed a law suit against LUBP (Let Us Build Pakistan www.lubpak.com), a liberal blog which is known for human rights advocacy and media watch in the military-mullah dominated Islamic republic.

The episode has been covered by local media including Express Tribune. However, in covering the ongoing conflict between military establishment backed Taliban apologist Maulana Tahir Ashrafi and the human rights advocacy blog, LUBP, Express Tribune has made some crucial omissions. It has not highlighted the slander and hate speech by Tahir Ashrafi Deobandi against LUBP founder-editor, Mr. Abdul Nishapuri.

In one exchange Tahir Ashrafi uses an incendiary sectarian pejorative to take a nasty personal dig at Mr. Nishapuri. The Maulana’s bigotry against all those communities (Shia, Sunni Barelvi, Ahmadi, Christian etc) who are being targeted by Deobandi militants of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (led by Malik Ishaq Deobandi) has been documented and here are some samples of the Maulana’s anti-Ahmadi bigotry.

For Tahir Ashrafi to accuse LUBP of fomenting sectarianism is pathetic. LUBP has been at the forefront in being critical of the false binary of describing Shia Genocide in vague terms. It has requested both foreign and local journalists to not use broad and sweeping terminology like “Sunni militants” to label those committing Shia Genocide in Pakistan.  It has actually provided analysts a comprehensive and specific framework of isolating only those who are responsible, i.e., the  Takfiri Deobandi militants of Taliban and Sipah Sahaba (aka LeJ-ASWJ).  The Deobandi militants are targeting not only Shias but also Barelvi Sunnis, moderate/anti-Taliban Deobandis, Ahmadis, Christains, Hindus. Far from creating hatred like Maulana Ashrafi’s friends from ASWJ/Sipah Sahaba, LUBP has highlighted only those who are responsible for terrorism and religious hatred in Pakistan.

Tahir Ashrafi harms the credibility of his accusations even further when he accuses LUBP of being an Iranian agent – a tactic that is used by both Deobandi militants and pseudo liberals and fake progressives to demonize Shia Muslims, Pakistan’s largest target killed community with more than 21,000 slaughtered by the Deobandi militants. While a Shia Genocide is ongoing in Pakistan, this baiting tactic is used to misrepresent Shias as Iranian Fifth columnists, paint a target on their backs and dilute the extant of their suffering.

What Maulana Ashrafi does not realize or is trying to obfuscate is that LUBP has written extensively against those few Shia clerics who play Iranian politics in Pakistan and who are known to be close to the Pakistan army.  We request the readers to see for themselves the full list of LUBP articles, available here https://lubpak.net/archives/tag/criticism-of-shia-clerics that criticize precisely this trend.

Readers may note that previously in 2009, known Taliban-apologist journalist Hamid Mir too tried to harass and ban LUBP on Geo TV’s Capital Talk: https://lubpak.net/archives/1593

It will be interesting to see where the Liberal Champions of Pakistan will stand in LUBP’s harassment by Tahir Ashrafi Deobandi and Deobandi militants.

Will they stand with LUBP or with a Taliban apologist, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi affiliated and military establishment backed Maulana Tahir Ashrafi. The silence of most of these liberals speaks volumes.

Some of them have been promoting Ashrafi as a “moderate”, so connect the dots. In order to assess how moderate Tahir Ashrafi is, read the script of his speech (English translation provided) in which he used most provocative language against the only Christian Minister in Pakistan cabinet, Shahbaz Bhatti, who was subsequently killed by Deobandi militants of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. https://lubpak.net/archives/237831

Here is an evidence that an NGO-style liberal Marvi Sirmed (a personal friend of Taliban-apologist Hamid Mir and Pakistan-army-mouthpiece Ejaz Haider etc) stands united with Tahir Ashrafi:

marvi aswj0

marvi aswj

marvi aswj2

Ironically, recently Ms Sirmed alleged that “LUBP is only there to divide the people who’re antiestablishment”, while using the most abusive language against LUBP bloggers. https://lubpak.net/archives/239477

On a slightly different note, Express Tribune too has been criticized recently by LUBP for allegedly misrepresenting moderate Sunni Sufi cleric Maulana Tahir ul Qadri’s immigration application to Canada so it is not surprising to see that it is LUBP that is being presented as the perpetrator of slander and not the other way around as per reality.

Today, LUBP is under fire from an anti-Ahmadi/anti-Shia bigot and his (fake)-liberal promoters on social media.  Deobandi militant and Taliban-affiliated group ASWJ has assured its support to Maulana Tahir Ashrafi who is also receiving the support of Pakistan’s celebrity (urban-elite) human rights activists on twitter.  Both (fake) liberals and Talibanists are united in their hatred for LUBP’s blunt criticism of religious extremism.  If LUBP gets banned, will other forums for open debate like Facebook and Twitter be far behind?

Further reading: Express Tribune’s article on Tahir Ashrafi’s law suit against LUBP https://lubpak.net/archives/239717

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Jehangir Hafsi


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  • Maulana Tahir Ashrafi lodges nothing short of a frivolous lawsuit- an uninformed pro-Taliban lackey. LUBP specifically reports only about those responsible and, by the way, have taken credit for murders of innocent Shia and other minorities, i.e., killings by the Takfiri Deobandi Terrorists of Taliban and Sipah Sahaba (aka LeJ-ASWJ).

  • With each new Liberal betrayal of their own core principles,be it free speech, gender equality, non-violence etc, one warms towards Judas Iscariot.You are all cannon fodder as far as they are concerned.

    This is not to say that LUBP material be deemed ex-Cathedra; but no matter how offensive Ms Sirmed finds the editorial staff, she is wrong not to stand up and be counted when their freedoms are targeted by the Takfiri haramis.

    If LUBP are establishment moles midst the left of center
    cadres, and if Qadeer Khan is of their stable; surely the Pakistani liberal panjandrums will not rest until pertinent evidence is circulated in the public sphere?

    Reading the lady’s rather foul-mouthed threatening tweet earlier I was reminded of Churchill’s `some chicken,some neck’ line.

  • Eighty times for one time drinking. Hamid Mir, talks of his “MASTI BHARI SHAMAIN” (boose-laden evenings — this is the closest my English can make the translation), so that makes the ‘Fasiq’ fit for 80 lashes per day.

  • @Asma, when A.Q.Khan said hateful things against Ahmadis, LUBP was probably the only one who took him to task. Similarly, when he rejected hatred against Shias and condemned their genocide in unequivocal terms, LUBP supported him. It is easy to bash LUBP when you don’t see the context. Why don’t you read about it yourself and make up your mind. I think these pseudo liberals are being utterly dishonest and expect that we don’t know how to do basic internet searches.


  • Tahir Ashrafi is paid mullah by his saudi dogs……. He is drinker , he should be hanged in front of People of Pakistan for his hidden sins………..

  • @Asma,

    Similarly, the arguement by these NGO liberals is that LUBP published an article that was critical of Salman Taseer before his death. Once again, LUBP has published dozens of articles supporting Taseer before and after his death which you can access at the Salman Taseer tag on LUBP


    Here is that article where LUBP was critical of Salman Taseer and I think they have a point even if I don’t agree with the entire article


    See the context of the article. However, what these jaali liberals will not tell you that when the Punjab Government was running a smut campaign againt Taseer, LUBP stood up strongly in favour. Here is that link


    I am just sick and tired of this selective morality of Pakistan’s urban elite and their tag teaming with the Taliban to ban LUBP. When Marvi Sirmed was harassed by Zaid Hamid, LUBP sprung to her defence within minutes and now she is instigating violence against them and coordinating this LeJ frontman Tahir Ashrafi.

    I don’t understand this obsession of Pakistan’s urban elite class with infallibility. LUBP has published even Hamid Mir when he talks sense. The principle here is “see the arguement and not the person making it”

    I am hoping you understand this crucial principle.

    LUBP has been very critical of even PPP and I gave you that tag earlier (search “LUBP criticism of PPP for that). This is based on Bhuttoism where our leaders told us told them accountable. ZAB was a man of the masses and he raised them and asked them to talk to him on par basis. That is why these fake liberals hate him. They will talk of human rights and equality and then treat their servants like serfs while talking of the ills of feudalism.

    Munafiqs all of them

  • asma, i need to see dictionary to understand some of your words (ex-cathedra, panjandrums). once i see all the words, I understand your comment. very good comment. u shud write. lubp is awaami type blog and we r accepting of everyone. i go to marvi’s time line and she is threatening to put lubp contributers in harms way.

    what now difference between such liberals and jihadi killers, hain jee

  • Dear Sana,
    Deeply appreciate your thoughts. I cannot tell you how it warmed my old heart to read your post…and that you had bothered to look words up!

    Any time I have that need, I go to my trusted
    Chambers Dictionary, published nearly 50 years ago because it’s what I was raised with.I grew up in the ’70s before computers existed in their present form. I also grew up in a very poor home, my parents both went to Jesuit schools in India so they were very well educated. Though we had just about enough to eat, the house was full of books and some very learned folk would visit us.

    That, and the fact that Tv and `pop’ music was banned by my otherwise liberal parents might explain my turn of
    phrase which sounds quaint.

    The reason why I was thrilled about your intellectual curiosity was that if there were more people like you, the Angrezi educated elite would have less bully power.
    I have a similar take on the poor whites of Britain whom the State Schools have systematically `dumbed down’.

    We must not cede the intellectual arena to these Chosen Few’, all we need are the right words to argue our case.

    In any case, here is the closest I can get in Urdu to `some chicken,some neck’: KIA PIDDI AUR KIA PIDDI KA SHORBA.’
    The context being that Nazi Germany had threatened that Britain would have its neck wrung like a chicken, yet Britain had stoically and bravely played the Lone Warrior against German might.

    Glad to have met you dear Sana!

  • @Bashir Malik

    Dearest Comrade,
    Thanks once again for so generously providing the links. Your point regarding Left-Liberal obsession with infallibility is one I arrived at after years of contemplation. Like I have said before, PPP foot soldiers were always ahead of the curve.

    You will be interested to know that I have been working on a piece about Liberal betrayal….my
    first draft `disappeared’ in the course of a computer re-boot, machine bloody well ate my home-work!

    So between that and seemingly never-ending personal crises I may tonight be able to send off the
    offering to LUBP editors.

    Thank you for your generous sharing of material dear Comrade. Maula aap to sada khush rakhay.


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