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Thank you, Imran Khan, for clear condemnation of #ShiaGenocide by LeJ terrorists

In this post, we wish to mention and thank Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan, perhaps the only Pakistani leader, who clearly condemned Takfiri militants of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ, an alias of banned sectarian terrorist group Sipah Sahaba which is currently operating as ASWJ) for its role in genocide of Shia Muslims particularly Shia Hazaras of Quetta.

On 12 January 2013, Imran Khan personally attended the protest sit-in in Lahore in support of Shia Muslims of Quetta. On 13 January he flew to Quetta and participated in the main sit-in where thousands of Shia Muslims, most of them Shia Hazaras, were protesting along with the unburied dead-bodies of their loves ones massacred by Takfiri Deobandi militants of the LeJ-ASWJ network.

According to Express Tribune, Imran Khan arrived in Quetta on Sunday (13 Jan 2013) to join the protesting families of those who died in the LeJ’s attack – said that terrorism “can be wiped out in 90 days.”

Khan said that PTI was very clear on the matter of terrorism: “Some terrorists can be brought to the negotiation table, while others will have to be dealt with guns.”

Khan arrived in the provincial capital to express solidarity with the protesting families, who have been staging a sit-in at Alamdar Road, where hundreds of protesters have gathered since Friday near the snooker hall that was the scene of Thursday’s twin suicide attacks, alongside 86 coffins carrying the victims’ shrouded bodies.

Khan said the incumbent government did not care about anyone, except for itself. “There is absolutely no future of Pakistan under this government. People are fleeing Balochistan, given the current situation of security,” he said. The PTI chief said that governor rule should be imposed in Balochistan and that, if the governor agrees, the army should be called in to control the situation.

Consoling the relatives, Khan said that the whole country was with them in this moment of grief. He said that the government of Balochistan should immediately step down.

“The ones who oppress you, inflict violence upon you are not Muslims, nor humans,” said PTI chief.

Banned militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claimed responsibility for the bombings, which took place in an area dominated by the Hazara community and killed 102 people, with over 200 wounded.

On Twitter, Imran Khan wrote:

Terrible tragedy in Quetta. Over 50 dead including a courageous cameraman. Complete failure of govt. Deep sympathies with the bereaved.

Tragic news from Quetta. Condemn Lashkar e jhangvi for its genocidal campaign against shias particularly Hazaras. Where is the state?

Went to Quetta today to express my profound grief and sympathy with the Hazara community and take part in their dharna.

Government federal and provincial has completely failed in giving security to the people everywhere but particularly in Baluchistan

CM Baluchistan should be sacked and Governors rule immediately imposed. All state resources should be mobilised to protect the people

Press Releases by PTI:

Sunday, January 13, 2013

PTI to participate in all Dharnas supporting Hazara community


Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Imran Khan said that workers of the party will participate in dharnas of the Shia community throughout the country. After coming back from a visit to Quetta where he participated in a dharna of Hazaras and met community leaders, he directed all PTI workers to join the dharnas by the Shia community throughout the country.
Presiding over the Political Strategy Committee of the party, Mr Imran Khan expressed his anguish over the spate of sectarian killings in the country. He said the targeting of the Shia community particularly the Hazaras of Quetta by Lashkar e Janghavi and other sectarian organizations has traumatised the nation. The criminal neglect on this issue by the government adds to the pain of the nation. It has totally failed in protecting the life its citizens.
Addressing the dharna by the Hazara community during a visit to Quetta, Imran Khan said that the Chief Minister of Baluchistan should immediately be sacked and Governors rule imposed on the province. He further said that all resources of the state should be utilised to combat the menace of terrorism.


January 11, 2013
PTI Chairman Imran Khan Strongly Condemned Terrorist Attacks in Quetta and Swat

ISLAMABAD, Jan 11: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan Friday strongly condemned the terrorist attacks that took place in Quetta and Swat on Thursday causing loss of over one hundred lives and leaving many others injured. This combined with terror attacks in other areas and target killings have left over 130 people dead in a single day. The PTI chief said the innocent people were being killed but the government has limited its role to issuing a condemnation and condolence messages. “No strategy is visible to combat the menace of terrorism and find an endurable solution,” he deplored.

Imran Khan said that the situation has deteriorated to an extent that even personnel of law enforcement agencies and media men were not safe. He strongly condemned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi for its genocidal campaign against Shia Hazara community in Quetta. This sectarian strife combined with random acts of terror is leading to a strong feeling of instability in the country, he asserted.

He said that the situation in the entire country but particularly in Balochistan has been chaotic for quite some time. “Unfortunately the governments both Federal and Provincial have done nothing to take stock of the situation and devise a workable plan. The result is that this province, which is full of natural resources are slipping out of control”.

Imran Khan stressed the need for a political consensus to address the issue of terrorism and extremism. A comprehensive plan has to be devised which includes political initiatives plus the use of force to create enduring peace. Expressing his deepest sympathies for the families of the deceased, he also felt that the government should initiate a robust plan to take care of them. They should not be left to fend for themselves and the government should provide them due compensation and a permanent source of sustenance for the heirs of the deceased.


Reaction by Takfiri Deobandi militants (supporters of LeJ-ASWJ Sipah Sahaba)

جناب عمران خان صاحب آپ کو شیعہ ہزارہ کمیونٹی کا قتل تو نظر آتا ہے لیکن مسلمان کا نہیں ،کراچی میں علماء کا خون اور عوام اہلسنت،مدارس کے طلباء اور کارکنان اہلسنت کا خون پانی کی طرح بہایا گیا اور جا رہا ہے۔ آپ شیعہ پروری کی بنیاد پر اپنے سیاسی مقاصد کے حصول کے لیے اہلسنت سے غداری کر کے شیعوں کے دھرنے اور احتجاج میں تو شمولیت کرتے ہیں لیکن اہلسنت کے احتجاج میں نہیں۔

Loose translation: Imran Khan is more interested in murder of Shia Hazara community (infidels) but he does not care for the murder of Muslims (i.e., Takfiri militants of Sipah Sahaba-LeJ). For political purposes, he is flattering Shias and that is a treachery to Sunni (read Takfiri Deobandi) Muslims.

(Source: Ulma-e-Deoband)

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  • Soon after 9/11, Prince Talal al-Waleed, wealthiest scion of the Al-Saud clan, visited Ground Zero. His hand-wringing and protestations of solidarity were accompanied by a hefty cheque presented to NY Mayor Rudi Giuliani who had hosted this walkabout.
    Now like all self-respecting petro-dollar royalty, al-Waleed never walks abroad sans his cheque-book (magnum sized) and the obligatory entourage (jeroboam proportioned). Whilst our princeling had been` feeling
    Giuliani’s pain’ his entourage had been distributing literature which condemned the 9/11 atrocity and in the same breath linked it to the boiler-plate `root causes’, citing US policy vis-a-vis le Monde Arabe among the reasons why NYC got hit.
    Once he knew this, the great Giuliani returned the Saudis’ cheque and went on TV to lambaste the latter’s `moral equivocation’. It was very heart warming stuff, for no one is blunt enough to give the strutting Saudis what-for publicly.
    That one time however a Takfiri enabler was told to take both his purse and his `PURSAH’ and shove it.

    Consider the above narrative a sort of parable.

    Personally; I would not give Takfiri Khan the benefit of the doubt nor wait for the caveats to issue from that direction (and we can take it as given that issue forth they will)…I would tell the beardless Taliban, hopefully without employing expletives to go find some other bazaar because we ain’t buying.

  • Asma,

    I agree. I don’t trust Taliban Khan either. When I asked why LUBP published this, there said that the situation is very fluid now and the effort is to wean Taliban Khan away from his Jihadi backers and other lunatics and get him into mainstream politics. In other words, this is a political ploy to drag IK away from the Taliban. Lets see if it works.

    Here is another thing we discussed which you might find interesting. Apparently, the joker from Canada TuQ is the hedging by the establishment to play the Brehlvi card. After having seen how they might just lose their cash cow by placing all their chips in with the most extreme segments within Deobandis, the khakis allowed the Shia protests to succeed.

    And what a fantastic protest that was as it was probably the first time in a long time that not just Sunnis but even Ahmadis, Christains, Hindus and Atheists lined up to support the embattled Shias. In short, the breath taking sight of the Shias of Quetta who braved freezing cold for three days might just have awakened the conscience of Pakistan against the Jihadi monsters.

    Anyways, TuQ represents the Brehlvi card. The idea is to isolate the Takfiri elements within the Deobandi and their violent tactics. Not sure how this will all work as I am not a fan of mixing faith with politics but one thing that is clear is that TuQ has written and spoken extensively against the Taliban. And the country needs to wean inself away from these Islamofascists.

    Frankly, the Khakis have messed up big time. If they can be made to realize their mistakes and distance themselves away from the Takfiri extremists in the Deobandis, it will go a long way in moving Pakistan away from its destructive path. These Takfiri lunatics are cold blooded killers who have not spared even other more moderate Deobandis.

  • Hmmmm…then all I can say is: where the LUBP Editorial Board can propose what is hopefully a feint, the jiyala can then dispose of it by saying:

    iss dallali mein munh kaala

    I agree that the Khakis being the Godfathers of the Ikhwanis are the only force that can contain these vermin. Whether or not they can` deliver ‘any longer is debatable. The Saudi backed `Asli aur Saheeh Islam’ brigade within Pak Fauj have momentum on their side.There are hardly any old-school Raj-era Sandhurst types left in the ranks that the West can reason with.

    It is of monumental interest how the Capitalist Commie `dost mulk’ Chinese will act in the years to come. Considering Zhou en Lai’s `it is too early to tell’ line re the French Revolution; their instinct may well be to wait out another Islamic revolution on their borders. That said, they have dealt with the Xinjiang Jihadist insurgents the old-fashioned way: shot the buggers and charged their families for the bullets.Of course, there were no protest marches in Trafalgar Square and the Ummah said neither boo nor choo to `hamara azeem dost mulk.’

    Which takes us to the idiocy of the notion that Takfiris can be reasoned with and reformed.When in Jihadistan, do as the Chinese do; the fervour of their groupies and enablers will soon simmer down.

    And being neither pundit nor politician, I would never issue Kosher certification to Taliban Khan; much better to hold on to my `izzat-e-Saadat.’

    Be safe Comrades.

  • @Asma,

    One thing that you have to appreciate about Jiyalas is that we are not afraid to admit our mistakes. You were spot on. Please understand that LUBP has many ppl and there many voices. But I did not see TuQ unfolding so fast and so badly. Anyways, lets see how this pans out.

    On Imran Khan, you are right. It pains me to talk like this but the Talibans cannot be reasoned with.