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A day after the massacre of 85 Shias in Quetta, PPP-MQM govt allows Malik Ishaq Deobandi to address hate rally in Karachi

Loose translation of Malik Ishaq Deobandi’s speech to Sipah Sahaba (ASWJ)’s public rally in Karachi on 11 January 2013 (a day after more than 85 Shia Muslims were slaughtered by Sipah Sahaba militants in Quetta):

“I am not a speaker, speech is not my speciality. You know what’s my speciality (reference to murder of more than 100 Shia Muslims and Sunni Barelvis by Malik Ishaq Deobandi). I have temporarily locked that department (i.e., a metaphorical reference to the department of murder of Shias by Lashkiar-e-Jhangvi) but the key to unlock that department is in my pocket. If I unlocked that department again (i.e. if I once again became an open leader of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi), that day will be the last day of Shias in Pakistan. I know exactly where do the cursed Shias live and sleep. The will find no refuge in any part of Pakistan. We will force them to run to Iran. We will enforce a law that no Single Shia will be allowed to be appointed on an important position in government. Now for entire three minutes chant the slogan Shias are Infidels (Kafir Kafir Shia Kafir)”

Video: http://jmmpak.org/index.php/videos/159-hazrat-malik-muhammad-ishaq-sb/2236-tahfuz-e-ahlesunnat-conference-karachi.html

Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
85 Shias killed in Quetta on 10 Jan. The very next day Malik Ishaq Deobandi was allowed to address anti-Shia rally in Karachi. Thank you PPP

Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
Someone should ask PPP & MQM thugs: Is it Shahbaz Sharif’s fault that Malik Ishaq Deobandi is addressing a rally in Karachi?

Marvi Sirmed ‏@marvisirmed
What? Malik Ishaq killer is addressing rally in Khi? Shame on you Sindh govt. What a shame for both PPP & MQM. nab him before he comes 4 you

syed jawad hamza ‏@syedjawadhamza
PPP’s Sindh gov allowed Bloody malik ishaq to attend jalsa at karachi.Wake up everybody those defend PPP for all the years #RIPKhudiali

#WeAreAllHazaras ‏@aliarqam
Dear #Shias while U were busy in #SitInProtest, killer Malik Ishaq was threatening of more killings in #Karachi, #Shame #PPP #MQM #Karachi

mohammedhanif ‏@mohammedhanif
haven’t had the heart to turn on TV all day but if they are not showing the Quetta protests/funerals, we finally live in Jhangvi’s Pakistan



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  • ASWJ is just presenting their worst and dark ideology,they are against all people whom differ with their point of view and indeed they truly represent their religious forefathers whom were doing the same worst things since 1400 years.

  • Dear Harris;

    What bliss it is to read your post!While most of your compatriots are traipsing down the primrose path; so meticulously laid out for these useful idiots by the will’o’the wisp powers that be,you have called out the source of all evil.

    Yeh jo dehshat-gardi hai
    Iss ke peechey vardi hai’

    The country has been run for and by the Military-Mullah complex; hence the grim joke that the Pakistani Military were an Army with a country.

    This state of affairs is neither accidental nor incidental. Ponder the establishment mantra `Pakistan Islam ke naam per banaya gaya’…to this the Nazria-e-Pakistan wallahs attached the corollary of Islam being the`mukammal zabita-e-hayat’.

    Once they had their raison d’etre entrenched; Pakistan could only ever exist as a bastion of Islam, with the Military running the protection racket and the Mullahs guarding the moral purity of state, man and beast.

    Many is the occasion when I have heard the establishment-class Pakistanis tell some gushing, wet,gullible Western chump how `Pakistan’ translates into `the land of the pure’.And by jingo have they systematically purified it! Of free-thinking liberals, of Bengalis, of Ahmadis, of Hindus, of Parsis and Christians, of nationalists and traditionalists, of any and every vestige of indigenous culture…the cleansing which began with the elimination of Syed Hassan Nasir’s ilk and worked its way through East Bengal, Baluchistan, `Gandhian’ Pakhtoonkhwa, culturally coherent Sindh , in its wake rendering Kafiristan `Halaal’; emptying out Dargaahs and in its most confident manifestation seeking a Final Solution to Husseini `heresy’…is descended in direct line from the institutionalisation of tyranny in the House of Islam 1400 years ago. Never in living memory have the Jamaati/Ikhwani legions been so confident nor wielded such power. The West have capitulated to the Brotherhood..Europe went down that road decades ago owing to an ad-mixture of post-Christian/post-colonial loss of nerve and perverse Jew-hatred. Obama, and all those who sail in him are by far more enthusiastic in their support of Ikhwani-led Islamism.

    The `hard’ and `soft’ Jihadist camps are virtually unchallenged right now, but for that spark which the Massacre of the Innocents,over a millennium ago, by the heroes and exemplars of main-line Islam failed to stamp out. This anti- Hussaini animus has little to do with any Sunni-Shia,Iranian-Arab-Turkish power struggle.If this were the case, Iranian Mullahs would hardly be strategic allies of the Pakistani establishment or Al-Qaeda and similar Takfiri outfits. This is a fight, unto the bitter end, for the very souls of the adherents of Islam.

    May our Imam be your guide when the path gets dark dear Harris.

  • Asma,

    It is excellent that LUBP and Shia Killing (on Facebook)have taken a bold stance against some Shia mullahs. These mullahs work in cahoots with Pakistani military and their pseudo-liberal proxies. These Shia mullahs play more-loyal-than-the-king politics of Iran and Pak army “liberals” like Ejaz Haider then stereotyple all Shias as Iranian Fifth columnists. This gives Pak army backed LeJ killers their Na-Pak nationalist signals for targeting all Shias.

    LUBP and Shia Killing have shown that most Shias are lovers of Iman Hussain and not of Iranian mullahs.

    Their collection of articles on this topic http://criticalppp.com/archives/tag/criticism-of-shia-clerics

    Just like both these psuedo liberals and Shia Mullahs voice the discourse of ISI, they both also discourage and mock Azadari of Imam Hussain. They both also hate LUBP. Pseudo liberals call main LUBP editor Nishapuri an Ayatullah agent while Shia mullahs also hate him and call him a Zionist. Neither bothers to provide any arguements to back their contradictary claims.

    LUBP only place I have seen where there are articles that respect Jews and their struggle in the Holocaust. In one article, LUBP recommends that Iran and Israel should not be enemies and should strive for peace.

    More Pakistanis are tunning into LUBP on these issues. LUBP very popular among the anti-Jamaatia underground at Punjab University which is composed of mostly PPP supportors.

  • @Hasnain

    Dear Comrade, it is gratifying to know that this assembly of ours called the LUBP is not too much of a minority sport! That even a handful of young people in Pakistan, especially in the Punjab retain a yearning for the Truth is little short of a miracle if one factors in the barrage of disinformation and general brainwashing they have grown up with.
    For myself, I have yet to encounter a desi publication as bold, truthful and hatred-free as this one . There are a few journos, both on the Left and the Right in the Anglosphere who `get’ what is going on in Pakistan; however the bulk of the Western mainstream media is full of ulcer-inducing drivel which has shades of both ISI propaganda and Naom Chomsky’s more lurid ravings..a very vile `Khichri’.

    Like Groucho Marx, I have never wanted to belong to any club that would have me for a member – nonetheless; it is grand to hang out with the jiyalas.

    Aap sab jeetay raheeay!

  • “Islamic” Republic of Pakistan has let loose its conventional (non-nuclear) “strategic assets” against Shias, Ahlul-Bait lover Braelvis, Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus and other minorities. It has become a proxy-state of Saudi Arabia. This is the only model to explain the bitter realities there.

  • ****Compare this man’s face with Sayings Of Holy Quran and judge by yourself,because Holy Quran never misguides.

    God will blacken the faces of the people of Hell:

    “On the Day (some) faces will turn white and (some) faces will turn black. As for those whose faces turn black. (to them it will be said), ‘Did you reject faith after your belief? Then taste the punishment for what you used to reject.’” (Quran 3:106)
    Their faces will be such as if the night has covered them:

    “But they who have earned (blame for) evil doings – the recompense of an evil deed is its equivalent, and humiliation will cover them. They will have from God no protector. It will be as if their faces are covered with pieces of the night – so dark (are they). Those are the companions of the Fire; they will abide therein eternally.” (Quran 10:27)

  • I am a Hanafi Muslim, ASW is not one of us. Our teaching is peace and love to all sects of Islam. We have been hijacked by the blood thirsty leaders. I condemned ASW’s preaching. MQM is very cozy with ASW and Taliban. They are different people behind the scene.