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Pakistani (Fake) Civil Society’s continued denial of atrocities by Sipah Sahaba Taliban

Civil Society’s New Hero whose boss Ludhainvi was being promoted by Ali Chishti last month

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Shia Muslim pilgrims from Punjab and KPK refute HDP’s ethnic propaganda with their blood – by Anwar Changezi

In the last 24 hours, over 40 Shias including women and children and 21 captured policemen have been massacred by the Taliban. 6 more Pakistanis and countless others have been injured in bomb blasts in Karachi that have all the hall marks of Takfiri Deobandi terrorists belonging to the terrorist group Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ)/Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) aka Sipah Sahaba Pakistan. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s (fake) civil society is concentrating its social media “activism” on the following:

1. The minute-to-minute scores of another cricket match

2. The outrage over better quality Turkish Drama serials currently televised on local channels. Apparently, the current group of talent-less hacks and ideologues who dominate the entertainment industry cannot get over the fact that their misogynist and hyper-nationalist propaganda pieces are facing a stiff competition from more entertaining and normal Turkish soaps.

3. Acting as mouthpieces for the ethno-fascist and military establishment proxy MQM. Some are advocating that Karachi should be handed over to MQM as a separate province – as if the PPP hasn’t conceded too much already in this area. Others are busy white-washing the results of the 2008 rigging by the MQM in a disappointing article. It is unfortunate to see them reinforcing the false premise that MQM is the sole repository of votes of one ethnic group which in reality also voted for PPP, NAP, PML N and JI.

The article presents the rigged victory of Khushbakht Shujaat (one of three seats which MQM rigged to deny PPP victory) as a sign of MQM’s much celebrated “secular” and “diversity” credentials. Yes, the same MQM that is currently aligned with Taliban Khan to protest against a government that it continues to remain a part and major beneficiary off. Also, the same MQM that has gone into panic mode after its gerrymandering way are being exposed. The same MQM whose supremacist ideology apologetically dubbed as “Muhajir Nationalism” seeks to gain parity with the Central Punjabi elite in the civil-military bureaucracy to dominate the rest of the country.

4. Selectively abusing the PPP while remaining glaringly silent on all other major stake-holders who are directly complicit in the current mess such as the army, judiciary, media, Opposition, Taliban, ASWJ-LeJ.

5. Promoting a protest campaign #Justice4ShahzebKhan; a Karachi youth that was recently murdered. While moral conscience dictates that the perpetrators of such crimes should be brought to justice, what is disturbing is the ethnic colour and the reinforcing of negative stereotypes that is associated in this particular case. When newspaper’s splashed the alleged perpetrator as “Sindhi Feudal”, the wheels of selective protest had been set in motion.

In this particular case, the ethnic identity of the alleged perpetrator is constantly being highlighted in a manner that is typical of the urban chattering classes demonization of Sindhis. Another stereotype, whose motives should be clear to even the most obtuse, is the social class of the alleged perpetrator.

Apparently, he belongs to a influential family of feudals, one of whose members is friends with President Zardari. The selective protest against this unfortunate incident goes far beyond politicizing issues and reinforcing crude ethnic stereotypes.

While anyone of conscience would desire that the perpetrator should be brought to justice, it is the selective outrage that is most disappointing. The questions around this issue could start with whether this killing is part of a larger pattern of “Sindhi Feudals” murdering urban youths?

Has this pattern has been formalized by a group that claims to represent all Sindhi feudals and whether such a group has published volumes of literature inciting murder against urban youths. Also is there a pattern of Sindhi feudal being supported, trained, sponsored and protected by the army and judiciary? These questions, unlike the highly selective moral outrage on #Justice4ShahzebKhan, are nearly not as facetious as (fake) civil society’s attempt to dilute the crimes of ISI-Saudi backed Takfiri Deobandi militias of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan.

Fake Civil Society are the members and sycophants of the Jinnah Institute, Friday Times and other rent-a-cause NGO who breed on handouts from foreign consulates and donor agencies. They act as the B-Team for Pakistan’s military establishment. On occasion, they issue mild, token critiques but in the main, they confuse and obfuscate the issues or otherwise deflect attention by talking on safe issues, pro establishment parties and cricket scores.