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Even death could NOT silence Benazir! – by Maleeha Manzoor

Heart is torn into pieces and eyes haze while pioneering to carve my letters about fortune’s relentlessness with the millions, being suppressed since the day this country came into existence. But the murkiest December 27; 2007 – it so far chronicles the tale of wrathfulness of fate with the eighteen millions – when Benazir Bhutto, the masterful leader and the only beacon of hope, was mercilessly martyred on the streets of Rawalpindi, which still had the essence of blood of two Prime Ministers of Pakistan. The mind goes silent from the usual chatter while pondering about what has been snatched. None of the believers wants to accept the appalling reality of the immense loss, and that blood-stained incident of December still appears to be a nightmare… Nevertheless, what emerged throughout and remains significant is ‘Benazir-ism’ – i.e. the legacy, endowed by the audacious leader for its chivalrous people.

Benazir-ism – how/when did it commence? I am gripped in the convulsion of deadly occurrence of the date 27, even the month of December reminds me only of the mayhem that my eyes witnessed – the wails that my ears testified. The skies would have bled to behold such viciousness on the Earth, and the soil of Garhi Khuda Bukhsh would have turned red with the young blood of the daughter of Pakistan. It was the most hapless day when the whole nation – from dowdy to classy – mourned the assassination of the great leader. The anguish, animosity and despondency were all one could perceive in each other, but there was also blazing a fire of revenge in each eye – revenge to punish the murderers, eliminate the barbaric mindset, and shape a Benazir Pakistan, she forfeited her life for. And here was the emergence of Benazir-ism, the manifestation of Bhuttoism and the continuation of the mission bequeathed, by Zulfiqar Bhutto, to Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto.

Benazir-ism is empowered even more with the mantra: “Zindah hai Bibi Zindah Hai” – The catchword that is more like a medicine, healing the spirits of many whose hearts are woven around by the ribbons of love of Benazir. Chanted after her assassination, this slogan initiated to enfold another chapter engrossing the recommencement of struggle of salvaging the forfeitures from being fade away. Guiding all not to quit, this vivid motto breathed life into the dead souls. The pang of loss got converted into the spirit of enthusiasm and momentum, for the masses gathered to defeat the mindset behind the monstrosity – the bloodthirstiness. Under the apophthegm ‘Democracy is the best revenge’, the disciples of Benazir marched on to mold the her dreams – jingling ‘Pakistan Khappey’. What all committed to carry forward was/is the paramount she left behind i.e. the legacy. It was the endeavor she died fighting for and the evil mindset is frightened of…

The martyr’s red still intimidates the extortionists, planning to leech our blood. The killers have been faded away and what rules over is Benazir-ism. They wanted to defeat Benazir by silencing her, but she emerged victorious. For she was an idea – too luminous, too persuasive, and the idea CANNOT be killed – neither can be halted nor executed. She has bestowed the trail to follow and walk on: the awareness in the stricken masses to claim their rights, the enlightenment among the youth to make their voices heard and the origination of sense of dedication/devotion to make Pakistan, as envisioned by Jinnah, are the key points symbolizing her triumph as well as the existence. If today, many, including me, know what path to choose and how to stride on, then it is just because of Shaheed Benazir – for she through her exemplary valor, being the hope, gave the cognizance our minds were deprived of. What she delivered and still has been delivering ,even after being departed physically, sets her triumphant in her war against the anti-Pakistan forces but no one can even imagine of what she would have delivered if she hadn’t been martyred… STILL BEWAIL WHENEVER I SAY, BENAZIR HAS BEEN TAKEN AWAY…

27th December, 2007 – the day that filched the hope, nonetheless blood of martyrs cannot go in vain – nor can the sacrifices fade away – so there also originated a new glimmer of anticipation with a conceding resolution to persevere the Benazir cause – the cause of a better Pakistan that she had visualized. The participation of youth in politics is significance of what she left behind. Millions standing with Bilawal from shoulder to shoulder depict the real power of awareness that has been bestowed by the visionary Mohtarma Benazir. The democracy she died combating for is restored in Pakistan. Though nascent, but yet democracy has the greatest impact on the forces – within and outside. The mission of feeding, clothing and sheltering the masses is being fulfilled through Benazir Income Support Program. What she has left behind cannot be summed up in even thousands of words,though it would not be erroneous to say that had she not given the vision, democratic Pakistan would not have been existing. No evil force could/can stop Ms.Bhutto from being ‘Benazir’ in all aspects…

When the confinement, the expulsions, the unendurable torments could not deter her then how could the death – which is just a bridge between both the worlds?! She is eternal in all aspects and this is the reason that aspirers of a fail Pakistani state are trying to bring mayhem to the each corner of Benazir’s Pakistan, for they know they have failed to halt Benazir. And this is the parable of her continuation that still – five years later, Pakistan is salvaged from being entangled into maiming. Her brightening ideas have not stopped to save and mold Pakistan, as envisioned by Jinnah and Bhutto. Bibi persists to exist through her profound legacy.

Scintillating in all her ideas, she continues to live on through her vision. As a daughter, I reaffirm my pledge to carry forward her mantle jingling all the mantras of Bhuttoism. I will not be intimated and will continue to combat – even if it costs my life. For the trancelike cycle of pain has awakened the Pakistan and it is the failure of the bloody mindset that Benazir’s ideology exists in every nook and corner. Whatsoever the antagonists plan, that has come to exist will exist forever!

Bibi key qaatil sharmindah hain, Bibi aaj bhi zindah hain!

(Bibi’s killers are ashamed, for Bibi is still alive)

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