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Cricket hysteria provides cover up to Military bombings in Mashkay Balochistan

Pakistan Army has moved with a massive action against unarmed Baloch civilians in Mashkay, Balochistan while media  so called Free Media has intentionally blackened out the news about military operation, using Jets, Gunship helicopters in Mashkay, the hometown of Baloch nationalist guerilla leader Dr Allah Nazar Baloch. Dr Allah Nazar Baloch family was specifically targeted in the action. His aged mother along with other family members mostly women and children are injured. Homes of Dr Allah Nazar baloch, his brother Safar Khan Baloch along with dozens of other homes are arsoned after looting.They have taken away Dr Allah Nazar baloch brother-in-Laws Shah Baig Baloch and naeem Baloch with many Baloch youngsters.

Thugs of Pakistan Army backed militant wings, Baloch Musallah Difaa in leadership of Mulla Barkat are accompanying them in this whole action, joined by 2 Helicopters and 70 Frontier Corps vehicles. All has not stopped yet, they have planned more action for the coming days.

Mainstream media is busy airing stories on singer Annie domestic issues with her husbands. They know, it will cater more interest than any news about war ravaged Balochistan.

Here are Pictures from Baloch Human Rights Organization (BHRO) Protest in front of Karachi Press club against the ongoing Military operation in Mashkay town of Occupied Balochistan.

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