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Thank you, Allama Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri, for bold fatwa against Takfiri Khariji terrorists

Qadri terms terror attacks unIslamic

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FOUNDER and patron-in-chief of Tehrik Minhajul Quran Dr Tahirul Qadri has termed suicide attacks and bomb blasts in a Muslim country as anti-Islamic, since the religion strictly prohibited taking lives of innocent citizens.

Islamic teachings do not allow anyone to take arms against any Muslim state since spilling Muslim blood is a bigger sin and leads to civil war, he has said while addressing people though videoconference from Canada at Minhajul Quran office on Saturday where he issued an edict, denouncing the ongoing wave of suicide attacks in the country.

Dr Qadri, who had settled in Canada five years ago, said terrorist activities were a serious breach of Islamic teachings and a rebellion against the state. He said though Muslims were being persecuted by foreign non-Muslims powers and Muslim governments were silent spectators, no Muslim group could wage an armed struggle against the oppressor states in the name of Jihad.

In his 150-page edict, which would be translated in English, Arabic and many other languages, Tahirul Qadri said killing innocent people, whether Muslims or non-Muslims, through suicide bombings as retaliation was unjustified.

Here is an op-ed by Tanvir Qaiser Shahid on Dr Tahir-ul Qadri’s fatwa against suicide bombers and their supporters:

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  • Allama Sajid Mir [Ahl-e-Hadith Leader of MMA [A political Alliance of Rampantly Deviant Political Mullahs] has declared in Daily Jang Dated 6 Nov [URL of this page: 2009 that Suicide Attack is allowed in War against Infidel Enemy whereas the Quran and Hadith proclaim that Suicide is Haram. When Suicide is Haram then how could Suicide Attack be Halal. Read the Fanatic Mullah below. The Daily Jang published the news without raising any questions. No fatwa is valid when clear teachings of Allah and Prophet Mohammad [pbuh] are available to contradict it.

    Why Allama Sajid Mir Is Wrong? Suicide is completely forbidden In Quran and Hadith


    “…So what we hold is that those people who perform these suicide (bombings) have wrongfully committed suicide, and that this necessitates entry into the Hellfire, and Allah’s refuge is sought; and that this person is not a shahid (martyr)…”

    – Shaykh Muhammad Bin Salih al-Uthaymin, Saudi Arabia

    Were we to limit the definition of terrorism to “last resort tactics that the weak use against the strong”, as mentioned by John V. Whitbeck, then Ingrid Mattson’s statement that the Salafi scholars “have denounced terrorism and denounced in particular the acts of September 11” certainly holds true, especially when considering that “those statements are available publicly,” as she said.

    Shaykh Muhammad Bin Salih al-Uthaymin was asked the following concerning attacking an enemy by blowing oneself up, “What is the ruling regarding acts of jihad by means of suicide, such as attaching explosives to a car and storming the enemy, whereby he knows without a doubt that he shall die as a result of this action?”

    Shaykh al-Uthaymin responded by saying, “Indeed, my opinion is that he is regarded as one who has committed suicide, and as a result he shall be punished in Hell, for that which is authenticated on the authority of the Prophet (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace), “Indeed, whoever (intentionally) kills himself, then certainly he will be punished in the Fire of Hell, wherein he shall dwell forever.” 1

    However, one who is ignorant and does not know, and assumes his action was good and pleasing to Allah, then we hope Allah forgives him for what he did due to an erroneous judgement, even though I do not find any excuse for him in the present day. This is because this type of suicide is well known and widespread amongst the people, so it is upon the person to ask the people of knowledge (the religious scholars) regarding it, until right guidance is made distinct from error for him.

    And from that which is surprising, is that these people kill themselves despite Allah having forbidden this, as He said in the Quran:

    “And do not kill yourselves. Surely, Allah is Most Merciful to you.”2

    And many from amongst them do not desire anything except revenge upon the enemy, by whatever means, be it halal (permissible) or haram (forbidden). So they only want to satisfy their thirst for revenge.

    We ask Allah to bless us with foresight in His religion and action(s) which please Him. Indeed, He is all-Powerful over all things.”3

    Elsewhere, Shaykh al-Uthaymeen commented specifically about the suicide bombings which take place in Palestine: “This is what is found from the practice of the Jews with the people of Palestine – so when one of the Palestinians blows himself up and kills six or seven people, then in retaliation, they take sixty or more. So this does not produce any benefit for the Muslims, and does not benefit those amongst whose ranks explosives are detonated.

    So what we hold is that those people who perform these suicide (bombings) have wrongfully committed suicide, and that this necessitates entry into the Hellfire, and Allah’s refuge is sought; and that this person is not a shahid (martyr). However, if a person has done this upon misrepresentation, thinking that it is permissible, then we hope that he will be saved from sin. But as for martyrdom being written for him, then no, since he has not taken the path of martyrdom.”4

    1 al-Bukhaaree (no. 5778)

    2 Quran 4:29

    3 Kayfa Nu’aalij Waaqi’unal-Aleem (p. 119, 120)

    4 Taken from Shaykh al-Uthaymin’s explanation of Riyaadus-Saaliheen (1/165-166).

    – abridged from the book: The ‘Wahhabi’ Myth

  • Briliant work by Dr. Tahir ul Qadri sahib;

    we are proud to have a great leader like him who is presenting true picture of Islam.

    we just need to join hands with him to throw away these evil forces (Taliban & Pro American politicians) from our country.

    Rana Imran

  • i just want to say one thing for this great work of Allama Thir ul Qadri sahab and that is JAzzak Allah

  • Fitno ke banwar may
    Dehshton ke shor may
    Nafraton ke dhor may
    Wakt key Honton per
    Aman ki Gungunaht ha
    Muhabaton ki Muskuraht ha
    Jahalaton ki gard-o-ghubar may
    Elm-o-hikmat ki jagmagaht ha

  • One of the true tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency. Sorry to Islamic governments commonly while especially Pakistan government is found reluctant to encounter Terrorism and suicide bombing but Alhamdulilla.. in scenario of fear and terror atleast In our time we are lucky that Presence of scholarly Islamic leadership like  Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri and his intellectual  spiritual platform is how beautifully  not only spreading peaceful message of Islam will bridge up differences between Islam and Europe.. more to it his courage to declare Terrorism unislamic and horrible threat to world peace is appreciatable and rightly voice of silent majority of muslim ummah..Terrorism has no link with Islam & even with its institution of JIHAD …no doubt Genius is entitled to respect only when he dares to promote the peace and explores the avenues for improving happiness of humankind and Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri is such dynamic genius personalitiy whose efforts would be recognised by humanity earlier or later  

  • Prof. Dr. Tahir ul Qaudri is a great islamic scholar in the world.He has a pure heart for all human beings.My lot of wishes for him for his remarkable work against terrorism and sucide bombing…He must be rewarded by Nobel Prize of peace.JazakAllah

  • Dr. Thair ul qadri is a nice and also its vision is so broud
    its cool and great. I want to ask all world we are peace full muslim.

  • Thanks to Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri for his braved effort to present Islam in its true sense.
    After reading his fatwa, I have changed my mind about suicide bombing.
    Every body should read this book because its full of Islamic knowledge with complete references of Islamic Authorities from all school of thoughts.
    Thanks again to Dr. Tahir

  • aoa….
    brothers…aap logh bohat bari ghalti per hoooo.

    Allah aap ko aur aap kay (muslmano ka qadri, esayoon ka padri)ko seedha rasta dekhaye.. AMEEN


  • Lets see:

    1) Barelwees disagree with Dr Tahirul Qadri (see below)

    2) Deobandees disagree with Dr Tahirul Qadri

    3) Salafees disagree with Dr Tahirul Qadri

    4) Ahl-e-Hadeeth disagree with Dr Tahirul Qadri

    The person whom I know has praised Dr Tahirul-Qadri is General Parvaiz Musharraf!,ghamdi,hassan nisar,zaid hamid

    P.S: The words of the article below is not mine it is of the Barelwee scholars!


    Certain “half-baked” individuals and “intellectual pygmies,” dressed up in the garb of “Molvis”, have claimed that there are no valid accusations against Tahirul Qadri. They are saying that Sunnis have no proofs against Tahirul Qadri’s beliefs. They are saying that the Ulema of the Ahle Sunnah Wa Jamaah are causing open fitna. Ma’ azallah!We want you, the Sunnis, to now use your common sense and judge for yourselves the beliefs of Tahirul Qadri. We have translated Urdu extracts from books written by Tahirul Qadri himself, and some of his corrupt anti-Sunni beliefs. We have commented only on a few of his beliefs, but a more in-depth explanation will follow in the next chapter. Here are his shocking revelations:-


    “With all praise to Allah, all the Islamic schools of thought in the issues of beliefs do not possess any differences on basic fundamental beliefs, However, in minor subsidiary matters this difference is only as far as minor details, whose types and kinds are explanatory and detailed. It is due to this, that in missionary affairs to leave the areas of fundamental beliefs and solely become immersed in subsidiary and minor details, and on the basis of this, to make other schools of thought one’s target of criticism is not fairness and wisdom”. Reference : Firqah Parasti Ka Khaatimah Qu Kar Mumkin Heh, page 65.

    What Tahirul Qadri is trying to say is that as far as the beliefs of the different groups (firqas) are concerned, they are only based on “subsidiary and minor details”! When Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) has said that it is these very same groups that will enter Jahannam, Tahirul Qadri says that to pick on the beliefs and teachings of Shias, Deobandis, Khaarajites and other groups is “not fairness and wisdom”. When Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) has already passed a decision on these groups, do we need a misguided “professor” to tell us that these are small matters! May Allah save us from Tahirul Qadri’s fitnah.


    “When the Creator of the Universe did not give the Prophet the authority that he appoint anything according to his wishes in the affairs of religion…”. Reference: Firqah Parasti Ka Khaatimah Qu Kar Mumkin Heh, page 86

    Does this “professor” realise the implication of his statement? As far as Tahirul Qadri is concerned, he says that Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) has no authority over any matter. What greater disrespect towards the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) than this! This belief is akin to that of the Wahabi/Deobandi/Tablighi belief as stated in “Taqwiyatul Jmaan”, page 41 by Molvi Ismail Dehlwi, wherein he says that “Whosoever’s name is Muhammad or Ahmed has no authority over anything”.


    “I do not only like performing Salaah behind the Wahabis and Shias but whenever I get the opportunity I perform Salaah behind them”. Reference : Risaalah Deed Shoneed, Lahore, 19 April 1986, page 4

    Immediately after this interview, which was recorded in the above magazine, Tahirul Qadri claimed to the Sunni Ulema of Hyderbad that he had never made this statement. The editor of the magazine has the cassette of this interview. Attempts are being made to obtain this cassette.


    “I curse sectarianism. I do not belong to any sect. I am a representative of the Prophet’s community”. Reference: Risaalah Deed Shoneed, Lahore, 19 April 1986, page 4

    In a video recording interview taped in Durban (South Africa), Tahirul Qadri, very emotionally, told his unsuspecting audience that he is a Sunni Hanafi. Yet, he holds a firm belief that he does not have an excessive devotion and adherence to any particular group. This “professor” has already cursed himself!


    “In Salaah, to fold one’s hand or to leave one’s hand is not amongst the Wajiba�adats of Islam. The important thing is Qiyaam. In the (position) of standing l am following (whoever the Imaam is). If the Imaam makes Qiyaam, Sajdah, Qadah or Salaam then the Muqtadi should do the same. At this point, it is not necessary that the Imaam leaves his hand, and the Muqtadi folds his hands and performs the Salaah or leaves his hand”. Reference: Nawaa-e-Waqt Magazine, 19 December 1986.


    “I am not working for the loftiness of Hanafiyat or for the school of the Ahle Sunnat”. Reference : Nawaa-e-Waqt Magazine, 19 December 1986, page 4.

    If Tahirul Qadri is not working for the school of the Ahle Sunnah, then what is he really working for? The Ahle Sunnah Wa Jammah is the only right group that have been promised Jannah. Tahirul Qadri is not working towards Jannah, need we say towards which place he is heading for!


    “If a person claims that a certain person who has read the Kalimah is a Munafiq and Kaafir, if this is not similar to sitting on the Throne of Allah and His Prophet, then what is?” Reference: Firqah Parasti Ka Khaatimah Qu Kar Mumkin Heh, page 72

    “Allah and His Rasool did not issue any school of thought a permit to Jannah. If any person is involved in this conceit, that because he is involved in a certain school of thought and is entitled to Jannat, then this is his vain thoughts and his personal fraud”. Reference: Firqah Parasti Ka Khaatimah Qu Kar Mumkin Heh, page 54

    “There should be such a religious institute which is above the constraining teachings of schools of thought so that a student of any school of thought may gain advantage from lessons in this free environment”. Reference: Firqah Parasti Ka Khaatimah Qu Kar Mumkin Heh, page 91

    “The clear victims among the worshippers of school of thought have been those people whose education and training have been (confined) to a special school of thought. After they become armed with religious education and they walk in the field of a life of action, then they make their own beliefs and thoughts and the propagation of this as their objectives”. Reference: Firqah Parasti Ka Khaatimah Qu Kar Mumkin Heh, page 108


    “Bareillvi’at, Deobandi’at, Ahle Hadithi’at, Shia’at, and these titles (makes me) fearful”. Reference: Firqah Parasti Ka Khaatimah Qu Kar Mumkin Heh, page 111

    Tahirul Qadri cannot say that the book, “Firqah Parasti Ka Khaatimah Qu Kar Mumkin Heh” is not his work and not published under the banner of his organisation, “Minhaajul Quran”. We have ample proof to show that this is his own writings!

    Sunnis must bear in mind that Shaitaan has always used religious frauds to put forward arguments, which are totally contrary to the Holy Quran and Sunnah. Tahirul Qadri wants Sunnis and all other groups to compromise or come to a settlement. We must remember that Shaitaan uses people to present arguments based on misconstrued (distorted) compromise. We should realise that this “total compromise” is nothing but the evil whisperings of Shaitaan. Almighty Allah has stated in the Holy Quran that “Shaitaan is an open enemy to you”. An appeal is made to innocent Sunnis not to he deceived by this compromise. We should bear in mind that this message of “total compromise” preached by Tahirul Qadri is even against the teachings of I’jma (Consensus). It should, therefore, be the priorities of Sunnis to refer to the learned Ulema of the Anle Sunnah Wa Jamaah if they are in doubt about Tahirul Qadri.

    O Muslims! Bear in mind that when a thief intends stealing from a house he first throws a stone. If there is no reaction from the occupants of the house, then the thief takes full advantage of the situation. This self-styled “thinker” and “scholar of Islam”, Tahirul Qadri’s, first stone on the house of Islam was on the issue of DIYAT or compensation for Blood-Money. Tahirul Qadri presented points totally contrary to the Ijma-e-Ummah (Consensus of the Ummah) on this issue.

    But, Al’hamdulillah, we wish to state that the occupants of the House of Islam were not sleeping. The foremost among the Ulema-e-Ahle-Sunnah who refuted this “professor’s” corrupt teachings were, amongst others:-

    1. Allama Mohammed Abdullali Qadri Ashrafi Barakaati who wrote “Awrat Ki Diy at”. This book contains enough proof exposing the ignorance of Tahirul Qadri.
    2. Hazrat Allama Ata Mohammed Saheb Bindiyaalwi.
    3. Ghazali-e-Zamaa, Allama Sayed Ahmed Saeed Kazmi (radi Allahu anhu)
    4. Allama Moulana Abu Dawood Mohammed Sadeck. He has written the book entitled “Khatreh Ki Ghanti” in which the true beliefs of the Taahiriyah group has been clearly exposed.
    5. Allama Mufti Mehboob Raza Khan who wrote “Fitnah Taaiiriyah Ki Haqiqat”.
    6. Allama Mufti Ghulam Sarwar Al Qaadri who has written two in-depth volumes entitled “Professor Ka I’ imi Wa Tahqeeqih Jaa’ izah”.

    Many other books have also been written by the Ulema-e-Ahle Sunnah exposing Tahirul Qadri’s corrupt beliefs and teachings.

    We humbly supplicate in the Darbar of Almighty Allah that He reward these distinguished Ulema for having revealed this new and corrupt group.