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A comment on Raza Rumi’s Qaseeda-e-Khadim-e-Aala – by Ali Arqam

My friend, Pakistani blogger and columnist, Raza Rumi has written an article in Express Tribune (10 Dec 2012 “Shahbaz Sharif and his admirable running of Punjab”) in appreciation of the Punjab’s Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

Raza Ruumi’s Qaseeda-e-Khadim-e-Aala is missing some important points, I will try to highlight in this post.

1. Shahbaz Sharif understands parliamentary proceedings are waste of time, Punjab Assembly is nothing but amusement park, he barely attend any sessions.

2. Khadim-e-Aala believes in Islamist-Humanitarianism along with Islamic-Socialism, as he has generously supported the JuD humanitarian projects

3. Some intellectuals did splendid work on the aspects of Secularising Islamists as JuD and JI , Shahbaz Sharif brought ASWJ (Sipah Sahaba) to this fold

4. Shahbaz Shareef has achieved what USA, ISA, Pakistan Army failed to achieve, “Peace with Taliban” preventing attacks in Punjab.

5. Shahbaz Sharif has 1 of brilliant minds from Punjab like Orya Maqbool Jan in his team, who cursed ‘women who leave kids at home for work”

6. Shahbaz Shareef has the ability to manage a dozen of ministries at a time, while encouraging those who failed to get elected on PML-N ticket

7. Shahbaz Sharif brought famous ‘Mochi Gate’ language to new heights by vowing to drag and hang President Zardari publicly

8. Shahbaz Shareef is an epitome of Punjabi Nationalism, in fact a term has introduced while talking about Gas load shedding in Punjab

9. Shahbaz Shareef is not a shameless person, that’s why he prefers meeting Army officials in the dark of nights with another Shy Character

10. Shahbaz Shareef has shattered all the myths and misconceptions about Hair Transplant spread by Mullas, he is a progressive figure

11. Shahbaz Shareef is the only person who can bring Jinnah’s Pakistan to real life, at least in Punjab

Caution: Socialism, Islamic Socialism or any other terms like that are declared unIslamic by 113 Ulemas of Deoband Shahbaz Shareef loves. In a Fatwa by 113 Ulemas during 1970’s elections, all those were declared ‘Kafirs’ who use these GumrahKun terms like Islamic Socialism. Mufti Taqi Usmani, father Mufti Shafi, was a darbari mulla and signed the ‘Fatwa-e-Kufr’ against slogans of Socialism and Islamic Socialism.

It is hugely disappointing to see that the constant persecution, killing and targetting of Ahmadi muslims in Punjab with the direct and clear connivance of the Punjab Provincial Government lead by Shahbaaz Sharif has not merited any criticism by Raza Rumi.  Even in death, Ahmadi graves are being defiled by Jihadi thug supporters of PML N.  Similarly scores of Ahle-TaShia muslims have been killed in bomb blasts in Rawalpindi, D G Khan (twice) and Lahore.  Many Sunni muslims have also been killed in various terrorist attacks in Punjab (remember blast on Data Darbar) and Shahbaaz Sharif, instead of condemning Sipah-e-Sahaba Taliban, calls them his allies in public!

And this is the government that is being praised by Raza Rumi.

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Jehangir Hafsi


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  • Copy of the article under review:

    Shahbaz Sharif and his admirable running of Punjab
    By Raza Rumi

    Published: December 10, 2012

    The writer is Director, Policy & Programmes Jinnah Institute, Islamabad. The views expressed are his own
    Punjab’s Chief Minister and leader of Pakistan’s second largest party, Shahbaz Sharif, is reported to have called himself an “Islamic socialist”. This self-declared adherence to socialism was cited at a reception, held recently for the visiting Chief Minister of the Indian state of Bihar, Nitish Kumar. This declaration followed the public adoption of Habib Jalib’s radical verses by the chief minister, who often sings revolutionary chants at public meetings. Mr Sharif developed a reputation of sorts during his first tenure (1997-99) as the chief minister of Pakistan’s largest province. His dedication and long working hours were legendary and he would often be seen walking himself in knee-deep water, after a monsoon rain, to get to areas inundated by the water and oversee relief work. As a small cog in the public-sector machinery, I had a chance to work with him and could not help marvel at his quest to improve the system.
    A decade later, the chief minister was back despite the efforts of military junta to keep him and his elder brother away from politics. For various reasons, the performance in the last five years has not been comparable to the earlier tenure. There have been ambitious subsidy schemes (such as cheap wheat flour, tandoors and so on) which were captured by local elites and political groups. Most importantly, the spread of extremism and power of militant groups seems to have grown with weakened law enforcement. There is a perception that the PML-N is soft on extremist and sectarian groups, due to reasons of electoral adjustment and perhaps, ideology as well. This is a serious omission which might haunt the party if it comes to power in the next election, as there will be no excuse of a ‘hostile’ federal government and its failures to curb terrorism.
    It is not all that gloomy. Shahbaz Sharif, true to his reputation, has undertaken major development works across the big cities of Punjab and this contributed to a significant expansion in the province’s infrastructure, all of which seems to be a response to the needs of an articulate urban population that votes for his party.
    During the last one year, the urban youth have also factored into provincial governance and we have witnessed several programmes to engage and mobilise this particular segment of Punjab’s population. The efficacy of distributing laptops to students and getting them to set some world records will only show their results in the next election. Sadly, efforts in this arena have been reactive to Imran Khan’s growing popularity and do not seem to be the outcome of a considered policy that responds to the Herculean challenge of addressing the need for additional skills and jobs for the largest segment of Pakistani society. For instance, Punjab needs millions of jobs to be created every year for its growing population and the setting of Guinness world records should not count as a high priority.
    But this is all relative. Sharif’s performance has to be viewed in the context of Pakistan’s failing state. When compared to the other three provinces, he stands out for his responsiveness and ability to set the parameters of governance right. Punjab, for instance, cannot be blamed solely for not holding local government elections. Political parties are not prepared to devolve powers and patronage to the local level — at least not till there is sufficient demand at the local level. Having said that, service delivery indicators in Punjab, especially in the education sector, have been encouraging. More importantly, there seems to be an effort to innovate and encourage citizens to have a voice and give feedback.
    The ongoing citizen feedback model, perhaps, is the best example of Punjab’s willingness to tackle service delivery failures and corruption. Using simple SMS technology, the initial Jhang model of seeking public feedback has been expanded in the last few years. Across the province now, a phone call with the voice of the chief minister greets a citizen if the services provided were satisfactory. People who get their property transferred or interface with local officials are then asked to send an SMS. Thus far, under the Punjab model, 70,000 such SMSs have been received. The service has nearly half a million users and thousands are added on a daily basis. Its managers in Lahore can refer to a disaggregated services’ status to monitor the quality of services and check corruption.
    Corruption data is also available with the provincial government. Over a thousand calls are made every day. For instance, as I learnt recently, 73,000 citizens were contacted to check if they had to pay bribes for registering property. More than 16 per cent answered and registered complaints. Public officials behave differently if they know they are being monitored and there is scope for accountability. The chief minister and his secretariat are tracking this process and have involved the talented LUMS academic Umar Saif in the process, who is helping the provincial government to install and improvise these systems.
    The data on public feedback is not open to all yet and this is vital to ensure that there is transparency and that a system of accountability is in place. It is time for other provinces to learn from this model. Also, development partners need to make this essential to the investments they make in Pakistan’s social sectors. Citizens across the country are losing faith in the state due to abuse of authority by the police, by the arbitrariness of revenue authorities and the non-functioning of health and education facilities. Such data can help track the performance and also improve the state’s delivery of services. Of course, there is a lot more that needs to be done. The greatest challenge is to institutionalise innovations such as these. However, the younger Sharif knows that good governance intersects with smart politics.
    Regardless of who wins the next election, it is important that citizen inclusion in governance through such methods is continued and expanded. In the meantime, the chief minister of Punjab should mainstream this model by linking public officials’ annual performance to how well they are responding to citizens instead of their superiors. Replicating this model vigorously in police and prosecution services might be a good step in helping tackle law and order crisis that haunts the country and its largest province.

    Published in The Express Tribune, December 11th, 2012.

  • Mr. Rumi should be a bit more transparent. She should include declaration of economic interests that he currently has with the Punjab government or PML-N, i.e., paid consultancy, unpaid foreign tours, funding etc

  • Some comments from ET:

    Usman Lakhani
    Dec 10, 2012 – 10:39PM
    Haha – this article should be titled – PMLN ADVERTISMENT!

    12 hours ago
    What an article, shows lack of research and reasoning.
    In this government of Shahbaz Sharif, Mosques have been attacked over 86 people died in one attack on the Ahmadi mosques, namely Ahmadis, minarets have been destroyed, Kalma removed and graveyards vandalized and you write an article glorifying his reign?
    Its a shame that parameters for measurement these days are just so irrational and illogical.
    I hope you could feel the pain for living as ah Ahmadi in Punjab for one day to understand how great a CM Shahbaz Sharif is. He has not yet issued one statement on issues of Ahmadis leave alone any action against the culprits.

    Dec 10, 2012 – 11:02PM
    The strongest argument Shahbaz Sharif is “My performance is terrible, but its not as bad as the other 3 provinces”. Pathetic.

    Dec 10, 2012 – 10:34PM
    You write “There is a perception that the PML-N is soft on extremist and sectarian groups, due to reasons of electoral adjustment and perhaps, ideology as well.”
    It is not just perception but a stark reality. There is a statement of S. Sharif on record that why these extremists would attack Punjab and us we are their friends (or something like that). His law minister Rana Sana has open relationship with the extreme fanatic terrorists and election alliances with them. No wonder his area is not a big victim of terrorism as all the other provinces are. It is not surprising that leaders of Punjab like Taseer and Bhatti are brutally killed there is no serious attempt on the Sharif brothers or other rightwing leaders. The secular democrats know full well the connection between the terrorists and Sharif brothers and would not forget that in the next elections either. These political offspring of Dictator Zia are equally responsible for the current strength of terrorists.

    Dec 10, 2012 – 10:19PM
    You ignore the fact that the rest of the provinces provide valuable resources such as natural gas and electricity (from Terbela and Mangla dams) to Punjab at the cost of their own progress.

    Dec 10, 2012 – 11:05PM
    Key words “big cities” nuff said

    21 hours ago
    Impossible , Raza Rumi can’t write this piece , I can’t believe …….. Islamic Socialist ?? ;D 😀
    How can you ignore such facts like all roads are under construction at same time just before elections ? What Government was doing year , 2 years or 3 years back ?? Religious Persecution is at its peak in Punjab , Even in Model town people are vandalizing graveyards while No one even spoke from Government’s side . Law and order is worst , pollution ? So if you means construction of roads just before election and digging up everything in-fact whole city at once is development than I salute you. “
    Information Department of Punjab Government is very strong I guess , Mr Raza Rumi 😛 “

    19 hours ago
    @ Author. Shabaz Sharif might be doing great in central and Potohari Punjab. But I invite you to come and visit DJ KHan or Any area of Siraiki belt Save Multan and you will see the difference. Actually, starting from 1980, Successive governmenets in Punjab have given few districts in central punjab overwhelming importance. This has caused mass shift and migration of rural populations adjacent to these areas as well as from other part sof Punjab to big cities like LAhore and Faisalabad to get better jobs, health care and education Consequently, these cities have become over crowded and spread beyond any reasonable size and their capacity.

    14 hours ago
    So some vanity projects in LAHORE means PML-N has done really well? Have you been to other parts of Punjab? How about South Punjab? What has the great poetry reciting messiah of yours has achieved to alleviate people of the rest of Punjab out of poverty? Come out of your pigeon hole show piece projects in lahore doesn’t equate to progress in whole of Punjab.

    5 hours ago
    A good piece of paid publicity :). Please just tell me how can we praise and trust a person who is spending millions of (poor) public for his advertising campaigns in the print media.
    Oh Yes, if you limit the Punjab to Lahore yes then Kazb-e-Alah “کاذب اعلی” can be a candidate for a good show. But let me give you the story of my village (like many other villages) situated in district Chakwal which also belongs to Punjab. Not surprisingly we have no more access to clean water and have to buy on daily basis. Moreover, we used to have science professors in degree college and teachers in our government schools. However now we no more have these basic necessities to build the future of our children because all the public money was spent for either buying laptops, running advertising campaigns or building much important mega projects in Lahore. You see how good a tenure of Kazb-e-Alah “کاذب اعلی” is and how well he is managing Punjab .

  • Not the first time that we’ve seen a fake liberal playing both sides. This is what his kind of people usually do. I stopped taking interest in Rumi after the May 22 killing this year when he failed to even mention the murder of dozens of innocent Sindhis in the Love Sindh rally in Karachi. These fake socialite liberals are the reason why no one is standing by liberalism in Pakistan anymore.

  • Thank you LUBP for publishing this. I remember how LUBP founding editor, Abdul Nishapuri was abused and maligned by Raza Rumi on his Pak Tea House. After departure of progressive blogger, Shehreyar Ali, Pak Tea House is reduced to a PTI-PML N mouthpiece. Aside from the odd stray article, it is a collection of psuedo liberals and hypernationalists who abuse anyone with a different view on Quaid-e-Azam.

    For some months, there was an active campaign to destroy LUBP by the same psuedoliberals that LUBP exposed. Now LUBP stands fully vindicated.

    Will PPP supporters wake up and smell the coffee that by sucking up to such people instead of doing their own hard work in improving the party, they are doing more harm to PPP.

  • Shahinshah-e-Punjab’ Shahbaz Sharif is the great Muslim ruler of the mighty province of Punjab in this ‘Islamic’ Republic of ours, or at least he likes to think so. He thinks and acts not as the elected chief executive of the largest province of the country, responsible to the provincial Assembly, but more as a despotic Mughal emperor.
    Maybe the ‘Hakim-e-Ala’ has heard the saying of the Ummayad Caliph Umar Bin Abdul Aziz who said that he was responsible even for a dog starving on the banks of Dajla. Religious minorities, forced or otherwise, in the province of Punjab are treated worse than even animals. At least that is what Chief Minister Sharif’s conduct makes us believe. The last years of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) government in Punjab have been the worst for religious minorities in the province since the bloodletting in the immediate aftermath of partition in 1947. Then at least you had men like Iftikhar Mamdot, Mian Iftikharuddin and Sir Francis Mudie in the government of Punjab who made every effort to stem the massacre of Hindus and Sikhs. Mr Sharif’s government is either unable or unwilling to act.

  • A few days ago, my friend Raza Rumi wrote an op-ed titled, ‘Shahbaz Sharif and his admirable running of Punjab’ that was printed in a national daily. Apart from admiring Mr Sharif for the good things done by his government, he expressed his concern about the rise of extremism and militancy owing to the fragile implementation of law in the province in the following words: “There is a perception that the PML-N is soft on extremist and sectarian groups, due to reasons of electoral adjustment and perhaps, ideology as well. This is a serious omission, which might haunt the party if it comes to power in the next election, as there will be no excuse of a ‘hostile’ federal government and its failures to curb terrorism.” I, strongly but respectfully, disagree with the notion that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) leniency towards groups like Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (now working under the label of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat [ASWJ]) is a mere perception.

    The ‘lovey-dovey’ liaison of the PML-N and ASWJ/SSP is nothing new. The PML-N has time and again sought the SSP’s support to contest elections and the latter has rarely disappointed the former. In the recently concluded by-elections in which Punjab saw a thumping win for the PML-N, the ASWJ announced to support the PML-N’s candidate, Haji Nawaz Chohan, in Gujranwala’s constituency PP-129. The announcement came from the ASWJ’s district president Arshad Hameedi at a religious seminary as the latest display of public affection between the two parties. Electoral alliances are not aimed at charity; these alliances are established as a trade-off between two parties and they are motivated by a shared ideology. In February 2010, the provincial law minister, Rana Sanaullah, visited Jhang on a by-election campaign for a provincial assembly seat. He was seen interacting with Ahmad Ludhianvi of the ASWJ as he took the hardliner cleric to a drive in his open top jeep with official patronage. Is it appropriate for a provincial law minister to take a radical cleric with him on an election campaign? Did Mr Sharif take any action against his law minister for giving an unprecedented protocol to the head of an organisation that considers Shias as infidels?

    In an interview expressing his biggest concern, the slain former Punjab governor, Shaheed Salmaan Taseer said, “I worry about terrorism. The Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)‚ which is in government in the Punjab‚ has old linkages with and a natural affinity for extremist organisations like Sipah-e-Sahaba‚ Lashkar-e-Jhangvi… Let’s face it: terrorists need logistical support from within — somebody funds them‚ somebody guides them‚ and somebody looks after them — and that support is coming from the Punjab… You can’t have your law minister [Rana Sanaullah] going around in police jeeps with [outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba’s] Ahmed Ludhianvi‚ whose agenda is to declare Shias infidels and close down their places of worship‚ and then say you want harmony in this province. You can’t have the chief minister [Shahbaz Sharif] who is also the home minister‚ standing at Jamia Naeemia pleading with the Taliban to please not launch attacks in the Punjab because he shares the same thinking against the US as they do. What message does this send out to the local magistrate and police officer?”

    As per the report, ‘Pakistan: The Militant Jihadi Challenge’ by the International Crisis Group published in 2009, “The recent upsurge of jihadi violence in Punjab, the Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP), the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Balochistan’s provincial capital, Quetta, demonstrates the threat extremist Sunni-Deobandi groups pose to the Pakistani citizen and state. These radical Sunni groups are simultaneously fighting internal sectarian jihads, regional jihads in Afghanistan and India and a global jihad against the West… The Pakistani Taliban, which increasingly controls large swathes of FATA and parts of the NWFP, comprises a number of militant groups loosely united under the Deobandi Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) that have attacked not just state and western targets, but Shias as well. Their expanding influence is due to support from long-established Sunni extremist networks, based primarily in Punjab, which have served as the army’s jihadi proxies in Afghanistan and India since the 1980s. Punjab-based radical Deobandi groups like the Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) and its offshoot Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LJ) provide weapons, recruits, finances and other resources to Pakistani Taliban groups…The SSP and LJ are also al Qaeda’s principal allies in the region.”

    Mr Sharif’s government needs to see the writing on the wall. Promoting, appeasing and pandering to such extremist outfits can win the PML-N an extra seat or two in the next elections but in the long run, it will be devastating for the fabric of our society and the law and order situation in the province. According to another media report, the PML-N and ASWJ has struck a deal on electoral adjustments in the provincial and National assemblies in the upcoming general elections. It is just a matter of time before the two parties end up contesting elections together. I agree that the good things being done by the government must be appreciated but at the same time, we must not condone government officials festering extremism this or that way.

    On the other hand, in February this year, the Supreme Court of Pakistan expressed its resentment over the performance of the Punjab government when the court was told that several water filtration plants had not yet been completed in the province despite being started many years ago. Non-existent or insufficient infrastructure for clean water and sanitation poses serious health risks. In countries like ours, up to 80 percent of all environmental diseases are because of lack of clean and safe drinking water. Less than 50 percent of Pakistan’s most populous province Punjab has access to piped drinking water. Less than 30 percent of the rural population has access to safe drinking water. Assisting the apex court on polio and hepatitis, Professor Dr Faisal Masood and Professor Dr Javed Raza Gardezi informed the court that the poor and unprivileged class is bound to drink contaminated water because this is all they are being offered. The absence of clean drinking water is resulting in an increased in infectious diseases like polio and diarrhea.

    Punjab government is far from being an admirable one. CM Shahbaz Sharif and his running of Punjab can be best described as the old adage goes “Among the blind, the squinter rules.” Instead of dumping billions of rupees running a parallel education system (Danish Schools) Mr Sharif could have made the existing system more viable. We must appreciate the positive steps being taken by the incumbent government but we should avoid going over the top in praise of a government that has many serious questions to answers.


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