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Sanam Bhutto joins a protest in London against Shia genocide in Pakistan

LONDON: Sanam Bhutto, the sister of Benazir Bhutto who rarely takes part in any political activity, broke her seclusion on Thursday and led a protest outside Pakistan High Commission here against the wave of sectarian killings in Pakistan, which have mainly targeted the Shia community. [According to an estimate, more than 20,000 Shia Muslims and hundreds of Sunni Barelvi, Ahmadi, Christian and other Pakistanis have been killed at the hands of Takfiri Deobandi terrorists of Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba.)

Hundreds of participants from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford, Nottingham and other cities all over the UK had gathered to express their concern and anger over continued terrorist activities being carried out by sectarian groups (Sipah Sahaba, Lashkr Jhangvi) affiliated with al-Qaeda and Tehreek-e-Taliban.

Speaking exclusively to Geo News, Sanam Bhutto, the only surviving child of Begum Nusrat Bhutto and Zulfikar Bhutto, called on the government of Pakistan to stop the “madness” engulfing the country. She equated the situation of Shia genocide in Pakistan to that of “Nazi Germany” where Jews were killed in their millions on the basis of their religious identity.

Sanam Bhutto has strictly stayed away from taking part in politics or any kind of political activity. It was over a year ago that Sanam Bhutto attended a reference at Pakistan High Commission held in memory of her sister Benazir Bhutto, who was killed in a bomb attack in Rawalpindi, but Sanam Bhutto didn’t speak on that or any other occasion. She lives a low-profile life in London and has no intention of entering politics.

“We are Shias and Sunnis, we are all Pakistanis. What the hell is going on? it’s craziness. I am really upset. It’s about human life, doesn’t matter whether Shia, Sunni, Ahmadis, Hindu, Christian, anything. It’s human life. God gives life and God takes life. How do these men think they can do whatever they want,” an emotional Sanam Bhutto said, who has seen her father hanged to death by a dictator, sister Benazir killed in Rawalpindi, brother Shahnawaz Bhutto poisoned to death in France, second brother Murtaza killed in a shooting in Karachi and mother Nusrat Bhutto dying in a foreign land.

When asked by this correspondent what she thought of the lawlessness in Pakistan, Sanam Bhutto said: “How can any human being not feel hurt by it. It (the situation in Pakistan) has nothing to do with family, politics, or Pakistan. It’s humans killing humans, for no reason.” Sanam Bhutto criticised the extremist religious parties of Pakistan: “It’s not just Shias. Everybody is a target of everybody else. Our religious parties, mullahs have put a gun to our head.”

Syed Wajahat Ali, Central General Secretary of Imamians UK, said the protest was organised to “express our deepest grief and anger” on the Pakistan government for turning a blind eye to the prevailed terrorism in the country.

He said this year was the “bloodiest Muharram” as more than 50 mourners had been killed and some 300 injured in sectarian attacks. He said the government had failed to provide security and justice against the “genocide” and elements within the government were supporting “killers” who have never been “punished” for their crimes.

“This dilemma intensifies with the fact that the families of our Shuhada or the injured ones even did not receive a financial compensation from your governments in Sindh, Balochistan or KP provinces while on many occasions Punjab government has at least given the financial compensations for the affected families,” he said.

A memorandum presented to Pakistan High Commission called on the government to order an enquiry for the involvement of police and agencies in giving “a total free hand to the terrorists for attacking the Azadari processions specially in DI Khan and a reasonable compensation not less than Rs5,000,00 be announced for each person’s family who is killed by the terrorists and Rs200,000 each for the injured ones.”

Maulana Musharraf Hussaini said, “Pakistan has been turned into the most dangerous country in the world. No one is safe from the brutal attacks of Taliban minded people. Even the religious processions of Ashoor (Shia) and Milad ul Nabi (Sunni Barelvi) are being attacked. It is the total failure of our law enforcement agencies. Pakistan cannot be run like that.”

Source: The News

پاکستان میں جاری شیعہ نشل کشی کےخلاف لندن ہائی کمیشن کے باہر زبردست احتجاج، سیکڑوں مومنین کی شرکت، پاکستانی شیعہ مسلمانوں سے اظہار یکہجہتی،

صنم بھٹو بھی احتجاجی مظاہرے میں شریک، صنم بھٹو کا کہنا ہے کہ شیعوں کی نسل کشی کی جارہی ہے صورتحال نازی جرمن دور جیسی ہے۔

Jang newspaper distorts Sanam Bhutto’s statement on Shia Genocide. Deletes the word Shia; replaces the word Jews with Zionists.



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