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50 ways to gracefully ignore Shia Genocide

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It was easier to maintain (shameless) ‘neutrality’ and remain silent on the issue of persecution of Shia in Pakistan in the past when media would completely blackout any news of killing of Shia; pushing it under the carpet in the name of ‘maintaining order’. Gone are those days and some sectarian fascist bloggers, in addition to some Shia social media initiatives, have highlighted the issue effectively. Considering the fact that it has become increasingly difficult over time to remain silent on the issue and not get labels like ‘ShiaPhobe’, I would like to present some helpful tips to gracefully ignore Shia Genocide. I hope these will serve you well to gracefully ignore Shia Genocide.

So, here are the best ways or excuses you can use to maintain your (criminal) silence on Shia Genocide and still keep your head high:


How Not To Talk About Shia Genocide?
How Not To Talk About Shia Genocide?


How Not  To Talk About Shia Genocide?
How Not To Talk About Shia Genocide?
How Not  To Talk About Shia Genocide?
How Not To Talk About Shia Genocide?
How Not  To Talk About Shia Genocide?
How Not To Talk About Shia Genocide?
How Not  To Talk About Shia Genocide?
How Not To Talk About Shia Genocide?
How Not  To Talk About Shia Genocide?
How Not To Talk About Shia Genocide?
How Not  To Talk About Shia Genocide?
How Not To Talk About Shia Genocide?
How Not  To Talk About Shia Genocide?
How Not To Talk About Shia Genocide?
Enjoy a selection of 50 best excuses available to you. Make sure you pick the right one. Cramming them is a good idea to use as per context quickly.
1. Oh, Shia killing is bad… but they abuse Sahaba.

2. Find something else to talk about: Gaza, Syria, aalo ki qeemat, UPS ki battery, garmi ki shiddat, CNG ki qitarain.

3. Shia are not that innocent. They kill too. Bad Sunni and Bad Shia are killing each other, there is no genocide. Let them kill.

4. Shias have killed millions of Sunnis in Iran, routinely slaughter Sunni children.

5. Well, they do strange things like cutting themselves and self harming. How is that better than Taliban?

7. They are not true Muslims. Shia are traitors, Irani agents.

8. Altogether reject the existence of Shia in Pakistan. There are 97% Sunni in Pakistan. (ASWJ story).

9. Oh, this is a very sensitive topic to discuss. Let’s not go there.

10. Well, everybody is unsafe in Pakistan. It’s not Shia specific.

11. What Shia Sunni? Why can’t we be just Muslim. Why prefixes? Why create division. We are one Ummah.

12. No Muslim can ever attack a mosque or imam bargah.

13. Find something else (political) to talk about. Remember, Gaza is most fashionable, followed by Syria.

14. Millions of them come out on street at same time on some days like Ashura, they are asking for death.

16. When will Shia stop mourning what happened 1400 yrs ago. They live in the history. Too much of past.

17. Shia killed Hussain and now they cry/mourn it in guilt. It was their fault, they deserve it all now.

18. Hayee, you know woh Shaam-e-Gharibaan ko batiyan bhuja kar kya kartay hain? Tauba Tauba!

19. Well, true that Shia are being killed ruthlessly but they are radical, conservative and anti-minority too!

20. But they were party to the constitutional amendments which declared Ahmedis non-Muslims.

21. Everyone is getting killed in Pakistan not just Shia.Kya Shia Shia laga rakhi hay, yahan sab mar rahay hain. Suicide bombing, dehshat gardi main sab kartay hain.

22. Muslim ki ibadat masjid me, hindu ki mandir me, eesai ki girja me, shia ki sarak pe kyun? they ask for it.

25. Mene khud aik dafa YouTube pe dekha tha aik Shia sahaba ko bura keh raha tha naozbillah. Shiyon ne Iran me apna Kaaba banaya hua hay. Uspe Hajj Umra kartay hain. YouTube dekh lo.

26. Hazara are being killed because of their ethnicity. It has nothing to do with their Shia faith. Taliban just don’t like their Cheeni faces.

27. Yaar main in baatoon se dur rehta hoon, bas apnay kaam se kaam rakhta hoon. (kuch din Gaza Gaza karnay se parhaiz karain)

28. I am apolitical. Yeh sab bakwas hay. Burger khao, Ipad khareedo. Kamm he kutta ay!

29. Was Muhammad a Shia or a Sunni?

30. This country’s majority is Sunni, this is Sunni country, democratically Sunni will prevails. Shia behave.

31. Iran Shia mulk ho sakta hay to Pakistan Sunni milk kyun nhe ho sakta? Shiyun ko khuli chuti de rakhi hay

32. Pre 9/11: Oh its Sunni Shia killing each other, shia not innocent.Post 9-11: Oh everyone is getting killed

33. Petrol fir mehnga ho gaya, lo dasso.

34. What Shia Genocide? Hundreds of Sunnis killed in Karachi. SunniGenocide, SunniGenocide! Pakistanis are being killed everywhere – Pakistani Genocide, Pakistani Genocide.

35. Shia block all roads on Ashura. Shia destroy the economy of Pakistan for a week.

36. Oh, I am a secular liberal. I don’t subscribe to religions or even low, sects. Get some civic sense and throw away religion. Shia should behave and avoid dying.

37. Shion ki waja se sab suffer kr rhe hain, mobile service bhi band hai aur meri bike bhi ye koi baat hai bhala

39. Do you know how many Sunnis are killed in Iraq because Shia cooperated with Amreeka?

40. Its Ashura? I’ll fast, go to local graveyard, watch a few movies and chill. Shia killing, what’s that?

41. Shion ko Iran se funding hoti hai

42. Namaaz parh li? Imam Hussain nay namaaz kay liye jaan de di, namaz parho roza rakho. Kya Shia Sunni?

43. Act apolitical for a few weeks. (Keep on posting pictures of your Halal KFC burgers or checkins to your favourite malls but avoid Gaza posts for sometime, or hide from the Shia on your list)

44. Shia have made martyrdom a cult. They are getting their own people killed. They should stay home.

45. But I am secular liberal democrat skeptic agnostic gdtrgsjg %^&*” etc.

46. Woh sab to theek hay par mera mobile kab chalay ga Rehman Malik oye?

47. Na Na meray dost, they just kill innocents no matter who they are.

48. What else does one do with agents and traitors? Shia are traitors disloyal to Ummah and agents of Iran against Pakistan.

49. This Azadari and Shia rituals results in loss of millions in business and economy.

50. What did Jinnah say when he was asked if he was a Shia or a Sunni? He said he was just a Muslim. Stop this Sunni Shia.

For the complete collection, below is the archive of all tweets on the hash tag #HowNotToTalkAboutShiaGenocide. (Archived on 27th November 2012 at 5 Pm GMT)

As you are aware (but will pretend you don’t) that after an organised intimidation campaign against the Shia this year (see details), the Takfiri Deobandi terrorists of Sipah Sahaba (ASWJ), Lashkar-e-Taiba and Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan have killed 55 Shia and injured more than 324 in 51 incidents in the first 10 days of Muharram (see details). Considering these unavoidable numbers, it is important that you consider the tips above to ignore ShiaGenocide in Pakistan. The Shia fascists don’t take much time to pick on the usual old techniques (see details) and will expose you if you do. Do some homework… Good Luck!

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