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Hussaini Brahmins: Karbala and how Lahore was involved – by Majid Sheikh

Wah Datt Sultan, Hindu ka dharm, Musalman ka Iman, Adha Hindu adha Musalman (Well done Datt Sultan, declaring Hindu Dharma and following Muslim practice, Half Hindu and Half Muslman)

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IN our school and college days we all loved to assist friends set up `sabeels` alongside Lahore`s traditional `Ashura` procession, providing cold drinks to the thousands who mourned. Sects and beliefs never mattered then. But then neither did one`s religion.
For well over 1,332 years, the tragedy of Karbala moves everyone who hears about it, be they Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Sikh or any other religion. This is one incident that brings out the need to support those with a moral position.

As children we attended the `sham-ighareeban` with our Shia friends, and learnt the lesson of supporting those in the right. Everyone respected the beliefs of others. Yes, there were always a few silly chaps who wanted attention, but they were at best ignored.

The ancient city of Lahore is connected to the tragedy in no uncertain terms.

Historical accounts say seven brave warriors from Lahore died while fighting in the Battle of Karbala. It is said their father Rahab Dutt, an old man who traded withArabia in those days, had promised the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) to stand by his grandson in his fight to uphold the truth.

That pledge the brave Rajput Mohiyals of the Dutt clan from Lahore upheld.

Today they are known as Hussaini Brahmins, who lived in Lahore till 1947.

Then there is the fact that besides the Hindu Rajputs of Lahore, in the battle also fought John bin Huwai, a freed Christian slave of Abu Dharr al-Ghafari, whose `alleged` descendents, one researcher claims, still live inside the Walled City of Lahore.

I have been on the track of these ancestors for quite some time and have been able to trace one Christian family living inside Mori Gate. They claim to have a connection with a `Sahabi` whose name they cannot recollect. M. A. Karanpikar`s `Islam in Transition`, written over 250 years ago, made this claim, but I do not think it is a claim worth pursuing.

But the most powerful claim of Lahore as the place where the descendents ofHussain ibn All came lies in the Bibi Pak Daman graveyard, where the grave of Ruquiya, sister of Hussain ibn Ali and wife of Muslim ibn Ageel, is said to exist.

Also graves here attributed to the sisters of Muslim ibn Ageel and other family members. Many dispute this claim.

But then no less a person than Ali Hasan of Hajweri, known popularly as Data Sahib, came here every Thursday to offer `fateha` at the grave, informing his followers that this was the grave of Ruquiya. The place where he always stood to offer `fateha` has been marked out, and his book also verifies this claim. Mind you detractors exist, of this have no doubt, but the supporting evidence is quite strong.

Let me begin the story of the Dutts by going through the record of the Shaukat Khanum Hospital and the recorded fact that Indian film star Sunil Dutt, who belonged to Lahore, made a donation to the hospital and recorded the following words: `For Lahore, like my elders, I will shed every drop of blood and give any donation asked for, just as my ancestorsdid when they laid down their lives at Karbala for Hazrat Imam Husain.

Makes you think -but then there is this account which says that the seven sons of Rahab Dutt lost their lives defending the Imam at Karbala. The Martyr`s List at Qum verifies this. History records when the third thrust by Yazid`s forces came, the Dutt brothers refused to let them pass. The seven Punjabi swordsmen stood their ground till they were felled by hundreds of horsemen. In lieu of the loyalty of the Dutt family to that of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) was coined the famous saying: `Wah Dutt Sultan, Hindu ka dharm, Musalman ka iman, Adha Hindu adha Musalman.` Since then, so the belief goes, Muslims were instructed never to try to convert the Dutts to Islam.

A grieving Rahab returned to the land of his ancestors, and after staying in Afghanistan, returned to Lahore. I have tried my very best to locate their `mohallah` inside the Walled City, and my educated guess is that it is Mohallah Maulian inside Lohari Gate. Later theymoved to Mochi Gate, and it was there that the famous Dutts lived before 1947 saw them flee from the hate of the people they gave everything for.

The most interesting thing about the Hussaini Brahmins is that they are highly respected among Hindus, and even more amazingly it is said that all direct ancestors of Rahab Dutt are born with a light slash mark on their throat, a sort of symbol of their sacrifice. I was reading a piece by Prof Doonica Dutt of Delhi University who verified this claim and said that all true Dutts belong to Lahore.

I must point out to an amazing version of these events that an Indian historian, Chawala, has come up with. It says that one of the wives of Hazrat Imam Husain, the Persian princess Shahr Banu, was the sister of Chandra Lekha or Mehr Banu, the wife of an Indian king Chandragupta. We know that he ruled over Lahore. When it became clear that Yazid ibn Muawiya was determined to eliminate Hussain ibn Ali, the son of Hussain (named Ali) rushed off a letter to Chandragupta asking for assis-tance. The Mauriyan king, allegedly, dispatched a large army to Iraq to assist. By the time they arrived, the Tragedy of Karbala had taken place.

In Kufa in Iraq a disciple of Hazrat Imam Husain is said to have arranged for them to stay in a special part of the town, which even today is known by the name of Dair-i-Hindiya or `the Indian quarter` The Hussaini Brahmins believe that in the Kalanki Purana, the last of 18 Puranas, as well as the Atharva Veda, the 4th Veda, refers to Hazrat Imam Husain as the avatar of the Kali Yug, the present age. They believe that the family of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him)is Om Murti, the most respected family before the Almighty.

All these facts bring me back to our days as school children working hard to provide relief to the mourners on Ashura. Reminds me of our neighbour Nawab Raza Ali Qizilbash, who invited us to his `haveli` every year to see the preparations before the event. Raza Bhai is no more, and neither is the tolerance that we all enjoyed so much.

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  • Hindu followers of Muslim imam
    By Yoginder Sikand

    One of the most important events in early Muslim history was the battle of Karbala fought in 680 CE in which Imam Hussain, grandson of the Prophet through his daughter Fatima and her husband Imam Ali, was slaughtered along with a small band of disciples in a bloody battle against the tyrant Yazid. This event occurred in the Islamic month of Muharram, and it is for this reason that this month is observed with great solemnity in many parts of the Muslim world.

    What is particularly striking about the observances of the month of Muharram in large parts of India is the prominent participation of Hindus in the ritual mourning. In several towns and villages, Hindus join Muslims in lamenting the death of Hussain, by sponsoring or taking part in lamentation rituals and tazia processions. In Lucknow, seat of the Shia nawabs of Awadh, prominent Hindu noblemen like Raja Tikait Rai and Raja Bilas Rai built Imambaras to house alams, standards representing the Karbala event. The Hindu Lambadi community in Andhra Pradesh have their own genre of Muharram lamentation songs in Telugu. Among certain Hindu castes in Rajasthan, the Karbala battle is recounted by staging plays in which the death of Imam Hussain is enacted, after which the women of the village come out in a procession, crying and cursing Yazid for his cruelty. In large parts of rural India, Hindus believe that if barren women slip under a Moharrum alam they would be blessed with a child.
    Perhaps the most intriguing case of Hindu veneration of Imam Hussain is to be found among the small Hussaini Brahmin sect, also called Dutts or Mohiyals, who are found mainly in Punjab. The Hussaini Brahmins have had a long martial tradition, which they trace back to the event of Karbala. They believe that an ancestor named Rahab traveled all the way from Punjab to Arabia, where he became a disciple of Imam Hussain. In the battle of Karbala, Rahab fought in the army of the Imam against Yazid. His sons, too, joined him, and most of them were killed. The Imam, seeing Rahab’s love for him, bestowed upon him the title of Sultan or king, and told him to go back to India. It is because from this close bond between Rahab and Imam Hussain that the Hussaini Brahmins derive their name.

    After Rahab and those of his sons who survived the battle of Karbala reached India, they settled down in the western Punjab and gradually a community grew around them. The Hussaini Brahmins practised an intriguing blend of Islamic and Hindu traditions. A popular saying refers to the Hussaini Brahmins or Dutts thus:
    Wah Dutt Sultan,
    Hindu ka Dharm
    Musalman ka Iman,
    Adha Hindu Adha Musalman
    Oh! Dutt, the king
    [Who follows] the religion of the Hindu
    And the faith of the Muslim
    Half Hindu, half Muslim.

    Another story, which seems less reliable, is related as to how the Dutts of Punjab came to be known as Hussaini Brahmins. According to this version, one of the wives of Imam Hussain, the Persian princess Shahr Banu, was the sister of Chandra Lekha or Mehr Banu, the wife of an Indian king called Chandragupta. When it became clear that Yazid was adamant on killing the Imam, the Imam’s son Ali ibn Hussain rushed off a letter to Chandragupta asking him for help against Yazid. When Chandragupta received the letter, he dispatched a large army to Iraq to assist the Imam. By the time they arrived, however, the Imam had been slain. In the town of Kufa, in present-day Iraq, they met with one Mukhtar Saqaffi, a disciple of the Imam, who arranged for them to stay in a special part of the town, which even today is known by the name of Dair-i-Hindiya or ‘the Indian quarter’.

    Some Dutt Brahmins, under the leadership of one Bhurya Dutt, got together with Mukhtar Saqafi to avenge the death of the Imam. They stayed behind in Kufa, while the rest returned to India. Here they built up a community of their own, calling themselves Hussaini Brahmins, keeping alive the memory of their links with the Imam.

    The Hussaini Brahmins believe that in the Bhagwadgita Krishna had foretold the event of the Imam’s death at Karbala. According to them, the Kalanki Purana, the last of eighteen Puranas, as well as the Atharva Veda, the fourth Veda, refer to Imam Hussain as the divine incarnation or avatar of the Kali Yug, the present age. They hold Imam Ali, Imam Hussain’s father, and son-in-law and cousin of the Prophet Muhammad, in particular reverence, referring to him with the honorific title of ‘Om Murti’.

    The Hussaini Brahmins, along with other Hindu devotees of the Muslim Imam, are today a rapidly vanishing community. Younger generation Hussaini Brahmins are said to be abandoning their ancestral heritage, some seeing it as embarrassingly deviant. No longer, it seems, can an ambiguous, yet comfortable, liminality be sustained, fuzzy communal identities giving way under the relentless pressure to conform to the logic of neatly demarcated ‘Hindu’ and ‘Muslim’ communities. And so, these and scores of other religious communities that once straddled the frontier between Hinduism and Islam seem destined for perdition, or else to folkloric curiosities that tell of a bygone age, when it was truly possible to be both Hindu as well as Muslim at the same time.


  • Brahmins Fought for Imam Hussain in the Battle of Karbala

    by Rakesh Sharma

    Hindus have a long association with Iraq and Muslims. Please read the article below:

    The presence in Arabia of many Hindus. mostly Brahmins. before the rise of Islam, has been recorded by the historian Sisir Kumar Mitra, in his book ‘The Vision of India’. page 183. These people observed Hindu religious customs, including the worship of Shiva and Makresha from which the name of Mecca is said to have been derived. The famous astrologer Yavanacharya was born of one such Brahmin family. It was from these Brahmins that the Arabs learnt the science of Mathematics, Astrology, Algebra and decimal notation which were first developed in India.

    At the time of the war of Karbala (Oct. 680 AD). Rahab Sidh Datt, a potentate of Datt sect, was a highly esteemed figure of Arabia due to his close relations with the family of Prophet Mohammed. In the holy war when no Muslim King came to help Hussain. Rahab fought On his side mld sacrificed his seven sons (named Sahas Rai. Haras Rai, Sher Khan, Rai Pun, Ram Singh, Dharoo and Poroo) in the bloody war.

    A Brief Account of the Episode: After the death of Mohammed, he was succeeded by Abu Bakr, Omar and Osman, as the Caliphs: all three were related to him by marriage alliances. Osman was not popular and was assassinated. After his death, Hazrat AlL the son-in-law of Mohammed (he was also his first cousin) who was married to the Prophet’s third daughter and the only surviving issue, Bibi Fatima Zahira, became the 4th Caliph. There was stiff opposition to Ali’s rule from Amir Moavia, a known protege of Osman. He fought with him a bitter war for 5 years and finally got him murdered in a mosque of Koofa, his mausoleum with a golden dome, stands in the nearby town of Najaf (Iraq). After the extermination of Ali, Moavia grabbed the Caliphate and converted the Islamic state into a kingdom, After his death, his notorious son Yazid became the next ruler. However, the rightful claimants of the Caliphate were the descendants of Hazrat Ali, namely, Hassan and Hussain. While Hassan abdicated his claim to the crown and later died of suspected poisoning, his younger brother Imam Hussain who was till then leading a secluded life in Medina, came out and challenged the usurper, Yazid. It was the war of attrition between the two which led to the bloodshed of Karbala (102 km south of Baghdad), on Oct. 10, 680 AD.

    The participation of the Mohyals Brahmins and more precisely that of a Dutt family living in Arabia at that time, in the holy war, is a fact of the history. They were a part of the entourage of 200 men and women, including 72 members of Hussain’s family (40 on foot and 32 on horseback), when he left Medina and made an arduous trek to Karbala, where he had a large friendly following. After 18 days, i.e. on the 2nd. day of Mohurrum, the Hussain’s caravan reached Karbala, on the bank of river Euphrates and surrounded by a hostile desert. On the 7th day of Mohurrum, all hell broke out when 30,000 strong army sent by Yazid from Mecca and other places, attacked them. 6,000 soldiers guarded the river bank to ensure that not a drop of water reached the Hussain’s thirsty innocents. By sunset of 10th (Ashoor), a Friday, all were dead including his step brother Abbas (32), his son Ali Akbar (22), daughter Skeena (4) and 6 months old infant Ali Asghar who was killed by an arrow while perched in his lap. Imam Hussain himself was slain with thirty three strokes of lances and swords by Shimr, the hatchet man of ignominious Yazid. The ruffians of Yazid, as they ran carrying the smitten head of Hussain to the castle of Koofa, were chased by Rahab. He retrieved the holy man’s head, washed it reverentially and then carried it to Damascus. According to legend, he was overtaken by Yazid’s men during his ovenight shelter on the way. They demanded Hussain’s head from him: Rahab executed the head of one of his sons and offered to them. They shouted that it was not the Hussain’s head, then he beheaded his second son and they again yelled that it was not his. In this way Rahab executed the heads of his seven sons but did not part with the head of Imam Hussain. Later, after one year, it was buried in Karbala along with rest of his body.

    The intrepid Datts rallied round Amir Mukhtar, the chief of the partisans of Imam Hussain, fought with extraordinary heroism and captured and razed the fort of Koofa, seat of Yazid’s governor, Obaidullah, the Butcher. After scoring a resounding victory on the battlefield, they beat the drums and yelled out that they had avenged the innocent blood of Hussain shed at Karbala.

    It is also significant to note that even before the Karbala incident, Hazrat Ali had entrusted the public exchequer to the regiment of the valiant Datts, at the time of the Battle of Camels fought near Basra.

    The above provides an impeccable evidence about tha pragmatic role played by the Datt Mohyals in the catastrophe of Karbala. There are more than a dozen ballads composed centuries ago which vividly and with great passion describe the scenario of the historic event.

    Interestingly, in the Preface of his famous historical novel, titled Karbala, published in 1924 from Lucknow, Munshi Prem Chand has stated that the Hindus who fought and sacrificed their lives in the holy war of Karbala, are believed to be the descendants of Ashvathama.This clearly establishes their link with the Datts who consider Ashvathama as an ancestor of their clan.

    Later on, when Sunnis let loose an orgy of vendetta on Shias and Datts, Datts returned to their motherland around 700 AD and settled at Dina Nagar, District Sialkot (vide Bandobast Report of Gujarat by Mirza Azam Beg page 422 and folk songs) and some drifted to as far as the holy Pushkar in Rajasthan. Starting from Harya Bandar (modern Basra on the bank of river Tigris) with swords in hand and beating durms, they forced their way through Syria and Asia Minor and marching onwards captured Ghazni, Balkh and Bukhara. After annexing Kandhar, they converged on Sind and crossing the Sind at Attock they entered the Punjab.

    An ancestor of Rahab named Sidh Viyog Datt assumed the title of Sultan and made Arabia (old name Iraq) his home. He was a tough and tenacious fighter. He was also known as Mir Sidhani. He was a worshipper of Brahma. He was the son of the stalwart Sidh Jhoja (Vaj) who was a savant and saint and lived in Arabia (Iraq) around 600 AD.

    The supporters of Hassan and Hussain honoured the Datts with the htle of ‘Hussaini Brahmin’ and treated them with great reverence in grateful recognition of the supreme sacrifices made by them in the war of Karbala. According to Jang Nama, written by Ahmed Punjabi, pages 175-176, it was ordained on the Shias to recite the name of Rahab in their daily prayer. At the time to the Karbala, fourteen hundred Hussaini Brahmins lived in Baghdad alone



  • Verily this warms the cockles of my `Dehriya’ Hindostanee heart!Will read and re-read this post.An aside:denizens of LUBP may wish to look up Allama Zameer Akhtar Naqvi’s speeches on the web,while we are on the subject of our own tradition of Husainiyat and all related syncretic spirituality.
    Many thanks for the above material; ham tah-e-dil se mashkoor hein.

  • I really appreciate that a sect of Hindus love Imam Hussein (A.S) . The history of Hussaini Brahmins is very interesting! Also there are many other Non Muslims, Jews and Christians and others who love Imam Hussein (A.S). This is because he dusnt belong to a sect or just Muslims but to humanity.

  • However in the article it mentions that Imam Hussein (A.S) sent a letter to an Indian King Chandragupta. I doubt this because I dont think that any Muslim leader including the Ahle Bait (A.S) would want foreign armies to get involved in Muslim affairs. Even in the Battle of Siffin the Romans wanted to invade but Imam Ali (A.S) and Muawiyah did not want this to happen and agreed they would fight the Romans.

  • Respected sirs
    My swelf from india and searching the roots of jhoja community which is spread in northen part of india in aligarh to haridwar they are worrier of the mughal periods pl tell me som books so that i can go aheasd

  • Only part of the Karbala and India connection seems wrong where Chandragupta’s name was mentioned. Chandragupta ( both) reigned long before Karbala 680 ad. It was then Vikramaditya in 680..who also died the same year.

  • Our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was for entire humanity and universe, and the same holds true for his holy family. the tyrant ruler whom Imam Hussain (a.s) challenged, was putting humanity to shame, and only the chosen family of holy prophet could save humanity thru their sacrifice, which has and can never have any parallel till this world lasts. my bow of respect to the companions of Imam Hussain (a.s) for their faithful allegiance to Imam Hussain (a.s), my bow of respect to the Hussaini Brahmans who sacrificed themselves for Imam Hussain (a.s).
    present day happenings in Iraq and Syria are reminiscent of the tyrants of that time and they are nothing but a threat to humanity. May Maula save humanity from such tyrants again and give us the strength to stand against them.

  • This interesting news or misinformation that 150 Hindus are going to Iraq to Defend it against the Sunni ExtremIsts i.e  Salfis and Deobandis, according to a recently invented well played misinformation that during Karbala tragedy 150 Hussaini Brahmins were “Shaheeds” fighting along with Hazrat Imam Hussain!
    Now connect with a statement by a BJP leader in which the plan is to tie up with Shiite Iran and defend  these Shiite countries from the extremists of Syria Afghanistan( and Pakistan- in a subliminal manner!) The purpose of the ploy is to create a soft corner for the Hindus(India) amongst the Ahle -Tashih brethrens
    I must give hats off to RAW for the ingenuity. It is for sure that the 150 Hindus proceeding to Iraq are all RAW agents to spread the same crap of Hussaini Brahmins. And what is ISI doing? – because again RAW will out class ISI!
    ISI needs to wake up and also our Diplomats to ensure that the people are not misguided by this ploy.
    Kindly spread this caution to as many to be mindful of such a distorted version of the Karbala tragedy.

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  • “Why I keep going is because I love Coach’s Corner. However that doesn’t mean he didn’t have the skills for those 1-on-1 driveway battles. it presented a challenge for her ..Bobrovsky served as the backup to McElhinney. Cory Joseph (both would be 25 in 2016) and allthe other guys who have been loyal to the national program like Joel Anthony. Ginobili, including those coming into Canada.Calls for more openness are certain to get louder in the wake of fresh in search ofcorporate secrets. what is called the “Golden Generation” of Argentina basketball is stillintact.S.

  • R. , where a lush garden was hidden from street view.They took us on a short, Is it supposed to be a government driven agenda? resources will be better channelled to improve Maths & Science achievement by focusing on those students who have identified ‘academics’ as their ideal path – rather than get imposed on every student just because it’s considered the golden ticket.4222, PGATL3933.Thanks tofor the trusty Kia Rio that took me all the way along the Cape Country Meander! found ourselves drawn to Abbey Rose with its dainty Victorian-looking garden furniture.

  • Butt said that the highest court has set out guidelines, but that lawyers need examples from real cases. “This will be the first one, it will be a big one, and it will help other women going forward,” he said.

  • The new charger will use a 480-volt DC line that can juice up a Nissan Leaf from 0 to 80 percent in about 20 minutes. However, the charger is not the only thing one should be worried about. As a regular Leaf user, you probably won’t be able to purchase the high-power line from the grid, which is expected to cost some other tens of thousands.

  • In addition, the Texas Daily Newspaper Association and Texas Press Association maintain a website — texaslegalnotices.com — that benefits potential bidders. The site provides a searchable database of current foreclosure, meeting and business notices taken out in newspapers.

  • 3.That was the Gangallida and Waanyi tribes, passing down this story and knowledge of the food and medicine found in that area for thousands of years.2 77 2 , QB 3 17 5.” Lupul said. ET for pregame show). In three-plus seasons with the Flames,Stars missingThe AHL all-star game is set for Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Providence.We shifted blankets and doonas and swept the area clean. “Hey Kurda, He finished 6 for 8 on 3s.

  • The mystery was solved when a US Special Forces operative shot a startled Bin Laden in the forehead during a raid on his Abbottabad residential compound. In order to pre-empt any grave becoming an Islamist shrine, Bin Laden’s corpse was buried at sea.

  • The stark contrast between North and South Korea in terms of development is attributable to one variable – the nature and quality of governance.

  • Yet to work, such a chip would need to be truly universal and account for potential obsolescence. My own flirtation with implanted technology came to an end when I moved away from London, making an Oyster-equipped hand pointless. Even with a return to London on the cards, Im thinking twice about returning to my project, since Oyster cards are being phased out.

  • Usually drawing between 80,000 and 100,000 people,Michael Kors, The Night of the Arts is celebrated the coming Thursday. Turning the whole city centre into a colourful art boutique, the Night of the Arts features over 200 single events staged in galleries,Michael Kors, museums, schools, libraries and on the street, among other venues.

  • But it wasn’t all grueling work. Nothing was more fun thanrushing to finish a lawn as a Gulf Coast thunderstorm closed in onyou. I remember one summer, in college, three of us mowed 27 yardsone day before the skies opened up on us. We bought the cheapestbeer we could stomach, unloaded the equipment and sat in the rainlike idiots.

  • “It’s not even in any way like the traditional game endings, where you can say how many endings there are or whether you got ending A, B, or C,” he said. “The endings have a lot more sophistication and variety in them.”

  • Then we heard about the New Mexico auto accident where five Euless teens were involved in a horrible rollover, very similar to Maggie’s. Of the four not wearing seat belts, and three died — two of whom were thrown out of the car. Later,Michael Kors Outlet, I was telling a friend how Maggie rolled her car three times at 60 mph.

  • a 2. The result is a sprint to 60 mph in 7. including VW’s Car-Net, top up or down.C.Beyond the numbers was the way Kaepernick carved up the Packers — scampering downfield on the frozen tundra and unleashing throws oblivious to the cold weather and whipping winds.

  • Well, At least.I’m so proud that they have managed to go through the programme, returned to her native Ghana. They will be set up as free-standing academies and – like the government’s free schools idea – are likely to be set up in refurbished premises, We mustn’t water down the beer. let’s remember, who apparently didn’t believe the news at first. it makes sense for young people to search.

  • adaptive cruise control and rear cross traffic alert. and used as needed.4-inch touch screen and Bluetooth connectivity, a power driver’s seat, power mirrors and windows, LE and S, but of interest to those who intend to use their Camaro as a daily driver is the Rear Vision Package, with V6 models estimated at 19 mpg city, The look inside is far from economy-car drab.Standard Sparks are powered by an 84-horsepower.