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Ansar Abbasi’s desperation and the upcoming media obituary notice – by Arbab Zaheer

When I looked at page 3 of November 8, 2012’s Jang, I saw an article written by Sindh Information Minister, Sharjeel Inam Memom. Titled “Propaganda mayn bhee quality ka khayal rakhna zaroori hota hay” or “It’s important to remember quality of Propaganda”. Reading what Sharjeel wrote, I can understand his disgust for a disgusting right wing terrorist working in the garb of a journalist. For years, we at LUBP and other blogs like Pakistan Media Watch have deconstructed the opinion riddled pieces of Ansar Abbasi and his gang members in Jang. Sharjeel has tried to explain that Ansar Abbasi’s super lead item of November 5, 2012 was not fit for front page as it was an opinion piece and not a news item. But who does this explain to the people of Jang Group, who in their desperation of a defeat have now fallen on the last resort that is the Judiciary to take action on news items like these.

Usually, when someone writes a rejoinder in the form of an article, a response to that is printed a day later or so. Like disgusting Ansar’s piece was on November 5, 2012 and Sharjeel’s article in response to that has been published on November 8, 2012. Ansar Abbasi could have waited but no… when the writing is on the wall that you are being owned over and over again as a right wing, militant supporting, PPP hating writer, he had to respond immediately, opposite to where Sharjeel’s article. Titled “Aaina unn ko dikhaya to bura maan gaye”. To justify his disgusting pieces of writing, Ansar Abbasi has responded with more and more points.

Let’s assume that Ansar Abbasi is right. PPP is the worst possible form of governor of our country. One thing that Sharjeel tries to present is that Ansar Abbasi is a PPP hater and not fit to be a journalist. Ansar, please accept that and move on. Less and less people are reading you now. The world is moving on. Krupshion and Bad Gavernance cannot sell forever. You find the front page to post your hate material and pray that your Godfather, the one eyed devil, that is the CJP takes action and gives you some breathing space.

We do reiterate that a few months down the road, we will publish the Media Obituary when the PPP completes its tenure despite of the intense propaganda by Jang Group and the self righteous journalists!

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  • Ansar Abbasi ko LUBP ka THAAAAAA!!!! Excellent exposure of Ansar Abbasi: the darling of both the Taliban and Pakistan’s elite chattering class.

  • I am sure that I sighted this loathsome twit called Ansar Abbasi long time ago and wrote his ournalistic obituary in columns of some English news paper. This man has bias against PPP. He always say thinggs injurious to PPP. But no one from PP has taken notice of this worm.
    But know this worm has crawled out of its nest more often than ever before. We must tell him as it is. first of all he should get a shave from a good barber. Secondly stop winning over little things. He is despondency has no bounds. as a desperate man he becomes fierce and attacks people on the left and right. He ids a black mailerv of worst kind.

    He must be takrn to task for his whimpering ,limping columns printed on the [ages of Jang group. The one eyed monster can not protect him from the wrath of the peope.
    Jandg group has bias against PPP and its leadership fom day one. They have used poisonous snakes and crawlers like Ansar Abbassi for too long to do their dirty work. There should be some code of conduct for the publishers and printers like Jang group.

    In developed countries no journalist has ever violated the code of conduct sand has always up held the fair comment and editorial policy.

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