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Its how organised religion exploits!

There are currently 10500 tombs of descendents of Imams in Iran,people donate money to these places by throwing money inside the tomb.There’s no proper management system and even parliament members have questioned this issue.In average there will be 300 more tombs added each year and some of them are even fake ones just to collect money!

The number of these tombs has increased to 10500 after the revolution!

گردش مالی هشت هزار امامزاده در پرده ابهام

یک نماینده مجلس با انتقاد از افزایش آمار «امامزاده‌ها» در ایران اعلام کرد گزارش مالی هشت هزار «امامزاده» شفاف نیست و سازمان حچ و اوقاف باید درباره سرنوشت درآمد آنها توضیح دهد.

به گزارش روز دوشنبه (اول آبان) خبرگزاری مهر٬ غلامعلی جعفرزاده٬ عضو کمیسیون برنامه و بودجه مجلس گفته ادعای مسئولان اوقاف در این‌ زمینه که «درآمد هر امامزاده صرف‌‌ همان امامزاده می‌شود دروغ است.»

وی همچنین افزوده است: «سازمان اوقاف شفافیت لازم را در درآمد و هزینه امامزاده‌ها ندارد و به مردم گزارش نمی‌دهد

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  • Organized religion is a word used by atheists to attack religion. The first organizer of Islam was the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself who organized Islam around Quran and his own instructions (Sunnah).

    Instead of religion per se, we should attack Islamic radicalism (e.g. Takfiri Deobandism, Salafism) and Mullah-cracy (as witnessed in Iran or elsewhere).

    By the way what is the source of this figure: 10,500 tombs and 300 addition per year? Authenticity? What was the previous number prior to revolution? Addressing these aspects will give more credibility and substance to this post.

  • The writer failed big time because in over there people put money with their own free will & in Pakistan government snatches money and valuables from people through Peoples Amn Commitee like criminal wings. Car snacthing, Ransom and bhatta industry makes more money than donation of followers of any religion.