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بیگم نصرت بھٹو، کاروان جمہوریت کی نڈر رہنما -ضیا کھوکھر

Source: Daily Express

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Junaid Qaiser

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  • Bhutto was great but he fell into his own trap. He compromised on his own philosophy. He tried to sit in mullah’s lap and fell flat on his face. He is responsible for East Pakistan because of his selfish motives. His terrible end was predicted 100 years ago by the founder of AHMADIYYA SECT. General Zia didn’t learn from him and
    fell into same mullah’s trap and he also met his end as predicted by 4th head of AHMADIYYA SECT. Anytime you label
    “kalima go” muslim as kafir, this would be your fate. Since 1974, Ahmadies have flourished and Pakistan has been at loss. When on of the campanions of MIRZA SAHIB was stoned to death in Afganistan in his life time, he said ” AI SERZAMINA AFGHANISTAN, TOO KUDA KI NAZAR MAE GIR
    GAYE “. Please wake up and take care of Pakistan