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Jamia Salafia Deobandia LUMS fires Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy

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It is disturbing but hardly surprising to learn that LUMS administration has refused to renew the employment contract of Pakistan’s eminent scholar Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy. Apparently the decision to fire him has to do with the content of his course Science and Religion.

In the last few years, LUMS has established reputation of a pro-establishment academic institution dominated by Punjabi-Muhajir Islamists and pseudo-liberal elites. Financed by Punjab’s mercantile class, LUMS administration and faculty members have continued to serve the wider interests of Pakistan’s ruling classes, particularly those of military establishment.

For example, while we witnessed big demonstrations organized by LUMS students and faculty members in support of a corrupt PCO judge Iftikhar Chaudhry and a pro-Taliban politician Imran Khan, there has been complete silence over genocide of Shia Muslims, Balochs, Pashtuns etc at the hands of Punjabi-establishment dominated army and its Takfiri Deobandi proxies (ASWJ-LeJ, Taliban etc).

Ironically, Dr. Hoodbhoy made it through several decades at a public university (QAU, Islamabad), however, a private, superficially ‘liberal’, university (LUMS) couldn’t digest his views.

Higher education institutions are meant to further critical debate and promote free thinking. Firing Hoodbhoy is a major loss for LUMS students, if not for its right-wing and pseudo-liberal faculty and administration.

As noted by Nadeem Paracha: “LUMS fired Dr. Hoodbhoy. Are they now looking towards Aamir Liaqat as a replacement? Or maybe Zakir Naik. LUMS set to produce its first batch of Islamist yuppies.”

This confirms our long held theory that there is not much distinction between the Tablighi Deobandi and pseudo-liberal dominated LUMS and the Takfiri Deobandi dominated Jamia Binoria. In fact, the latter is a tad more transparent in its right-wing agenda and inclinations. Similarly, there is not much difference between Adil Najam and Noman Ul Haq of LUMS and Mufti Taqi Usmani and Mufti Naeem of Jamia Binoria. Once again, the latter two teachers are more open and transparent in their pro-Deobandi-Salafist views.

Here are a few posts which demonstrate that LUMS’s current Vice Chancellor is a right-wing leaning pseudo-liberal bigot; himself a son of an army officer (brigadier), Adil Najam remains loyal to Pakistan Army, and hates progressive scholars and politicians. https://lubpak.net/archives/tag/adil-najam

Overall, the LUMS decision to fire Hoodbhoy bodes ill for Pakistan when its “best” academic institutions refuse to allow room for debate and dialogue.

Prof. Hoodbhoy is a rare individual who has not only done excellent work in physics but has also spent a lot of time on understanding and explaining the issues of higher education and social evolution of Pakistan. His work for the promotion of science is widely recognized in and outside Pakistan. In the larger public interest, he spent months and years writing and producing television programs such as “rastay ilm kay”, which discussed problems of education in Pakistan, “bazm-e-kainat, which explained in simple terms the scientific method and topics such as black holes, quantum mechanics and particle physics. His efforts to promote higher education have been recognized internationally and he is the recipient of UNESCO’s Kalinga prize and the American Physical Society’s Joseph A. Burton Award. More importantly, his bold opposition to right-wing and pseudo-liberal toadies of Pakistani establishment, the visible and closet Taliban, have earned him the wrath of apologists of the Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba.

For example, a few years ago, Dr Hoodbhoy said in an interview to BBC that the fact that Taliban have their supporters among the urban elites in Pakistan is much more dangerous than the threat that Taliban pose to Pakistan. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/newsnight/8113664.stm

LUMS students are currently petitioning the LUMS administration for the extension of Dr Hoodbhoy’s post without degradation of employment terms. It’s our appeal to all teachers, scholars, media persons, students and other citizens to extend full support to Dr. Hoodbhoy and force LUMS governing body and administration, particularly its right-wing leaning VC Adil Najam and Professor Noman Ul Haq (of School of Humanities and Social Sciences), to review their decision to fire Hoodbhoy.

If somebody’s dismissal will be in greater interest of LUMS, it has to be that of right-wing and pseudo-liberal bigots such as Adil Najam, Rasul Bux Raees and Noman Ul Haq.

Sign the petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/chairman-physics-sse-dean-lums-vc-advisory-board-board-of-governors-extension-of-dr-hoodbhoy-s-post-without-degradation-of-employment-terms

It has recently come to our knowledge that Dr Hoodbhoy will be leaving LUMS at the end of this term. Before any decision could be finalized, we, the student body, wanted to ensure that our voices regarding this matter are heard. As his students, Dr Hoodbhoy holds a very esteemed station for us. Not only is he an invaluable asset as an instructor but continues to be a mentor par excellence to all those students who seek his advise. His every lecture and talk has displayed his academic excellence and losing him would be a great loss for LUMS, especially for students.

We would like to respectfully request that his term be extended without any adverse change in conditions of his employment. Hopefully our opinions will also be taken under consideration.

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  • Naeem Shamim ‏@naeemshamim
    There was a little difference between Raiwaind Tableegh Markaz and LUMS , and that difference is also eliminated today. #Pakistan

    Nabiha Meher Shaikh ‏@NabihaMeher
    I feel like I’ve been saying this for ages. #LUMS is heavily radicalised. It is NOT a liberal utopia as many portray it.

    Nabiha Meher Shaikh ‏@NabihaMeher
    Just spoke to friends at LUMS. Yes, #Hoodbhoy was pretty much fired without using the word. Science dept refusing to re-new contract.

    Nabiha Meher Shaikh ‏@NabihaMeher
    A LUMS science student also threatened me & implied he’d be happy to use the blasphemy law. Yes, it IS that bad.

    Sehar Tariq ‏@sehartariq
    people ignoring the increasing religious extremism at LUMS – bit ostrich head in sand type situation, No?

    Karachi_Post ‏@Karachi_Post
    Anger grows as #LUMS fires world famous academician Dr Pervaiz Hoodbhoy ,apparently for having liberal views #Pakistan #lahore #Jamat #JI

    Abbas Nasir ‏@abbasnasir59
    @FiveRupees @umairjav He was let go because Lums probably felt Rasul Bux Raees etc weren’t the right company for PH.

    Sana Bucha ‏@sanabucha
    Mullah radio”@NadeemfParacha: So LUMS fired Dr. Hoodbhoy. Are they now looking towards Aamir Liaqat as a replacement? Or maybe Zakir Naik.”

    S Irfan Habib ‏@irfhabib
    Really despicable, how can an academic like Hoodbhoy be dispensed with by LUMS under fundoo pressure.


    Pro-Adil Najam pro-establishment group (the usual obfuscators):

    Mosharraf Zaidi ‏@mosharrafzaidi
    So you’re either with Hoodhboy or with Aamir Liaqat? Clarifies the two extremes of stupid in this country. Are you with stupid?

    Mosharraf Zaidi ‏@mosharrafzaidi
    For intelligent & responsible people take such strong positions on Hoodbhoy’s contract ending at LUMS without ascertaining facts is sad.

    Aamir Nawaz Khan ‏@aamir_khan82
    Is LUMS suppose to answerable to tweeples of Pakistan over Pervaiz HoodBuoy sacking?

    Kala Kawa ‏@kaalakawaa
    @Razarumi We really don’t know that though, right? The reasons for not renewing his contract are still entirely unclear.

    Kala Kawa ‏@kaalakawaa
    Expecting a university Chancellor / President / Dean / whatever to answer an internal query on Twitter is really quite unrealistic.

    Kala Kawa ‏@kaalakawaa
    All I really want to know about the Hoodbhoy saga is how the New Left (<3) feels about it.

    Saleem H. Ali ‏@saleem_ali
    @omar_quraishi Adil is ardent admirer of #Faiz and upholds objective learning at LUMS but he also respects religious faculty like Dr. Zaman

    Adil Najam ‏@AdilNajam
    Education is the best revenge. #LUMS students set up fund to support girls education. Do your part: Donate. Spread word http://lums.edu.pk/news-detail/lums-to-honor-malala-s-message-of-education-for-all-1008

  • Mufti Hanif Jalandhri, head of Deobandi Madaris, should be made VC of LUMS. Then everything else will be more transparent and comprehensible.

    Hardly surprised.

  • uh excuse me but P.H isnt tolerant of any one else’s views. I have attended panel discussions on him . RBR and Noman-ul-Haq are encyclopedia’s of knowledge from which students have benefitted for years and years ! Attend a P.H discussion and you’ll witness first hand , How well he takes in other people’s opinions !

  • Both Noman ul Haq (a pro-Salafist-Deobandi bigot) and Adil Najam (a pseudo-liberal toady of Army) are jealous of Professor Hoodbhoy.

    Kamal Siddiqi too hinted towards professional jealousy in his column in Express Tribune:

    “Now, we hear that Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy will no longer be teaching at the Lahore University of Management Sciences. Apparently, one of the greatest scientific minds that Pakistan has produced cannot find an extension at LUMS. No reason has been given. Except that someone let on that the great professor “writes too much” and “appears too frequently on television”. That’s rich coming from a university whose vice chancellor, in earlier years, also wrote in equal quantities and even had a show when he was younger on PTV. One would have expected such treatment from public sector universities. One can only wonder what forced LUMS to sack Dr Hoodbhoy. Personal jealousy?”

    • OMG Allah meray malik yeah kis qisam kay kafir Hamaray mulk mein ghus gaein hain
      Aray Nazish Bukhari tum kafir ho ya musalman ho. Tum nay “Ya Amreekah madad” kaha
      Hai meray Rabulalameen yeh kon kafiroun ki zahneat walay log hain Jinay apnay Allah tuj say is qadar nafrat hai. Allah yeah itnay Bayhis hain kay tu nay hi inko bolnay or likhnay ki taqat di our yeah Teri dee hui salahiatoun say tujay he Gali day rahayin hain.
      Hai hai hai …tu apna name Nazish Kufari rakh lay

  • So what if PH has been or will not be asked to continue, most of the comments one can read above have extremist views either for or against but most probably he was preaching secularist views naively and the result will follow.

  • lol… all those criticizing LUMS just because they did nt renew contract of an employee..whats the difference between you so called liberals and the extremists..they accused anyone against them as American agent and you guys label everyone taliban who holds a different view point.. peace

  • As far as I know, LUMS also fired some Islamiat scholars in recent years just because students were kind of becoming ¨un-liberalized¨. in the same manner. But that news was obviously un-interesting and the act was ¨just¨.

    A more non-sarcastic reason could be they just don’t want to take sides neither Left nor Right. This Hoodhboy guy we all know was out to save the world with Hardcore Left-wing solutions.

  • it is the job of any and every author to give unbiased views on subjects, to give their audience comprehensive knowledge on the subject under consideration….the above stated statement is not made up but the jist of journalistic integrity, something mr. Abdul Nishapuri clearly lacks…most of the readers will go on and have a very nagative view of the university after this highly biased trash talking internet article…had there been strict laws in Pakistan, mr. Abdul Nishapuri would seriously find himself in court for his comments…

  • Oh come on you all. Can’t you see the obvious. Hoodbhoy likes to drift into the areas of which are not his specialty. The thing is: he is the fittest person to teach science in pakistan but not the fittest person to teach religion. I want to learn science from Hoodbhoy because he is an expert in that. He spent his whole life in attaining formal education in science. But for religious studies, his knowledge is nothing when compared to people who spend their whole lives becoming jurists and scholars. When people with Ph.D’s in Social Science subjects are in LUMS, how can Hoodbhoy teach a course of their calibre when he doesn’t have any bachelor’s degree in religious studies nor in social sciences. Its simple as that!

      • “Concerned Citizen” probably wanted his position for his cousin. Does any one need degree to understand religion? Holly books are full of contradictions and illogical stuff. Anything fits well in to religions. Isn’t that true? Does anyone dare to challenge?

      • Lol what a twerp. If that’s ur opinion about religion then why would anyone listen to you unless they swinged the same way as you? You have an opinion about religion, you aren’t neutral mate. You aren’t formally educated in it either. Infact you are so opinionated you donot even see the point of formally learning religion.You sound like an arrogant arse. And should be treated like one.

  • So let me het this straight, all these alligations because a contract of an employee is not renewed …. Dont we all love conspiracy theory no matter how utopian they mau sound.

  • Yuppy!!!!! hood boy will now be removed from LUMS and all the people who have the same thinking should also leave the university now.

    Most muslim people don’t like to behave, and dress like what islam teaches us, just because they like those people ways of life and standard who are non muslim. People should learn from history that why had muslims ruled over this world for around 1000 years in this world? and the answer is “when muslim steadfast in their deen, Allah sent blessings upon them”

    See the comments from the German muslim scholar

    Who started the first world war ? Muslims ? Who started the second world war ? Muslims ? Who killed about 20e millions of Aborigines in Australia ? Muslims ?? Who sent the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ? Muslims ?? Who killed more than 100 millions of Indians in North America ? Muslims ?? Who killed more than 50 millions of Indians in south America ? Muslims ?? Who took about 180 millions of African people as slaves and 88% of them died and was thrown in Atlantic ocean ? Muslims ?? No , They weren’t Muslims!!! First of all, You have to define terrorism properly… If a non-Muslim do something bad..it is crime. But if a Muslim commit same..he is terrorist… So first remove this double standard…then come to the point!!!

  • liberal doesn’t mean “Nangai ho kai bahar sarkoon par nikal jao” and extermism doesn’t mean “jo nanga nahin hai aur kaprai pehnta hai woh extermism hai”

    Aaj LUMS main kia haal hai oortoon ka keh maamoli sai kaprai pehen kar fakhar kerti hain aur apnai aap ko liberal kehti hain par musalman kehnai par fakhar nahin

  • Pervez A. Hoodbhoy

    Visiting Professor

    PhD (Nuclear Physics), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

    Email: pervez.hoodbhoy[at]lums[dot]edu[dot]pk
    Extension: 8338

    Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy is currently working as Visiting Professor in the Physics department from January 24, 2011.
    Pervez Hoodbhoy was a Professor of Physics at the Quaid-e-Azam University. He received the Abdus Salam Prize for mathematics in 1984 and is the author of 65 scientific research papers. He is chairman of Mashal, a non-profit organization which publishes books in Urdu on women’s rights, education, environmental issues, philosophy, and modern thought.
    Dr. Hoodbhoy has written and spoken extensively on topics ranging from science in Islam to education issues in Pakistan and nuclear disarmament. He produced a 13-part documentary series in Urdu for Pakistan Television on critical issues in education, and two series aimed at popularizing science. He is author of ’Islam and Science: Religious Orthodoxy and the Battle for Rationality’, now in 5 languages.
    In 2003, Dr. Hoodbhoy was awarded UNESCO’s Kalinga Prize for popularizing science in Pakistan with TV serials and his film ’The Bell Tolls for Planet Earth’ won honorable mention at the Paris Film Festival.


  • His contributions in social sector are praise worthy. God Almighty Himself ensures the livelihood of all those who serve the humanity selflessly. He is an asset to the sensible civil society of Pakistan and Inshallah will prevail with more strength in coming time. So what if one door has been closed by opportunists. Almighty is most powerful and will open many more doors for Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy.

  • People are raising there concerns over firing of Dr. Pervez Hoodboy, and calling LUMS Deoband and Salafi etc. institution, an institution in which, if you have spent 4 5 years in as I did, you will find diversity, but mostly in a liberalist and securalist fashion, as for religious diversity ,that was very limited and that too was more of a burden than a choice. LUMS recently fired (did not renew his contract) Sheikh Kamaluddin Ahmed just because many people were alhamdulillah changing at his hands, and getting closer to the religion. His bayaans that had a dozen or two years back, now had atleast some 200 hundred people in the LUMS, masjid, including outsiders. Its just that it was a prominent religious figure who was fired from LUMS, it didn’t hurt anyone.

  • It seems that the author has a personal issue with LUMS or Dr. Adil Najam since he is highlighting this issue in such a biased manner. It is the right of LUMS to fire or hire anyone without giving explainations to anyone.So Mr. Nishapuri shut up and don’t degrade the name of LUMS.

  • Pseudo-liberal and right-wing thugs of LUMS are currently busy in obfuscating. They are in denial resorting to such arguments:

    1. This can’t happen!

    2. This is not true. Where’s evidence? (Remember Shahbaz Sharif is still asking for evidence that he and his elder brother took money from ISI!)

    3. Some thugs have actually started attacking and cursing Dr. Hoodhbhoy.

    4. “Why are we stooping down to making fleeting remarks about things we don’t know” “It would be highly condemnable if Hoodbhoy’s contract was not renewed based on his secular/liberal views but unless there is substantial proof at hand people making such claims are doing nothing more than revealing their own uncritical biases.” — Oh, I love the proof argument. Its the same set of PTI, PMLN, JI, ISI people who still need proof that Malala was actually attacked and that man has landed on moon!

  • A friend’s comment on facebook:

    I am not Hoodbhoy, but I was very much offended when a certain Hamza Tsor-something, while debating with Hoodbhoy, accused him of “hating Muslims”. Pervez Hoodbhoy got really angry on that and rightly so, you can imagine how offended he must have felt at this considering his natural cool and calm disposition. He chose to serve in Pakistan, teaching Pakistani students after getting his degrees at MIT when he could have easily earned a living just about anywhere on this planet with those credentials, his service cannot be discounted, unfortunately, that is one thing we Pakistanis are good at; being ungrateful. It is LUMS’s loss, not his. He still can leave the country and become a professor at any university in the world, but, despite being labelled traitor and agent and what not by religious right and Zaid Hamid’s proteges, and liberal fascist by Imran Khan’s dimwits on social media, he stays in the country serving his country fellows. If that is not patriotism, I do not know what is.

    Hamza Tzortzis and Pervez Hoodbhoy on Religion & Rationality- A Discussion @ LUMS

    Hamza Tzortzis’ intellectual dishonesty exposed by Prof. Hoodbhoy

  • I was thinking to ask my children for LUMS admission but now it become Madressa so I am afraid sorry for LUMS Students

  • Punjab’s mercantile class (JI, PTI, PML-N, ISI thugs) dominate Pakistani media, therefore, this news item has been largely censored or wiped out from public sight.

    Kudos to LUBP for publishing this post and also for supporting the LUMS students petition.

  • While Express Tribune and other papers have remained shameless silent on the entire episode, some of them have now decided to shoot the messenger, i.e., LUBP.

    omar r quraishi ‏@omar_quraishi
    Some of those whose tweets CriticalPPP quotes in the Hoodbhoy case are those whom they have publicly vilified in past http://criticalppp.com/archives/230304

  • @Abdul Nishapuri!
    The article was refered for wider circulation in a prominent Blog. One eminent reader of the Blog has raised following points. Since we strive for honesty and truthfulness as such please reply promptly so that honesty and truthfulness can prevail.

    “We were taught the principle: It is sufficent to prove a man a liar that he repeats everything that he hears.It is not up to LUMS to defend itself, it is up to the lunatics at LUBP to substantiate their allegations.
    1) The allegation is that PH was fired.
    He was not fired, his contract is ending, LUMS offered him another one with substantially different terms as LUMS has the right to do, he turned it down.
    2) He did not offer the course Science and Religion as mentioned in the article, as a simple google search would show.
    3) There is no evidence of an ideological bias against PH. There are those at LUMS that would agree with his views against religion and those who would not.
    4) LUMS is a hotbed of deobandi takfirism?
    What kind of idiot believes that? LUMS is a national institution with students from all over Pakistan and the wider region. The faculty is from various backgrounds also. Various viewpoints are held by different people in the LUMS community.
    5) LUMS is comparable to Jamia Binoria. Ask the Ahmadi or Christian students at LUMS if they would find them the same.
    6) Adil Najam, Rasul Bux Raees and Noman Ul Haq are right wing bigots? Do you know any of these scholars? Have you read their works? What makes them right-wing except that they do not have exactly the same views as the people at LUBP?
    Again, article is atrocious, some of the ‘facts’ are demonstrably wrong, and differences over the merit of a hiring decision have been used to slander people without evidence”.

  • @Zubair Khan

    Usually I don’t respond to comments (due to lack of time), but let me offer a quick response:

    1. “PH was not fired, his contract was not renewed.” What’s new here? Did we not record the same fact in the above post? Obfucators usually resort to semantics to deflect from the core issue. This case is no different.

    2-3. LUMS was concerned that he wants to ‘fix the world’. Some of the contentions, as far as we know, were also related to Hoodbhoy’s views on religion and science. Refer to Hoodbhoy’s email to Adil Najam (now published on LUBP)

    4-6. Selective reading. We said LUMS is a hotbed of pro-establishment urban class comprising pseudo-liberals and right-wing bigots. (Bear in mind that Sharia enforcing Takfiri Deobandis (Taliban, ASWJ etc) are sponsored by whisky drinking liberal-looking generals.)

  • its typically sectarian and prejudiced post against Ahle Sunnah from LUBP,and by the way I am not deobandi,barelvi or salafi.but LUBP always uses terms like deobandi-wahabi to spew its jealous propaganda against Ahle Sunnah.as is if maligning and demonzing these factions of Ahle Sunnah is right.the title tells it all the writer is burning in jealousy and if it was the other way around LUBP and its likes would have termed it hateful.a typically nonsensical rhetoric of right and left to confuse right with wrong.LUBP is playing its part in increasing polarization in Pakistani society and its posts clearly reflect the frustration because as much as it is trying to move people away from Islamic ideas by using words like Taliban and Mullah as Umbrella and using TTP terrorism for opportunistic propaganda people are moving more towards Islam and its values.because Allah is best planner.Lums did not protest against Shia killings,if you really care about Shia safety than you amy hav wrote something on Aslam Raisani not uttering a word on Shia killings in his province that makes him partially responsible for plight of Shia brothers in Balochistan and plus silence and complacency of Zardari and central Government on Shia killings from Quetta to Baltistan.but but since LUBP and Karrarr the hypocrite is PPP supporter so you would never criticize and protest against PPP government for being idle on Shia killings and feeling to protect thm from LEJ and TTP terrorists but instead you have used Shia killings for opportunistic propaganda against those who have nothing to do with.this article perfectly illustrates PPP government and your your hypocrisy on Shia Killings http://www.mybitforchange.org/2012/with-friends-like-these/

  • CJ Ikfitkhar is corrupt for taking action against his own son making a tribunal against his son.even though no FIR was filed against him no petition was filed against Arslan either but CJ showed integirity and dignity.but than thieves and criminals can never be happy with Judges.so not surprising PPP’s LUBP spewing propaganda against Judiciary CJ is corrupt and Mr 10% aka Mr.President Zardari Raja Rental and co are honest and men of integrity like Ahmadiejad.who are you trying to fool PPP government has broken its own records of corruption,nepotism and incompetency.economically its worst government ever.in last 4 years average GDP growth has been 2.9% which is lowest 4 years growth period in 50 years,plus inflation has been in double figures throughout last 4 years 1 time ever in Pakistan’s history inflation has been in boulbe figures for 4 consecutive years.this gift of economic stagnation and price hike is given to us by Phati Purani Party with slogan of Jiya Bhutto lutu aur Phutto.

  • brilliant step. this bloody indian agent should be treated like that. this person has opposed the nuclear program of Pakistan several times, bloody bastard

  • lol, If LUMS is a madrassah, then pubs in Us are definitely mosques. An absolutely non sense article. He was not a good teacher and over age, so has to leave. it was a collective decision.
    Hood boy getting as low as possible

  • Wow “LUMS has established a reputation for being dominated by the Punjabi-Mohajir Islamists”.. That is the height of an uninformed and naive debate.. A ludicrous and unfounded argument.. The LUMS that I attend and live inside is largely dominated by foreign-qualified faculty members not religiously-inclined people.
    how uninformed to call people like Rasul baksh Rais and Adil Najam as bigots and liberal fascists.. this entire debate is factually incorrect.. wrong causes have been established. We have studied with both Rasul baksh and Noman ul Haq, these observations are highly flawed.

    Moreover, there is no substance at maintaining that LUMS is dominated by religious right or pro-establishment groups..It ought to be recalled that USAID is physically working inside LUMS (has an office) and has paid more than $15million in aid. Syed Babar Ali and Abdul Razak Dawood (founding fathers of LUMS) have nothing to do with a radical religious group. This is an ill-informed debate and wrong facts are being churned up.

  • USAID is working inside LUMS, has an office inside SDSB.. scientists from US/German universities work alongside SSE (School of Science and Engineering); the SHSSL sends exchange students to Austria, Japan, Germany and America not any religious seminary; LUMS hosts foreign delegations and intellectual debates… Syed Babar Ali, Anjum Altaf, Rasul Baksh Rais, Sheharyar Khan etc are all secular minded people.
    All these amongst many other instances testify that LUMS is not dominated by any religious group.

  • Nadeem F. Paracha or Raza Rumi are severely flawed when they put this in a religious/secular context.. Its a juvenile stance to take when they are not aware of whats going on inside LUMS.. its easy to move the rumour mill..

  • No wonder LUMS wants to fire Mr. Hoodboy since that man was more into fighting and raising his voice over others about what is right according to him instead of teaching what he is being PAID to teach!
    No wonder LUMS wishes to get rid of him!

  • Lums is fail to use such greatest man living in Pakistan. LUMS is not a good institution in Pakistan, It mean QAU Islamabad is much better than lums where HE served 30 years shame on lums

  • I’m really astonished after reading the silly comments of people relating LUMS community like “Jihadi Madrassa” , “Deobandi community”.Believe me , There’s no such extremism here.I have passed more than 2 months here.I’m seeing here the people who love to prevail knowledge and there’s balance in everything here whether the matter is religious or political,social or non-social.It’s a thing based on contract and Adil Najam is not willing to extend the contact.That’s it !

  • First, people have to retire at some point. What is a big deal. Why Prevez A. Hoodbhoy is trying to scandalize his contract issue. He is on contract and university has right to keep him or not.
    Actually, Pervez A. hoodbhoy has media hunger (like Filmstar Meera) he finds one way or other to keep hinself in media.
    What is he trying to prove by writing letters ?
    Is he the only person who knows everything ? He is history and should go home. He is frustrated person who could not do anything in his life. Did he do any research ? He taught 30+ years, of course after teaching this many years he should be good at teaching. What is a big deal here.
    He is trying to make political wing inside LUMS by collecting people like A. H. Nayyar (who was even not able to get promotion to a professor rank in QAU – and is a politician Mafia). LUMS should not renew his contract and instead hire better people.

  • Pervez Hoodbhoy is the minority of today but in history books he will be known as some one who took a stance against the tyrrany of today. An intelligent, patriotic and brave Pakistani. Firing him is a loss for LUMS. I hope all his opposers get run over by trucks run by water kits.

  • The idiot was not indispensable. he already did enough damage to the religion while in QAU. A liberal fascist with distorted thoughts was out in the field as a reformist like another sucker NFP.Every dog has a day and so had Behood Bhoy.Contract is a contract, so what if its cancelled? His Masters have much better option for him. Just keep your fingers crossed.
    Khuss kum Jehan Pak

  • Most of those hostile to Hoodbhoy are also hostile to Malala. Thugs of JI, PTI, PML-N and ASWJ-LeJ. Lovers of Adil Najam, Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif and Malik Ishaq. Poodles of Pakistan’s Punjabi establishment and mercantile class.

  • Brigadier Ka Beta (Brigadier’s son) Adil Najam is hurt due to Dr Hoodbhoy’s accusations of malice or ill-intent

    Vice Chancellor Dr Adil Najam, who is currently in Austria, told The Express Tribune via email and on the phone that the administration was “deeply hurt” by the allegations.
    “Dr Hoodbhoy, whose intellect and contributions are admirable, was on a contract which ends in December,” said the VC. “Dr Hoodbhoy is not being expelled, terminated or fired.”
    Dr Najam said that a similar review procedure was adopted for all visiting faculty members at the institute.
    The vice chancellor also denied Dr Hoodbhoy’s allegations that the course he had recently offered had resulted in ‘ideological differences’, “The decision not to renew the contract was not influenced by his choice of courses. The university encourages and welcomes new courses.”
    “Such decisions are often not easy because they concern our colleagues who we care for,” said Dr Najam, “Anyone can agree or disagree with the decision but accusations of malice or ill-intent are incorrect and hurtful.”

    Brigadier Ka Beta: meray samnay tum sab ho fail


  • Dr Hoodbhoy, speaking to The Express Tribune confirmed that the email was authentic.
    He said he had been informed, on October 11, by the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering dean that his contract would not be renewed “because of multiple reasons, which include failure to help recruit faculty and mentor junior faculty”. He said he was also told that he had “too much on his plate”.
    Dr Hoodbhoy says he sent the email on October 15 to several offices, including Vice Chancellor Dr Adil Najam, Pro Chancellor Syed Babar Ali, SSE Dean Dr Sohail Qureshi and physics department Chair Sabieh Anwar. He says he is yet to receive a reply.
    Dr Hoodbhoy joined Lums as a visiting professor in January 2011 with eligibility for a three-year contract. In November 2011, he says, he was told that as per the new policy at Lums he would be eligible for a one-year contract which would be renewed annually.
    Dr Hoodbhoy says he received a year’s contract in April 2012, which was back dated to January. He says he was also told that his contract would not be extended because the university did not offer people above 60 positions as a visiting professor.
    However, a Lums official, said on the condition of anonymity that on Oct 15, the SSE dean had discussed with faculty members a list of 15 visiting professors, all above 60, some of whom were approved.
    “I fail to understand what exactly the issue is. Every now and then they come up with new complaints,” said Dr Hoodbhoy.
    He says he recently faced a lot of criticism when he introduced a course titled Science and the Contemporary World Order. He says the course, which discusses science and politics, “gave rise to ideological differences”.

  • Specimen reaction on ET:

    Karim Buksh

    To all those who think that Dr Hoodbhoy leaked his letter to get attention, well obviously you do not understand anything about taking a stand on a matter of principle. The fact is Dr Hoodbhoy has made his case very clear and the very least he deserves is a straightforward answer. However, he is receiving evasions, shifting reasons, etc. This indicates that the administration has not been straightforward and probably does not have much of a case. Shame on them. If they can treat a respected professor this way it does not augur well for how they will treat lesser faculty. Very sad behaviour.


    I have a strong feeling that lots of people here have not bothered to thoeoughly read Hoodbhoy’s letter . If he has proof of what he has said in it, then some people at LUMS are in serious breach of accademic and administerial protocols and may even have agendas of their own. This should be thoroughly investigated. We cant let a scholor like PH treated this way.


    The letter has made some allegations to which LUMS has not replied to and side stepped the issue. It seems to me that LUMS has something to hide. There is something not quite explainable at their end.
    Vice Chancellor Dr Adil Najam, who is currently in Austria, told The Express Tribune via email and on the phone that the administration was “deeply hurt” by the allegations.
    Quit the emotional tirade Mr Vice Chancellor and explain why were allegations made against Hoodbhouy which LUMS now cannot backup.

    It’s a shame that LUMS is letting go of Dr. Hoodbhoy. He’s been a great professor and an inspiring person. There’s no doubt that this is a step backwards for LUMS.
    The administration never fails to disappoint. It’s like the students are non-existent for them.

    Uza Syed:
    It is a bad decision based on whatever excuses but the fact that a teacher like Prof. Hoodbhoy is much too dangerous for the idealogues who have hijacked the whole education system over here and LUMS is no exception. Someone like Dr. Hoodbhoy can and does induce and provoke thinking in his students and as one can imagine what thinking minds can and usually do, they ask intriguing questions and demand answers and often provide answers. This is not acceptable to a society like ours which has been raised on the notion of ‘blind faith’ and groomed to submit to any and all ‘diktats’. This is not what Hoodbhoy is all about or could be expected from those who have been educated by him. Anyone, who really cares about Pakistan and its development must finally see and value the thinking minds and teachers like Prof. Dr. Pervaiz Hoodbhoy.


    I can see the Establishment’s hand behind this. An outspoken, anti-Establishment professor crosses some ‘red lines’ with his criticism especially in the aftermath of May 2, 2011. A consummate Establishment man joins as VC. The latter is tasked to show this ‘dangerous man’ the highway. A case is manufactured out of thin air to retrofit the end goal. And the hit man pulls the trigger as he is paid to do.

    Stating the obvious:
    Obligatory Einstein quote –
    “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”

    Its a loss to LUMS and also for Pakistan. Anyone who speaks out or stands up to evil in Pakistan like Dr Hoodhbhoy or Malala Yousafzai or Benazir Bhutto are shut down however Malik Ishaaq can walk the streets a free man.

    Dear Hoodhbhoy,
    Academia in Pakistan is fundamentalist. They are coward people and they would never let you educate peopel towards progressive Pakistan.
    Its a culture of bullying and harrassment which would prevail forever.


    I am currently a student of LUMS, and have attended a couple of debate sessions in which Dr. Hoodbhoy took part. Even though I didn’t agree with many of his views on politics and religion, his prowess in the field of science was never in doubt. Needless to say, his not being part of the LUMS faculty will be a great loss to the institution. And no one can say for sure what went on behind closed doors that led to the non-renewal of Dr. Hoodbhoy’s contract, there might have been valid reasons for all I know, but if it indeed was because ideological reasons, then LUMS administration could not have done a bigger injustice to the reputation and standing of LUMS as a guiding light among Pakistani educational institutions.


    Since his courses were popular, he was overseeing senior projects and completing research work as well, what legitimate reasons would there be for the University not to renew his contract, except financial? And financial reasons seem to be hardly the issue here. It clearly seems like ideological differences and personal grudges clashing to get a prominent academic removed from faculty.
    He served for 37 years at QaU, much problems with faculty and other conservatives trying to get rid off him, but they failed. Two years at LUMS and that was it.
    And for those who will suggest ‘but it is a private university and can do what they want’ – it is a university and is an institution performing a public duty & providing public utility as a place of learning. It can and must be discussed, debated and criticized publicly. Universities are as much places of debate as they are of learning. So to criticize LUMS for not renewing the contract is legitimate and should be done by all and sundry.
    Looks to have become too ugly for things to be mended now. It’s sad.
    I do hope LUMS does go ahead with a transparent appeals process (if Dr Hoodbhoy choose to appeal), not raises walls of silence. In multiple public affairs of denial of tenure (a similar circumstance really), we have seen far more transparent processes worldwide (Ignacio Chapela at UC Berkeley, Guillermo Gonzalez at ISU, Norman Finkelstein at DePaul). I don’t have high expectations about transparency in this case. It is Pakistan after all.

  • To make this short and even not a worthy for further discussion. Pervez Amir Hoodbhoy is acting like a terrorist. trying to harass university administration.
    PH is not end of world. This is university’s right to renoew his contract or not. Hoodbhoy has media hunger – as I said in my last email he wants to keep himself in media whatever way he can.

  • @Umair Babar:

    How can you compare LUMS with PUBS? Are you suggesting that LUMS is a PUB? Hoodhboy was an asset for LUMS. He has always supported the cause for liberals and open minded people. Molvis like you are the reason why LUMS has turned into a Jamiah Salfiah. SHAME ON YOU!!!


    Please keep you anti liberal and fundo extremist thoughts to your self. You extremist jihadi!!

  • A word about the letting-go of Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy by LUMS for several reasons that can be found on the Internet, all of them glaringly spurious. Whilst I have immense respect for the founders of LUMS, particularly Syed Babar Ali who also set up the once-upon-a-time well-considered Ali Institute. I have an observation to make. If the Ali Institute could lose the most well-respected Dr AH Nayyar, why can’t LUMS lose Dr Hoodbhoy?

    Kamran Shafi



    The problem is not that they did not provide Hoodbhoy a reason for not renewing the contract. They did provide grounds for the refusal.
    The issue is that these make absolutely no sense. Yes, saying that Hoodbhoy has a “primary mission to fix the world” is a ludicrous excuse. This leave us with the impression that they’re hiding the real reason out of fear of a negative reaction.
    The administration of LUMS is, and has always been, very conservative. It’s by striking a balance with the more liberal faculty members, that we find the cultural diversity and social freedom that the campus is famous for.
    This balance is what’s endangered. It’s ultimately the loss of LUMS itself, because a professor such Pervez Hoodbhoy is quite simply irreplaceable.

    ET blogs


    The 20th century:
    The fact is that Dr. Hoodbhoy has been teaching at LUMS for a fraction of the salary he could command elsewhere … and without the job security–i.e. tenure–that many universities outside of Pakistan would be only too happy to offer. His only conceivable motive is love of country and a sincere desire to help his countrymen.
    Allowing this man’s contract to expire is yet another example of the general tendency in Pakistan to bite off one’s nose to spite one’s face. It is ludicrous to think that any respectable educational institution in the developed world would treat an academic of his stature in such a manner. Regardless of whatever post hoc rationalization LUMS serves up, I’m certain that Dr. Hoodbhoy will be in receipt of many lucrative offers and will get an opportunity to teach in an environment where he’ll be properly appreciated.
    The loss will be to LUMS, its students and to Pakistan.


    Foqia Sadiq:

    The truth of the matter is that the LUMS management does not have an adequate response to the questions being asked. The reason behind the public outcry at what is being called a procedural matter is that Pervez Hoodbhoy is known for his outstanding service to promote rational thought, enlightenment and peace and has been an unremitting fighter. “The only real education,” Andre Gide said, “comes from what goes counter to you.”



    Pakistan has an unfortunate track record of hounding dissenters from Dr Fatima Ali Jinnahbhoy to Dr Pervez Amirali Hoodbhoy.

    The distinguished physicist Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy recently found his contract as visiting faculty not renewed by the Lahore Institute of Management Sciences (LUMS). The litany of reasons apparently given by LUMS for not renewing/extending Dr Hoodbhoy’s contract include: “You (Pervez Hoodbhoy) have ‘too much on your plate’ and your primary mission ‘seems to be to fix the world’.” Never mind that Dr Hoodbhoy is the only Pakistani scientist named by the Foreign Policy magazine in its 100 most influential global thinkers list as he was also told that he is above 60 years of age. Interestingly, the man, whose personal and academic integrity is beyond reproach, was hired when he was already over 60 — an irony that an institution that claims to have restored the honour due the Nobel laureate Dr Abdus Salam decided to can the scientist whose book bears a foreword by none other than Dr Salam. The perception now is that Dr Hoodbhoy was terminated not because of any academic issues but for being an outspoken critic of the national security paradigm.

    But given LUMS’ webpage (http://bit.ly/zjtWHy) about the Prof Abdus Salam Chair it had announced, asking for clarity may be a bit too much. The world knows that Dr Salam was persecuted in Pakistan for his Ahmadi Muslim religious beliefs. The webpage mentions Dr Salam not as the first Muslim scientist to receive the Nobel Prize but only as the first Pakistani. A matter of perspective perhaps but where scientists of Dr Salam and Dr Hoodbhoy’s calibre are hounded as a routine, LUMS certainly has to come clean in both matters.

    PS: The harassment of veteran columnist, dearest friend and straight shooter Kamran Shafi by a land-grabbing mafia under official patronage in Lahore is another case in point.

    Dr. Taqi


  • Pervaiz Hoodbhoy is totally against country values. I wish if someone kick him out of country.

    Thanks to LUMS MANAGEMENT.

  • Why don’t you guys petition the government to hire him in Punjab University or Karachi University where our poor students badly need ‘intellectuals’ like him?

    LUMS is a private institution and has the right to not extend contract of anyone, including Einstein.

  • Just watched his debate with Hamza Tzortiz held in Lumbs on science, rationality and religion… This man does not have the ability to respond to an argument in a logical way… I don’t know how he can be able to teach religion and science… Job well done by LUMB Administration

  • let us come out from the debate of liberal and conservative. the debate started to create conflicts in our society, its now a fashion to talk about liberalism from “so-called”conservative side and like wise to talk about conservatives from “so-called” liberal side. there should no such divide. anyone who is doing something for betterment of our society should be encouraged, instead firing them from the institutions… and to conlcude, i will quote my friend’s saying
    “liberel is not person who is “naked” or who doesn’t follow certain rules, instead liberelism mean to be open to other ideas, and to accept and respect other’s ideology, and regard their opinion”
    their is no use to bullying self defined “liberels” and “conservatives” and also i have to say not to try import terminologies from other cultures, we have our own dynamics instead of blindly copying other we have defiend certain terminologies according to our sociey…
    be open, be patient, be patriotic, and consider other also patriotic

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    • There are very few Pakistanis the world would listen to when they talk. Professor Hoodbhoy is one of those rare species left in Pakistan. Rest are all mon keys fit to be in caves.