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#Justice4BakeryBoy: CM Shahbaz Sharif’s daughter Rabia gets an innocent bakery worker beaten up by Elite Police

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Mrs Rabia Imran, daughter of the so called Khadim-e-Aala (in fact Sarparast-e-Aala of PML-N goons and LeJ terrorists) Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, gets an innocent man beaten up by Elite Police in Lahore. His only crime? He refused to serve her during the shop’s off-hours.

The bakery worker told Rabia that the shop is closed and it will open at 3:00 PM and then he will be able to sell anything. Rabia started harassing and abusing the poor bakery worker and insisted to buy the bakery items (probably a cake) without late. After threatening him, she left with her driver and security guard but, a few hours later, at around 6:30 PM, three people came to the shop with police force, identified the worker, escorted him outside the shop and beat him badly.

Apparently, Geo TV (of Jang Group) has conducted interviews with the aggrieved bakery employee and the bakery owner, however, CM Shahbaz Sharif used his influence and stopped Geo TV and other media outlets from publishing this news.

Here is an exclusive CCTV footage!

Youtube link:

This is a shameful incident. Who the hell does this woman think she is? This is seious assault for a trivial bakery item and an abuse of democracy and resources by her father.

Culprits (Rabia Imran, her father Shahbaz Sharif) should be arrested, and given exemplary punishment. Will our Suo Moto fame Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry care to provide justice to the poor bakery boy? Why is this case less important than Waheeda Shah’s slap?

Shame on PML-N and its leaders Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif who have plundered the Punjab province’s resources and are treating innocent citizens as their servants and slaves.

You are beating somebody just because he is poor? Shame on you!

یہ خادم اعلیٰ کی صاحب زادی مسز رابعہ عمران ہیں اور ان کے والد خود کو پنجاب کی عوام کا خادم کہتے ہیں مگر ان کی بیٹی ایک بیکری ملازم کو اس لیے ایلیٹ فورس سے مار پڑوا رہی ہیں کہ اس نے وقت سے پہلے ان کی خدمت کرنے سے انکار کرنے کی ہمت کی – یہ بھول گئی ہیں کہ یہ طاقت ہمارے ووٹ کے بل بوتے پر ہی ملی ہے

Note: CCTV timer is showing a human error (AM being shown as PM), nothing more. Denial won’t do. We seek #Justice4BakeryBoy

Here’s another example of abuse of power by CM Shahbaz Sharif’s daughter (published in daily Dawn last month):

Punjab CM’s car
From the Newspaper | 12th September, 2012

WHILE recently driving on the Mini Market roundabout, my car was hit by a Toyota Land Cruiser (LC-91) from behind at 9.15pm. The traffic warden while assessing the situation asked both the vehicles to be parked aside to resume the busy traffic.

Since I was reluctant to move the car for fear of the other driver running off, the warden very rudely said that he would restrain him. But, in a matter of a few seconds, while I was parking my car, the other driver had a tete-a-tete with the traffic warden who let him go without having him even coming out of his vehicle and looking at the damage he had inflicted upon my car.

When I protested, the warden was abusive and said that it was the Punjab chief minister’s vehicle with his daughter sitting inside and hence he had no option.

The whole incident left me appalled and disgusted. I would like to ask the ‘Khadim-i-Ala’: is he above the law? Is his family above the law? Even are his drivers above the law now? Are rules made only for commoners and not for these ruling elites?




Update: Now that Hamid Mir has telecast the above video in his talkshow (Capital Talk), Shahbaz Sharif resorted to populism and hypocrisy and instructed suspension and arrest of six security guards, instead of taking action against his arrogant daughter who had instructed them to beat the poor bakery worker. Needless to say, the entire beating took place under the watchful eyes of Chief Minister’s elite police squad.

Professional shoe-lickers are praising CM Shahbaz Sharif on suspending poor servants who followed his daughter’s orders. At least one newspaper editor who was so far in denial about the involvement of CM’s daughter in the entire bakery incident was seen praising CM Shahbaz after Hamid Mir’s show. Low IQ or dishonest? Shame on hypocrites and flatterers.

This particular incident was luckily caught on the camera. Wonder how many other uncaught incidents are happening around Lahore, the personal fiefdom of Shahbaz Sharif and his elder brother.

We demand immediate arrest of Rabia Shahbaz Sharif and her husband Ali Imran.

Source: Facebook, Twitter

Update: Khurram Dastgir (PML-N) MNA accepts that the bakery beating woman is Shahbaz Sharif’s daughter:



Kashif Abbasi:


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  • well i like rabia imran, we need more powerful women like her in our society, truly like a boss, love her attitude.

  • @salman

    shame on such an attitude and on you for supporting this shit.
    You call this attitude ??
    Beating a poor boy is display of power??

  • September 19, 2004

    Nusrat Shahbaz arrives with daughters

    By Qamar Jabbar

    LAHORE: Nusrat Shahbaz, the wife of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Shahbaz Sharif, and her daughters Javeria Shahbaz and Rabia Shahbaz arrived in Lahore on Saturday from Dubai.

    Mrs Shahbaz and her daughters came out of the airport lounge at 7:35am and were received by her sons Hamza Shahbaz and Salman Shahbaz, PML-N Lahore President Haji Hanif, Member of the Punjab Assembly Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor and dozens of party workers. They arrived by Emirates Airline flight EK 620.

    Mrs Shahbaz, who will stay in the city for two months to marry off her daughters, told reporters that she was pleased to have returned home. She said she could not meet Mian Nawaz Sharif before departing. Mrs Shahbaz went to 41-S Defence to stay with her son Hamza Shahbaz.

    Javeria Shahbaz will be married to Imran Yousaf in the first week of October whereas Rabia Shahbaz’s wedding is expected to take place after Eidul Fitr. Sources said Nawaz Sharif’s mother, Shamim Sharif, his wife Kalsoom Nawaz, Sobia Abbas and other female members of the Sharif family had asked the Saudi government to allow them to visit Pakistan for one month to attend the weddings and celebrate Eidul Fitr. Sources said that Mian Sharif would also appeal to the Pakistan government to allow the female family members to attend the weddings.

    Sources said the government had decided to give a free hand to the Shahbaz family members during their stay in Pakistan. “But in case of their involvement in politics, the government will deport them to Saudi Arabia, ”sources said.


  • Shahbaz’s family lives in DHA,(S block) Lahore .See the No of elite forces the women bought. Bakery also in DHA. Bakery is owned by Mian Najibur Rehman.

  • Question from Shahbaz Sharif: Sir what do u hav to say about Lahore bakery incident.

    Answer: We gave Laptops on merit

    Question: Are you in political alliance with Sipah-e-Sahaba terrorists, seat adjustment on 15-20 seats?

    Answer: We believe in Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan.

  • Hassan Nisar’s tweets:

    Hassan Nisar ‏@HassanNisarPK
    Now should we be waiting for PML N to say that the video and beating is a U.S. conspiracy against PML N.

    2h Hassan Nisar ‏@HassanNisarPK
    Why no checks for the Sharifs. Obvious There is no true law, justice & Insaf administered against them in Punjab. They are above law

    2h Hassan Nisar ‏@HassanNisarPK
    In any self respecting country or self respecting government there would be recriminations & resignations but of course not in Pakistan

    2h Hassan Nisar ‏@HassanNisarPK
    Seize Land around yours, Pay no electricity bills, default on bank loans, hold dozen ministries, Money Launder, Pay No Tax — Sharif Resume

    2h Hassan Nisar ‏@HassanNisarPK
    The law in Punjab Sharif Style. If you have enough power Punjab Police beat you up, if not whoever you can afford to get

    2h Hassan Nisar ‏@HassanNisarPK
    Beaten up by the Punjab Police for not selling to Shahbaz Sharif’s daughter when the shop was closed — What sort of crime is that Shameful

    2h Hassan Nisar ‏@HassanNisarPK
    I have said the Sharifs represent a bigger threat to Pakistan than Zardari not only for the reason they control larger parts of Pakistan

  • These kind of women should be killed in the middle of the main road .. Who gave her the authority to beat a innocent like that … Let’s all pray for her downfall and May Allah give her punishment in the duniya and akhrat…. Ameen!

    TKS CM: @HamidMirGEO took up the case of Lahore Bakery beating by police and @CMShehbaz has ordered arrest of 8 guards. They mst b punished.

    Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
    @SSEHBAI1 Good joke. Poor guards were mere servants of CM and his daughter. Police supervised it! @HamidMirGEO @CMShehbaz

  • From Shahbaz Shari’s facebook:

    Ali Saleem:

    And what about your daughter, who is the reason this entire incident took place at all? SHE should be arrested and beaten up in public by the sweeper. It’s actions like this and people like your family members that have made Pakistan a laughing stock in the international community. Abuse of power is intolerable – please do not forget that you are a government servant. You are here to SERVE the people, not have your daughter get them beaten up for not serving her. An absolute disgrace.

    Sikandar Hayat: the bakery guy should be hanged till death,how dare he has refused to serve the masters………great job Mian sb….insaaf ho ga zroor hoga……

    Nixar Mustafa: shahbaz sharif ki beti ke karname guard ko ur elite force ko bhej kar aik gareeb salesman ko mara peeta giya. police tamasha dekhti rehi ali imran us ka damaad apne guards k sath us gareeb ko isliye marte rehe k bakery band thi ur us gareeb ne kaha k cake nai hai video mujood hai ..ab tv walon ke shor par namaloom afraad ke khlaf parchaa darj kiya gia

    Mohsin Javaid: CM if you can’t take actions against your daughter because she is your daughter than you shouldn’t take actions against those poor guards because they are also someone’s children. And while you are at it, how about you free all the prisoners from all the jails because they are also someone’s children.

    Sana Qureshi: whats the point of taking strict action against the guards, who were merely following orders.If Mr.SS really has to set an example and really prove that noone’s above the law then he should take action either against his daughter or his son-in-law who actually gave the orders of such brutality!!

  • PWNED!..

    I am in support of what happened. The waiter was seen in the video, laughing and making fun of the woman. The waiters at all those bakeries, even hotspot can get very rude, and forget their manners while talking about policies. Why did he open the door if the bakery was closed. He should’ve ignored. Who gave a sweeper an authority to let a customer in, even for inquiry he shouldn’t have opened the gate.

    In Pakistan, this is how you teach these batameez larkay tameezi. And I am glad she taught them how to respect women.

  • Beating is above the law,
    If he was rudy or laughing at her or makin fun
    Why she didn’t smack him on the footage ?
    Where the guards was also with?

  • One eyed CJP Dajjal would keep his eyes closed against his sponsors. What is diffrence b/w Waheeda shah and rabia……….Mind it , I am not defending Waheeda shah action , but I am certainly minding the double standards of media & judiciary.

  • is story ki language bahut he khrab he , aur ye btati he k iss ko likhne wala kabhi muhazib logo me ni utha betha. story file krte time ghair janibdari ko samnay rkhna chaye tha , lgta hehi he k ye page ya sight PML N ka mizaq urrane k lye bnai gai he , not a goog gesture,

  • True Example of corrupt koora leagues and their kids. how many time before this they have abused their powers. is anyone of them is behind bars for their actions for this event or past. The answer is NO. they are corrupt and hypocraite at the same time.

    Shahbaz sharif said he is taking action against the gaurds. ist her Munafiq e alla it took you 7 days to acknodlege your daughter got a poor man beat after the video went all over social media. you actually blocked the video, bribed and put pressure on media outlets and succefully no media outlet talked about it for one week

    Now you are taking action against the gaurds but not throwing ur daughter in jail do u think we are stupid? the poor gaurds were just obeying orders from their master or they wouldve got beaten too. your a munfiq and corrupt!!! shame on you shame on you family

    Lanat Lanat Lanat

  • Please share this link on facebook, post this page on you status and on anchors and new channels pages so we the public can put thepressure and make our voices heard so the bias media will run the tape even though the Nooras have offered them money.
    We as public need to make our voices heard through social networks or else tomorrow we could be the victim of theses politicians brutaility which is already inflicted upon us. this is every pakistanis responsibilty or else Allah says Jo komain apni halat khud nain badalti mae un ki halat nain badalta!!


  • Shame on our Rulers of Pakistan!!!Please must read below story in the period of Hazrat Umar e Farooq RA.
    حضرت عمر كي دور مين ايك دفعه ايك علاقه كا وزير جبلاء خانه كعبه كا طواف كر رها اور ايك غريب صحابى كا foot os ki chadar par aa gia or Jibilla na os ka aik zoor daar thapar maar dia jab ya khabar Hazrat Umar e Farooq ko pata chali to os na on sahabi ko or Jiballa ko bula lia jo aik ilakah ka Governor tha jab jibillah hazrat umar RA ka pass aya to (kahta ha kah man aisa jalal or habat kahan nahi dakhi jaisi Hazrat umar RA ka darbar man thi kah hazrat umar na sirf kapra bandha huwa tha or kachi eintan bana rahay tha) Acha to hazrat umar RA na sabhi ko kaha kah is Jibilla ka thapar lagay to sahabi na thapar maranay ka lia haath othaya to hazrat umar RA na kaha kah otna hi zoor sa marna jitna is na tugha mara tha warna quaimat ka rooz Umar is ka zimadar nahi ho ga to is tarah on sahabi na Jabill ko maaf kar dia.

    sorry if u find any inconvenience to read above.

  • Pakistanio abb bhe sudhar jaao Vote for PTI warna yeh log ap ka baki bacha kucha mulak bhe ganja or noora mill ke mulk kha jain gy

  • @ Salman….. Powerful woo tabh hote jab khud marti uss ko kiraye ke thokon pay koi bhe powerful nahi hota

  • Jab log un ko Takht e Lahore per bithain gay to phir unhoon ne yehee kuch karna he. Ye sub bewaqoof awam ki ghalti he.

  • Plz note only papr nt 2 run story is express. they also removed the ssp-pmln story from thr website? Hv they sold out to noon league?

  • Why you guys conspiring against Daughter of Khadima Ala and son of Chief justice ; those two gentlemen took action against their own children .

    First send feudal Waheeda Shah behind bars than ask CJ to take suo moto action against daughter of working class CM .

  • Since when has it become okay to just tolerate the ruling class literally ruling over us with an iron fist? The recent controversy over Rabia Imran, daughter of the CM, walking into a bakery and demanding that she be served after which she had the poor bakery worker beaten up, is yet another rotten example of the depths to which this society has sunk. The so-called ‘elite’ class in Punjab thinks it can do whatever it wants, trample whoever it wants and get whatever it wants done by hook or by crook. This is not all right. No civilized society in the world allows such greed, corruption and immoral antics run wild. Why have we accepted this as the norm?

  • Muslim League N just lost 20 votes and will loose more.What a shamful incident.I always use to think why we Pakistani don’t follow rules? Today I got my answer.
    I never ever expected this from Shahbaz
    Sharif’s home.Merit Merit.Oh really? Your own kids can’t wait for shops to open.
    I wish and pray to God all the worst things for this woman and may those police guys get the worst possible diseses .May all of you suffer.Inshallah.
    Still can’t believe my eyes.

  • WHILE recently driving on the Mini Market roundabout, my car was hit by a Toyota Land Cruiser (LC-91) from behind at 9.15pm. The traffic warden while assessing the situation asked both the vehicles to be parked aside to resume the busy traffic.


  • Shame on Firaon-e-ala and his family. This stupid idiot family should be killed by hanging at a public place. they think we are their servants for ages. beware of times when firaon-e-ala family will be hanged by poor people and cakes will be shoved in the mouths of hanging corpses. Shame on rania imran, she cannot be called a lady, should be burnt alive publically

  • Hamza idiot imported a siberain cat for his personal zoo. he should be behind the bars for this act. Rabia imran thrashed a poor bakery man. She should be behind the bars.

  • this is what they call BANDAR KI SAZA TAWELAY KAY SAR. Where is that BIBI who was threatening the bakery worker. there is no mention of Ali Imran in the FIR. He has been like RAZIA GHUNDON MEIN PHNS GAYEE. It should have been Khadim e ala’s daughter or he himself behind the bars if he has placed Elite force under the command of his son in law.

  • This beghairat Shahbaz Shareef is the biggest idiot in Punjab. I agree with the proposal that Rabia Imran (malka-e-Firaon) should be hanged publically and cake shoved in her mouth after death. We will all clap and sing faiz’s poems while she will breath her last. And this should be done imediately

  • the retard who says he likes her “attitude” needs to be shut up in an asylum – and all other people like him. I wonder when we’ll get to live peacefully; or will that time arrive at all? Shame!

  • Hamza idiot imported a siberain cat for his personal zoo. he should be behind the bars for this act. Rabia imran thrashed a poor bakery man. She should be behind the bars. More Videos On hamza.