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Countdown for Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry – by Arbab Zaheer

11th December 2013 will be celebrated as the independence day of politics and democracy of Pakistan as that is the day, the most unjust, corrupt, politically aligned, judge, whose value can only be termed as “Nuisance” will retire after being the Chief Justice of Pakistan for nearly a period of eight and half years, including one and half year under suspension. Yes he is none other than, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, a man who has held the nation and democratic government of the PPP on gun point ever since he became the Chief Justice.

A Punjabi by ethnicity, he is a man who have moved around the nation like a con man would to ply his trade. Studied from Sindh University, Jamshoro, he did his whatever little and unknown judicial practice in Quetta before becoming a judge of the Balochistan High Court and then elevated to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He conveniently forgets his origins of boot licking to become a judge and then his own oath as a PCO Judge in January 2000 are the reasons for his being where he is. Understanding very well the politics of promotions and seniority, this mediocre, corrupt and biased man has been a pain in the behind for the nation for the last 8 and half years. Some of his achievements are:

– Single handedly has spoiled the much successful privatization program of Pakistan by rescinding the privatization of Steel Mills in 2006. While the state may have recovered some much needed funds from the privatization of the mills and moved away from the headache of perpetually funding an ailing organization, for the last six years, the state has had to bail our the Steel Mills on numerous occasions, pumping in billions of rupees in it. No one holds this corrupt judge accountable for his obsessive, compulsive behavior and lack of understanding of the market dynamics

– Making investors run away in mindless judgments like turning a hypermarket into a kachray ka dabba (meaning bring the land in its original shape), ending McDonalds in Islamabad, going after the Tethyan Copper Company in Saindak after being pied pipered by the mindless and corrupt journalists etc. Who will make FDI in our country when a man with nuisance value is sitting at the top!

– Fires a sitting prime minister and plans to fire a chief minister who both belong to the PPP. He does no such thing in places like Punjab where his susralis and chacha zads are ruling

– Goes after the parliament by asking for customized amendments to the constitution!

– Displays Paranoia and kryptomaniac behavior by calling a conclave of judges on rumors coming from a section of his beloved media. Not for the nation but to protect himself and fellow chosen few judges!

– Fires dozens of judges in a doosron ko naseehat aur khud ko faseehat type judgement on PCO judges

– Feeds journalists news of his liking by giving high on pot observations in court

– Heads a judiciary that frees terrorists like Malik Ishaq, Burqa Molvi (Abdul Aziz) and many others and then questions where is rule of law!

– Instructs organs of the state to conduct investigations against those who manage them. Imagine a Chief Justice asking for type of investigation, how will a officer investigate? Creates bias against those who are being investigated

– Is a father of a son who is known for his corrupt ways. Even before the Malik Riaz – Arsalan Ifitkhar scandal broke out, it was when known fact that to get a judgement from any court in Pakistan, Arsalan is your man! It can only be a prodigal son who can make millions of rupees in four years time when in the one functional eye of his father and his uncle judges, the economy has tanked!

– Calls Lal Masjid terrorists as victims and want them to be compensated!

The list of follies of this sly, cunning and illegitimate chief justice is endless. While he will be rewarded with plots and end of service benefits as well as references upon retirement in December 2013, after that he will be beaten by mobs while he is paraded on a donkey back.

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  • How can you not forget his alignment on Memogate with the ISI and the PML-N?
    Also, he went out of the way to support Geo Super at the time of world cup 2011!!!

  • You forgot to add, He hasnt taken any action on #KarachiTargetKillings and the MQM thugs killing of 12May.

  • When ever i See him on TV or listen his new r TIcker my Blood pressure going High, when he leave the seat of CJ i will Pay Donation 10000/= to Poor people, Thooooo CJ tare shakal pay

  • The idiotic man today has said that it is up to the people to choose their representatives. But what was not reported that this idiot would have said “it’s up to me to fire them on the pretext of not writing letter, have degrees not genuine, be dual nationals, be deemed krupt”

  • you are all bloody ignorants who do not know a thing about anything, you call ppp govt. a democratic one ? you people should be ashamed of your ideas and even of your existence, you do not know a thing about LAW, people like you have defamed pakistan and because of you people the nation has to bear people like zardari, a killer, a bloody hypocrite and a blood sucking vampire who is sucking every life out of the poor people and just increasing his own assets, on the other hand The CJ has done something remarkable to this society knowingly that his actions will never be understood by the ignorants, yet he is committed to establish the RULE OF LAW, it is due to him these corrupt politicians and tycoons have some fear of law, has anyone every imagined before CJ to even bring a big name to court ? you people are all bloody hypocrites I am also seeing a countdown for you people , a countdown that is resting with the people of pakistan, the majority who is watching the changing atmosphere of pakistan where soon every body will be equally tried in the court of law and people like zardari will soon be whipped in the streets for making pakistan suffer.


  • yar cj ganjo ki punjab men hakoomat k khilaf jo k stay pe chalti rahi ha.us k khilaf kbi koi action nhi lia

  • u all shut ur mouths…he is a great man and PAKISTAN needs people like him….he is the only and first cj in history of PAKISTAN who challanged the establishment and Statesmen…he is a very daring man…i love you iftikhar chaudry…… u all
    must look upon ur character first while casting vote

  • I would not say he is a perfect man but he is a better man who couraged to stand before Military Dictator, Civil, Military establishment for peole right. Keeping in view the situation of our society, he is MASSIAH! Put aside our personal grievances and compare his tenure than the previous CJs, he would not be ideal but acceptable. Lets hope this change in the Judiciary would bring one day a neutral and pious person who will have the courage and moral power to take action against his son/daughter as well.

  • Allah SWT has His own way of rewarding good and bad deeds. The CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry is retiring peacefully upon reaching the age of superannuation while the former Dictator who dragged Justice Chaudhry and 59 other judges, along with their families, is languishing in jail in this old age.
    The trolls of dictator cannot turn the page of history.
    Probably they haven’t read about mega corruption cases including Rental Power (the back door for kickbacks was opened in July2006), LNG Scam (quota granted to Musharraf’s friend Iqbal Z Ahmed and Pakistani exchequer has been robbed of PKR 22 Billion since August 2003), Pakistan Steel Mills (offloading the Mill at throwaway price of less than 1/4th the Value of its Assets), NLC (robbing of PKR 1800 Million). The economy was doing good because of heavy remittances and heavy US Aid post-9/11.