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Husain Haqqani’s rejoinder to Orya Maqbool Jan

Extremist jihadi sympathizer Orya Maqbool Jan is a civil servant from the DMG cadre. Instead of doing his job as a civil servant, he moonlights as a columnist and TV commentator, spouting contra-factual gibberish. Recently he joined daily Dunya newspaper. In one of his columns he attacked my Wall Street Journal article on the usual grounds of lacking in patriotism or concern for Islam etc etc.

If Mr. Jan had been a genuine intellectual, he would have responded to the arguments published in the Wall Street journal or a comparable international publication. But as the saying goes, “Mullah ki daur Masjid tak.” He was content to rouse feelings against me in the Pakistani press. I wrote a rejoinder to Orya that Dunya refused to publish though it is an established principle that the one criticized has the right to respond. Dunya’s major rival Urdu newspapers also did not publish my reply, showing how only one ideological side has freedom in Pakistan’s media today. People like Orya are given space to attack the honor of others but we are not allowed to rebut their falsehoods and claims. No wonder the discourse in Pakistan is lacking in intellectual substance and is making us internationally isolated.

Here is my response to DMG officer Orya Maqbool Jan and his diatribe about the ‘Innocence of Muslims’ and my views on the subject:


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Dr Uzma Ali


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  • Orya Maqbool Jan is a great man and not a terrorist sympathizer.

    Hussain Haqqani on the other hand is an imperialist puppet of the United States and has done a lot of harm to Pakistan.

    It was Hussain Haqqani who gave visas to Blackwater and CIA agents who were helping terrorists attack Pakstan.

  • The fact that no urdu newspaper can publish HH’s perfectly legitimate defense against pusedo jihadi OMJ shows truth has no place in Pakistan…

  • HH, have read your thoughts, can you please let us know how you have protested to this blasphemous film…?

    How would you condemn such repeated acts against Islam and muslims?

    If someone abuses you, how would you reply…..through your ‘Dalail’????

    If someone absues your father mother, how would you reply??? or would you keep quite or ignore?

  • hussain haqqani is teaching us Islam. wow! I am privileged…NOT.

    ask him if he has ever picked up on a book on the life of the Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wassalim)? o wait, maybe he does not believe in ahadith?

    if anyone is using religion to justify his fallacious politics, it is none other than hussain haqqani himself.

    anyone who considers siyasah to be not a part of Islam has not understood Islam at all. so much for the “american” version of Islam!

  • Hussain Haqqani…….the people of Pakistan know you; you were a chameleon; you were Ziaul haque supporter; you have fled from Pakistan; you have failed to appear before the Apex Court; your whole living and earning take place in the USA. How can you blame a patriotic Pakistan, Mr. Orya Maqbool Jan, a wonderful writer, and DMG officer? He has qualities that is why he is DMG, and a popular writer in Pakistan.

  • After the coments of brothers Mustafa, Hadeed, khawer Riaz, and specialy Zulfqar, there is no need sy a single word any more. Shame on Hussain Haqani. ORYA MAQBOOL JAN is proud of not only pakistan, but of whole ummah e islamia.

  • Its a pity that Mr. Haqqani’s article was not published. I agree with redhaired. I did not know that OMJ is a civil servant. No wonder such close minded people responsible for running an out dated system are partially responsible for Pak’s plight. May God bless you all. OMJ’s articles lack quality and are a true representative of a Paki fanatic mind.

  • HH is right in saying that if there was no America or India, most of our psudo intellectuals will get exposed

  • Kitni ajeeb baat hai ke hum kisi ki baat ko samjhne se pehle us ki personality ko discuss karne lag jate hain.
    HH ne sirf 2 baten ki hain.
    1. Gustakhi pe hamara rady amal kia hona chahiye? ye Balwy kia ye siasat hai ya Nabi SAW aur Islam ki mohabat?
    2.Gustakhana material kia itna important hota hai ke rady amal show kia jae. kiya ye Islam ki khidmat hai ke ghustakhana marerial ko chun chun ke logon k jazbat ubhary jain?
    Quran ki Taleemat kia hain? Surah AlEraf 199, Sura furqan 66, Surah Nahel 125.
    Agr aap HH se mutafiq nhin to apne points lain,
    Yahan baat kuch ho rahi hai aur comments kuch aa rahe hain. Kafir Geeri band kar ke apne imaan ky mutabiq baat karen,
    HH ke poory column se kahan sabit hota hai ky wo imperialist puppet hai? ye to wo hain jo pese le ky dusre musalmano ko maar rahe hai, deen ke naam pe.

  • Haqqani lanti insan hy, khud apnei aap par tho zara si tanqeed bardasht nahi kar sakta, tho hum apnei aqa ki khilaf baat ko kaisei bardasht kar lengei……
    Haqqani munafiq awr makkar insan khud jamat islami mei b reh chuka hy,
    Ghalat kaam ko agar haath awr zuban se nahi rok saktei tho kam az kam dil mei hi is ko ghalat jano, awr agar dil mei b ghalat nahi samajtei tho samjo tum mei zara barabar b iman nahi hy….

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  • HH america ka kutta hai or aik traitor hai ye sb ko pata hona chahye or oriya sahib 1 bht achy or nice insan hein

  • I can see some true muslims are showing their educated faces by calling HH with different animal’s name. I am not siding HH, but I would say that Orya is not a proud of our nation. He has done more damage then good by supporting TTP. Supporting TTP means supporting their acts which would include killing the 40K innocent muslims in Pakistan.

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