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The gallant son of my Benazir – by Maleeha Manzoor

When it comes to Pakistan’s politics, the name of Pakistan Peoples Party reverberates into one’s mind and abruptly reminds of the tragic myth of assassinations of the gallant leaders of Pakistan.  Judicial murder of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and the killings of his young sons: so much time passed, yet nothing changed – we fail to get rid of our hapless fate – the terrorism costs us the hope of trillions, Benazir, so that the rivals’ dream of an unstable Pakistan could be fulfilled. Perhaps, to me, the saying: ‘history repeats itself’ proves out to be wise when I come to be acquainted with the Bhutto family where, after Benazir, the new hope for the people rises in the face of Bilawal. His entrance into politics is something what you had seen almost three decades ago when, following the assassination of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the valiant daughter Benazir had stepped in to materialize her father’s dreams.

Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari – the most intrepid youngster I have ever seen – at the young age of 19, was left grieving as his Benazir mother had been snatched by the same evil mindset that had once killed his grandfather and both his uncles, to make Pakistan lost into such vagueness it could never get out of. Eyes mist when I commence to engross about the young Bilawal – for whom fate chooses the most onerous life – but he is the Benazir’s son, who, while suffering from the pang of losing mother, prefers the nation’s aspirations over his sorrow and becomes the hope of this deprived nation, his mother had laid down life for. Where else can we find such heroic example? – pledging to put forward the legacy bequeathed after the murky December; 2007 and holding the party’s flag, Bilawal becomes the emblem of gallantry.

While initiating to pen about Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, the first thing to capture the whole of my attention is his valor. Forgetting everything linked to Bhutto-Zardari for a moment – would like to answer the most frequently asked question, who Bilawal really is? Bilawal: a child who spent the whole childhood missing the father, jailed for eleven and a half years of his marital life; a boy who, despite being raised by single parent, always sacrificed on his personal aspirations so that his mother could deal with her duties as the Prime Minister/party’s chairperson; a teenager who, after a long time, got the chance to live with father and just after its three years, got his mother murdered; a bereaved son who is seen crying to hear the catchphrases on his martyred young mother. Notwithstanding, the blood of martyrs, running in his veins, spoke up when he grew overnight on the assassination of his mother – despite knowing the calamitous fate of Pakistani politicians, Bilawal fearlessly entered into the world of politics and that moment, he was announced to be the flag-bearer of the party, was equal to breathing life into the underprivileged nation, for whom Benazir was meant to be oxygen – the only beacon in the obscured way towards stability. Who could have suffered more than him? Yet he vows to forfeit more, for he is the son of the soil.

His braveness is what impresses me the most. “He (Musharraf) murdered my mother … I hold him responsible for the murder of my mother.” The silver-tongued Bilawal never fears to speak on any issue. Family’s tragic myth of assassinations; military or judiciary; US-Pak relations – he is never afraid of speaking against the injustice. His bold stance for the rights of minorities differentiates him from the other ones supposed to lead their nations. Whether it is the murder of Salman Taseer or Shahbaz Bhatti, or the Shia killings – he becomes the first prominent voice from Pakistani youth to show world the real face of Islam.

What else Bilawal is? Bilawal is the emerging leader of Pakistan who made headlines worldwide, on his visits to India and USA. I remember that on the next day of his India’s visit, the Indian media had reported for all the newspapers to have the mesmeric charming pictures of Bilawal on the front pages that had however reminded both the nations of the Simla visit of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto along with his daughter Benazir. And when in US, his bold and firm stance on the US apology was highly appreciated, for he had rightly articulated what his nation wanted. So, what Bilawal is destined to do in future, is discernible in essence from his early steps.

Apart from politics, Bilawal, the grandson of one the most admired politician of the world, is undoubtedly one of the most dashing youngsters and is the limelight for the whole world today. Moreover, he knows well to dress up – the traditional ‘shalwar kamiz’ with suited color combinations – handsomeness makes him the heartthrob of many. I know how noticed personality he is. Whatever he does is perceptible. I can bet that none has ever been noticed like him – hundreds of pictures are edited on his each appearance on the television – this is what the previous graceful personalities were deprived of.

Though I am not sure whether or not he would run in future elections, but this Oxford Graduate, with all his mesmerizing looks, has already captivated the hearts of millions. Noticing his fame on the social networking sites and among the people, I can perceive his success if he contests elections in a few years. But politics is not inherited and he knows it well as once he was asked to write an autobiography, his reply was: ”InshaAllah. One day. If I do enough worthy of writing a book” so he first wants to be groomed to make his own place in the hearts of people.

His story is hard to enfold – too strange to wrap up – penning about him with drenched eyes is one of the hardest experiences of my life.  Every time when I commence to ponder about my Bibi, I am lost into oblivion. Nevertheless, after President Zardari’s bravado smile, if there is anything to make divine floods of life flow into my soul then it is just Bilawal’s courage, that makes me optimist. Endured with great courage, he justifies being the political heir of the Bhutto family and because of his valor, he proves to be the perfect choice for the party leadership – no one else could be the choice better than him. Standing resolute against all odds, he vows to actualize the dreams of his mother and he would definitely actualize all.

A very HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY Bilawal, my Benazir’s Prince and my President’s valor! You vowed to not let the blood of our martyred leaders go in vain and to carry forward their legacy, today I pledge to stand with you until my last breathe, for you are the reason of my continuation. You are the guide – the only hope. The slogans of “Jiye Bhutto” , “Zindah hai Bibi Zindah hai” and “Pakistan Khappay” would always be chanted and our mantra: “Democracy is the best revenge” would continue go to on.

Bilawal Bhutto Qadam Barhao/Hum tumharay saath hain!

WE HAVE NOT COME THIS FAR TO FAIL; I am sure that together we will vanquish over all the evils have a Benazir Pakistan! (InshaAllah)

You are my Bibi’s existence and I hope for you to be Benazir in all aspects. I will continue to stand with you even if it costs my life… Because Shaheed Bibi used to quote: “KILL A BHUTTO TO GET A BHUTTO!” – So, This life is dedicated to you.

This challenge is a blood-stained challenge,

This challenge you are bound to lose;

A Bhutto will be born in every home,

So how many Bhuttos will you slay?!

Jiye Pakistan,

Jiye Awaam,

Jiye Bhutto,

Sada Jiye.

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Junaid Qaiser


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  • What a disgusting tribute. Really shameful article!

    What has Bilawal ever done for Pakistan? Even the Pakistanis in his university complain that they never see him in any Pakistan or Muslim event!

    Is this a democracy or a monarchy? Do we have merit based leadership or family parties?

    Really shameful that LUPB hosted this article. Do we want feudal /monarchy in Pakistan or merit based leadership?

    I agree with Hasan Nisar ”Save these 5 families or Save Pakistan”

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