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Takfiri militants from Pakistan are fighting in Syria with an anti-Semitic cause – by Kapil Komireddi

Takfiri Deobandi group Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan has sent hundreds of militants for Jihadist operations in Syria

What began as a limited but genuine people’s uprising against a kleptocratic dictatorship has now been overtaken by a Saudi-backed project to destabilize Syria. Last week it was reported that Turkish Airline is flying Takfiri militants of Al-Qaeda from Pakistan to Syrian borders. Now, Kapil Komireddi writes in an Israeli newspaper (Haaretz) to explain that Israel and Jews will not be better off if Saudi-funded Takfiri militants are able to install an Islamist government in Damascus. Kapil too confirms the presence of Pakistani trained Jihadists in Syria.

What will happen in Syria? The answer to that question holds immense significance for Israel. Yet, preoccupied with Iran’s nuclear program, Israel is neglecting the more immediate threat to its security that’s crystalizing on the other side of the Golan Heights. What began as a limited but genuine people’s uprising against a kleptocratic dictatorship has now been overtaken by a Saudi-backed project to destabilize Syria.

Bashar Assad, like his father Hafez, was never a friend of Israel’s – but nor was his worldview shaped exclusively by antagonism toward the Jewish State. The foreign fighters seeking his ouster, on the other hand, receive sustenance from a medieval theocracy that, in the words of John R. Bradley a preeminent Middle East expert who predicted the Egyptian revolution as early as 2009 “spews out a kind of anti-Semitic hatred not known since the Nazis.”

The results of Saudi Arabia’s tireless efforts were on display in Al-Midan, a suburb in southern Damascus where I recently interviewed rebel fighters. Mateen, a fighter who claimed to have traveled from Afghanistan, shared his ideas for Syria’s future after ridding it of the Assad dynasty.

“We have to build a society of respect and brotherhood in accordance with the Prophet’s commandments,” he told me in Urdu. [Majority of Takfiri Deobandis and Salafists are trained in Pakistan in Saudi-funded Deobandi and Salafi seminaries.] “We will treat non-Muslims kindly, but we have a big fight against the Jews ahead of us. We will take that up, God willing.” This manifesto for the future was identical – almost word for word – to what Yahya Mujahid, a senior leader of the Lashkar-e-Taiba, the Pakistan-based outfit charged with carrying out the Mumbai attacks in November 2008, told me in Lahore in 2009: that the LeT would take up the “fight” with the Jews after “liberating” Kashmir from Indian rule. One was a Kashmiri, the other a Pashtun; neither had met a Jew in his life. But both were united by a deep hatred, completely alien to their richly syncretic native cultures, exported by a distant Wahhabi monarchy that has suffused countless young minds in Islamic seminaries across South Asia with a fervor for jihad against non-Muslims.

This evangelical effort is now being replicated on an even more ambitious scale in Syria. The result is that a once-pluralistic society has descended into sectarian chaos. In the province of Homs alone, rebel fighters have driven some 80,000 Christians out of their homes. The opposition fighters have even carried out beheadings, a phenomenon unknown to Syrians. Young Shi’ite and Christian women, who mix freely with men in Damascus, told me they had to cover their faces and assume fake Sunni identities when traveling through rebel-held areas.

The man currently being groomed by Saudi Arabia as a possible replacement for Assad is Manaf Tlass, a high-ranking official in the Syrian army and a once-close friend of Assad’s, who fled Syria in July with the help of French intelligence. Tlass has now adopted the vocabulary of the “moderate,” but his family history should be of concern to Israelis. Tlass’ father, Mustafa, a former Sunni defense minister who wielded tremendous clout under Hafez Assad, is something of a scholar. I came across one of his best-sellers, “The Matzah of Zion,” in Damascus this summer. Complete with a lurid cover depicting ravenous Jews draining the blood of a Christian priest into a large bowl, the book attempts to revive the blood libel.

None of this has prevented some Western friends of Israel from advocating American intervention in Syria as a means to weakening Iran’s influence in the region. Deposing Assad, former Assistant Secretary of State James Rubin argued in Foreign Policy in June, would “help Israel and help reduce the risk of a far more dangerous war between Israel and Iran.”

Israel should be wary of its overzealous friends. Damascus has certainly played a deeply corrosive role in its neighborhood, turning Syria into a haven for Hezbollah. Still, as Israel’s former ambassador to Washington, Itamar Rabinovich, wrote in 2006, Syria’s alliance with Iran was never absolute, and a peace deal between Tel Aviv and Damascus was not impossible. On a state visit to New Delhi in 2008, Assad admitted to Indian officials that arriving at an enduring settlement with Israel was his topmost priority.

Even if Assad were to succeed in suppressing the opposition, he would find it impossible to unify the country. Regardless of the outcome of this war, the prospect of an Israeli settlement with Syria looks dead for now. But the likelihood of conflict for Israel can only increase if the clamor in the West to arm and fund the Syrian opposition is not countered. This is a crisis engineered by Saudi Arabia – and, despite outward appearances, Israel should not overlook Riyadh’s enduring role as the purveyor of the most noxious anti-Israeli ideologies in the Muslim world. A proliferation of Saudi dependencies in the region, even if they serve the purpose of weakening Iran in the short term, will pose severe dangers to Israel’s security in the future.

We have been here before – most glaringly in the 1980s, when the prospect of humiliating the Soviet Union in Afghanistan trumped every concern about arming the Taliban. Israel must now ensure that its best allies in the West don’t end up creating a launching pad for the most implacably anti-Israeli Islamists who have congregated in Syria. Otherwise, as John R. Bradley recently warned in Britain’s Jewish Chronicle, Israel may find itself “confronting an even more determined, uncontrollable and fanatical enemy than the Assad regime has ever proved to be.”

Video: Christians being slaughtered by Saudi-USA sponsored Takfiri militants in Syria

RT talks to mother Agnes Mariam, founder of monastery in Qara in Syria and witnessed what the people went through when the first sparks of trouble ignited the war. As FSA militants, many of whom are foreign Salafists, gain more territory and a multitude of militias, jihadists and criminals join the fight against Assad regime, reports of serious human rights abuses committed by armed opposition elements are on the rise.


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  • Syria: Christians take up arms for first time
    Christian communities in Aleppo have taken up arms and formed their own militias for the first time, the Daily Telegraph can disclose.

    “Everybody is fighting everybody,” said George, an Armenian Christian from the city. “The Armenians are fighting because they believe the FSA are sent by their Turkish oppressors to attack them, the Christians want to defend their neighbourhoods, Shabiha regime militia are there to kill and rape, the army is fighting the FSA, and the [Kurdish militant group] PKK have their own militia too.”
    For the past six weeks up to 150 Christian and Armenian fighters have been fighting to prevent Free Syrian Army rebels from entering Christian heartland areas of Aleppo.
    Last month the Syrian army claimed a ‘victory’ in removing FSA fighters from the historic Christian quarter of Jdeidah. But Christian
    militia fighters told the Daily Telegraph it was they who had first attacked the FSA there.

    “The FSA were hiding in Farhat Square in Jdeideh. The Church committees stormed in and cleansed the area. Then the Syrian army
    joined us. They claimed the victory on State television,” said George, who like many Christian refugees is too scared to give his full name. “The rebels were threatening the churches.”
    The area, defined by its boutique shops, narrow cobbled streets and the spires and cupolas of the Maronite, Orthodox and Armenian churches, had over the weeks become infiltrated with sniper positions and checkpoints, residents said.
    “FSA snipers were on the rooftops and they were attacking the Maronite church and Armenian residents there,” said a former clergyman calling himself John, now in Beirut, who said he had witnessed the battle.
    The battle for Aleppo has become bitter, with militant jihadist groups playing a more prominent role than in any other city.
    It has become increasingly scarred by accusations of atrocities on both sides, most recently the mass killing of 20 regime troops, whose bodies were displayed on a video apparently uploaded to the internet by a rebel militia.
    Residents of the city told The Telegraph that the city’s minorities feared that they would suffer the same fate as Christians in Iraq, who
    were heavily targeted by the sectarian violence that erupted after the 2003 war.
    “They are shouting ‘the Alawites to the graves and the Christians to Beirut,” said an Armenian mother of four who recently fled the city – a claim also made by several other Christian refugees.
    John said that contrary to reports Aleppo’s minority groups and wealthy residents were not all regime supporters. But he said they felt they had to protect themselves from ‘peasant immigrants’ who were using the war to destroy the city’s sophisticated
    “I am not in support of the government, but the FSA are all a bunch of thugs and thieves. I watched them steal from a textile
    factory – they took everything; gas, materials, even the beading machines!”
    Increasingly on the offensive, Syrian rebels killed at least 18 soldiers in a car bomb and ground attack on a military position in neighbouring Idlib province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.
    In Aleppo on Wednesday four Syrian Armenians were reported killed and 13 wounded in an ambush near the airport.


  • As not seen on CNN the Telegraph reveals Christians in Syria have taken up take up arms to fight off the the genocidal ethnic cleansing terrorist rebels.

    According to the Telegraph reportthis is the first time that Christians in Syria have taken up arms in the 18-month-old bloody conflict

    But contrary to narrative being told by corporate media news outlets the militia the Christians have formed isn’t fighting against Syria government forces.

    Instead they have chosen to take up arms and fight alongside Al Assad’s forces against the rebel terrorists that are targeting Christians and religious groups in a campaign of genocidal cleansing.

    The Syria rebels the Christians are fighting come from the same Saudi Salafi Jihadist organizations that are attacking US Embassies around the globe.

    Clearly the media isn’t telling many things about who the Syria rebels truly are or that they have a poisonous ideology similar to that of the KKK who run around torturing and beheading prisoners

    As Time Magazine , PBS and numerous other organization report these are the same Salafi extremists that are attacking US embassies around the world.

    They are also the same foot soldiers used by NATO to overthrow Libya.

    While some volunteer to answer Saudi Arabia’s open to call to Jihad others are being paid up to $3,000 a month to Jihad and are even being paid bonuses of up to $750 for each infidel the behead.

    They are being recruited from various Salafi Jihadists groups including Al Qaeda are engaging in genocidal ethnic cleansing in their campaign to spread Saudi Arabia’s fundamentalist version of Islam throughout the world.

    The mass corporate media has chose to run blatant propaganda and faked news reports while choosing to ignore warnings the US is backing terrorists who are killing Christians that have come from renowned Catholic nuns and even from the Vatican itself.


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  • I agree with some points of the article, however there are some factual errors.

    1. Originally there was no uprising against Bashar Al Assad, only small protests for reform, otherwise majority Syrians support Bashar Al Assad, even though its a curropt kleptocracy.

    2. These people are being backed not only by Saudi Arabia, but secular Turkey, the United States AND ISRAEL. Therefore these poeple are not ”anti-semitic” in the least.

    3. Israel lies whenever she opens her mouth, Israel wants these rebels to succeed and form a Takfiri dictatorship so that Syria gets embroiled in Civil War. Israel hated all the secular leaders who benefitted their people and were pro Palestine. Like Muammaer Ghadafi, Hafez Al Assad and Saddam Hussein.

    4. If this were not the case than imperial Zionists like John Mcain, Israeli firster Joseph Lieberman would not have visiteed the rebels. Niether would Bernahrd Henry Levy support them.

    Good article bt I suggest the author and LUBP check thier facts so that no factual errors are made!

  • Our lives , our soul always present for Bilad As Shaam . In Sha Allah , Bashar ulAssad ,the firaun of 21st century and his cronies including neshapuri bastards , are and will be defeated. and THAT IS EVIDENT . K.K.S.K –