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Sham Hijab Conference: Prime Minister’s wife shouldn’t participate in a JI event

It is indeed a matter of concern for the progressive elements within Pakistan Peoples Party that Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf’s wife Nusrat Ashraf has accepted an invitation to participate as chief guest in Jamat Islami Pakistan’s organised event “Hijab Conference”.

Jamat Islami abuses religion for political gain

Jamat Islami has always been on the forefront of abusing religion for political gains and point scoring. PPP and other progressive parties and organisations have always faced worst abuses, propaganda, character assassination by the activists and supporters of jamat Islami in their organs and media outlets under their influence. Since the very first day of PPP foundation, they have been the worst opponents of progressive forces at every front from Colleges, universities, trade and labour unions and electoral campaigns.

(JI and its student militant wing IJT hands are soaked in the bloods of thousands of progressive political workers, members of minority sects e.g anti-Ahmadi riots 1953 and AlBadr, Alshams in 1971, all major universities of Pakistan.)

From the 1953 anti-Ahmadi riots, Ghalaf-e-Ka’aba train March, Yaum-e-Shaukart-Islam, Declaring Ahmadis as minority, Tehreek-e-Nizam-e-Mustafa, Joining hands with Ziaul Haq, Afghan Jihad, Mehran Bank scandal, formation of MMA, they have not missed an opportunity to abuse and exploit religious aspirations for political vested interests.

Hijab Debate

It must not be ignored that the recent Hijab campaign too is another political ploy by the premier Islamist group to malign secular and liberal elements for being pro-west and far from traditional religious practices. While some of the confused lot in the liberals, “Liberals with a beard inside” also endorses advocacy for Hijab by calling it a matter of personal choice, ignoring the fact that the proponents of Hijab will not give others the choice to abandon it, whenever they have the the powers to coerce others.

In Pakistan, wearing Hijab is not an issue after all, in a society where acts of sexual assaults and harassment against women not observing Purdah are defended by the same advocates of Hijabs by shamelessly saying that woman not wearing hijab has “Asked for it” by exposing her face and other body parts to provoke sexually uncontrolled breeds of Men for attacking women with verbal abuses or harassing them physically.

Jamat Islami Motives behind such event

The only motive behind the Hijab conferences is to promote their anti-west agenda, where Hijab is banned in many countries, and where its a matter of intense debate among various sections of society. While electoral victories by the Islamists in Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia have motivated their Pakistani sympathisers aka Jamat Islami to promote and defend their token steps regarding Islamisations while ignoring the economic and political aspects, which are nothing but continuity of their predecessors policies.

Jamat Islami: Guardians of religio-nationalist state ideology

Jamat Islami which has been always a political failure on electoral grounds but it has always helped nourishing rightists elements to make inroads and assimilate in political parties from the left or right spectrum. Also the state’s approval of Jamat Islami version of religion and history on educational and intellectual level have elevated them to the status of major source for the aspirants of the religio-nationalism.

Embracing individuals influenced with Jamat Islami version of Islam was too a matter of concern for the workers of the party, who have whole of their lives fought them on different level, but endorsing their reactionary and conservative religious stance on an issue will damage the party as well as raise concerns among PPP women activists who will never choose to be counted with religiously motivated JI women workers at any level.

A Question to the advocate of Hijab as personal choice

Throwing away the Hijab too is a personal choice?

This two year old post on an honour killing in Canada is an eye opener.

Aqsa Pervez: who will speak for the daughter of Pakistan?

Sixteen-year-old Aqsa Parvez did not want to wear the hijab. The Middle Eastern head covering has become the most significant icon for Islam in the West, which is unfortunate, since 90 per cent of Muslim women in this country don’t wear one. By extension, they get dismissed as not being authentic Muslims.

The CBC’s own Little Mosque on the Prairie plays into this stereotype by showing every prominent Muslim woman in a hijab. This superficial measurement of Muslim-ness has become so prevalent that a small but increasing number of families are pushing it on their daughters.

Aqsa, a Pakistani-Canadian, was just one of the victims of this growing obsession.

Now that Aqsa is dead, who will speak for her? Who will speak for the countless Muslim girls who lead double lives and who suffer in silence in their homes? Who will make sure they aren’t abused or killed?

Hina Rabbani Khar wearing it in Iran and while meeting Saudi diplomat too was a her personal choices??

Two pictures of Hina Rabbani Khar

Hina Rabbani Khar, a niece of the much married ex-tiger of Punjab Mr Ghulam Mustafa Khar and currently the ultra-glamorous foreign minister of Pakistan (an improvement over the last blowhard and a reasonably intelligent woman), went to Tehran recently to attend the non-aligned summit conference.

Here is a picture of Hina Rabbani Khar in Teheran.(Source)

And here is one in India

A meeting between Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar and her Saudi counterpart Dr Nizar bin Obaid Madani






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  • Whats wrong in participating in a hijab conference. If someone wants to wear a hijab you can’t stop her. Its a mater of choice.

    Forcing someone to wear or not wear Hijab is a really condemnable act.

  • After seeing various avtars of Hina Khar,I see the famous indian phrase,Ganga gaye to ganga ram,Jamuna gaye to Jamuna Dass.

  • September 16, 2012

    First lady urges women to wear hijab

    Staff Report

    LAHORE: First Lady Nusrat Pervez Ashraf urged Muslim women to wear hijab, saying it does not prevent them from making progress.

    While addressing the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Women and Family Commission’s (WFC) hijab conference on Saturday, she said that modesty was an ornament for women while hijab was the guardian of this ornament.

    She said that Muslim women should not hesitate while wearing a veil. It does not hamper their performance in daily routine nor does it come into their way of progress, Nusrat added. The conference organised in connection with International Hijab Day was attended by a large number of women from all walks of life. Nusrat said that Islam ensured protection and respect for women. She said that women could show their abilities by keeping themselves within the limits of Islam. She paid tribute to the organisers of the conference and appreciated their efforts.

    At the end of the conference, a declaration was read out in which developed countries of the world were demanded that they must immediately initiate steps to withdraw ban on wearing hijab. It said that Muslim women must not be denied of their right of freedom. The participants also protested against the American sacrilegous movie and vowed that everything could be sacrificed for the respect of Holy Prophet (PBUH).

    During the conference, Nusrat also gave away hijab awards to Marwa al Sherbini (an Egyptian woman who was killed in Germany for wearing hijab), Marwa Qawachi (former Turkish parliamentarian), Yvonne Ridley (a British journalist), Marryam Jamila (a Muslim scholar) and Aafia Siddiqui. The awards were, however, received by young girls on the behalf of the recipients. Nusrat also distributed honorary shields amongst prominent women, including Musarrat Misbah (a beautician), Khanum Tayyaba Bukhari (scholar), Sarah Chaudhry (a former actress), Arooj Nasir (a TV presenter), Dr Kausar Firdous (former army captain) and Shehnaz Leghari (a pilot).

    WFC President Samia Raheel Qazi presented honorary shields to Nusrat, Punjab governor’s wife Mussarat Latif Khosa and Ghazala Saad Rafique (wife of PML-N leader Saad Rafique).


  • Guyz this AbdulNishapuri is an indian Hindu. who has the mission of spreading hate and blood among Shia and Sunni of Pakistan. He has many ids here and on twitter through which he plays his games. he comments n replys back his comment through his various ids. most of the comments on this site is his own. He is a serious threat to Muslims brothers. last year 2011 in March, his father and two brothers were arrested in rape case of a teenage girl in bori bazar karachi. Since then he is doing this to avenge his family’s arrest by police.Please all beware

  • the anti Hijab conference and anti #JI post by LUBP its full lies so typical of LUBP.what can we expect from PPP anti Islam hypocrites these people call themselves Muslim yet they want to subjugate Islam to Mosques in Pakistan which to some extent PPP has done. calling qadianis Muslim is their ignorance. your post is full of lies you have no regard for facts Qadiani blood and blood of so called progressives in not soaked in hands of #JI but #JI and #IJT blood is soaked in hands of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s terrorist groups Peoples guard and FSF.#JI does not use Islam for political gains but its an Islamic movement in Islamic republic of Pakistan its politics is based on Islam, Islam is a way of life not part of it and politics is not separate from it this is something anti Islam people like you cant get it. and no matter what brand of Islam you will oppose unless its your brand of Islam limited Mosques which it can never be

  • Hijab is not only part of Islam but also in culture of many groups. Apart from christian nuns, The hindu ladies of Thar & Rajhistan too observe what can be called a kind of hijab.
    I don’t know why liberals are against Hijaab because Lady Gaga wears cow meat and it is accepted as art, fashion models wear crap and newspaper and it is called art.
    Why can’t they accpet Hijab as art? Forced ban on Hijab is against freedom of expression.
    Although, we muslims, all support hijab but forget that same chapter of Nisa in Quran order men to lower their gaze when unknown women is nearby and this order comes before the hijaab verse.

  • mashaallah .. what a beautiful picture of madam Hina Rabbani in hijaab … She is looking so honorable and wonderful.
    I pray to ALLAH SUBHANA WA TAALA that one day all Pakistani women dress in hijaab .
    And we the pakistani muslim are able to show our love to our beloved prophet MOHAMMAD SALLALLAHO ALAI HI WASSALLAM…By following his command.