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Imran Khan, Playboy or Jihadi? – by Ahsan Abbas

I have no idea how much the newly launched “Dunya” Newspaper has offered to the Leftist Nazir Naji, Pessimist Hassan Nisar and “Dervaish” Haroon Rasheed to detach from the Jang Group and join them. However, hopefully the new entry would be able to isolate a number of readers from Jang.

In his column of September 8, Mr Naji has exposed the “Playboy” going back to his “Original” style in his 400 Kanal House where he was found swimming with an English lady. A visitor Mr Malik was described to be the witness who came to the swimming pool directed by a domestic servant.

In reply to Naji, Mr Haroon Rasheed in his Column (9 September) has defended the “Kaptaan” just like a loving Mum defends her naughty Son. Or a most loving Daddy like “My Lord” covers up the Corruptions of his son and goes beyond limits for it. According to Mr Dervaish, the English lady was the wife of Imran’s friend and he called her home for the purpose of “Interior Decoration”

“When Malik went to the Swimming Pool, the lady was alone and Khan was saying his prayers at verge of Swimming Pool”  says Mr Haroon

OK Mr Haroon . I can believe what you say that the “Gori” was not brought there for any Sinful or illegal activity and just for the said purpose, could I most respectfully ask you some questions?

Just few days ago in a programme with Hamid Mir at Geo, Kaptaan was claiming “As soon as I become the Prime Minister, Bulldozers would be ready and they would smash every luxurious Governor House”.

Well Mr Khan!

You are employing  an English lady for the decoration of your 400 Kanal House, does it match any way with what you say in your interviews?

Could not you find a single Interior Decorator (Man or Woman) in a country having the best skilled workers in the world?

Even with a best Scientific Microscope, I could not find any reflection of your speeches about “Self Reliance” and “National Pride” in your personal actions.

It is exactly similar to the situation that you could not find a single spouse in 180 Million Pakistanis and married a Zionist lady, the daughter of Sir Gold Smith (the title “Sir” being given for his esteemed financial support to Israel)

Khan announces to be representing “Pashtoon” Culture. OK, but Roaming with a wife divorced on the allegations of Sexual Corruption, does it match any way the Pashtoon Culture? It is miles away from the Ego of a true Pathan, I believe.

You run Tehreek e Insaaf and on the same hand, stand shoulder to shoulder with Mr Iftikhar Chaudhry, the most Corrupt and Nepotist Judge ever in the history of Pakistan.

Mr Haroon further compares Khan with Emperor Jehangir, General Jilani (Zia’s Governor) and Turk Leaders (Who claim to Champonize Islam but are sitting with America and Israel to destroy the Islamic Countries, most recently Syria). I fully agree Sir, at least to this comparison.

I believe the IK was a Play Boy and still he is. This face of him is much more acceptable to me as compared to being a “Jihadi” and Patronising Taliban. But the problem is that his “Father” Mr Hameed Gul is still practically heading the Right Wing of Military Establishment and they created “Kaptaan” to support the Taliban, which they consider as “Our Strategic Assets”

So Khan is between the two extremes now

He calls Abrar ul Haq in his processions to attract moderate voter and  says his prayers “In Camera” to prove he is an “Islamist” as well

Sends Flowers for Bait Ullah Mehsood, the most merciless Taliban Butcher and also sheds tears on Shia Killings

Condemns prevailing Terrorism but opposes Waziristan Operation just like he opposed Swat Operation

Supports Difa-e-Pakistan Council DPC and extends hand to Majlis-e-Wahadat ul Muslimeen (MWM)  as well.

The situation had turned into a “Drama” when after having a meeting and joint Press Conference with MWM, Khan declared that MWM had a “Merger” with PTI. Where as MWM very strictly negated any such news and declared it even beyond thinking.

Would this “Dual Play” be able to draw votes from sentimental Teenagers who are shown Sweet Dreams of  “Self Reliance”, “Simplicity”, “Ego”, “Change” and a “Revolution” going to come in 90 days after election of IK as the PM?

The coming elections (if they happen at all) would decide it.

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  • you proved yourself most corrupt person with writting. so you are rental columnist.in the entire pakistan you target just two persons 1.imran khan 2.iftikhar choudhry
    you dont see your father zardari,ur step father nawaz sharif and others, at least you should give some proofs against IK AND CJ otherwise stop barking.

  • I think some of the allegations by the writer are without a proof. Imran Khan is the only politiciAn who visited Hazara Quetta and Gb to personally assess the situation. He should be respected, this is better even for the esteemed forums point of view. better write a balanced column than to target IK who has so far done no harm to country

  • I was criticizing PML-N of cheap politics of Character Assassination of Benazir Bhutto, Imran Khan, Jemima, Distributing semi nude pic of Nusrat Bhutto but it seems this mindset has also grabbed our leftists. Good deviation.

  • Can we please get link of those two articles by Nazir Naji and Haroon Rasheed? That has to be a spectacle

  • Great article by an Irani agent, for them every sunni is taliban and every shia is a moderate playboy. I feel vindicated by Shia’s consistent hate mongering and victimization although occupy every important position in Pakistan and attack sunni symbols at will. Want tolerance but also love Iran’s persecution of sunnis barring them from having azan and a mosque in shia majority area. Continue their hate based practices of Tabarrah, deen e jamil,taqiyyah,mutah etc targeting muslims but find it offensive when someone exposes their real face. Most shias think alike, the darling victims as well as the rulers of Pakistan, having the cake and eating it too nice drama.

  • What a master piece of art Mr Ahsan. Very logical and authentic article even you provide the proof in comments.

    Very true said our current CJ the most corrupt CJ in our history. May Allah give us nijat from him asap.

  • Imran is biggest munafiq and a bast**d person. He looted the zakat of innocent people and made shaukat khanum for his personal gains which he’s enjoying fully now. He’s playboy with affairs with so many national and international ladies. He couldn’t retain his wife and spending his rest of life again as playboy. He owns land of 400 kanals which even big landlords can’t dream of having in Islamabad. Now with the support of agencies and propaganda he’s trying to be messiah. God damn such people and their followers……!!

  • Give me perfect leader. I won’t settle for a leader who is less than an angel. He has has to totally flawless in all respects.
    If you can not give a PERFECT LEADER, the I am very very happy with Zardari and Sharifs and the current state of affairs of this nation.

    Can anyone give me a perfect leader please. I have a small limitation though. I am a Pakistani who is too lazy to to change myself. I just want a PERFECT LEADER please. A leader who can change me and my country, who can make Pakistan the richest and most prosperous country in the world.

    Hellooooo Mr. Naji…. are you still there?


  • Well said Mr Ahsan “Haroon Rasheed in his Column (9 September) has defended the “Kaptaan” just like a loving Mum defends her naughty Son. Or a most loving Daddy like “My Lord” covers up the Corruptions of his son and goes beyond limits for it”. Most of my brothers in their comments are crossing limits in love of IK but none of them is talking about issues raised in your column.
    If we really want a prosperous country we have to learn how to think impartially, based on facts and open our mind to accept truth

  • Shia,secular lobby,socalled progressive nuts,liberal fascists And pro Indian pro western agents are out to damage the honest Imran Khan and CJ as these two are the only hope of 190 million people of Pakistan.

  • I am surprised to see the reaction while writer has mentioned the articles link there.So why we are abusive.Its the reality is so much bitter that your argues have colapsed. Writer never have supported Nawaz shareef or Zardari but how he one can support IK for his shameful acts as mentioned By Nazir Naji.Writter looks pakistani agent more than the agent of any other country and the response shows exactly the historical mindset of Zia Supporters.So i will request the writer to keep it up to unveil the real faces of these untrue leaders.

  • “When Malik went to the Swimming Pool, the lady was alone and Khan was saying his prayers at verge of Swimming Pool” says Mr Haroon

    Haha hahha haha haaha haha haha

    اس سادگی پہ کون نہ مر جاٰے اے خدا
    وار کرتے ہیں اور ہاتھ میں تلوار بھی نہیں
    چھپ چھپ کہ ہمارا دیدار کرتے ہیں وہ
    اور پوچھو تو کہتے ہیں پیار بھی نہیں

  • Very informative and balanced column. One should keep his eyes and ears with all six senses open to not get trapped. Youth of today just want to give him a try as they already judged other politicians and there is no other alternative. But they don’t know this try will be much expensive for Pakistan.

    We Pakistani as nation are so innocent or ignorant that any one can fool us very easily by his good looking face.

    I will dedicate below verses to IK and his supporters:

    عشق قاتل سے بھی، مقتول سے ہمدردی بھی
    یہ بتا کس سے محبت کی جزا مانگے گا؟

    …سجدہ خالق کو بھی، ابلیس سے یارانہ بھی
    حشر میں کس سے عقیدت کا صلہ مانگے گا؟
    ( اقبال )

  • How one can remark like “Great article by an Irani agent,” When the writer observedthe columns written by the most competent and reputed writers and has not modified the original text. Dragging the religion in the local poltics blaming others is not an healthy sign to discuss such irritents. The concept of occupying every important position in Pakistan is not a favour but the competency and faith in the country founded by Shia leader is the moral obligation for them. The other who were just agents of others and opposed the Greate leader at the time of independence could easily be seen with luxurious living here.It ignorent comments on religious difference and hatered policy has never been opted by the revolutioner regime as they believe in brotherhood and utmost try keep away the terrorists from their borders. Unfortunately misshap takes place that in the area where majority Shias live. It is rarely that killing on mass level could be managed like here in Pakistan.Every sect is free to practice his own beliefs and for that matter Sunnies having their own mosques in their populated areas and freely practice their religion.There is no restrictions non Muslims even and they are as good citizens as the majority of the country is. I would suggest you to visit Iran and witness it your naked eyes if possible.

  • Weekly dose of gossip, usually realistic. Link between the two stories:

    An attractive foreign woman journo interviewed The Great Khan last month and then went to a get-together of hacks and hackettes in Karachi. She told her listeners, amongst whom there were two editors and an author that The Great Khan had been most accommodating during the interview. She also said that he’d declared at the end of the interview that had it not been”Ramadan”, he would have asked her upstairs to his room.

  • Friends. Our most politician and other walk of life professionals and beaurocrates and technocrats even judiciary and army officers and high Ranking are living in hundreds of Kanal
    Or square miles property and Most of them are middle class but as soon those people’s become in power and authoritarian within months and year their life style being changed .
    If you you visit their mention and banglos or forum house and meet them , it will remind you RAJA And Mehraja their life style and team of servents and body guards and luxuries style will impression you that these people’s are natural born rich or wealthy family ,Hence in reality most of them was ordinary citizen like Riaz Malik and Reman Malik or Vena Malik and Zeadai and zulfiqar Mirza Cenima ticket blacker or Like Altaf Hussain a poor man living in London just like king of Shah Raza shah of Iran in reality all criminal and blood money of Pakistani .
    Let’s make long story short 99./. of leadership is corrupt and characterless .
    OTHER V/S IMRAN KHAN is natural born hero and well educated man an crismattic personality and world renown person a self made man and income is legal and tax paid money and property Imran khan own within paid and legal way has proof of property and income .
    As for his life style which is according to his personality and ln life he earned and respect he earned and work he performed and done for country and Allah has honor abd reward him in this world after all the fame and wealth his ambition and good thought for his country and people’s of Pakistan his desire to bring change in Pakistan . imran is sincere and faithful for his nation his vision for prospers Pakistan .
    Imran deserve like other to have Bani gala house or place he deserve and any where in world every citizen and human being has full right to lives the way he want as long he obey the law of citizen and have legal money which earned just like Middle eastern kings or celebrity of world they have house in hundreds Kanal it’s their rights because they follow the law and paid tax and money they made is legal money no criminal or corruption element involved .
    Imran khan is the only leader in Pakistan who prove and follow the law and order .
    If compare our present politician then imran deserve and much much better then he is .
    Last: the house he has and peoples who know how to decorate those type of house some foreign company are very especial in their skill and has best expertise out side Pakistan .
    We as Pakistani don’t know about imran khan but people’s especially in Europe western love imran khan legacy he has lot of knowledge and contacts .
    If Gori visit or Gora visit imran khan on official business or his old friends
    I don’t see any thing wrong or sinful .
    We are living in 21 century and modern age not a sting age .
    We should give credit and respect to those deserve and some peoples are special and Allah has bestow them .
    Imran is honest , Simple , sincere don’t judge him by house judge him by his character and present work he is doing and his struggle for country and new generation .
    Imran khan is patriot and he want give better future and house like bani Gala to every Pakistan
    What he achieved he want to give same future to every kids.
    But all others want to keep nation in dark and below the poverty and under oppress to rule pover nation like they being doing 65 years .
    I will request every one don’t believe or listen some black sheeps are in media
    Do your on search . Find the facts and truth .
    Pakistan Zindabad
    Aslam khan PTI VA .

  • Dear Ahsan

    I really appreciate your column; Our nation is so simple that they couldn’t even understand that a guy who has illegal sexual relation with Sita and many more in the past, having land in hundred kannal in Islamabad with illegal money ( while declaring this lands as few millions in asset), hungry for wealth which leads him to marry a jewish girl etc etc; Now they are thinking him as leader to take our destiny in hands.

    I suggest don’t mind for the language they are using; The deserve the person like IK as God keeps the ruler on any nation which reflect the nation character.

    No doubt zardari is corrupt but he is sitting there as most of the nation is corrupt.


  • I condemn LUPB, and certain commentators on this peice for launching personal attakcs against Imran Khan and that also without suffecient evidence.

    On the one hand LUPB condemns narrowminded thinking of certain groups and people and then on the other adopts the exact same narrowminded approach to certain individuals.

    I bet this story isnt even true, and even if it was I know Imran Khan WILL BULLDOZE the elite houses and he will invest more in health and education and reduce poverty unlike our other ”leaders” especially our ”secular liberal” parties WHICH REDUCED HEALTH AND EDUCATION spending and who increased curroption many fold and allowed this nation to be ruled by crooks!

    Sorry but this is really below the belt. Everybody has the rite to speka thier mind but there must be standards!

  • Mr Ahsan well done……thanks for sharing this now i understand the reality of imran khan. He is the most dangerous person for pakistan

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