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Who killed HDP Chairman Hussain Ali Yousafi? – by Raza Changezi

Hussain Ali Yousafi was killed on 26th January 2009 in the early hours of the morning near his office on Jinnah Road Quetta. Apparently it was made to seem that Lashkar-e-Jhangvi had claimed responsibility for the attack on sectarian grounds. But it was a known to all that Hussain Ali Yousafi was not a religious person, in fact he was known as a self-avowed atheist who took pride in his disrespect of religion. His task assigned by ISI was not much different than the one assigned to Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

By what has been said above, no one should think that Hussain Yousafi was a liberal person. He was a wife-beater, a bigot who didn’t allow his daughters to speak to their male cousins living in the same house in a joint family. The person who pretended to be the champion of secularism and liberalism among Hazaras in Quetta forced his daughters to wear hijab and beat them up whenever he thought they were not observing proper hijab. This is an account told by one of his very close relatives.

But in public, Hussain Yousafi was a liberal, and that is how the world knew him. And the above account has been mentioned only to prove that he was not a liberal but a hypocrite. There is no reason and no evidence whatsoever to believe that he was killed by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. He was not killed by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, rather taken out by HDP itself at the behest of ISI and also due to internal politics of the party. ISI feared that Hussain Yousafi was getting close to the Balochs and Americans and was getting out of their hands after having served them for 3 decades. ISI therefore sought the help of its pet-dog in HDP Abdul Khaliq Hazara who connived with them to get Yousafi killed.

In order to absolve itself and HDP of the blame, ISI ensured that its other asset, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, accepted responsibility or that an untraceable phone call was made to a couple of newspaper offices to accept responsibility in the name of LeJ.

An eye-witness of his assassination, standing near the bank from which Yousafi had just withdrawn cash, told me minutes after Yousafi’s killing that the assailant was a Hazara boy. This was much before LeJ claimed responsibility, police initiated investigations and HDP started its fake hue and cry.

It might come as a surprise to the readers that out of the 500 Shia-Hazaras who have been martyred in Quetta by LeJ, along with 200 other non-Hazara Shias, not a single HDP leader or member has been killed. And I have already stated that Yousafi too was killed by HDP and ISI and not LeJ. This is a big question. Why are religious Shia-Hazaras, and even common ones are killed, but not a single HDP person has been killed by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi?

HDP tries to present itself as the voice of Shia-Hazaras and steal their sacrifices and cash upon them, but at the same time, it has not lost a single member to this terrorism? Why? Because it is another ISI asset that is working in alignment with Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. The latter kills Shias, and HDP misrepresents it, creates confusions among them and weakens them internally.

The same had happened even in 1995 when the same elements who latter founded HDP in 2004 sold off Shaheed Abdul Ali Mazara to Taliban and ISI. Shaheed Mazari too was cheated and killed by the same people. Not that Shaheed Mazari and the hypocrite Yousafi stand in the same league, but the latter reaped what he had sown. He and his friends who was still a part of HDP or are its sympathizers and hidden supporters had gotten Shaheed Mazari killed. I will try to write on it in detail some time.

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  • after reading the whole peragraph i just get little bit confused why khaliq is doing such things to the nation even he himself is also a part of the same race and i cant not say about his religon may he is an ethiest person.eventually one can say that khaliq is responsible for the killing of yousafi no one can deny this reality..since khaliq became a chair person of hdp the killing of shia and hazara increasd daily… down khaliq .just rembember isi willnot leave u too when he get his mission comleted so on the spot he will kill u same as sadam, zia ul haq(batil)and so on ….

  • 1. we Hazara Shias of Quetta strongly condemn this article and also condemn this propaganda of #LUSB against the #HazaraShia Nation. we love our martyred Leader Shaheed Hussain Ali yousufi. LUBP u can’t misguide us as u don’t know the ground realities about Quetta. Yousufi was martyred by the same ppl who are still killing HazaraShias in Quetta.Yousufi was a secular, peace loving humanist and remember that Mazari was sold to Talibans by the Iran and her agency. #Shame on u #LUBP, U call ur self the voice of the oppressed ppl but u r hiding all those facts that r related to #Iran, so i will call u #Iran Sponsored Agent.
    2.first of all i want to say to the ppl that this article is not written by Raza Changezi, it is written by the pen of Abdul Nisha Poori himself. Raza changezi is an imaginary character. Abdul Nisha poori wants to use #Hazara’s name against the #Hazara nation, so don’t betray.
    3.LUBP(Abdul nisha poori) calls everyone ISI agents except Mullahs.
    4.The article is based on false claims to damage the reputation of #HDP and creats confusion among Hazara people in Quetta.
    5.LUBP, u say that the assailant of yousufi’s killing was a Haara boy. Again SHAME SHAME SHAME ON U #LUBP. If u don’t know about the HazaraShias then i want to clear one thing that it is on the record that not a Single hazara person is involved in terrosist’s Activities and killings in Quetta. U r damaging the reputation of a peace loving nation in quetta which we will not allow in any case. Down with #LUBP.
    We are aware of everything #LUBP and don’t try to misduide us.

  • Oh come on for God’s sake don’t bring A martyr into disrepute for you petty interests. He was killed and responsiblity claimed by LeJ. Now if that was a fake call and LeJ was not involved then same thing can be applied to all others people who have been killed by LeJ. Perhaps someone else killed them and accepted responsibility by the name of LeJ. LUBP can’t absolve LeJ from Assassination of Yousafi by using such weak arguments.

    Its the trademark of LUBP to level allegations against respected persons without any proof. Something is being done against Mr. Yousafi and his family which is condemnable and reflects the moral fabric of the anonymous persons running LUBP. Every theory mentioned in this article is based on very weak and untranslatable evidences which can’t be used to prove the truthfulness of this crappy theory.

    It doesn’t matter what the hell LUBP writes and confuses people about various issues people have sense and they will not fall prey to their dirty agenda. I am expecting some comments bashing me for my stance by some planted comment makers who will use different names ranging from Changezis to cheemas and etc. I don’t care i will keep on exposing LUBP

  • By reading the articles a sensible person can easily come to the conclusion that the writer is related to any right wing (iranian supported) group or a foreign agent who want to mislead the Hazara PPl. LUBP: Hazara youths are not vulnerable to be betrayed so easily.

  • OOO STFU!!!! Just reveal ur true identity and see how many people find annoying stuff about ur personal life…dnt drag people’s personal life on his efforts for society, his disrespect for religion is none of ur concern as if he was disrespecting then he is paying for it now but what he did for Hazaras we see it now and we will see it always….I clearly see u being an ISI agent could have got a good amount on writing such an insane article!!!
    Just one request tell us who u are and we will find out who u r with ur this pen and who u r with ur family….

  • Its an eye opener article in my view. but i think u shd not have been bringing the internal story of Yosufi’s home. All Hazaras knows that he was very strict abt parda. he wud not let his daughter go out until her mother was not with her for the sake of parda. other then that, yosufi was against mulla and those who were religious. these all are well known facts amongst the quetta hazaras.

  • Ali Raza your writings are the reflection of your prejudicial thoughts against HDP. The source upon which you have relied is not credible. In fact, the assailant of Yousufi was non-Hazara. Lots of Hazaras have been hurt by your articles. Don’t waste your energy in this line because history has proven that conspirators have always failed. Therefore, you are advised to direct you attention and efforts against the on-going killings of Hazaras rather than focusing HDP. Indeed, all your articles against HDP make no sense.

  • HDP kia kisee muzahire may abtak koi damaka nahee howa hain alanke unee jagoo or unee aiyam may mazahbi muzahiro or mazabi lago per bohot say hamlat howa hain , HDP abtak bajai dushman ko jowab denay sari koshish iss per lagahee hain kay hamare beja may kis tara iktalafat bardey , mabfee soch ko bardawa melay , log dushman ko bol kar appass may uljey , jo sab HDP kay agenda ki nishan dai kar rah hain

  • As ghalib said once,dil ke behlane ko yeh khayal acha hai ghalib,the writer is trying to get the favour of hazara ppl by the character assassination of shaheed hussain ali yousufi.once Imam Ali(a.s) that if u want to know a person then u should know about his enemy.today a know the enemy of hussain ali yousufi that their enemies r too characterless and they bow thier head infront of ISI and behind the scene they also work for the interest of iran.the writer must stop about the personal character assassination of shaheed yousufi and about their family matter which r totally baseless.love yousufi and his vision.he will live in our hearts.

  • I am agree with every word of this article. It is strange still today why was lashkar e jhangvi was not willing to accept the responsibility of the attack. The killing of Yusufi gave hdp a chance to cash. It was on his day of killing that hdp tried to show his power by going on the streets, firing and breaking shops. It was after the killing of Yusufi that hdp succeed in standing with other political groups in quetta and showing himself the represenative of nation.

  • The writer is a very nonsense person. He is speaking of the personal life rather inside of the home of Hussain Ali Yousufi. The Writer should be taught the ethics of Journalism. Raising such baseless and frivolous allegations on a Shaheed and on an organization without any proof, reveals that the writer himself is doing all this on the directions of somebody or some organization. Furthermore, the writer has not revealed his own identity to let the people determine the truth of what he is saying.

  • @Tina His lips had been cut off in a fight with one of his own friends when they had a fall out during their days of smuggling weapons and drugs during Afghan war. His moustache covered his lips as well as the story behind it.

  • we totally reject this statement that hdp is representing the whole nation .we can say that hdp is the party that lead the ignorant people towords backwordness and dustraction. hdp works for the benifit of his own party and specially for isi….

  • Abdul Nishapuri i am really confused that why you are still running like a dog after Hazaras Great presonlities
    how ever Khaliq and Yousufi are they are ours no need of these kinds of articles to write by the name of any Hazar guy
    each person of hazar knows that Abdul Nishapuri whos being directed from iran is working among Hazaras for any problem creation.
    more then this if you write propagands against Hazara personalities the next article i am gona write your full detail from the day you were working for IRANS BASIJ till today…………

  • Finally LUBP has showed its true colors by adding Deobandi to my name in my above mentioned Comment. I am seriously offended by this cheap act of the anonymous controllers of this cheap forum LUBP….

    This goes on to show that they can’t tolerate my honest and piercing comments which i make to expose the LUBP

  • I ask LUBP management to remove deobandi from my name immediately. They can’t silence me by using such shameful tactics…..

  • we hazaras are leberal and our leaders are liberals . we totally reject the islamic extermisim and bloody iranian agents in the region . hahahhaa and the author is just an iranian idoit. just go to hell u fool . if u did again then an article will be written about hassan zafar naqvi,ameen shaheedi,allama nasir.syed hashim and many more…………………………….

  • I’m surprised to see this piece here . How this blog can make this headline post . Author is levelIng personal allegation which can’t be verified . This is same tactic likes of tariq Ali uses against aaz and bb . Isn’t bb murder was also an inside job ?

  • Try and try but amazingly I have found that LUBP is really helping HDP I know more then twenty persons who were really against HDP but after visitng LUBP they really became pro-HDP. Keep expposing the Irani Mullahs and their motives and help HDP. Thanks.

  • Making allegations no matter how true would be in vain and rightly so if not backed by evidence. And since there is not a single independently verifiable source or conjection this post would unnecessarily hurt sentiments of Hazara brethren.

    Moreover I am appalled at the mention of wife-beating, restricting daughters etc in the article since there is no way LUBP can corroborate such allegations.

  • Yousafi’s family has become a shame 4 da whole community. Years of subjugation under him had rendered them mentally ill. Now with this new found freedom, his wife and daughters have gone to another extreme. Excessive Drinking, sexual relations with all sorts of men and what not. I’m sure most of Hazaras here know of this.

  • What’s wrong with you Raza Changezi?

    Whatever his wife or daughters do is none of your business! I am neither a Hazara nor in denial of role of ISI and army but you are sick to the core!

    The article you have written without any proof is despicable. You insult a dead man something which BB did not even do for Zia ul Haq.

    HDP maybe a B team of ISI or not but you are definitely not part of PPP which refuses to even disrespect it’s living enemies let alone dead ones.

  • @Sharick He was a public figure who is treated like a god by his party that also killed him, and who treated his family like animals. I just highlighted what he has done to his family. And I don’t care about BB or PPP so don’t blackmail me. You sound like people who praise Bhutto only to abuse Zardari.

  • So I believe it is perfectly okay for others to make comments about the children of BB since clearly it is okay to make comments about children of the above Hazara leader?

    You and your thoughts are downright UGLY!

    I support Zardari and I supported raani shaheed but I cannot support such travesty that you do in the name of PPP especially while knowing that many Hazaras support PPP.

  • Iam a Hazara girl and have close associates with yousufi’s family from the time he was alive. Every word in this article is based on facts. Also I am agree with Raza Changezi that now his daughters r involved in——- n every evil like drinking. HDP is an ISI worker. He is a shame of all Hazaras. Thanks to you for writing facts.

  • AbdulNishapuri kay do bai or baap ko march 2011 main aik bachi ko rape kartey huain gariftar kiya gaya. ye admi khud indian hai or shia nahi balke hindu mazhab ka hai. yeh Pakistan main mukhtalif mazhab or bradary kay logon main shia naam ke mukhtalif ids kay saath fasad pehlane ki koshish kar raha hain. aap sab se guzarish hain ke hoshyaar rahain musalmano.

  • Dear Friends
    Absolutely non sense. who is this fake investigative reporter?? If he can unveil the faces behind the assassination of Shaheed Yousafi then why he does not disclose the identification of all those terrorists who are targeting innocent Hazaras and others.