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What can Federal Ministers gain by killing Khawaja Sharif?‏- by Ali Asad

Ansar Abbasi has again come out with an innovative theory. According to his story attributed to a purported report of Special Branch of Punjab police, some federal Ministers are planning to kill Mr. Khawaja Sharif. He has not disclosed names of the ministers with a foolish argument that it will be of no use. In my opinion, as he has come up with “solid” evidence of alleged maneuvering by the ministers the agencies would investigate without any hush up business. All that he has come out is an attempt to malign Federal Government. This is another ploy of Ansar Abbasi to malign Mr. Zardari because it would definitely end at Presidency.

Let us examine the motives as pointed out by the so called investigative journalist. All of the reasons given are just illogical. Khawaja Sharif will retire in December 2010. There is no high profile case before the LHC CJ which may become threat to the Federal Government and the next three months will inshallah pass peacefully. This time frame is not a secret and all know this very well. Hence to kill in order to get rid of Khawaja is absolutely illogical. The next two reasons are even more absurd. There have been mega blunders on part of Punjab Govt. but the judiciary is mum. Khawaja himself has spoken foolish a number of times but Supreme Court didn’t take any notice. There have been numerous transfers within Punjab administration which were questionable but again SC remained unmoved. Then how can it show any muscle if Kh. Is killed. There have been cases of killing of Judges in the past. Two are quite famous. One is that of Nabi Sher Junejo and the other Arif Hussain Bhatti. Both were killed during NAwaz Sharif Govt. Did the judiciary take stand against the provincial or federal govt. at that time?

The last point is quite funny. The federal Govt. will never impose Governor Rule due to the last experience. Even if there is any thought of such an action the federal govt. may act even act on the pretext that CM Punjab is not a member of Punjab assembly in accordance with Article 224 of The Constitution of Pakistan.

I suggest that shameless Ansar Abbasi be booked for creating anarchy through his conspiracy theories so that political instability vanishes from this country and the rulers take on the real issues seriously.

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Ali Arqam


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  • Ansar Abbasi can never learn. He and his friends write one lie after another just to corroborate their imaginative palpitation.

  • He dreams based on his wishful thinkings and next morning writes in the news paper.Jab tak PML(N) and other baqiat of Zia will exist as a political party, such goons will persist to misguid the people.

  • This fact is probably not known to Ansar abbasi or the IG police who seem to be living in a dead well. If Ansar abbasi is right about the report having been prepared by the special branch then i’m afraid there is a real threat to the CJ LHC. This must be taken seriously. I think the plan of killing him is there but the direction is being set for the future like a long march aimed at toppling the federal govt. The CJ must look for the hidden killer around him.

  • Ansar abbasi has created shamless and baseless story. Now he has made routine to prepare allegative stories against PPP governement. What he think that Pakistani nation think that he is teling them true stories, but he is wrong now Pakistani nation know all political actors and he is the ring leader of siyasi adakar. He always try to mislead the people, he has no value and respect. He is shamless person. we hate Ansar abbassi and spit on him. thooooooooooo.

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