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Imran Khan explains the reason for foreign-sponsored Shia genocide in Pakistan at the hands of Takfiri footsoldiers

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Comparing Imran Khan’s and President Zardari’s statements on Shia massacre at Babusar Pass

I have now had a chance to review two most recent statements by Imran Khan on the ongoing Shia killings in Pakistan, i.e., a press conference and also his talk in Geo TV’s Capital Talk programme.

In my view, both of these statement, when seen together, are very important. Let me explain:

– For the first time, any party head in Pakistan has used the word “Shia genocide”. (Altaf Hussain is perhaps the only other leader to have used this term.) This is a departure from the false ‘sectarian violence’ or sectarianism discourse used by the PPP, PML-N, many right wingers and Pakistani media.

– Imran Khan clearly admits Shia genocide is a country-wide phenomenon, from Gilgit Baltistan to Quetta etc, not limited to particular area or ethnicity.

– He explains in detail the impunity with which well equipped Takfiri militants in military uniforms identified and killed Shia bus passengers (along with two Sunnis who resisted Shia genocide at the Babusar Pass) without any fear of the State. This shows that he is aware of the support available by at least some elements in Pakistan’s security forces to the Takfiri militants.

– When he refers to foreign conspiracy, he points towards the artificial manufacturing of Sunni-Shia sectarian violence (and discourse) in Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, Lebanon, Yemen etc. We all know who are the key sponsors and beneficiaries of the Sunni-Shia sectarian violence in these countries and also in Pakistan. Most importantly Imran Khan says foreign forces want to build pressure on Iran and its nuclear programme through Shia genocide because they want to manufacture Sunni-Shia sectarian violence in Pakistan. In other words, the manufacturing of Sunni-Shia civil war in Pakistan could pave way for the attack on Iran. By remaining united against foreign-sponsored (and of course aided by Pakistan’s military establishment) Takfiri terrorists, Sunnis and Shias of Pakistan could foil such plans. Sunni Shia unity is the key!

Imran Khan’s reference to foreign sponsorship of Shia genocide in Pakistan is not without merit, given that Saudi Arabia is a chief sponsor of LeJ, Taliban in Pakistan and also given that the US and Saudi Arabia are on same page with regards to Iran and also Syria, Bahrain etc. Other foreign agencies too are using local footsoldiers to safeguard their own interests and agenda. For example, a series of CIA memos describes how Israeli Mossad agents posed as American spies to recruit members of the terrorist organization Jundallah to fight their covert war against Iran.

According to a secret memo dated 20 March 2009 sent by Bryan D. Hunt of the US Consulate in Lahore (released by Wikileaks, published by Dawn):

A well-placed Deobandi religious leader told (US Consulate) Principal Officer in a meeting on March 18 that extremist group Sipah-e-Sahaba (SSP) was increasing its activities in the central Punjab city of Faisalabad, the province’s second largest, in collaboration with elements of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and a splinter group from the banned terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM). The cleric reported that SSP had recently launched a pamphlet campaign across the city in which it called for people to take steps to enforce Islamic law….. The pamphlet states that it comes from SSP with support from the TTP and specifically praises “”the enforcement of Sharia in Swat”” and recommends it as a model for Faisalabad. According the religious scholar, a number of girls’ educational institutions in Faisalabad have received letters stating that if they fail to observe purdah, they could be attacked by suicide bombers. The cleric surmised that SSP activities would increase in Faisalabad on the return of its leader Maulana Ludhianvi from a Libyan-government sponsored trip to that country. XXXXXXXXXXXX noted that SSP leaders had long-standing ties with JeM, as both were Deobandi organizations that had collaborated in the past in anti-Shia and anti-India activities. In one case, Maulana XXXXXXXXXXXX claimed that he learned that leaders of the recently banned al-Rashid Trust were coming to address a March 8 SSP conference. Maulana XXXXXXXXXXXX shared that he had received reliable information that SSP leader Maulana Ludhianvi was on a fundraising trip to Tripoli sponsored by the Libyan government. XXXXXXXXXXXX claimed that Ludhianvi had made contact with Libyan officials in the guise of working against Iran and Shia agents in Pakistan. (Note: SSP was originally founded as a violent anti-Shia organization and has, in the past, received extensive foreign funding from a variety of Sunni states, including Saudi Arabia. End Note). According to XXXXXXXXXXXX, Ludhianvi was scheduled to return to Pakistan in “”a few days”” and was bringing with him a “”donation”” from the Libyan government valued at nearly 25 million Pakistani rupees (approximately $312,000) that XXXXXXXXXXXX was certain would be used to increase further SSP activities.

While I could do some nitpicking here and there, overall I think Imran Khan’s stance is improving (from denial or silence to condemnation of sectarian violence to condemnation of Shia killings to condemnation of Shia genocide to the acknowledgement of possible complicit role of the State and foreign agencies), and that further encouragement may be useful so that he completely dissociates himself from the Takfiri Taliban and Lashakar-e-Jhangvi (aka Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat ASWJ).

It’s high time that Imran Khan should openly condemn Takfiri terrorists (murderers of Shias and Sunnis) and their local sponsors in Pakistan just as Faisal Raza Abidi should stop praising Army and ISI (Pakistani sponsors of Takfiri terrorists) and condemning Shia genocide in the same breath.

It’s equally important that the USA and other Western governments stop acting as convenient promoters of Saudi-sponsored Takfiri militants who are not only a threat to Sunni and Shia Muslims of Pakistan, Syria, Bahrain, Iraq etc but also to millions of innocent Christians and other non-Muslim communities in South Asia, Middle East and the West.

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  • Infact, people dont understand Imran like they couldnt Jinnah and still debating. Imran is also Taliban Khan according to some and also Liberal/Secular according to some.

    Actually, Imran is ‘true’ liberal against the ‘liberals’ in Pakistan. As ‘true’ liberal is that who doesnt follow any school of thought but analyze every case on its merit. So, Imran sometimes differ with right wingers so labelled Liberal and when he differ with Left Wingers he labelled Taliban Khan. In US/UK it was ‘liberals’ who oppose War on Iraq and Afghanistan. Liberals in Pakistan before condemning any human right violation, first evaluate on the ideology, but true liberals are not caged by ideology.

  • But why Imran Khan got leadership of Lashkar e Jhangvi, Sipah Sahaba and Difa e Pakistan council in PTI and why the perpetrators of Shia Genocide are hand in hand with PTI and Imran Khan?

    Why Imran Justify collaboration with banned sectarian outfits by saying that they cant be left alone and thown out of contact?

    Sab topi drama hai Taliban khan ka–Baghal mai chri munh main Raam Raam

    Taliban Khan pahlay Shia Genocide kay mujrimon ko daikho jo tumharay saath bed per sotay hain aur un ka aur tumhara ajenda aik hi hai yaani Takfiri Salafi Shariat ka nifaz.

    Taliban Khan Lanat Beshumar


  • Farian

    Difa E Pakistan had some Shia persons too as well as minorities too.

    Second, Imran step in Defa-E-COuncil was to bring such group in politics, rather than putting them toward the wall and than they react like extremists.

    “No Militants group will be allowed to operate in Pakistan” is the policy of Imran Khan.!!

  • @Hamza Baloch

    These Shia persons in Difa e Pakistan Council are of same value like Muslims or Christians in Rashtra Seva Sing/ Shiv Sena or Jews in Nazi Party and the cosmetic inclusion of minority member in openly sectarian and fascist outfits cant hide their draconian nature.

    The exxtremist group can only be allowed in politics if they let down their arms, change their agenda(which is unfortunately to annhilate minority sects or opposit groups by violence) and engage in dialoge.

    No sane person can be in bed with leaders of SSP, LeJ,Jamat ud Dawa etc while they are on killing spree.

    So please stop shamelessly defending Imran on his mistake of going with likes of Ejaz Ch and Co. and shaking hand with Difa e Pakistan Council leadership.

  • Mir b kya sada hein k qatal huwe jin ki sabab
    Unhi Taliban ke londay se ‘Insaaf’ lety hein

    It is highly shameful that the website LUBP which was used to be a progressive voice previously has now sold it conscious out to this cheap fundo Talib Khan. A series of articles in favor of Talib Khan out of way and with all the twisted logic cannot be just a co-incidence.

  • Shafqat, I don’t believe that inclusion of this article necessarily aligns LUBP with Khan. I think they are being a “free press”.
    It is my understanding that Imran Khan is playing a dangerous double game, as many politicians do when trying to stay elected.
    I don’t trust Khan, just based on his previous pro-Taliban, jihadist statements.
    Throw in a little truth with a little fiction, and you can confuse your audience.

  • The basis of this Shia genocide is an evil ideology which breeds hatred & violence against rest of humanity. In Pakistan it started with Ahmadies, then Shias kept quite, Sufi Islam already on the hit, in the end it would be “gallian ho jaan sunjian Tay wich Mirza yaar phiray”
    The only foreign hand here is those of Saudi petro dollars which has destroyed the social fabric of our society. We do not need the crocodile tears of these born again Muslims like Imran Khan. At the end of the day it’s only Jialas who have sacrificed thei lives for high human values. Only these Jialas could speak for Aasia Bibi who is still languishing in prison. For IK only jihadists like Aafia are the daughters of the nation. For God’s sake, stop glorifying these die hard jihadis.

  • Some of my friends in LUBP have different views on this topic, which is part of a healthy debate. I am sure one of them will use these pages to present his/her perspective.

    In my opinion, there is visible change in Imran Khan’s discourse (described in this post) on Shia genocide. It is good but not enough. As long as he does not completely revise his apologist stance towards Taliban (e.g., dialogue with Taliban, violence against innocent people is a reaction to US invasion etc), his sincerity will remain in question.

    The present post on LUBP is aimed at encouraging Imran Khan and his PTI towards adopting a more clear anti-LeJ-Taliban discourse. Given that we (the suffered community and rights activists) are very few, under resourced and lack voice in local and international media, voices such as Imran Khan and Altaf Hussain must be appreciated, particularly when compared with the criminal silence and misrepresentations by President Asif Zardari and PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif, two most powerful politicians in Pakistan who are also in government.

  • While I am totally against killing of any kind without any justification, I would like to inform all of you that it was the shias which actually started the killing especially in karachi. In the 1980’s shia sunni fasaad started. The hamdard dawakhana was torched during that time and as I was standing near a gali , people wearing flame throwers were using it to burn it up. The flames were sticking to anything that it touched, where do you think they got this specialized equipment from? it was not available in karachi. Another country was helping them. I was standing on a tailor shop on 9th muharam at new town, near banori masjid when the jaloos passed on the opposite road which was separate by iron bars when the people in the jaloos started heaping abuse on the people long dead. Now tell me why do they do this and don’t you think that this will cause fights? WHY WHY DO AHLE TASHEE ABUSE THEM? WHAT GIVES THEM THE RIGHT TO DO THIS? PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS IMPORTANT POINT.

    But once again i will still say that the killing of innocents is totally condemnable at all levels,everyone has the right to live, and not to be killed.

    My own family is composed of 50% ahle tashee but they are different from the other shias, the basic difference is that they are not extremists in all things that they do.

  • Arif Nizani’s comments on this matter.
    “Not a word against those who want to undo the system envisaged by Iqbal and the Quaid with a Taliban-led theocracy. Interestingly, Imran, and for that matter the Sharifs, shedding crocodile tears for the minorities seems more elections related than a real change of heart on the subject. Even the PPP’s virtual silence on these vital issues seems strategic and is disturbing.”

  • Saving Gilgit-Baltistan
    By: Jalees Hazir

    September 09, 2012

    Speaking at a press conference in Skurdu last Sunday, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo moto notice of targeted killing of members of the Shia community in Gilgit-Baltistan. His party had announced a day earlier that, if brought to power, it would give representation to the people of Gilgit-Baltistan in the National Assembly and Senate. By addressing the two issues, the PTI has struck the right chord with the people of the region. The question is: why have the established political parties, including the ruling PPP that swept the last elections to the Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly, failed to articulate and address these popular concerns?A few days back as I sat with a politically alive friend overlooking the Indus, I didn’t know how to respond to the frustration in his tear-filled eyes. We were discussing the monster of sectarian divisions that is spilling over from a volatile Gilgit and getting bigger even in Skurdu and other districts that have been famous for tolerance and sectarian harmony. The composure of his historical analysis was replaced by intense emotions, as he asked me in a hurtful tone that shook my heart: “Why doesn’t the Chief Justice take suo moto notice of these repeated killings when even minor incidents in the rest of the country catch his attention? Are the lives of our people not precious enough? Are we not Pakistanis?”It was not the first time that somebody had raised the question, though nobody had done it with such intensity. It’s been over six weeks since I’ve been travelling through this heavenly region and my journey has taken me from Chilas in Diamer district to Karimabad in Hunza-Nagar, from the divided town of Gilgit where streets smell of insecurity to the districts of Astore and Skurdu where peace feels as solid as the mountains. Except in the barricaded town of Gilgit where a visitor no longer feels safe to venture out and mingle with random people, I’ve had the opportunity to share thoughts with people from different sects and diverse economic, social and educational backgrounds. It is amazing that despite such diversity, their concerns are not so different.Besides the expectation from the Supreme Court to take notice of the deteriorating situation in their region, the people express a sense of alienation due to a denial of full citizenship rights. Those still sympathetic to the PPP see the present political arrangement introduced under a presidential ordinance as a step in the right direction, while their opponents see it as eyewash. Both agree that it does not go far enough and that important decisions about the region are still taken by the government in Islamabad, and like everything else, the Zardari regime is adding to the problems rather than solving them. The meddling of the Federal Interior Minister in the strategy to control sectarian violence, and his unhelpful statements in that regard are viewed by many as a hurdle in tackling the growing problem.Whoever I spoke with in Astore, whether Shia or Sunni, was frustrated to see their peaceful district being singed by this unholy fire. A friend kept repeating that the source of this evil emanated from Gilgit and repeatedly asked a simple question: “Why is nobody controlling the hatred being spewed in Gilgit by the top sectarian leadership, residing in palatial houses and moving around town in long cavalcades of expensive vehicles and an army of private guards carrying sophisticated weapons? Why does nobody stop them?” When I asked the same question to people close to the region’s government, they said that such major decisions were not taken in Gilgit, but in Islamabad.The top cleric in Skurdu is very different from his counterparts in Gilgit and he is widely credited for keeping the peace in the city. He has clearly renounced targeting Sunni residents of the city as revenge for the Shia killings, saying it is forbidden to attack innocent people who have nothing to do with the crime. Essentially, he is articulating the feeling prevalent among the general populace. People in every district I spoke with, both Shia and Sunni, talk about the ideal relationship between different sects that they have always known in their areas. They talk about their strong friendships and even intersect marriages that they have grown up amidst. They talk about the need to retain this harmony as sectarian strife would not benefit anyone. They sound confused and helpless, as they see things moving in the opposite direction and distances creep in between their clean hearts, despite such positive feelings for each other.The factories of sectarian hatred are not too many and easily identifiable, and they have made a business out of the incidents of targeted terrorism through their divisive interpretations, rousing sectarian emotions and identities. They would like to engulf the peace-loving and tolerant people of the region in the fire started by the evil acts of a few. On this issue, and on the question of full citizenship rights, the local political leadership across party lines is one with their people. Yet, they have not been able to bring their central leaderships around to articulating these concerns and in the case of PPP that rules the roost in Gilgit and Islamabad, to actually do something about it. It is a sad reflection on our established political parties that PTI, a new entrant that is struggling to find a foothold in the region, has taken the lead in giving a voice to what is in the hearts of the people here.
    The writer is a freelance columnist.Email: hazirjalees@hotmail.com


  • Militants in military uniforms
    News Comments (0)
    2 hrs ago | Comments (0)
    Of late it has been noticed that terrorists have been using military uniform for gaining access and attacking their targets. There are many examples in which militants have dressed in uniforms used by security personnel to either ease their way to the outer cordons of secure installations or to wield an air of authority that initially masks their intent. Shia passengers in four buses were shot dead in Mansehra by terrorists in commando uniforms. In Kohistan in February, on a similar attack on Shia bus passengers, the gunmen were also in military uniform, as were the militants who in October 2009 attacked GHQ in Rawalpindi. Similarly, militants who intruded in PNS Mehran air base in May 2011 and in PAF air base Minhas Kamara in August this year also took advantage of military uniform for gaining access in to their targets.
    However, after the attack on GHQ in October 2009 by the militants who were dressed in army uniform it was decided by the GHQ that all shops selling different items of military uniforms in the local market will be closed to deny unauthorized persons to purchase these items freely. But this decision was never implemented. There are thousands of shops in the country supplying all the items of army, navy, rangers, coast guards and police which include rank badges, unit shoulder signs, caps, cap badges, arm bands, belts, boots, stitched uniforms and availability of cloth for any type of uniform. There are also tailors in the local market where one can get uniform stitched/altered. In a barber shop one can also get military style haircut. Similarly, all types of military cloth and stitched uniforms, boots, belts and caps etc, are also available in huge quantity for open sale in the local ‘Lunda Bazar’ in every city of the country.
    It is pertinent to note that no item of PAF uniform is allowed for selling in the local market. All uniform items of the PAF are controlled stores and new items are issued to PAF personnel only after their uniform items are rendered unserviceable through fair wear and tear. PAF personnel have to return these unserviceable items are put before a ‘Board of Officers’ for converting them in to cleaning rags after tearing them in to small pieces. Hence, there are no chances of misusing any item of PAF uniform.
    I would request the Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) Pak Army General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani to take notice of this security lapse on the part of the concerned in the Pakistan Army to take action on the same pattern as taken by the PAF.
    Sqn Ldr (retd) S Ausaf Husain


  • MQM being targeted for standing against sectarian violence: Raza Haroon
    By Ema Anis
    Published: August 31, 2012

    KARACHI: The workers and office-bearers of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) are being targeted in Karachi because of the party’s stand against rising sectarian violence, said party leader Raza Haroon during a coordination committee press conference on Friday.
    Haroon said that it was only MQM chief Altaf Hussain who had raised his voice against all sorts of violence, extremism and terrorism taking place across the country and also helped the victims. “He was the only leader who condemned the genocide of Shia community and stood against it,” Haroon said.
    The party leader maintained that criminal elements in the country who are set to destroy Pakistan did not approve of MQM’s stance against sectarianism and therefore, started targeting its workers and office-bearers.
    Citing incidents from the past week in which MQM workers were killed, Haroon questioned what their crime was for being targeted. “Their only crime was that they were going door to door spreading Altaf Hussain’s message of peace and promoting Sunni-Shia harmony,” Haroon said.


  • This article proves that LUPB consistent efforts or misunderstanding of Imran Khan is not credible. While LUPB consistence stance on certain issues is laudable, it is not wise to attack or criminalize everyone, who dont exactly talk in the same tune or frequency. All human beings are learning as they go along, and some people will take time to understand how things work, you cant just attack anyone who agree with you 95%, but then disagrees or is different on 5%.

  • Dear All,
    All you guys must be aware of some important things that is done and by the muslim umma last years and can preach in gatherings so we can eleminate sectarian hatred. Prophet PBUH said “My ummat will not be united on evil” keeping the saying in view please refer to this link. http://ammanmessage.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=82&Itemid=60
    In this like you will find fatwas of the international ullamas from all sects of islam that they all agreed on one thing that no one can give fatwa against any sect.