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We look forward to the follow up story to the plot to kill Justice Sharif- by Chaudry Ahmad Khan and Ahmad Iqbalabadi

Even “yellow journalists” would be insulted to be in the same category as the Jang Group. A media group that has always promoted the interests of dictators, bigots and fascists has been at the forefront in maligning the current elected PPP-led government. The news item, ” Plot to kill Justice Sharif Unearthed ” (The News, September 11, 2010) smacks of the innuendo, gossip and mendacity or as GEO likes to call it, news! Earlier the same author, i.e. the apex investigative journalist of Pakistan, HE Ansar Abbasi had made himself a laughing stock by filing a report titled Get CJ Iftikhar operation on the cards in June 2010.

The sheer failure and incompetence of the Punjab Provincial Government makes it imperative that they have to rely on the crutches of establishment proxies like the Judiciary and the media. This is a similar instance when GEO’s resident Talibanistas like Ansar Abbasi, indulge in their favorite game of PPP-baiting.

The entire “news” report does not possess an element of substantiated fact that would allow for its preposterous conclusion. The motives listed for ” killing” Justice Sharif are even more laughable. As it is not the way to get rid of him, he is already at the end of his term. PML(N) Govt can not be discredited or embarrassed with such act as everyone knows CJ Sharif’s cordial relations and media sympathies with the Sharifs, and as usually after every act of  terrorism, the blame is shifted on the federal Govt, and federal Govt. will never dig their own grave.

PPP Govt will never commit the mistake of imposing Governor’s Raj as they have learnt from their previous follies.

In fact Sharifs and their counterparts in Judiciary and Lawyers will be benefited as it will be a blessing for them as they will get a ” POLITICAL SHAHEED ” for a new phase of destabilization and dragging through the mud campaign against the federal Govt .

Justice Sharif has openly come out and expressed his anti-Hindu views which could be viewed as a sign of bigotry. Similarly, he has explicitly expressed his anti- PPP  political recommendation. Such views would endear him to the violent sections of society. Far from making him the target of violent criminal elements, such view would endear him to the very Pro Taliban militias and elements.

Off course, in the alternate universe that is being propagated by the likes of the Jang Group and their various subsidiaries like GEO and ARY, the likes of the LHC CJ, Justice Sharif are an anathema to the “Liberal fascists” who control Pakistan!

Having filed his report to be published on Eid day, Ansar Abbasi and his pals like Ahmed Noorani have been making rounds amongst PPP’s 3rd tier leadership such as district and provincial level leaders by calling them up, sending SMS and asking questions whose answers can only try to substantiate Ansar Abbasi’s story.

The questions that are being asked include: linking a certain Babar Sindhu to the President and asking them if Babar Sindhu has been tasked to kill CJ Sharif and that this Babar Sindhu has gotten criminal elements released from prisons to carry out the task. Some office bearers have also been harrassed by asking them questions about calls being received on their phones and money being transferred to their accounts and vehicles provided to carry such tasks.

First and foremost EVEN if there is such a plan, no one will ever admit it. Why do Ansar Abbasi and his gang come up with stories that are only there to keep them in the news? If you can’t substantiate such stories, why come up with them? I feel that stories will be published as a follow up to the Eid day story on 14th September. Whatever the story it will be, it will for sure be full of innuendo and 2+2=22 kind of version by the leading yellow journalists group called Jang Group.

Here are the news segment published in “The News” and “Daily Jang” respectively

Plot to kill Justice Sharif unearthed

ISLAMABAD: Special Branch Punjab, the leading provincial intelligence outfit, has generated a horrific report about an alleged plot prepared by some top federal figures to assassinate the Honorable Chief Justice Lahore High Court Khawaja Muhammad Sharif, it is learnt. Credible Punjab government sources confided to The News that the report has been immediately shared with the ISI to cross-check its credibility whereas the Punjab Police and counter terrorism department have been asked to immediately launch an operation against those identified in the report as “hired assassins”.

The Inspector General Punjab, according to the source, personally visited the Honorable Chief Justice and informed him of the alleged plot. Chief Minister Punjab, the source said, has directed the police to take all possible measures for the safety and security of the top judge of the province. Three key federal authorities have been named in the report as the plotters however; this newspaper is not unveiling them because of the sensitivities involved and also for the reason that at this stage the disclosure of their names would be premature. The report also contains the names of the hired assassins but this information is being withheld by The News on the request of the source, who insisted that the disclosure of their names would make it hard for the provincial government to get hold of them.

The report titled “PLAN TO ELIMINATE A VALUE TARGET” was recently submitted to the Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif as “Most Immediate” and “For the CM’s eyes only”. The source of this shocking information has been identified by the agency as “a dependable source”.

The three-page intelligence report gives all the necessary details about the plotters as well as the hired assassins. It has also identified a “special cell” created by the plotters to execute the assassination plan.

The plot envisages hiring of hardened criminals, who are likely to make a murderous attempt on the CJ LHC during his visit to ancestral house at Tape Road, backside of Veterinary Hospital Lahore, where he comes on the last Friday of every month and holds a Milad function from Asar to Maghrib. “Since a large number of people attend the Milad and the security measures on the occasion are not adequate, the criminals are expected to target the CJ LHC here,” the report warned. The report revealed that a person, involved in judge’s murder case but acquitted recently and considered closely associated with a key federal figure, got released some of diehard criminals (all named in the report) and constituted a gang of criminals/hired murders. All the gang members have a long criminal history and background. The report also reflected on their hideouts. The report also revealed that in an important official residence, a special cell is working on the formulation of another team of criminals (whose names are also included in the report). The criminals, identified in the report, are said to be regular visitors of the important official residence. These criminals are also said to be trying to get released some more criminals from jail. A federal minister, who is amongst the alleged plotters, according to the report, views that CJ LHC is close to Mian brothers and considers him as an obstacle in furtherance of PPP’s objectives/designs in Punjab.

“By achieving the said high profile objective, PPP will gain the following:

(i) Getting rid of CJ LHC Khwaja Muhammad Sharif;

ii) Embarrassment to government of Punjab in judiciary;

iii) Discredit the PML-N government in the eyes of public, media, lawyers etc; and

iv) Pave way for enforcing Governor Rule in Punjab by propagating that the government has failed to check terrorism in an effective manner.

The report sought from the government to beef up the security measures of the CJ LHC besides putting a close watch on the activities of the aforementioned criminal elements.

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  • saner elements in journalist society must come forward to convince Mir Shakeel and his cronies to be objective in reporting and even in making an opinion. There are so many instances when this group had resorted to mud slinging. They have been giving dates after dates for packing of the present system. They have been coming with all sorts of absurd corruption stories which hvae nothing to substantiate. Mr. Zardari is I think the most vulnerable personality to be blamed for any event occurring in this universe by these goebelians.
    The fashion of involving Zardari with every event must end now.
    I appeal all saner lements in our intelligentia to avoid creating istability in this country. It will endanger our existance.

  • It is ironic that in Pakistan religion can be used a tool appease the sentiments of the masses and progressive elements are shunned by religious zealots. Such parties are doing no good to politics and in addition are distorting the image of Islam. The reason because extremism is so widespread in Muslim societies is perhaps because most of the governments are authoritarian and repressive.

  • There comes a twist in the story. It is fake and concocted by no less than an ADG in Special Branch of Punjab Police. I shall again advise the CJ LHC to be aware of his 37 yrs long benefactors. The man who once hovered CJ’s sons with envelop-gifts is now fed up of him. It seems that Khawaja has become useless to him. He will perhaps make him another Tahir ul Qadri, who was lucky to be still alive. In order to get political gain and perpetrating another series of anarchy in Pakistan, The Takht e Lahore may eliminate him.
    The Khawaja must realise that the objectives as given in so called report are laughable as far as PPP is concerned. PPP will gain nothing by his murder. The only beneficiary of his murder will be PML N and particularly the Mian Brothers. So inspite my reservations about his performance as a judge I will advise that he should seek the help of Federal Government for his security and never trust Punjab Govt.

  • Ehsan denies authoring report on LHC CJ’s murder plot
    By Zulqernain Tahir Saturday, 18 Sep, 2010 http://www.dawn.com/wps/wcm/connect/dawn-content-library/dawn/the-newspaper/front-page/ehsan-denies-authoring-report-on-lhc-chief-justices-murder-plot-890

    Governor Salman Taseer has written a letter to Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, requesting him to order a thorough judicial probe so that

    LAHORE: Former chief of the Special Branch of Punjab Police, Col (retd) Ehsanul Haq, finally broke his silence on Friday and said that neither he nor his subordinates had authored a report about a plot to assassinate Lahore High Court Chief Justice Khwaja Mohammad Sharif.

    “I have nothing to do with this report. The report that appeared in a local newspaper is not that of the special branch. My department did not issue any such report,” Col Ehsan said while talking to Dawn.

    This is the first time that the former chief of the special branch, who is now heading the civil defence department, has clarified his position on the controversy which erupted over a week ago after the publication of the report.

    “Yes we have some information, but it was of initial level which needed to be further verified. It was our in-house working and the information was classified,” he said, adding that the issue was now getting politicised.

    Although there are reports that he and a senior official of the special branch have been put under “protective custody”, by the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA), Col Ehsan said: “I am not detained by any law-enforcement agency.”

    He, however, appeared to be under immense pressure because sources say that the Punjab government wants him to give a statement of its liking.

    The “so-called” special branch report which does not even have the signature of any official or seal claims that three PPP personalities – a federal minister, a federal government’s nominee in Punjab and a PPP Punjab office-bearer – has planned to assassinate Justice Khwaja Sharif.

    The Federal Investigation Agency, which is investigating the matter, has recorded the statement of Col Ehsan and interrogated about six people arrested in this connection. FIA’s Punjab director Zafar Ahmed Qureshi is heading the probe.

    “Ehsan asked investigators to talk to the chief minister’s principal secretary, Dr Tauqeer Shah, for his role in ‘preparing and releasing’ the report,” the sources said.

    “We and CIA interrogated the six arrested persons, who were allegedly involved in the murder of Additional Advocate General Arif Bhinder and Inspector Navid Saeed a few years ago. It was suspected that they might attack the LHC CJ, but this information was old. During interrogations they confessed neither to any such plot nor to any link with the PPP,” an FIA official further said.

    Punjab government spokesman Senator Pervaiz Rashid told Dawn the ‘special branch’ report had been sent to the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) to check its authenticity.

    Meanwhile, Governor Salman Taseer has written a letter to Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, requesting him to order a thorough judicial probe so that people could know the truth.

  • Aamir Mughal: I have read Ayaz Amir Column. Iagree with him that the report is itself laughable as far as objectives are cocerned. But I dont agree that the report should not be given an iota of importance. In my opinion the authors of this imaginative “report” must have sinister designs. They have tried to widen the gap between federal govt. and judiciary. When we say that there is a storm in a tea cup we must first realise that storm may not come but still there is tea in the cup……the authors on there own might be planning on the murder of that PPP hater just to gain politically out of it.

  • LHC CJ ‘murder plot’: Two top officials ‘refuse’ to appear before FIA By Zulqernain Tahir Tuesday, 12 Oct, 2010 http://www.dawn.com/wps/wcm/connect/dawn-content-library/dawn/the-newspaper/local/lahore/lhc-cj-murder-plot-two-top-officials-refuse-to-appear-before-fia-200

    LAHORE, Oct 11: Two top officials of the Punjab government have ‘flatly refused’ to appear before the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to record their statements regarding an alleged plot to assassinate Lahore High Court Chief Justice Khwaja Muhammad Sharif, sources told Dawn.

    According to the sources, Punjab Prosecution Secretary Rana Maqbool and chief minister’s private secretary Tauqeer Shah at least three times flouted the FIA summons in this regard.

    Rana Maqbool, the former inspector general of Sindh police, even refused to receive the FIA summons, thus making a mockery of the federal agency, the sources said.

    Mr Maqbool is also accused of physically torturing Asif Ali Zardari, now president of the country, in police custody in 1999.

    After the blatant refusal of the two top figures to appear before it, the FIA’s inquiry has been reduced to mere interviews of some officials of the special branch, including its former chief Col Ehsanul Haq (retired), and the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA).

    FIA Lahore Director Zafar Ahmed Qureshi, who is conducting the inquiry, seems to have no idea how to proceed against the two close aides of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif ‘legally’ for not appearing before him.

    “We will opt for a legal course in this regard,” Mr Qureshi told Dawn, without explaining how his agency would initiate any action against the powerful provincial officials. He, however, admitted the FIA inquiry would remain inconclusive without the statements of the two officials.

    Talking to Dawn, Rana Maqbool denied receiving FIA summons. “I have not received any summons from the FIA in this respect,” he said.

    A source said both officials were deliberately avoiding the FIA probe on the orders of their ‘boss’ as their statements might lead to another controversy.

    Governor Salmaan Taseer has alleged Rana Mqbool and Mr Shah, respectively, drafted and released to media the controversial report to defame him (Mr Taseer) and other PPP leaders. The FIA is reported to have evidence in this connection.

    The controversial special branch report, which does not even have the signature of any of the officials concerned, says three PPP personalities – a federal government’s nominee in Punjab, a federal minister and a PPP Punjab office-bearer – are involved in hatching a plot to assassinate the LHC chief justice by hiring hardened criminals.

    The report was prepared on Aug 2 and subsequently released to a section of media in September.

    Col Ehsanul Haq (retired), who was special branch chief at that time, had denied authoring the report. However, in the police custody he admitted that he had a ‘source report’ in this regard.

    “The police and special branch personnel had raided the house of Col Ehsan after the publication of the report to coerce him into giving a statement supportive of the provincial government stance,” a friend of Col Ehsan told this reporter.

    The Punjab police and ISI inquiries have already declared reports regarding the alleged involvement of the PPP men in the plot “false and baseless”.