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HDP’s diabolical game in Quetta – by Raza Changezi

On 2nd September (Sunday) four Pashtun boys were held by Shia-Hazara boys when they tried to desecrate an Alam that had been fixed on a mountain top in Quetta behind the densely Shia-Hazara population of Marriabad.

The boys were shifted to Milo Shaheed Trust Alamdar Road by the angry youngsters who by then were supported by a mob. But Sardar Saadat Ali Hazara intervened timely to ensure that the 4 Pashtun boys who had committed the act were kept safe and handed over to the Frontier Corps. The mob did not do what such mobs usually do in Punjab in similar instances.

This is not the whole of the story, because there was much that happened behind the scenes and the people who had designed the game could not see their plan fail, therefore they resorted to other means.
There are now reports that the 4 boys, who happened to be Pashtun, were actually paid by a madrassa cleric, supposedly on ISI pay roll, to commit this act, which was then to be continued by ISI’s assets among Hazaras, the Hazara Democratic Party.

First, a cleric chose 4 Pashtun boys to desecrate an Alam, a holy symbol for Shias. This was done, on the one hand, to instigate the religious Hazara-Shia youth and present them to the world as fanatics, and on the other, to create a conflict between Hazaras and Pashtuns, both of which would have supported HDP in Quetta as well as externally.

During the past 2 years Sardar Saadat Ali Hazara’s return from self-exile in Canada has changed the scenario and political landscape in Shia-Hazara areas of Quetta. Sardar Saadat Hazara is at the moment the most respected and popular person among Shia-Hazaras and his arrival has reduced HDP to a non-entity among Hazara. Although HDP still uses its resources in the ISI to pimp itself as the face of Shia-Hazaras of outside Quetta, the truth is that within Quetta, HDP’s name and any association with it has become a stigma, rather an outright disgrace.

Other than Sardar Saadat Hazara factor, there is one more factor which is worrying HDP in Quetta. In the past few months, numerous Shia-Hazaras and all of Persian-speaking Shia-Yousafzais have joined PkMAP and ended HDP’s dreams of winning 2 provincial assembly seats from Quetta.

HDP now has two goals. To present the secular Sardar Saadat Hazara and his supporters as religious fanatics to neutralize the first factor, and to create open conflict with Pashtuns in order to get votes on the basis of threats from Pashtuns to Hazaras, and also blackmail and threaten the Shia-Hazaras who have joined PkMAP and present them as traitors.

In order to fulfill this plan, HDP in cahoots with ISI, used 4 Pashtun boys through a madrassa cleric to desecrate an Alam. If they were not caught, the practice would have continued till they got caught. And when they were caught, they were supposed to be mauled, beaten up and may be even killed, either in anger or through planning.

HDP’s plan was to get the 4 Pashtun boys caught and blame whatever happened to them on Sardar Saadat Ali Hazara and his supporters. This evident from the fact that the moment this incident happened, HDP initiated an sms campaign in Quetta and thousands of messages were sent shaming and blaming Sardar Saadat Ali Hazara for something he had not done. If he did anything, it was to ensure the safe release of the 4 boys. The other part of the plan was to instigate Pashtuns in Quetta against Hazaras, depending in what happened to the Pashtun boys, and therefore create insurmountable distances between Pashtuns and Hazaras in Quetta.

When Sardar Saadat Hazara foiled this plan and ensure the safe release of the 4 boys who were supposed to be handed over to law enforcing agencies, HDP’s armed thugs reached the areas near Milo Shaheed Trust threatened to fire upen law enforcing agencies, including the FC, and created havoc in the city, which again they blamed on Sardar Saadat Hazara through an sms campaign.

All this by HDP, and much more before this, only to earn some votes and somehow manage to win a provincial assembly seat and obviously to serve their masters in ISI.

I leave the decision to the masses. But I request everyone to know and realize that HDP is a non-entity in Quetta. Only a fascist clique that thrives on support from ISI. The Shia-Hazaras of Quetta know this and have discarded HDP, but we request the people in the media and those who do not know much about Quetta to please know the real face of HDP thugs and stop giving them and their agents on social media any importance.

ISI hired these Takfiri miscreants through a Deobandi madrassa cleric

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  • The writer’s views are baseless.
    how come HDP arranges 4 Pashtuns, provided by a Madrasa, and those 4 are ready to be killed ….. sounds crazy
    I would ask the writer not to hurry…. he should have taken time so that he could come up with a better plot.
    Shame on You

  • This baseless piece defies reasons on many occasions and is yet another sorry attempt to malign the sole political representative of Hazara community. The writer starts with it’s biased opinion and prejudice against HDP by terming it an ISI pimp (an insulting claim indeed with no base). The 4 miscreants caught are blamed to be an HDP conspiracy to malign Sardat Sadat which is disgusting given the fact the only argument given to support this claim are alleged sms-campaigns blaimed on HDP with no proof of the alleged msgs and most of all any of their association with HDP as to how on earth did the writer claimed those sms’s were from the HDP camp !!!
    The writer further blames HDP of creating ethnic rift between Hazaras and fellow Pashtoon community (again an outrageous claim) ignoring all the press releases and press conferences and meetings of top leadership of HDP and fellow Pashtoon and Baloch parties on numerous occasions aiming to promote an air of harmony in the province as any sort of ethnic rift would be a serious blow to the interests of Hazara Baloch and Pashtoons which the mindful political leadership are well aware of !!!
    The piece aims at dividing the already bereaved Hazara community and is an appalling attempt which shall find no advocate of it’s claims !!!

  • Miss Cheema ! HDP was founded in 2004 and the genocide started in 1999. Even it was seeded long ago in 1985-6 when the incident of July 6 happened.
    and it was all the clerics behind it.

  • Fire in the dark…i have seen the recent interview of sardar in samma TV who favoure ISI.MR.Raza changezi you have just wasted your time for writing baseless article.

  • Sorry to say this to LUBP, but this article is utter bull crap. The obviously partisan claims, accusations, innuendos and smearing in this article makes one throw up at it.

    And you LUBP keep running stories from authors with Quetta sounding names who remain anonymous and thus can sling as much mud to the good names of people as their sorry hearts desire.

    LUBP should take their responsibility of running a balanced and transparent site seriously. I will and other readers will otherwise not read you any more because you have become a propaganda website and become irrelevant.

  • i was near milo trust when i heard of the situation. it was tense and ppl were very angry. then pashtunkhwa ran the news on media that hazaras had kidnap their ppl which was a false story. the 4 ppl catched by ppl had come with evil design. they had been paid by agencies to do the act. sardar sadat tried to understand the mob that it was all a plan so youth must leave them go. he was warning that they want to bring the war to our doorstep. unfortunately few hdp guys fired a round which cud be dangerous. thank god nothing wrong happen and sardar sadat let the four men in the police custody and youth went home. hdp must show responsibility as he is doing dirty politics for last few years.

  • I would prefer to kill this bastard rather than hand over to any front corps.
    in order to let them know that Mari Abad is no Kharot Abad it is the valley of love and honor.
    why HDP is acting conservatively.

  • Confrontation Vs Alignment: There are secret hands with ill-intention to increase tention in the region and deviding people by the name of ethnicity and especially Shia/Sunni. See this facts Arab and other Islamic country. People/organizations intentionally or unintenationally pursuade in that direction.
    Therefore Writer/Analyst/Social activist must know where they are influenced from? Are they capacitating the community and collaborating and connecting the activities, thoughts and people or deviding them in parts. The writer here despite having good analysis un/intentionally devide people and tried to put fuel on fire of blam-game.

  • An HDP propagandist based in Afghanistan is upset:

    Ahmad Shuja احمدشجاع ‏@AhmadShuja
    OK, seriously, what has LUBP got against HDP? http://criticalppp.com/archives/226239 Seems like beyond criticism; it reeks of an agenda.


    Haider Changezi ‏@Aushpaz
    #HDP’s crime as per #LUBPigs; striving hard to bring ethnic & sectarian harmony in #Quetta amongst #Baloch, #Pushtun, #Hazara & #Settlers.

    Zainab Binte Ali ‏@ZainabBinte_Ali
    @Aushpaz HDP threatens people who are against them or LUBP? Waiting for your IronClad rebuttal there.:)

  • Claiming the sole political party of Hazaras of quetta as the pimp of ISI working to make ISI agents happy and manage to win provincial assembly seats is just disgusting. Where are the proofs and references of this high claimed so called analysis, all the materials are completely baseless.
    The piece totally aims the division of Hazara community but it will never misguide the intellectuals.
    Agreed with Ahmad Shuja احمدشجاع ‏@AhmadShuja
    Seriously, what has LUBP got against HDP?? Seems like beyond criticism; it reeks of an agenda.

  • Hdp can do anything to win elections. It’s first trying to create fear in Alamdar road among Hazaras. It doesnt want any party and person to criticise it. Anyone who criticise them is called anti Hazara. Nalat.

  • HDP being the sole representative of Hazara Community is the most respected entity in Quetta and other areas. Indeed the article is baseless but one must know what made him write this piece, what are his links and aspirations. Raza being our brother shouldn’t be alienated at all, his opinion should properly be addressed. The question is what solid proof can the supporters or the HDP itself can provide against these all allegations. That’s a serious blot and should urgently be responded before the rift is created.

  • Pashtuns come to Alamdar Road, do whatever they were assigned by the agencies and then try to escape. Media runs a ticker that 4 Pashtuns were kidnapped. Mashriq Akhbar ran a campaign against Hazaras. Jang Akhbar followed the line. Media is going against Hazaras. We dont need any division at this time. Every one should try to understand what’s happening. Political and religious parties of Hazaras must sit together and find a way out. Fighting between themself will hurt them.

  • Is it a coincidence that the terrorist who was killed by Ibrar last month when he tried to kill him was also a Pashtun from ATF? Are Pashtun elements also coming part of Lashkari Jangvi?

  • Last night, the war was being brought to our homes. We must be careful. All parties should get together and unite against all the conspiracies.

  • To promote some one does not mean to let some one else down. The writer has gone so far in enmity with HDP. While Urdu Print medai is running a campaign against hazaras this piece of writing will help them promote their agenda.
    Mr. Raza Changezi it would have been quite appreciated if spent this time agianst the HazaraShia Genocide in Quetta rather to spent on writing agains HDP. Think again and again while writing such a script.

  • I feel sorry for your peace of writing. Despite the fact that you seem educated, the arguments are out of share ignorance and grudge against HDP. Dear brother, please be a symbol of guidance and educate the people about real facts. Dividing your own home will fulfill other’s agenda. I am sure that before writing this worksome piece you new the whole plan. Don’t spread hate please. All Hazaras should be one and should join hands with Shias of Pakistan and peace loving other Pakistani brothers to eradicate this menace of one sided target killing.

    We all should be a symbol of unity, peace and humanity living beside our Pashtuns & Baloch brothers.

  • bravo to the writer!!!! at this critical time u managed good to create a dispute among ur ownself. ur article is a prove who is an ISI agent here. if u were a hazara u would have realised what ur article would turn for hazara nation, for media and for other people we all are the same hazaras with only political party HDP which by ur article shows that HDP (which means we all hazaras) are ISI agents….think before u criticise!!!
    u people should have done all this against HDP when there was a normal environment but in this situation shame on u!!!

  • Mr raza changazi, why you are going to separate hazara community for fill fullness of other’s agenda. if you belong to us so work for peace n unity coz we have many enemies who wants 1.leave quetta, 2 chnage ur religion 3. or survive as salve. which one is your priority to work ?
    it is a shameful job to work for other’s agenda. plz don’t waste your time.

  • اس وقت ھمارے خلاف بھرپور سازش ھورھی ییں ،جس میں ایجنسیاں اھم کردار ادا کررھی ییں ، البتہ اس سازش کی اھم کڑی یعنی ایچ ڈی پی ساری غلط فہمیوں کو بڑھاو دینے کیلیے میڈیا کے توسط اپنا بھرپور کردار ادا کررھی ییں ، جسکا ثبوت انکے بیانات ییں جو ھزارہ قوم کے کردار کو متنازعہ بنانے اور دشمن کے دعوووں کو حقیقت کا روپ دلانے کیلیے دیا جارھا ییں، یقینآ لشکرجھنگوی نے ھزارہ قوم کو ناقابل تلافی نقصان پہنچایا ھے لیکن لشکر جھنگوی کے خلاف بننے والے غصے کو ٹھنڈا کرنے اور قوم کے ارادوں کو متزلزل کرنے میں جو کردار ایچ ڈی پی نے ادا کی وہ کویی نہیں کرسکا ، اسی لیے پوری قوم اپنے خلاف ھونے والی اس سازش میں شریک جرم دونوں ٹیموں لشکر جھنگوی اور ایچ ڈی پی کے کردار کی حقیقت جان گیی ییں اور وہ دن دور نہیں جب قوم ایچ ڈی پی کے دفتر کو راکھ کی ڈھیر میں تبدیل نہ کرے

  • I don’t get why the writer wasted his time in writing this POINTLESS article. There is nothing to this article but a bunch of lies. Do you really think that writing such pieces is going to get you anywhere??? I don’t think you realize what you have done here. All this time HDP has been trying to show us as civilized and inocent people infront of the media but with your this article you have tried your best in making Hazaras look like fools who do nothing but turn against eachother all the time.
    You talk about Sardar Saddat being a “good” leader. Have you eveR watched his interviews??? He appears to be drunk on EVERY SINGLE ONE of the interviews and you call him a leader! I’m sure you won’t know that he claims to be a worshiper of the ISI and loves what they do.

    Here is a piece of advise. GO AND LOOK FOR THE TRUTH/ EVIDENCES AND THEN WRITE AN ARTICLE. You should be really proud of yourself for putting all the lies together and making the us THE HAZARAS look miserable.

  • Insane writter,he is a paid writter by sardar sadat ali to write against HDP,all the points r baseless,after facing very bad experience at milo trust,sardar sadat give money to this insane writter to blame this on HDP.

  • A request for mr.raza,plz dont try to misguide the people,ur article is totally baseless,it is not the first time that some pashtoon has caught from ziarat but it happened many time,n if u remember that before some years a pashtoon was found dead at ziarat mountain,will u blame to HDP as well????

  • u are an agent no need to clear for us these things we know better who is working for agencies or who is trying to bring face to face the nations in Balochistan from manay years who have been working for shia hazaras of Quetta

  • This article is a load of ‘Rubbish’. I’d rather ask this petty writer how much he is paid to spit this venom??

    I’m a Hazara myslef and I was constantly scrutinizing the mob that gathered outside Milo Trust. This petty writer has painted a world of his fantasy devoid of any supporting fact but it remains obvious that he is a stooge himself and is serving those elements who want to destabilize Balochistan and Hazaras community.

    I condemn this piece of writing because it serves no purpose other than to delude people with false reporting & analysis. And by the way, no firing took place by HDP members as it was mentioned above by FIDA.

  • HDP has a proven record of sowing seeds of hatred among the Hazaras of Quetta in the name of religion, belief, liberal and non-liberism.

    There are also examples that HDP is intertwined with Lashker-e-Jhangvi’s terrorist activities at especialy at the Hazaras.

    If people have got access to intelligence reports, they must read it themselves.

    Syed Talib Agha got killed by the Lashker-e-Jhangvi on Fatima Jinnah Road but Abdul Khaliq Hazara’s agents from Alamdar Road had phoned up some misteriously people that Syed Talib Agha was come to bazaar.

    He had gone to Bazaar at about 7:00 PM on a Sunday and how on earth the terrorists would still know that he was coming back despite the fact that he had just returned from picnic.

    Shaheed Hussain Yousufi (the ex-charmain of HDP) got killed by Lashker-e-Jhangvi in February, 2009 but Abdul Khaliq Hazara was behind his murder as his people had phoned up some unknown numbers hours before the murder of Yousufi.

    Access those secret reports if you can and they will reveal heart-lacerating facts about HDP’s anti-Hazara actvities in Quetta.

  • shame on you writer and on your propaganda these all you have written is wrong and have no evidence such writers should not be allow to write speech on such sites otherwise other blame on site organisers who have been managing it

  • bullshit, nonsense article.
    HDP is the only and absolut political party of Hazaras in quetta and never been involved in such activities.
    HDP zindabad, Khaliq Hazara zindabad

  • Shame on u man! with out any prof or logic how dare u to write against hdp… dears do not waste ur time and it is a basless piece of work…

  • united we stand, divided we fall…conspiracies are on peak, let not be derived from our path.high time we forgot all differences n stand on the same platform.n prove that we are ONE!!! please show some maturity

  • This article is a piece of crap and there is not much sense in the comments either. Actually all the boys had gone for Picnic who were kidnapped from the Mountain adjacent to Hazara area of Marriabad which is a no go area for people of other ethnicities. Its the trademark of LUBP to twist the facts so no one actually cares about the crap which is published on it… As far as the point is concerned that four boys try to desecrate an Alam, its simply baseless, As evident from Rimshah case and others, often such type of religious sensitive charges are made up to avenge someone or justify violence.

    We all condemn the killing of Hazaras by LeJ terrorists but Killing of innocent men by Hazaras near Faisal town and Kidnapping these four innocent boys will not do any good to them. Hazaras should open their eyes and eliminate the goons within their ranks who killed innocent people couple of days back…. Despite all this every sensible citizen will keep on condemning the massacre of Hazaras and Shias for that matter…..

  • For the first time i see clean-shaved students of Madrasa (specially the left most)
    Raza! coudnt u get some other pic ?

  • with so mamy respects and appreciation to all our leaders:
    to the writer of this piece:::
    the question is if it was planned by the other pole of hazara community then what will be your words in your article?
    as we can sense that 4 boys reach the Alam on a mountain hight and insult it, then some of our BRAVE BOYS(who knows them) fetch them to milo shaheed trust through out the way so long, and after hours of conflicts(what ever happened from 3 to 11 pm at night as we all know), sardar sahb comes and takes those boys(terrorists what so ever) with so EASE as we could sense the anger and grief of the crowd gathered there for long who even tried to kill those boys…?
    and the writer directly blames a well known political party of hazaras fully ignoring any other causes which shows some polarity to some one instead to be a neutral writer and it seems so funny that this drama was written by this writer itself.
    if anyone watching this whole drama thoroughly till the end with full concious then will know who was the script writer and who were the actors in it……

  • In the long history of Hazaras we can find dimensional open enemies; on the other hand many hidden enemies from our own society. These are not more than some puppets and national traitors who ignorantly want to promulgate fanaticism, hate and chaos among their own people. Writers nonsense views are entirely baseless. He has far more tried to display him a regional political analyst by blaming HDP through some fabricated lines. Dear friend, think for a while and find out that what HDP has done except unifying Hazara people, arsing voices of these voiceless people thought tens of national and international workshops, seminars, and conferences; strengthening inter-faith harmony, brotherhood… HDP is to be blamed by every third person because it has secular political thoughts. Our enemies have always tried to cripple us by misusing religion and flaming our sentiments.Why don’t you blame those who are the open agents of Iran and promoting their agendas? Why don’t you blame those who appear once in a year only on so called Qud’s Day and kill tens of Hazara Youth? Please neither waste your time nor others’…

  • I read all the comments above. All the ppl who fled to australia and other western countries and changed there names to get nationality write for hdp. Many thugs that write here in favor of hdp are the ppl rejected in Afghanistan. They left Afghanistan in 90s because they had no future there. They came to Quetta to do politics. In 2008 they were rejected by local hazaras. They lost both seats. Hdp thinks there thugs on fb can win them election which is not possible. Hazara ppl know the motives of HDP. Hdp is so deficient in thought that they cant write a rejoinder to raza’s report. When ever a article comes on other newspaper,they ran to other analysts to give reply because they have no one to write a few paragraphs.

  • Mr raza changezi,u wrote a lot, Now the time hes come to proof your claims. let me ask u , r u in position to provied some sord of Evidence ? otherwise, U SHOULD FIND SOME OTHER BUSINESS THE BUSINESS U R IN IS TOO DENGEROUS.

  • We have HDP as a big political party in qta who represents hazara’s voice, but question is effectiveness of this party which is very low so let’s try sardar Sadat n hope for the change.

  • Please don’t wait till the last moment or to spread the news of some guy did some shameless act. Next time find them and kill them on the spot and bury them, leave no clue. DO NOT MAKE IT NEWS OR PUT IT ON FACEBOOK.

  • This writer is really insane. please think of your own benefits and don’t make propaganda against HDP. Sardar Sadat himself is the man of ISI if you know his history. he is using you and your groupe for his own benfits.. don’t be insane anymore.

  • hahahaha! hdp is getting famous.its a party that struggle to find voters in qta and do controversial things all the time. in 2008 khaliq went to ISI to get their backing. when people came to know abt it, there was rejection of him. it also made many hdp leaders leave him.only the isi guys left in it. i suggest u dont give them importance. they are already badnaam.

  • The writer is Dubious and biased against Hazaragy, this Article is Bullshit and a time waster conspiracy against hazaragy, against Wahdat e hazaragy, against Pakistan and against Shiasm itself.
    Sorry for Raza who is calling himself changezi….
    I must say that Hazara’s are gone out of the hands of such opinion makers and policy makers, Hazara’a are on the way to development.. none of these characters can stop or hinder the process, as we have entered into a multimedia civilized electronic world, its no more a Matter of few Zoinist Mullah’s… We have found our way and by the blessing of Khuda and 14Masoomeen(s.a) we will do best for our future generations of Pure Hazara’s. Long live Hazara’a , Long Liv
    e Pakistan and Down with the writer of this article….

  • Hazara Democratic party has never used the holy Imambaragah and holy Alam for their benefits. It’s all about Sardar sadat.. he knows if he make propaganda against HDP the foolish religius boys (who think iran is merciful to them) are behind him (Sardar Sadat). So, that he can easily win the seat of provincial assembly. HDP is a political party and never said anything against the people and their religion. This article is totally wrong. please stopped this kind of article and don’t write anymore. because of this kind of articles hazara are being the enemy of each others.

  • DOWN TO ALL ZIONIST MULLAH’s and Their OPNION MAKERS among us, they eat and lived on masoom Hazara FLESH and BLOOD in AGHANISTAN, and now they are trying to FOLLOW the same STRATEGY in QUETTA, BUT they are unaware that time has passed,HAZARA’s are aware now and HAZARA’s by the GRACE OF 14MASOOMEEN(a.s) are OUT of the HANDS these Zionist MULLAH’s. LONG live HAZARA’s ,YA ALI MADAD, LONG LIVE PAKISTAN… DOWN to OPINION MAKERS of SUCH MULLAH’s.

  • Alas! Alas! Alas! We Hazaras, have nothing to do except criticizing one another. accusing one another. Hazaras grow up. How long are gonna live in the century of ambiguity and ignorance?? We got to draw a line at this kind of pieces. I would urge you all not to waste your precious time on a piece like this but to bend over backwards to help everyone of us and make sure we are the right. We will get our fingers burnt as result of such fabricated lines. Lets stand united. “United we stand divided we fall”.

  • A Mediocre student (law) knows that the plaintiff who accuses the opposite side has the burden of proving himself right and opposition otherwise.
    I wonder why on earth some commentators are asking HDP to justify these baseless allegations.
    If there were any sort of evidence then for sure HDP would have to answer.

    Moreover, particularly this and in general all LUBP articles are biased, baseless and full of falsehood. Their only aim is to divide Hazaras and create uncertainty amongst natives of Quetta.

    Through this article Let Us Pakistan exposed themselves and axed their own leg. LUBP at one hand accuses HDP for being anti-shia faith while on the other hand (in this article) they are accusing the very same HDP for being radical shias who tried to harm the miscreants.

    A naive in Quetta knows and acknowledges HDP’s tireless efforts to bring back the atmosphere of peace and harmony again in Quetta through their political and social activities.
    And writer please for heavens sake just have a thorough at the videos of HSP jalsas and protests against our ongoing target killing, you will come to know (If you put away your prejudicial eye wears) masses support who?

    And last but not the least, please everyone do watch the last and the only show featuring Sardar Sadat and then you decide who favors ISI. who said that Agency is not behind our killings.
    And then also watch Abdul Khaliq’s interview with Malick of Dunya news and then pass your views.


  • This is not an article,this is a bull shit.Abdullah Nishpuri and his friends are verry active against all Hazara people not only Hdp.

  • by wire nd wireless,in a score of bad translations,they give there simple mesage to the world of man,Man can have unity if man will give up his freedom.

  • Personally, I am not well certain of political affiliation of HDP with ISI and the members’ traits are obvious amongst the masses. However, Zia Sultani, I do appreciate the efforts HDP is making by raising our voices, but as thoughtful and enlightened icon of the society he is liable to respect the beliefs (whatsoever) of every single member of the society let alone his nation fellowmen, but in his speech his cheap & insulting remarks about the sentiments of others – really sucking! However, I advocate that the writer’s sole intention seems to spoil the unity and at this critical time, we need to resist all external attacks be it spiritual, physical and else. Let’s stand as one!

  • sab bakwas ha………hdp is known for every one,every young and old that they are the only political party of hazaras and they know how to apply policy and as a hazara boy i fully suport HDP in everything and even i dont care if hdp do anything coz im sure wt every hdp does that will be for the betterment of hazaras………….mustafa

  • The auther of this post, Raza Changezi is not a Hazara. It is a pen name of another pen name ‘Abdul Nishapuri’ who runs LUBP and a couple of other blogs. He is a Rafidi Shia, an ISO activist from DI Khan based in London. A group of guys working for Iranian embassies in Pakistan (Esp Quetta Consulate) and abroad allied.

  • this is a meaningless and baseless article, and i think this is written by I.S.I. agent to spoil the unity of our nation, and today our nation knows that H.D.P can solve our all problems.

  • Thanks ali Mustafa that you have great information regard of Reza Changezi. Do one thing more for poor Hazara at Qta please please find information regard target killers how are killing us & share like this.

  • ur this article is absolutely showing your Yazidi sect. i feel shame and sad with your thinking and your un-logical words

  • fuck all those who left the nation and joined the other platfroms and who the hell is you publishing all these ..
    hazara democratic party is the only polictical representative of hazaras of quetta in every corner of the world … and there is no need of u idiot to tell we hazaras what to do and what to not. hazaras supports their political identity and their idealogy . we strongly condeme interferance of others in our issues .

  • fuck sardar sadat, he was the one who was trying to increase his vote bank on that day,not HDP, ghaddar sadat visited milo trust more than 4 times on that day and he arranged speech at road near milo trust and he was looking so happy, bcoz no one goes to the rally,and programes arranged by him,but all of the people were listening to him on that day. shame on you M.R MUHAMMAD and LANAT ON GHARDAR SADAT.

  • The Author is trying to create misunderstanding and problems among the Hazara people with his wrong identity. His name is not Raza Changazi. Those who are trying to support his views are making a big mistake. Try to avoid reading such articles and also the writer himself. He is just enjoying when we people fight with each for Sardar and HDP. Try to dislike his blog or articles on Facebook.


  • this piece of writing is just to create disturbance among our people and its just a game to start a war of ethnicity in quetta. slap the writer by your answers that we are one hazara and no one can divide us inshallah..! shame on this piece of writing.

  • What non-sense allegations without evidences and solid proofs. Here, I must clear one thing that Hazaras, whose majority follow Shiite sect of Islam, are increasingly becoming Agnostics and Atheists as they have become fed up of Islamists (exploiting them as Iran’s proxy in the name of Islam) and Islam itself. Many neutral Hazaras today firmly believe that why they left the religion of their ancestors, Bhuddism, the world’s most peaceful religion, and why they embraced Islam. What Islam has given to Hazaras only dead bodies of their lived ones for Arabs whom Hazaras follow. To LUBP, it should be cleared that not to publish any article without any solid evidences and proofs.

  • OO ISO aur iraniyo ke talwe chatne wale kutte ‘Abdul Nishapuri’ tum kutto ko koi haq nahi ke tum hamare Qaum aur leader ke izzat se kailo. Harami jao apne ISO aur irani kutto ko sambalo. Apna name badalne se tumhari shinakht nahi badalti DOTTI harami. Agar itna dam hai to samne aakar kehdo yahi baat. Tumhare sir mai 30 surakh nahi ki to mai apne aap ko chodari ya tumhare tarha Dotti kahumga.

  • OMG, so many comments! waise I never thought about this…don’t know the truth but this does make sense!

  • Total baseless stories cooked by a freak, who is not even in Quetta and a Hazara. Mindless thoughts created by a fake writer. Those dummies were sent by this writer paid by his masters to defame HDP. Now do you agree me??? Readers do some research none of the authors of this stupid blog is Hazara, they are using religion as a tool.Their intentions are clear from where they are who they are.

  • Salam
    Dear Friends as we know that some of the games had played and some people are playing a new kind of political game in our hazaragi socity. but if we go to to the backrounds of them they do not belong to hazara ethics and do not know a bout hazaras.their aims are just to bring confliction among hazaras in quetta city with blaming a particular Political party with their meaning less article and doing some meaning less activites as the same as the founder of this Website with publishing some articals which has written by an unkown authers which we have never lessoned before the names of authors. be aware of your self and do not be decived by any one. Thank you

  • why you are going to separate hazara, for working of other’s agenda. if you belong to humen/Hazara, so work for peace / unity, we have so many enemies by our faith and by our Nation Hazara’s, who wants Hazara leave quetta, Hazara chnage their religion, Hazara mixed with others like Pashtoon and Baloch culture, which one is your priority to work ?
    it is a shameful job to work for other’s agenda. plz don’t waste your time.

  • The writer seems himself a kharaji,trying to play and mock with the religion for his personal and political gain,….being a shia i want to know the explanation from the writer when he writes “” a holy symbol for Shias””,,,how he has connected ALAM with the religion…..he himself is stupid where he confuses people about the sectarian value of ALAM…
    i must congrat this nishapuri clown for creating a gust of hatred among the hazara people,when in above comments i read people abusing the hazara leaders may it be sardar sadat,khaliqo or even any1…

  • Salam
    Dear Friends as we know that some of the games had played and some people are playing a new kind of political game in our hazaragi socity. but if we go to to the backrounds of them they do not belong to hazara ethics and do not know a bout hazaras.their aims are just to bring confliction among hazaras in quetta city with blaming a particular Political party with their meaning less article and doing some meaning less activites as the same as the founder of this Website with publishing some articals which has written by an unkown authers which we have never lessoned before the names of authors. be aware of your self and do not be decived by any one. Thank you

  • Fuck HDP, Fuck Sardar & Fuck Mulla’s

    Leave Us fuckers from 1st day we Brought the died body of Hazara’s nation from different places of Balochistan till now only all the fuckers want doing his/her politics on our died body……

    We know how to bring the died body at future say all the fuckers don’t inter-prate between us.

    If there is any Fuckers remaining incloud him/her the i will be thankful of you.

    Hazara Poor People

  • am shocked to read such a baseless article ,,as the main point raised always against HDP,was heresy and it being against the religion and religious rituals,,,now they accuse them of a religion based plot,,,simply pathetic…..people go that much far in jealousy and vengeance that they give up their senses to disgusting criticisms like these,,,,shame on you raza changezi or whatever your real name is…………

  • Mr.Raza i just share some truth proof for this situation. Firstly the 4 pashtoon boys were brough to the ( STAF)Shaheed Talib Agha Foundation. The Game started from that moment when Syed Dawood did’t allow tham to be sloved this issue in the STAF. pepole Dont know that how Syed Dawood Uses Sardar Saddat Ali. This issue was also the game of Syed Dawood in real to Blame Sardar Saddat Ali. the Question is this that Syed Dawood used to be a Voice President of Shia Confrance Why he did’t slove this issue? it is there duty because it is a religious issue. HDP is a political party and his duty is not to interfere in the religious problem or issues. at the End i can say it is a conspiracy to divide Hazara nation. And u ( RAza Changazi) Bustared also taken a money For the writing this Article. Hazara are united. I request from all the hazara to be united

  • Mr.Writer If the HDP leadership is the ISI’s Agent. So HDP will Win This election.The Question is this If HDP Gotten the Sets From PB-2 So it is a good News for All the Hazara. But why u r Afraid? i know u r not Hazara Just given ur name Changazi. What do u think that the Brave Hazara people will vote the corrupt Candidates of MWM Those r the bone of contantion? Never Baby Naver.

  • Fuck HDP, Fuck Sardar & Fuck Mulla’s

    Leave Us fuckers from 1st day we Brought the died body of Hazara’s nation from different places of Balochistan till now only all the fuckers want doing his/her politics on our died body……

    We know how to bring the died body at future say all the fuckers don’t inter-prate between us.

    If there is any Fuckers remaining incloud him/her & i will be thankful of you.

    Hazara Poor People


  • It is better to change the topic as these nonesense blame games have been going on against HDP for few years. Long life HDP … HSF.
    Raza Changazi (the writer) is wolf in lambs clothing. That’s it.

  • salam
    Mr raza changezi do you have proper proof that you are saying this bustard things . plz dont blame someone that you dont know about thier character.HDP is da only politicale party of hazara people and we r proud of HDP ,