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Daddy’s jihadi Supreme Court to the rescue as judiciary thwarts corruption investigations – again!

The Prodigal Son and his Posse

In a move that should come as no surprise given its past antecedents, the Supreme Court snatched away the investigative authority from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB)  in the corruption cases against the son of the Chief Justice, Arsalan Iftikhar.

ISLAMABAD: Taking away investigative authority from National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in the financial impropriety case against Dr Arsalan Iftikhar, the Supreme Court on Thursday directed former police official Shoaib Suddle to probe into the scandal as a one-man commission, Express News reported. Once directives are released, the commission will have to complete the investigation within a period of 30 days. According to the Supreme Court’s ruling, Suddle will be given the power of a judge and will also be able to take assistance from lawyers.” Source 

How convinient!

Inspite of the best efforts of Pakistan’s media, there is significant evidence that implicates not only Arsalan Iftikhar but also his daddy and uncle judges of the PCO Court also known as the Supreme Court of Pakistan.  This includes but is not limited to:

– Recieving financial benefits from real estate tycoons after blackmailing them

– Using public property such as the Chief Justice Residence as an office address

– Mis- declaration on Tax Returns

– Misusing house Building loans for the lavish wedding celebrations of Arsalan Iftikhar

– Misusing State priveleges for getting Official passports

– Abusing the power of the Court to build a multi-billion ruppee business in the space of 4 years with a poor academic and professional background

– Misusing the Supreme Court premises for registering a Charitable Foundation and misusing tax payer monies by saving millions on utilities, taxes etc for said charity.

The list goes on and on and for this, the Pakistani public is deeply indebted to the journalist research of Senator Faisal Raza Abidi of the Pakistan People’s Party.  For full details on the efforts of Senator Faisal Raza Abidi, we recommend the Facebook Page Faisal Leaks for a complete list relevant video clips.

Pakistan’s Supreme Court has covered itself in disgrace and this sad story of sellout and corrupt judges (barring a few honourable exceptions) is as old as Pakistan itself. They have repeatedly failed the public and have failed to provide justice and closure to over 2.3 million pending cases.  Aside from providing legal cover to various military dictators – a stigma that also taints this sorry lot of bureaucrats with a God complex, Pakistan’s Supreme Court has sent one PPP Prime Minister to the gallows and illegally disqualified another PPP PM – both on trumped up charges.

With its repeated interference in the domain of the Parliament (legislature) and the Executive, the Supreme Court has conducted witch hunts against the Pakistan People’s Party and its government.  When it suited their whims, this judiciary has forced the investigative authorities to concoct and invent evidence against elected representatives like Abdul Qadir Gillani, Ali Musa Gillani and Hamid Saeed Kazmi.  On the other hand, when it comes to the son of the Chief Justice and mass murdering Jihadis like Malik Ishaq and Hafiz Saeed, evidence gathered by the Prosecution is either obstructed or deemed insufficient.

This PCO judiciary is supported by the Islamist-right wing coalition of Jamaat-e-Islami, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz and Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (Imran Khan Group).  It also has powerful cheer leaders amongst Pakistan’s chattering elites (who like to think of themselves as  “civil society”)  and a Corporate media that has taken propaganda to record levels.  The main apologists for this corrupt judiciary include Hamid Mir, Kashif Abbasi, Ayesha Tammy Haq, Samad Khurram, Kamran Shahid, Haider Waheed, Talat Hussain along with other similar characters.

In Pakistan today, if you are a relative of these PCO judges like Rana Sanaullah, Law Minister of the Punjab Provincial Government (PML N) or better yet, the son of the Chief Justice, life is good. There is no such thing as moral, ethical or financial accountability for such people and for the leaders of PML N and PTI.

Similarly, life has never been so good for mass murderers like Malik Ishaq and Hafiz Saeed – two of the many Jihadi beneficiaries of this Supreme Court who clearly had to face a different standard of investigation than say Moonis Elahi or Hamid Saeed Kazmi (PPP).  This judiciary is the best friend for a Pro Taliban corporate media and their quest to avoid paying any tax.  Similarly, the Pakistan Army will forever be indebted to their fellow public employees in this Supreme Court for removing Hussain Haqqani.

GHQ will also appreciate #IftikharPCO and his merry band for its cosmetic treatment and stalling of the Missing Person’s Case and Asghar Khan Petition.  This Petition has been filed since nearly two decades and  details ISI’s financial efforts in derailing democracy and the elected government of Late Benazir Bhutto during the last century.

Cheap Justice Galore!

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  • Damn you LUBP! You are going after another Liberal icon like CJP The Obscenity Slayer!

  • Excellent. Pity the Country where the Judiciary focusses on derailing democracy and protecting its own corruption.

  • Every time I think that our PCO judges have reached a new low, they go even lower. Now they are protecting their son from corruption charges. Sleaze

  • THe two judges are so crafty u know. Mr. Shoaib Suddle who is a very upright person, is now working as Federal Tax Commissioner a post not below a Supreme Court Judge. The two men acted as if they are a personal servants of the CJ house have asked Mr. Suddle to investigate Arsalan-Malik Riaz case. They know that Mr. Suddle is on a foreign visit and cannot start his work immediately. They are also sure that the other side will object and may request a review of the decision. This will definitely delay the investigation. It seems that these lawbreaking judges are eyeing the post PPP era so that this sordid affair of the corrupt CJP is dumped like the cases Justice Sajjad Ali Shah was pursuing against their allies The Sharifs before being kicked out through a revolt in the court and a physical assault by PML n Ghoondas.

  • i rectify a mistake in my comments above Mr. Suddle is FEderal Tax Ombudsman not Federal Tax Commissioner

  • As Malik Riaz expressed his concerns on one man commission through his lawyer in supreme court which seems true in a way that investigation has been taken away from one of the top investigating organization of Pakistan and handed to single man who according to some reports have family relations with chief justice of Pakistan, this act definitely make supreme court doubtful because it was difficult to influence on an organization rather then to influence one man and arslan iftikhar up to some extent succeeded in what he want from his father’s colleagues to give him some support on behalf of chief justice’s son. If supreme court acted upon news on personal relations with some of the NAB’s JIT with Malik Riaz and ordered to stop the investigation which later on handed over to one person rather then a commission consisting of more then one personnel then it should also take notice of these news regarding Shoaib Suddle’s family relationship with CJ and must adopt a neutral way to solve this matter in true way. Some how Arsalan Iftikhar is involved in this case at any point which is stooping the country’s higher lawmaking organization to act in a way it should be.

  • Well Few days back Arslan raises his concern regarding the investigation of NAB and after that NAB was stop to doing further investigation and case transfer to Mr Suddle who is reportedly having a family relation with our chief justice and now Mr Riaz raises his concern on him and wants SC to change him so whats the issue in it ????? If one party is not satisfied with the investigation team he is every right to ask for change and the same thing is done earlier in the case so Mr Riaz should be treated in the same way………

  • if SC is not trust on NAB then how can a normal person trust on it.so please give respect to our Govt department and SC should assign this investigation to NAB again,bcoz Mr suddle is not suitable person for this case as he is very close to Arsalan.

  • On 30th August in a TV talk show Mr. Ishaq, Arsalan’s lawyer taunted Malik Riaz for giving details to the media saying that he should have gone to register an FIR against Arsalan. This is the right course to find truth in this case but the CJ staged a drama by taking suo motto and diverting it to his subordinates. Mr. Ishaq should have asked the judges to order registering FIR rather than assigning the task to a one man commission violating the commission of inquiry act 1956.