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Marvi Memon’s insensitive discourse on ‘sectarian killings’

Marvi Memon condemns killings of ‘Sunnis’ in Gilgit.

Accompanied by PML-N Gilgit-Baltistan Coordinator Siddiqul Farooq and Central Media Coordinator Asim Khan, she said that the Punjab chief minister had announced an education package for the children of victim families.

“This is not the first time the PML-N president has demonstrated solidarity with terror victims and natural disaster victims. We have given grants to flood victims of Gilgit-Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh,” Marvi said.

She said that attacks on Shias were a formidable conspiracy against the country. “In line with our PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif’s instructions, I undertook a series of condolence visits to the victims’ families,” she added.

Marvi particularly condemned the targeted killings of innocent people in Karachi, attack in Kamra, Quetta bomb blast and killing of Sunnis in Gilgit on Eid day. “I have met with victims’ families who are questioning the government’s commitment to law and order. This government has failed to protect all citizens of Pakistan, especially minorities,” she noted.


She is showing solidarity with flood victims and those who are killed due to their faith in same breathe.

Does she have some common sense and sense of proportion?

Of course, murder of innocent Sunnis, Shias deserves full condemnation, and the projection of LeJ-ASWJ-Taliban militants as Sunnis too must be condemned. The mayhem Pakistan is currently facing is LeJ-ASWJ vs Sunni/Shia, not Sunni vs Shia.

As far as I am aware Shia victims of country-wide Shia genocide and majority of peaceful Sunnis do not consider LeJ-ASWJ-Taliban militants as representing Sunnis. It is, therefore, factually and ideologically wrong to equate the very few reprisal attacks on LeJ-ASWJ-Taliban cadre as attacks on Sunnis. On the contrary, it is a fact that LeJ-ASWJ-Taliban have not only attacked Shias but also thousands of peaceful Sunnis in all areas of Pakistan.

The discourse used by Marvi Memon is not only ambiguous, it also reeks of false neutrality and reinforces the dishonest Sunni-Shia sectarian violence discourse which is so often promoted by LeJ-ASWJ and their apologists.

Instead of promoting and advertising the list of development work she claims to have completed, Marvi should develop some contextual understanding of the country-wide Shia genocide which is being enabled by none other than two of PML-N’s and LeJ-ASWJ-Taliban’s best friends, i.e., Chief Justice Iftikhar Chuaudhry and Rana Sanaullah Khan.

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  • Soon Marvi will also be mourning death of great Sunni leaders (Chechens, Arabs, Uzbeks, Afghans) in Waziristan.

    She is now formally absorbed into PML-N’s Jihadist discoruse. She is no longer welcomed in GB.

  • Yea yasin you are showing the real face of shia,s when more then 70 sunnies are killed by target killing in one year, 6 in last few days ( including 3 security personale in uniform ,you do,t even show your regerts ,It is good that now you have the courage to show ur real face on net ( which is hidden in public due to taqiiyaa) . Now sunnies have realised the truth & they will defend themselves ,even if u r bagirat media keep on barking one side stories….WELL DONE MARVI .. For atleast refelecting some ground realities..

  • & yasin who the hell you are to NO WELL COME some one on GB, GB is not your papa,s property, WE well come her with open hearts for her efforts for the ppl of GB

  • Nawaz is backed and funded by Saudis to create Shia Sunni discord in Pakistan.

    This is most dangerous for the country

    Shame on PMLN

  • mr zarar
    do not call your self as sunni,you not a sunni but a wahabi salfi,which are not either sunni or any sect of muslims.
    this new sect was made by western secret agents long time ago when they were fighting against Khilafat-e-Usmania,
    if you,zarar,a spporter of khilafat,then says Lannat bayshumar on destroyer of khilafat-e-usmania,the saudi family.

  • Its all about Votes and Election do not be fooled by these damn Politicians.

    Don’t get misguided brothers and sisters Marvi Memon PML-N doesn’t give a shit about SHIA or SUNNI in fact they don’t give a shit about human being.

  • Marvi finding shelter for her political career…She made 180 degree turn from liberal to terrorist… She don’t have any ideology.. soon she will be joining MQM