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Similarities between Khaliq Hazara and Ahmed Ludhianvi – by Raza Ali

It was pleasing to see Mohammad Malick do a brave program on Shia genocide on 22nd August. The program again highlighted, apart from Sipah-e-Sahaba’s role in Shia killings, the complicity of Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) in the ongoing killings by creating the narrative that supports killers of Shia.

The program also showed how similar the stances of Khaliq Hazara Chairman HDP and Ahmad Ludhyanvi, chief of Sipah-e-Sahaba (LeJ/ASWJ) are. When asked by Malick whether Shia-Hazaras were killed because of religion or ethnicity, Abdul Khaliq Hazara avoided the question and tried to change the topic while giving the killings of Shia in Quetta an ethnic colour. Similarly, when asked whether all Sunni Ulema could issue a fatwa that anyone who kills a Shia is out of the ground of Islam, Ahmad Ludhyanvi in a manner similar to Khaliq Hazara avoided using the term Shia even once and indirectly refused to comment on the question. The reactions of Khaliq and Ludhyanvi were ironically similar but understandable given that they both worked for and continue to serve ISI.

While Mohammad Ahmad Ludhyanvi head the organization which is mother of all terrorist organizations and directly responsible for all Shia killings in Pakistan, Abdul Khaliq Hazara heads a party tasked by the ISI to cover up religious killings of Shias in Balochistan by giving it ethnic color and creating ethnic tensions between Pushtoons, Baloch and Hazaras in Quetta. This man is also responsible for marginalizing the Urdu speaking, Punjabi, Yousafzai, Turi, Bangash, Gilgiti and Baltistani Shias in Quetta as outcasts and creating hatred between Hazara Shia and Shias of other ethnic backgrounds. Khaliq Hazara also kept lying that 700 people killed in Quetta were all Hazara, while in fact, around 200 of those killed in Quetta were non-Hazara Shia. Khaliq, his party, and their touts on social media deliberately ignore the killings of non-Hazara Shias also to create distance between them and the Shia-Hazara, apart from other reasons.

All those who are sincere with the cause of putting an end to Shia genocide in Pakistan and rescuing the besieged Shias of Quetta should categorically point out Khaliq Hazara’s diabolical role in which he has been selling the blood of innocent Shias (both Hazara and non-Hazara) in order to serve ISI and get some petty personal benefits in return.
Mohammad Malick and other news anchors should also stop giving any importance to Abdul Khaliq Hazara by inviting him to their programs because he is a highly controversial figure in Quetta with a bad reputation and does not represent either the Shias of Quetta or the Shia Hazaras of Quetta.

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  • I also watched the complete video but unable to grasp what Raza Ali wants to communicate. If allegiance of Mr Khaliq and Ludhyanwi were clear then why Mr Malick invited them for the program. To some extent writer is right that even after watching the whole program it was not clear why these Hazara shia are being murdered. If at all agencies are behind the whole scene what they want to gain from this disturbance.

  • @zubair khan bhai

    total game apni hai . . . Khumaini k inqalab k baad dushmano mukhalifon ko chun chun kr mara ja raha hai aj tk chahay wo sunni hon shia hon ya hazara shia . .

    pasdaran e inqalab and al quds squad poori dunya me srgrm hai . . detail chaye ho to nazeer ahmed sahib jo k 10 saal safeer rahe hain iran me un ki book iran ufkar o azaem parh lain . . !

  • I am not an optimist, but for once I have started to feel that the security establishment is indeed worried about the situation in Pakistan. General Kayani’s 14th August speech reflected a similar urgency and showed that the stupid generals have probably realized that the course they had embarked upon leads them and the country to hell. While this might not change anything in practice, the realization seems to be there.

    This same realization might have prompted a few media persons, otherwise considered close to the establishment, to highlight the ongoing Shia Genocide in Pakistan, which they had previously ignored conveniently.

    Malick was otherwise a bootlick of faujis. Khaliq is a but stupid, he will need some time to understand the change.

  • It is very shameful to blame any person with such bravery. After watching the show, one can find nothing like Mr. Ali Raza said. He might have some enmity with Mr. Abdul Khaliq or HDP. In the talk show, Mr. Abdul Khaliq categorically said what people of Quetta think about their genocide. I request the adman of this site to please verify indiscriminately someone’s article prior to its publication. Please, don’t spread misconception among the people of Pakistan about any party be that atheist of theist.

  • Dear Admin of the site,
    Please before publishing such news / columns do not hide the writers identity. It is totally propaganda against a single Hazara Party. Abdul Khaliq Hazara and his party truly representing Hazara if not all of Hazara but the majority. It is a distinguished party, having its office and address and has a particularly opinion on the issue. No one can impose their extremist ideology on any party.
    Hazara Democratic Party has considerable support among the people and u can watch their protest rallies / meetings in youtube etc in which thousand of people participated.
    Stop wrong propaganda against HDP

  • @ Mohammad Omar, You just blaming Iranian revolution which is not faire, if you really want to get the whole picture then you must also mention the U.A.E and Saudi Arabian dollars for the support of these terrorists. It can explain the point by looking into your own collar as these people do not let any other sects or religions to be practised or followed apart from salafel, wahabism in Pakistan. These terrorists are strict followers of wahabism and go after any religion e.i. Ahmadis, Qayanis, Christian and shias. If the problem is Iranian revolutions then What it is got to do with the other religions????????? or sects of Islam????????

  • Recently LUBP is got a task to propagate against Hazara Democtratic Party, which, is a single political party of Hazaras in Pakistan. HDP got root among Hazaras, it got its political view and an agenda to keep the hazara people out of the sectarian clashes, protect their rights and trying to get good brotherhood with other tribes in Quetta city. This is understood that not all Hazaras do agree with HDP, as every one got their own vision and views on the current situation, but HDP is doing the right politics and representing Hazaras, basically HDP doesn’t want Hazaras to be played with or sacrifice on someother elelments ideology. The current target killing of Hazaras, is one of the biggest game by security agencies and political government to divert the attention of pakistani people and world from Baloch Liberation movement.

  • Such retarded veiws Raza Ali you have… I also watched the said talk show but did not find any similarities between Khaliq Hazara’s and Ludhianavi’s statements…what LUBP is trying to prove by such poor judged and insane articles…How come A person (Khaliq Hazara) raising the voice against the persecution of Hazarashias is similar to those who are responsible for these persecutions…writers of LUBP labels every Hazara intellectual an ISI agent while SSP, LeJ etc labels shia as Kafir and Wajibul Qatal, THEN WHAT IS THE DAMN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LUBP AND SSP,LeJ’S MINDSET.
    Raza Ali you must get some information and study about Quetta and the people living here before writing such ill-minded article which is totally based on false and personal assumptions.

  • Absolutely fictitious and biased piece totally distorting the facts and misleading those readers who aren’t aware of the ground realities and any info regarding the political activities of HDP and it’s chairman Mr. Khaliq. Ali Raza is totally putting the ethics of journalism and blogging aside by intermingling his personal grudge with khaliq and his analysis of the matter. At the same it’s also heart-rending how the website allows such pieces to take any slot here coz the writer hasn’t fully analysed or given proper reference of some of his McCarthystic claims that Mr. Khaliq is an ISI agent ( this amounts to maligning and defaming a political activist and sole political representative of the hazara community and is a despicable act! ) and that 200 out of the around 700 of the victims of the spate of targeted attacks are non-Hazaras , this is a really misleading piece and readers should fully disregard it. The writer even goes to blame the party and it’s head of ethnic hate-mongering in the city without giving the press-releases and media records of the party in developing an air of harmony among the different ethnic groups in Quetta city. Whether Mr.Khaliq depicts it as an ethnic issue or not the fact stays the same that the target of the spate of targeted killings haven’t affected the shia non-hazara communities and victims have been at large a particular ethnic group viz Hazara community !!!

  • Raza Ali before writing or describe anyone you should make some researches about the area and the people as you mentioned above in so called your article about Mr. Khaliq Hazara you actually have no awareness about him and his activism against Genocide of Hazara and SHIA Genocide in a state like Pakistan. He work for his people Hazara and raise voice against Hazara Shia Genocide. You should mind your thought and should be well known about the community you writing about and have a complete search about the person you pointing on. It’s just out of mind that how ill mind you have about Mr. Khaliq Hazara.
    This article totally based on biased piece on Hazaras.
    Raza Ali I think you are an agent of ISI that you trying to engage people and disturb with this kind of articles.

  • رضا صاحب جیو ، بالکل بجا اور درست تجزیہ فرمایا ھے ، اگر اخبارات اور خصوصآ جنگ کویٹہ میں چںد سال اور کذشتہ دو مہینے میں ایچ ڈی پی کے بیانات پر بغور کرے تو باآسانی ھر فرد اس نتیجے پر پہنچ سکتا ھے کہ ایچ ڈی پی بطور لشکر جھنگوی کی بی ٹیم کے اپنا کردار ادا کررھا ھے، دشمن کے عزایم کے بالکل عین مطابق اور انکے دعوووں کو حقیقت کا روپ دینے کیلیے ایچ ڈی پی ھر روز ایسے بیانات دیتی ھے جس سے پورے معاشرے میں ایچ ڈی پی گالی بن گیی ییں ان سارے بیانات کا اھم مقصد شیعہ ھزارہ کشی کو جواز فراھم کرنا اور مظلوموں کی حوصلہ شکنی ھے اپنے اس کردار کی بدولت ایچ ڈی پی معاشرے میں بدنام ترین حالت اختیار کرچکی ھے ، اور معاشرے کا 95 فیصد اس ٹولے سے دور ھے ، ، معاشرے کی اکثریت خالق جھنگوی کی خباثت کو جان چکی ھے اور اسکا اظہار انشاالللہ انے والے الیکشن میں نتایج کی صورت میں واضح ھوجاییگی ،

  • Rajab u say “The writer even goes to blame the party and it’s head of ethnic hate-mongering in the city without giving the press-releases and media records of the party in developing an air of harmony among the different ethnic groups in Quetta city” i can only laugh at ur silliness. do u read newspapers every day? what do hdp say about non-hazara communities in alamdar road? “woh hum pe nazriyat musalat na karay” many other racist statements of hdp is on record. dont u defend him. not every hazara is hdp, so we have the right to criticize him. kam sharam ku durogh goi adam. then u say “and that 200 out of the around 700 of the victims of the spate of targeted attacks are non-Hazaras , this is a really misleading piece and readers should fully disregard it.” another big lie. some one should make a list of those non-hazara shias, i am sure there are more than 250 non hazara shias who were killed. infact the two persons who were beheaded are also urdu speaking. why do u lie?

  • HDP represents as many Hazaras as PML represents Muslims. Both parties represent only a tiny minority of the respective community.

    Hazaras are represented by Sardar Sadat and more importantly by PPP, whose MNA Nasir Ali Shah is their representative.

    HDP thugs have no future.

  • Reza Ali must be ashamed of himself writing this article, completely nonsense, Mr. Raza Ali if you have the guts to represent all ethnicities come forward and be in the forefront of the people and lead them. It is very easy to sit in your dining room and talk about politics and point your finger that, that is the bad guy, you need someone to have the courage to say things clear and louder, you need someone like Khaliq Hazara to point you’re fucking fingers and say that is the bad guy. What have you done, did you ever protest for the Hazara Killings, entirely this is a game and we must not blame ISI for it. Even if Khaliq Hazara lies, he is telling the truth, he is representing Hazara people, and he is the chairman of Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) and HDP is purely and nationalist party you shut the fuck up by writing nonsense.!!!!

  • @sadiq noyan

    LOL . . . ” blaming Iranian revolution ” is totally unfair in 21st century it should be blamed from the very first day . . .

    you know raza shah pehlvi was shia . . mujhideen e khalq also pure shia group . . so after 1979 revolution khumaini regime turned against mujahideen e khlq politically and religiously by both declared them kafir and start target killing of all declared enemies . . .

    alots of killing at France and turkey done by Pasdaran e inqalab and Al Quds squad . . .

    now tell me the funding source of these two ? Iran is not a rich country . . .

    America and jews full supporting both sides . . U.A.E and Saudi Arabia , Iran and India on papers and physically in real time .

    and 1 thing more Tehrik e Naffaz e Fiqah Jaffria established in April 1979 in Pakistan !
    and SSP officially/openly established in 1985 . . .

    who started hate ?

  • @ Mohammad Omar, Lol, You forgot the Zia era??? When Z.A Butto was hanged due to he is being shia by Zia. And Zia started to get Saudi Arabias funding in the shape of oil and Dollars as well as Qurbai meat in Eids. This funding is still very active 20, thousands Madrassas are heavily funded by Arabic countries. If one single day the support is cease then you will not see any terrorism in any part of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Taliban terrorists group are purely following the Saudi type of (salfel) sect of Islam. Lashkar e jangvi purie Wahabis also follower of Saudi Arabian sect of Islam. JeSh Mohammad, terrorists group also Saudi Arabian sects of islam. Sapah e Sabaha is also pure wahabi saudi Arabian sects of Islam. There are lots more lists of Terrorist extremists that are all pure wahabi sect of Islam followers of Saudi Arabia. It is proven that these groups I mentioned all of them are even do Eids on the day Saudis do Eid. The recent example is khaibar pakhtonkhow Started Eid one day before Pakistan did Eid.

  • LUBP has a task and there target is always Khaliq Hazara and Hdp and they want to creat hatred among shia and sunni.This group is verry active on twitter.One thing I tell you Mr Raza Ali, there is no space for Iranian poltics in Hazara society and Hdp will stand against religion extremist.

  • One would have thought that people ponder over an issue before writing a piece on a website. That doesn’t seem to be the case with the author of this Note, whose choice of words shows his cathartic mood. Apart from the author, this also gives you an idea of the qualitative level of the website that publishes this kind of gutter verdicts on a political party and its leader.

    Two things spring out from this piece: (1) The author’s extreme bias towards HDP and its leader, (2) The resultant gross misrepresentation of HDP’s stance.

    I don’t say that political parties shouldn’t be criticized or they always get things right. Democratic Parties work on consultation and positive criticism is fuel for proper functioning of such organizations. But this piece of writing is more like a Fitwa in the air than anything else. Comparing a killer with the victim is as far fetched, as declaring that HDP is creating ethnic tension between Baloch, Pashtun and Hazaras when HDP is the one that has been fostering alliances with Pashtuns, Balochs and others.

  • fuk all enemeys of khaiq hazara ,those who are not hazara and those have no histry(were they come from) who make stories and propegenda against abdul khaliq hazar.

  • Breaking News: this guy NishaPuri’s brothers and Father were arrested in rap case in 2011. People who mostly have evil background try to show themselves as builders of Pakistan this is y pakistan is suffering. I know him personally n his family as well. they were thrown out of the community from Karachi

  • well ali raza’s point has some logic in it. being hazara i also doubt mr abdul khaliq.


    ASWJ leaders agree with HDP leaders

    After recent contacts between ISI-sponsored HDP and ISI-sponsored ASWJ-LeJ, now ASWJ leaders are using the same language as that of HDP, i.e., Hazaras are being killed due to their ethnicity, not faith:

    ASWJ Central Secretary General Dr Khadim Hussain Dhillon said that foreign elements were instigating a sectarian conflict in Quetta. Karachi, on the other hand, has been a slaughterhouse of religious scholars over the past five year, he said. “Army operation was no solution to law and order issues,” he said. Dhillon said the government should expose the foreign involvement in Quetta.
    The killing of Hazara people was not sectarian as Shias were also present in other communities living in the province. He said people should know who was killing Hazara people who came to live in Pakistan from neighbouring Afghanistan.
    Published in The Express Tribune, January 19th, 2013.



  • Ali raza you are totally wrong.. Hdp is agaisnt the religious extermism if we see all the religious parties they are working for the purpose of any other countries as u said malik ishaq or etc they all work for the purpose of saudia n our shia extermist want to do strong the holf of irani politics in quetta balochistan so we are against them..