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Mohammad Malick’s daring coverage of Shia genocide in Pakistan

In his recent episode of Dunya @ 8 (on 22 Aug 2012), Mohammad Malick presented a very balanced and objective programme on Shia genocide taking place in Pakistan at the hands of the Taliban and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (also operating as Sipa-e-Sahaba and Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat).

While the panel comprised two deeply anti-Shia clerics (radical Deobandi cleric Ludhianvi of SSP-ASWJ, and Salafi cleric Ibtisam Elahi Zahir of Jamiat Ahle Hadith) and a Hazara ethnic leader Abdul Khaliq Hazara (notorious for misrepresenting Shia genocide in ethnic terms), both Muhammad Malick and journalist Amir Mateen presented an objective and realistic analysis of the context and nature of Shia genocide in Pakistan.

In particular, they highlighted the following:

1. Complicity of Pakistani security agencies with LeJ-SSP terrorists;
2. Hypocrisy of Deobandi-Wahhabi clerics and their reluctance to issue fatwa against killers of Shias;
3. The wide scale of Shia genocide taking place in all areas of Pakistan, from Gilgit to Quetta and from Karachi to Parachinar, against a community comprising at least 20 million people.

In short, Mr. Malick’s coverage of Shia genocide will put many so called liberals to shame who haven’t written a single column or hosted a single TV programme on this topic (barring an one off tweet or comment).

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  • He is putting his life on the life questioning terrorist like that. Also, Sana Bucha did a similar thing earlier.

  • Great Show Malick. I wish other person could also dare to come out and speak plane and open. Enough of the ‘sensitivity’ factor. It is a fact, it is not shia-sunni sectarian stuff anymore, it is genocide of a community based on their sectarian lineage.

    Don’t expect any fatwa from these maulanas, their bread and butter is based on this sectarian non-sense.

  • Guess Malick has left The News / Jang Group, so he can speak differently. The fact is that Malick is himself a hypocrite!

  • All this discussion boils down to just one thing whether we are Shias, Sunnis, Ahmedis or following some other religion, atleast in my opinion:We may be whatever in our lives, if we are not humans then all else is meaningless.
    Shia genocide and persecution of other faith based communities show that instead of progressing,how much we as a nation, have regressed morally.

  • Good programme but few things to ponder

    1: Shia population as per minimum estimates is 15%.

    This comes to be come more than 3o Million, not 17 Million

    2: Abdul Khaliq Hazara does not represent Shia Community any way

    3: A Terrorist Mullah should not be invited for any reasons

  • Ali ‏@y2raza
    @AbdulNishapuri I used to think that u had a personal grudge with Abdul Khaliq Hazara but listening to him yesterday opened my eyes ! he stated in the program last night that “only Hazaras were being targeted & no other Shias any where else” he specifically mentioned Punjab, stating that there were no Shias being killed in Punjab ! it seemed like he was specifically peddling the narrative that only Hazaras were being targeted ! it is purely insulting that he is completely discounting the non-Hazara Shias who have been killed !

    Ali ‏@y2raza
    @mSaleemJaved rather disingenuous of AK Hazaras to claim that no other Shias were being killed except for Hazaras ! @malickviews

    Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
    @y2raza That’s his masters’ voice: http://criticalppp.com/archives/82746 By the way, I don’t have a personal grudge against anyone, believe me.
    Perhaps 34 killed in Khanpur Punjab, dozens of other martyrs were not Shia in his eyes. http://criticalppp.com/archives/132675 @QuettaSettler

  • Abdul Khaliq is not as hypocrite as saleem javed. khaliq calls it Hazara killing. saleem javed tries to cash it on both ways, with influential shias vaguely calls it ‘hazara shia genocide’, or ‘shia killing’, with hazaras, he calls it ‘hazara genocide. never a single word on Shia genocide.

  • @Mehdi

    Saleem Javed is not alone. He has the support of ISI-brand of liberals. I heard he recently addressed a social media conference in Quetta via Skype. He is not based in Quetta and keeps fooling people.

  • I think the there is no voice on sunni genicide, there are fatawa on the Shia’s kuffar from all UMMAh so there is no need for this fatwa. Molana Ludhyanvi or Molana Ibtasaam Ilahi zaheer my sahi point uthaye

  • Mr. Malick outstanding programe, that shows your maturity and balanced approach towards innocent killings of Shia people, but indeed the Molana’s of your programe does not have big heart to condem what is wrong.. shame full.

  • Great program. The hypocrite Ludhiyanvi lying to disown LJ but every one saw he offered red carpeted welcomed to LJ leader release.

  • Dear Malick! now doubt u did a great effort to save Pakistan from any possible threat. Infact, our media was completely avoiding to raise such voice but really break the silence upon this hot issue. But, you missed to ask a question from Ludhianvi, that is LeJ(Lashkar e Janghvi) not a armed group of SSP (now Ahle Sunnat wal Jama’at). He was telling lie that his group never committed any terriost activity. Pakistani media and people know the reality. Anyhow, I appreciate you. I hope this will be a great start and surely not the end. In addition to this, it is pertinent to mention that in Pakistan Movement a lot of share has been added by the Shia Muslims therefore, we the Shia will save Pakistan (Insha Allah) and it is on record that any Shia had never and will never become the member of any group of party who desire to damage the Cause of Pakistan like Daffa-e-Pakistan council… This council is primarily formed to protect the American’s rights and to get the proper financial share of NATO’s supply from the Govt.

  • Regardless of who is killing Hazaras, it must be condemned. I fit it sad and digusting that we are fighting over semantics, whether it’s Hazara Genocide, Shia Genocide or Shia Hazara Genocide, it must be condemned in the harshest terms possible.

  • Some groups involved in Shia Genocide for VOTES,MONEY,POWER,CONTROL Some Condemn it for VOTES,MONEY,POWER,CONTROL and there are some who play on both sides for VOTES,MONEY,POWER,CONTROL.

    Action must speak louder than words.

  • No one would be reluctant at speaking against Shia Genocide or issuing a fatwa IF, for once they had thought: tomorrow it could be them (the same religion could be interpreted to legitimize their murder), their loved ones killed so brutally and dumped. its shameful, these clerics represent our religion as they wish to.

  • Nice. But I doubt they will not do it simply because their halwas’ and mandas stake will be stongly hit.

  • In teeno shakaloo ma jitna Damm Hai Shiaism ko Tabah karnay ya Khatam Karnay ka,Ye daikh Len…..
    Hussainiat ka hamaisha khoon he bahaya gya hai,
    In Molviyuu pe Lannat Beshumarrrr,jo Ye Media Pe Beeghii Bilyuu ki tarhan baatain karty hain.
    Shia Blusterrs ni,Ye sab Lambii dariyuu walay Mooavia,Yazeed jese Kuttoo ki oladain hain……

    Jinhain Aaaj Tak Apnay Baap Dada ka naam ni pata wo kia Shia k Baray ma Baat kren gay…..!

    Kuttay Haramiiiiii.

  • KISI KO KAFIR KEHNAY ya qatal karnay wala islam say kharij
    jo umat main ikhtalaf ki bat karay woh b

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