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Express Tribune’s Shia-phobia: Misreports massacre of 30 Shias of Gilgit-Baltistan as Sunni massacre

ET Snapshot 16Aug2012 at 3pm

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Shia genocide continues unabated: Passenger buses in Naran attacked, scores dead

Express Tribune (ET) has a consistent pattern of insulting Shia Muslims, ridiculing Muharram rituals, misrepresenting Shia genocide in ethnic or sectarian terms etc.(This is with some notable exceptions in their editorials.)

Only a few months ago, in December 2011, ET published a hate article insulting and ridiculing sacred rituals of Muharram. The article was later retracted and apology published but the damage, incitement to hate and violence, had been done.

During the last massacre of Shia Muslims in Chilas, ET repeatedly published a picture of an ASWJ-LeJ banner demanding the end to an imaginary “Sunni genocide” in Gilgit Baltistan.

In August 2011, ET published a notorious article by Ejaz Haider in which Shia Hazaras were presented as Iranian proxies thus justifying and rationalizing their massacre in Quetta.

However, what ET (@etribune) has done today will cost it very dear in terms of credibility.

At least 30 Shia Muslims were killed today by Jihadi-Deobandi terrorists belonging to ASWJ (Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat, other names LeJ, SSP), an affiliate of the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

According to Saach TV:

Gilgit: Unknown gunmen have attacked three buses heading from Rawalpindi to Astore near Babu Sir Top area of district Diamir in Gigit killing twenty passengers, Sacch.Tv reports.

According to the sources there were more than 100 passengers in three buses and all of them were Shias.

Sources say that the passengers were forced to get off the buses and asked to show their identity cards after which they were gunned down.

The miscreants easily managed to escape after the incident.

According to AFP, gunmen pulled dozens of Shias from a bus and killed them at point blank range. The incident happened in the northwestern district of Mansehra as the bus was travelling between Rawalpindi and Gilgit. Officials stated that “Ten to 12 people wearing army uniform stopped the bus and forced some people off the bus,” said Khalid Omarzai, administration chief in Mansehra. “After checking their papers, they opened fire and at least 20 people are reported to have been killed. This is initial information and the final toll may go up. They are all Shias,” he said.
Local police official Shafiq Gul told AFP that the gunmen were masked, but said the victims were pulled from three separate vehicles in the district, which neighbours the Swat valley, a former Taliban stronghold.

According to Shia Killing website, most of the victims were Shia Muslims from Astore region. Names of some of the deceased are as follows: Ghulam Nabi, Qari Hanif, Musharraf, Yaqub, Dr. Nisar, Daulat Ali, Ishtiaq, Sajid, Muhammad Mazhar, Jalaluddin, Ghulam Mustafa

However, ET misrepresented the massacre of Shia Muslims as Sunni massacre. The oppressed were presented as oppressors.

Sectarian attack?: 16 Sunnis gunned down near Gilgit
By Muhammad Sadaqat
Published: August 16, 2012

Passengers were forcefully disembarked, told to produce NICs and gunned down. PHOTO: FILE.
GILGIT: At least 16 passengers in four buses were forcefully disembarked and gunned down in the Dedi Das area as they were en route to Rawalpindi via Gilgit on Thursday.
The disputed territory between Chilas and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Dedi Das, is a far flung area and does not have mobile reception there. The area comes under the jurisdiction of the Naran police force.
According to initial reports, the passengers – all of them Sunnis – who belonged to Astore were forced to get off the buses and asked to show their identity cards, after which they were gunned down.
District Coordination Officer (DCO) Amber Ali Khan and District Police Officer (DPO) Sher Akber Khan when contacted by The Express Tribune refused to confirm the death toll and said that it could only be ascertained once they go to the attack site and come back.

Source: http://tribune.com.pk/story/422907/sectarian-attack-16-sunnis-gunned-down-near-gilgit/
Date and time: 16 August 2012, Time: 3pm PST

ET editors have blood of innocent Shias on their hands

Sadly, but not expectedly, a few hours after ET published the false news of Sunni massacre in Naran, ASWJ-Taliban terrorists in Quetta avenged the fictitious Sunni massacre by killing 3 Shia Hazaras in South Western city of Quetta.

We can’t forget and forgive that 3 Shia Hazaras in Quetta were killed after @etribune published false news of 16 Sunnis massacred in Naran. Relatives of 3 Shia Hazaras killed in Quetta today will be entirely justified to lodge an FIR against owners/editors of @etribune for their incitement to violence against Shias.

The ET reporter who misreported the Shia massacre, to give it a sectarian color, was none other than one Muhammad Sadaqat who only three months ago (in May 2012) had published a false, sensational report of murder of six women in Kohistan for attending a mixed gathering. At that time, his aim was to deflect attention from the recently conducted Shia massacre and to provide a convenient deflection to conveniently selective moral NGOs.

We also want to clarify that it won’t be any less bad if it turned out to be Sunni killing. It’s our consistent stance that Shias are not being killed by Sunnis but by State-sponsored Jihadi-sectarian monsters. At the same time, we can’t ignore that the ET (an emerging Pakistani tabloid, aptly labelled by a Pakistani blogger) has a consistent pattern of insulting Shias and misrepresenting #ShiasGenocide. All documented.

Many Shia activists are terming it as a deliberate attempt by ET to create first impression in order to counter the discourse of State-sponsored Shia genocide. Many Shias fear further reprisal attacks on them because Jihadi-sectarian terrorists will read that Shias killed Sunnis, which may incite them to further violence against Shia Muslims.

There are clearly certain elements in Pakistani establishment and media who want to provoke secterianism in order to potray State-sponsored Shia genocide as Sunni-vs-Shia sectarian violence. They always try to misreport Shia genocide to enable further mass murder of Shia in Gilgit-Baltistan, Quetta, Karachi and other areas.

In other words, ET has enabled and ought to be treated as complicit in further acts of Shia genocide in the country. They have augmented the already existing hate speech and violence against Shias prevalent in Pakistan.

Pakistan Equality and Human Rights Commission (‏@PakistanEHRC) said the following: “We condemn misreporting of #ShiaGenocide by #ExpressTribuneShiaPhobia. Must publish a prominent apology.”

We support the PEHRC’s call and demand ET to retract their article and publish a prominent apology to Shia Muslims and all Pakistanis. ET must also review and amend its consistent bias in neglecting or misrepresenting the State-sponsored Shia genocide in which at least 19000 Shias have been killed so far.

Update: After much protest, ET finally replaced their heading and also appended the following note:

“Correction: An earlier version of this article had wrongly reported that the passengers were Sunnis. The error is deeply regretted. The reporter’s copy has been replaced with an AFP copy.”


However, the AFP copy which is now, uncritically, published by ET editors is equally disgusting. It blames Sunnis for #ShiaGenocide in Pakistan. It states “On April 3, a Sunni Muslim mob dragged nine Shia Muslims from buses and also shot them dead in the town of Chilas, about 60 miles south of Gilgit.”

Moreover, it presents State-sponsored Shia genocide by ISI-backed Jihadi-militatns (Taliban, ASWJ-LeJ etc) as routine Sunni-Shia sectarian violence: “Human rights groups have heavily criticised Pakistan for failing to crack down on sectarian violence between the country’s majority Sunni and minority Shiite communities that has killed thousands.”

This is equally disgusting and shameful!

Shias and Sunnis must boycott and surround those media offices which misrepresent State-sponsored Shia Genocide in sectarian terms.


Update16 Sep 2012: Geo TV shows Shia Muslims rally as a Deobandi rally by JUI-F

Previously, Pakistani media had shown MWM rally in Lahore as a rally by DPC showing Samiul Haq and Hafiz Saeed speaking to a Shia rally.

ہمارے میڈیا کا ایک اور گھناونا اقدام!

شیعان علی کی ریلی کو جمیت علماء اسلام کی ریلی بنادیا

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  • Darvesh ‏@Darveshh
    What even SSP-LEJ media wing did not do today was done by @etribune : Misreport the identities of 20 victims #ShameET #ShiaGenocide

    Mahdi Baloch ‏@MahdiBaloch
    @Darveshh It was all about creating first impression & @etribune Shia phobe web editor successfully did that #ExpressTribuneShiaPhobia

    Raza Rizvi ‏@razaazadar
    Express Tribune has a consistent pattern of insulting Shia Muslims, ridiculing Muharram rituals, misrepresenting Shia killings

    Asad Hashim ‏@AsadHashim
    At least 25 Shias killed in sectarian attack in Naran Valley. Asked to step off their buses, then shot dead. http://t.co/qP0myxUJ

    Ahad Hussain ‏@ahadhussain
    Any Shia trusting source of mainstream media should re-evaluate himself. They are trying to fool us for 1400 years #Shiagenocide

    Darvesh ‏@Darveshh
    SHAME is the word! MT @etribune Incorrect reporting led to16 Shia passengers killed labelled Sunni http://tribune.com.pk/story/422907/sectarian-attack-16-sunnis-gunned-down-near-gilgit/ error regretted

    Ravez Junejo ‏@ravezjunejo
    Sectarian orgs, biased judiciary n media, fake liberals n human rights mafia are responsible for #ShiaGenocide in #Pakistan 😡 #Gilgit

    The Associated Press ‏@AP
    Gunmen kill 20 Shiite Muslims forced off buses in northern Pakistan, official says: http://apne.ws/QEU3QW – VW

    Mahdi Baloch ‏@MahdiBaloch
    KI meray Qatal k ba’d us ne jafaa se tauba MT @omar_quraishi: ET report on massacre in Naran has been corrected now @mazdaki #ShiaGenocide

    Darvesh ‏@Darveshh
    Pakistan’s emerging tabloid, Express Tribune now says the victims were Shias: http://tribune.com.pk/story/422907/sectarian-attack-16-sunnis-gunned-down-near-gilgit/ CC @omar_quraishi

    Ravez Junejo ‏@ravezjunejo
    By logic of Ejaz Haider, Ali Dayan and HDP types, #Gilgit attack must also be #HazaraGenocide not #ShiaGenocide 😡 #Pakistan

    Ravez Junejo ‏@ravezjunejo
    By logic of Ejaz Haider, Ali Dayan and HDP types, #Gilgit attack must also be #HazaraGenocide not #ShiaGenocide 😡 #Pakistan

  • World Shia Forum ‏@WorldShiaForum
    @omar_quraishi Sir, Can you please explain why #ShiaGenocide in Gilgit was misreported as Sunni killing? #ExpressTribuneShiaPhobia

    Ansar Khakwani ‏@AnsarKhakwani
    @omar_quraishi The @etribune be responsible if more Shias were killed because of misreporting #ExpressTribuneShiaPhobia

    Zainab Binte Ali ‏@ZainabBinte_Ali
    16 people gunned down near Gilgit..Have courage to say shia?#ExpressTribuneShiaPhobia

    Sabee Kazmi ‏@Sabeeshah
    @ZainabBinte_Ali people who can’t afford PIA,they go frm kaghan naran Gitidas babusarpass route 2GB area.but ths time safe passage targeted

    Farooq Ahmed Khan ‏@Gilgiti
    Bodies of victims being transported to Mansehra for postmortem. Some sources have contradictory reports say victims are 19. Will clear soon.

    Ajmal Jami ‏@ajmaljami
    #StopKillingShiaSunni #StopKillingShiaSunni #StopKillingShiaSunni #StopKillingShiaSunni
    RT by @MehrTarar

    Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
    @ajmaljami How would it sound if it was said in Nazi Germany #StopKillingJewsChristians #Denial #Holocaust #ShiaGenocide #Lies

    Mehr Tarar ‏@MehrTarar
    @AbdulNishapuri @ajmaljami Its not a genocide,just some inhuman elements braodening the chasm further.All of of us must unite to fight it.

    Ajmal Jami ‏@ajmaljami
    @MehrTarar well said Mehr ! @AbdulNishapuri

    Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
    @MehrTarar http://criticalppp.com/archives/132675 and http://criticalppp.com/archives/132492 @ajmaljami

    Mehr Tarar ‏@MehrTarar
    @AbdulNishapuri @ajmaljami Thanks.

    Mehr Tarar ‏@MehrTarar
    @AliAligilgiti @ajmaljami Not a blatant refusal — it is just a refusal to accept that ONE group plans/executes murders methodically.(1/2)

  • Express Tribune has always supported Qadiyanis, Shias and other non-Muslim minorities. Your article is a big lie.

  • Today was a day of mourning for Pakistan’s Shias.

    An Eid gift to Shias from North (Gilgit) to South (Quetta).

    Judiciary is against us, army is against us, politicians are complicit. What should we do? Where should we go?

  • 2 of the 3 Shia Muslims in Quetta identified as Khadim Hussain and Abdul Ali.

    They will dragged out of a rickshaw, lined up and sprayed with bullets.

  • Express Tribune is nothing more than a cheap tabloid, a hub of upper-middle class pseudo-liberals, dishonest to the core.

  • پاکستان کے صوبہ خیبر پختون خوا کے ضلع مانسہرہ کے دور دراز علاقے بابوسر روڈ پر نامعلوم حملہ آوروں کی فائرنگ سے مقامی پولیس کے مطابق کم سے کم اُنیس افراد ہلاک ہوگئے۔
    پولیس کا کہنا ہے کہ یہ افراد پبلک ٹرانسپورٹ میں راولپنڈی سے گلگت جارہے تھے اور ہلاک ہونے والوں کی تعداد میں اضافہ ہوسکتا ہے۔

    مقامی صحافیوں کے مطابق ہلاکتوں کی تعداد چوبیس ہے جبکہ گلگت بلستستان کے وزیرِ خزانہ محمد علی نے بی بی سی اردو سے بات کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ ہلاکتوں کی تعداد پچیس ہے۔

    مانسہرہ کے ضلعی پولیس آفیسر شیر اکبر نے بی بی سی کو بتایا کہ ہلاک ہونے والوں کی شناخت کا عمل جاری ہے۔ تاہم انہوں نے اس واقعے کو فرقہ وارانہ تشش کی کارروائی قرار دیا۔

    کالعدم تحریک طالبان درہ آدم خیل کے ترجمان محمد نے اس حملے کی ذمہ داری قبول کی ہے۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ یہ کارروائی طالبان کے المنصورین گروپ نے کی جس کی سربراہی گروپ کے امیر طارق منصور خود کر رہے تھے۔

    اس سے پہلے گلگت جانے والے مختلف راستوں پر فائرنگ کے متعدد واقعات ہوچکے ہیں جن میں متعدد افراد ہلاک ہوچکے ہیں۔ ہلاک ہونے والوں میں زیادہ تعداد شعیہ برادری سے تعلق رکھتی تھی۔
    مقامی پولیس اہلکاروں نے بی بی سی کے نامہ نگار شہزاد ملک کو بتایا کہ تین مسافر گاڑیاں راولپنڈی سے گلگت جار رہی تھی کہ بابو سر روڈ پر لولوسر کے مقام پر نامعلوم مسلح افراد نے راستے میں رکاوٹیں کھڑی کرکے مذکورہ انہیں روک لیا اور ان گاڑیوں میں سوار افراد کے شناختی کارڈ دیکھنے کے بعد اُنہیں گاڑیوں سے اُتارا اور اُنہیں لائن میں کھڑا کرکے گولیاں مار دیں۔ پولسی کے مطابق اُنیس افراد موقع پر ہی ہلاک ہوگئے۔
    پولیس ذرائع کے مطابق ہلاک ہونے والوں میں شیعہ برادری سے تعلق رکھنے والے افراد شامل ہیں تاہم ملزمان ہلاک ہونے والوں کے پاس نقدی اور اُن کی شناخت کے دیگر دستاویزات اپنے ساتھ لے گئے ہیں۔

    مقامی پولیس کے بقول ہلاک ہونے والے افراد کے سازو سامان سے ایسے لگ رہا تھا جیسے وہ عید منانے کے لیے گھر جارہے تھے۔
    کاغان تھانے کے سربراہ اورنگ زیب کے مطابق پولیس کو اطلاع ملی کہ اُن کی حدود میں واقع لولوسر کے مقام پر لاشیں پڑی ہوئی ہیں جس پر پولیس نے جائے حادثہ پر پہنچ کر لاشیں قبضے میں لے لیں۔

    گلگت بلتستان اور دیگر علاقوں میں گاڑیوں کو روک کر مسافروں کو اُتار کہ اُنہیں نشانہ بنانے کے واقعات کے سدباب کے لیے گلگلت بلتستان کی حکومت نے وفاقی حکومت کے ساتھ ملکر ایک حکمت عملی طے کی تھی کہ مسافر گاڑیاں جن جن علاقوں سے گُزریں گے تو متعقلہ تھانے کے اہلکار اُن کی حفاظت کے لیے گاڑی فراہم کریں گے جو کہ اگلے تھانے کی حدود شروع ہونے تک اس مسافر گاڑی کے ساتھ ہوں گے تاہم اس حکمت عملی پر ابھی تک عمل درآمد نہیں ہوا۔

    جب اُن سے یہ پوچھا گیا کہ کیا ہلاک ہونے والوں کی شناخت ہوسکی ہے جس پر پولیس اہلکار کا کہنا تھا کہ ابھی تو لاشوں کو ڈسٹرکٹ ہسپتال مانسہرہ شفٹ کیا جارہا جہاں پر پوسٹ مارٹم کے بعد اُن کی شناخت کا عمل شروع ہوگا۔

    پولیس کے بقول ہلاک ہونے والوں کی عمریں پچیس سے تیس سال کے درمیان ہیں اور ہلاک ہونے والوں میں کوئی خاتون شامل نہیں ہے۔

    پولیس اہلکار کے بقول ملزمان نے مسافروں پر کلاشنکوف اور دیگر جدید ہتھیاروں سے فائرنگ کی۔

    تھانے سٹی مانسہرہ کے ایس ایچ او ذوالفقار عباسی کے مطابق پولیس کنٹرول پر یہ پیغام چل رہا ہے کہ ہلاک ہونے والوں کی تعداد بائیس سے تجاوز کر گئی ہے۔

    اُنہوں نے کہا کہ جائے حادثہ مانسہرہ شہر سے تین سے چار گھنٹے کی مسافت پر ہے اس لیے لاشوں کو ہسپتال پہنچانے میں بھی کافی وقت لگ جائے گ


  • عینی شاہدوں کا کہنا ہے کہ دہشتگرد پاکستانی افواج کی وردی میں ملبوس تھے۔ واضع رہے آج صبح پاکستانی ائیر فورس پر حملہ کرنے والے بھی یہی وردی استعمال کررہے تھے۔

    پاکستانی افواج اور شعیان علی(ع) پاکستان ایک ہی دُشمن سے نبرد آزما۔۔۔۔۔