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A tale of Iftikhar Chaudhry, Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif – by Kumail Ahmed

The Judiciary-Right-Wing-Taliban Apologists alliance

Iftikhar Chaudhry has brought democracy into a cul-de-sac, through his unconstitutional persistence forcing the Prime Minister to write a letter to the Swiss authorities. Why is he silent on the Shaukat Khanum issue? I believe this silence isn’t unintentional; rather, it’s a simple manifestation of the balance of power in Pakistan.

Mr. Khawaja’s Asif allegations against Mr. Imran Khan are making a headline. The pro-PTI youth, especially in Punjab, has taken these allegations with unconcealed disgust. Caricatures have been made in order to belittle Mr. Nawaz Shareef’s personality. The PTI youth is also preoccupied with senseless sloganeering against Mr. Asif.

It seems as if Imran Khan will try to use these corruption allegations as a weapon against PML(N). Khawaja Asif has oft-repeatedly said that his allegations were not against Shukat Khanoom Hospital; he wanted to underscore Imran Khan’s illegal use of donation funds abroad. On the other hand, Imran Khan with the support of Pakistani electronic media has totally distorted Khawaja’s argument to gain political benefits.

With this entire story aside, there is another important aspect to this issue that isn’t being questioned. This unquestioned aspect might help in understanding the power nexus between military, judiciary, and Punjab’s ruling party.

The prime question which an “unbiased” media should ask is, “Why isn’t Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry taking a Suo Motto action on such serious allegations?” We all know that he took a Suo Motto notice on two alcohol bottles. He took another one against PEMRA, as according to his view, fashion shows are unethical. He has brought democracy into a cul-de-sac, through his unconstitutional persistence forcing the Prime Minister to write a letter to the Swiss authorities. Why is he silent on this issue? This issue is on the media screen for the last eight days. I believe this silence isn’t unintentional; rather, it’s a simple manifestation of the balance of power in Pakistan.

If Mr. Chaudhry jumps into this ‘Shaukat Khanum issue’, he’ll have to play a very delicate balancing.

On the one hand is Imran Khan, he has a complete support of Pakistan Army and the Islamic right that is extremely active nowadays. Moreover, speaking against Imran Khan means to upset the Punjabi speaking PTI youth. The Chief Justice will never put his publicity on the line in order to carry on his “Justice Job”.

On the other hand is Nawaz Shareef. How can Mr. Chaudhry upset him?! He has never done this before. He bailed him in the hijacking issue, he never talks about Hudabiyya paper mills, he never questions Mr. Shareef alleged corruption of six billion rupees, the Mehran bank scandal has moved into oblivion. Iftikhar Chaudhry has never brought Mr. Shareef into his court. Furthermore, what history proves is that he decided a case that was put forward by Mr. Shareef against President Zardari just in a few hours. CJP never wants to upset the rulers of Punjab, as Punjab holds the power to control Pakistan.

In brief, Chaudhry Shaib is now in an imbroglio. He can neither go against Imran Khan nor against Nawaz Shareef. Following are the possibles option in his bag:

1) Take No Suo Motto — just remain quiet

This is the very strategy Iftikhar Chaudhry is following. The media isn’t questioning him as he is the strongest man in the town. Yet, at the same time, his power rests on the very pillars against whom he should take a Suo Motto notice.

Iftikhar Chaudhry will remain quiet unless someone files in a case. Whoever files this case will be putting Iftikhar Chaudhry into a very difficult situation.

2) A case is filed — kill the weakest bird!

Let’s assume someone else files a case. Now what? Iftikhar Chaudhry will try to solve the power equation in a way that no major power centre feels the pain. Hence, my prediction is neither Imran nor Nawaz will be called into the court. In the worst case scenario, it will be Khawaja Asif who’ll have to face the court’s anger.

3) Iftikhar Chaudhry does the unexpected

If Mr. Chaudhry decides against Mr. Khan or Nawaz Shareef — he’ll never do this — it will be a beginning of an end for him. He will not be able to handle the public outcry. Large parts of Sindh aren’t happy with him, as he goes on his anti-PPP marathon.

Sometimes back, Mazhar Abbas wrote a poem on Pakistan’s judicial history. Here are a few proses from it:

Pity the judges, who not only gave a usurper the power to amend the constitution but also gave him power which he had not asked for. 

Pity the judges who never invoked Article 6 of the Constitution.

So let’s see what Mr. Chaudry decides!

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  • A factual observation. I do not think any of the two parties would go to the SC, but in case, one party does go, CJ has a long experience of hanging the case in sine die position. Not out of context, he is doing the same in Arsalan case. The investigation by NAB has been stayed for the time being.

    CJ is playing politics and hell bent to destroy PPP. But, let me assure you Mr. Chief Justice, you do not know ABC of politics. Zardari is a shrewd politician and he knows what George Bernard Shaw had quoted in Arms and the Man:
    “Soldiering, dear madam, is an art to remain safe when the opponent is strong and attack mercilessly when the opponent is weak”.

    Mr. Zardari is playing a safe game until any future time, when you lose the Establishment support, and your right hand (PML-N) and left hand (PTI) are gone weak due to their hornlocks. Zardari is waiting for that time.

  • “Soldiering, dear madam, is an art to remain safe when the opponent is strong and attack mercilessly when the opponent is weak”.

    Well said !!!

  • Imran who had vowed to take the matter to the courts has not done so yet. He had looked determined to resolve the matter by requesting the Chief Justice for early hearing but what happened that he is still unable to take the legal path.
    I just want to point something very horrible which might have stopped the SUNAMI KHAN in his would be venture against NAWAZ SHARIF, the blue eyed boy of US and Taliban.Lrt us see rhe Time Line;
    July 14, 2012,……..PTI to take peace caravan to Waziristan by late September: Imran Khan Tribune July 13 2012
    August 1, 2012……..
    August 8 2012………Money laun charges: Imran vows legal action against PML-N
    August 8, 2012……..TTP threaten Imran Khan over Waziristan march – The Express Tribune
    you see Imran Khan had disclosed his plans to visit Waziristan on July 12 2012 but there had been no reaction from TTP. OnAugust 8, 2012 Imran thretened Nawaz Sharif for legal battle within 12 hours TTP threatened to kill him with senseless reason that Imran was prowest.
    you may apprenhend the nexus between Taliban and Nawaz Sharif about any threat to NS from anywhere.
    I ask a question here…..Was the same nexus sealed the Fate of Benazir?

  • It seems so evident that the judiciary is lined up with the religious parties and Defense of Pakistan council of Gen (R) Hameed Gul. The parliament has all the right to amend constitution and make laws, judges cannot make laws. Not a single terrorist is hanged or punished but the judiciary continues to maneuver the political government. The chief justice, Iftiqar Choudry continues to make public statements and acts as if he is a political leader. This is unprecedented in the recent history of the world. The politicians must join hands in the parliament and impeach these radical judges. Say NO to judicial activism, NO to judicial political party, NO to judicial dictatorship. People say justice is blind, but in Pakistan the justice is ‘Kani’ (one eyed justice) meaning unfair, politically motivated.

  • people what has gone wrong with your brains, if you still have any, I am just amazed rather ridiculed with your state of mind, this govt. has put everything at stake including the very existence of pakistan, nawaz sharif or imran khan at this moment is a non issue why can not you see they are not in power, the govt in power today is not a patriotic govt it does not have nay sympathy with people of pakistan, every day people are dieing in karachi, parachanar, balochistan and they are just going nuts about the CJ, you have no knowledge about LAW or Judiciary, what a lame comment is that “CJ has taken suo moto against NRO why not about Shukat khanum or Nawaz’s cases ” this is dreadful ignorance. This is a court of LAW you can not direct court to act according to your personal wish.

    If you are so concerned about, why do you tell your beloved zardari to open up investigations against corruption, i bet he will not do it because he is himself corrupt.

    you can not even know what are functions of a state, all what Iftikhar chaudry is doing is actually the work of a govt. but for this a govt should consist of unbiased and patriotic people.

    The party in power is a ghost party a fake party that is only concerned about minting money and getting the hell out of the country, what is wrong if CJ says that all the money in SWISS banks should come to pakistan? what is wrong with it, you are all biased or are getting your share of corruption from the unethical zardari.

    regarding the point, parliament makes laws, i agree, but the laws should not be made to protect any special class, or the legislature can not make laws that are colliding with the nature of constitution, and to keep a check on that Supreme Court is there, there are many similar examples in the west if you wish to know educate yourself, try starting with SUPREME COURT OF USA, examples should include NIXON scandal, you people seriously need a lot more education and information.

    mend your ways before the masses throw you out of pakistan and even take your CNIC.