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United States: The Power of Hypocrisy – by Saad Ahmad

Marshal Joseph Stalin is said to have claimed, “Stalin is Soviet Power”. If he hadn’t been the ruler of such a powerful state then no doubt his fate would be worse than that of Saddam or Qaddafi because, without any arguments, history has proved that countries having plenty of recourses has no right to claim ‘power’ or to stand against the World Imperialism, headed by the United States of America! Power only belongs to ‘The White Elephant’. No one else has the right to claim power!

Even the United States’ Mitt Romney had asserted that “God created the United States to lead the world”. In Iraq’s scenario, they lead from the front while in Libya’s case they lead from behind. But they would never abandon ‘leading’ others irrespective of the fact, a nation is committed toward self-governing and is restive to foreign ‘invasionary’ leadership!

By “democracy”, US Imperialists simply mean ‘fooling your masses through puppets’, and by “Peace” they mean ‘absence of revolutionary movements directed against the World Imperialism’ and by ‘freedom’ they mean ‘freedom to exploit the recourses of poor nations in US’ interests’! (These words sound good to hear but do anyone else tried to find out their meaning as per US’ hypocritical dictionary?). Likewise, for American hypocrites, Qaddafi was overthrown by “rebels” but what if we say, Qaddafi himself was a rebel, fighting the dictatorship of a global network of imperialists?

In this so-called “Global Village” of Hillary Clinton, who can now dare to challenge US’ dictations? Holding play cards and doing peaceful protests against United States’ unjust wars are strengthening US’ “democracy” all over the world that is the reason that the United States is one of the chief sponsors of Gandhisim on the International stage. To them, Putin’s Russia is better than Saddam’s Iraq or Qaddafi’s Libya. They can tolerate barking dogs but can’t tolerate daring ones. Daring ones can defend themselves only if they are “well armed” to defend themselves and their nations from foreign aggression. US’ effort to ‘denuclearize’ North Korea is one such example to counter such daring ones from strengthening themselves. However, history reveals, the United States of America is the only state on the face of the earth that ever used her nuclear bomb against any country! North Korea never did so nor would it!

Thomas Sankara had rightly said, “he who feeds you, controls you”. The United States feeds the poor nations of the world, either directly or indirectly through her ‘maid’ United Nations, not to ‘help humanity’, but to control them and their resources. Saddam didn’t have “weapons of mass destruction” but his major “crime” was having a political philosophy of ‘self-governing’. People, who govern themselves and resist US’ involvement in their matters, are worst adversaries of US’ imperialists, and thus are foes of “Humanity”, “Peace”, “Democracy” and “Freedom”!

US President Bark Obama stated after the atrocious assassination of Libyan leader, “Gaddafi [’s] death is warning to iron-fist rulers” that is, to those leaders who resist US Imperialists’ adventures. While Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General, said, “the road ahead for Libya and its people will be difficult and full of challenges” that is now there would be no free electricity, no interest-free loans, no more freedom from external debt; now it’s time to suffer inflation, poverty, homelessness and unemployment. New “democratic” Libya of puppet leaders wouldn’t be different from other poor Afro-Asian states. This is what so-called Obama Doctrine states, “leading from behind”. The best thing of leading from behind is that here you can easily claim yourself “peaceful” while at the same time waging wars on others. Here colonization is done in a ‘democratic way’ through puppets.

Now better say “Obama is world power!” and by ‘Obama’ I doesn’t mean that black American Nobel Laureate President as in the battle between ideologies, men are mere representatives!

About the Writer:

Saad Ahmad is a Pakistan-based freelance contributor, blogger and a social activist. He is Sufi follower and believes in supremacy of humanism. He can be reached at saadhumanist@gmail.com

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  • US govt has become liability to its won people. They are in huge debts. They have inflated price of oil by putting embargo on Iran. They went after Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Attacked Iraq and got Al Qaeda planted over there. Now, Syria suffers because of US backed Al Qaeda.

  • “By “democracy”, US Imperialists simply mean ‘fooling your masses through puppets’, and by “Peace” they mean ‘absence of revolutionary movements directed against the World Imperialism’ and by ‘freedom’ they mean ‘freedom to exploit the recourses of poor nations in US’ interests”

    Well said Saad Javed sb

  • United Nations, not to ‘help humanity’, but to control them and their resources.

    Explained rightly the role of UN (missing the succeeding word fair… i.e unfair)

    great article

  • Saad Ahmed Javed
    Here is a news flash for you:
    Every nation’s policymakers, including Pakistan, plan foreign policy around their own (selfish) strategic interests. Even within your own country natural resources are being exploited at the expense your own Balochs; I could go on, but it is pointless to argue with haters. So, I’ll just say your transparent smugness and jealously accomplishes nothing.
    Pakistan’s concern over home-grown violent extremists are a potential threat, as is uncontrolled spaces that create power-vacuums affect all nation’s, thus your own interests in controlling Afghanistan and containing India could be considered “Imperialism,” you just never had the means to accomplish what you want.
    Continually blaming the US for funding Mujahedeen creating the Taleban conveniently ignores Pakistan’s primary and active role, and continuing involvement in protecting and arming them.
    An article with your visceral emotive hate accomplishes nothing. You and the Pakistanis hate us so much, that you keep dragging up Bush? We happen to be over the Bush era and into new elections challenging Obama. You hate us so much that even good things we do, giving food to other countries will be twisted to fit your erroneous thesis that it is “not to ‘help humanity’, but to control them and their resources. But, your opinions don’t match facts- The US came to the successful, assistance of many of Africa’s humanitarian crises, including the devastating effect of HIV/AIDS. In 1990s Serbs and Croatia genocide and ethnic killing primarily against Muslims were curtailed primarily by American intervention. This was not for selfish motives. The continuous USAID given to Pakistan and millions more to flood victims, I am sure you have more cynicism to spew. Take the money and run, but remember Kayani/ISI/judicial links impede any real justice in Pakistan; and Musharraf before him, murdered by negligence your own potential savior, Benizar Bhutto.
    You state: “United States of America is the only state on the face of earth that ever used her nuclear bomb against any country! North Korea never did so nor would it!”
    Your opinions are not fact. No one knows what Iran or NK will do with nuclear power. The U.S. Atom bomb dropped on Japan, but not a single nuclear bomb has dropped since. WWII was different. In Japan it ultimately saved over 200,000+ or more people, and possibly four more years of war and ruination of Japan. MacArthur helped bring Japan back to normalcy and was thanked by the Japanese, who are and have been our allies since their invasion. The Marshall Plan reconstructed Europe- it was the Soviets that saw fit to build a wall to keep people in. Stalin was a mass murderer, decimating 35 million of his own; Mao murdered 70,000 of his own people.
    So, get off your high-horse, and face Realpolitik. Your brand of hate is regressive and impedes progress between our two countries. Your writing does not move world peace forward, neither does it bring allies, namely, U.S. and Pakistan together; nor does it help communication between nations in any way. It only perpetuates anti-Americanism to the delight of terrorists.
    Having said that, the U.S. has made many mistakes. Greed and misguided sense of entitlements made for domestic blunders based on Democratic and Republican congressional decisions of deregulation that ruined the housing market; SEC turned a blind eye to greed on Wall Street (Excessive greed and corruption is not unique to the U.S. it exists in the elites of your country as well in the form of huge land owners next to ignored abject poverty; USAID money confiscation and misdirected funds); So, it isn’t just the US. US and European myopic decisions, and entitlement socialist agendas led to the economic downturn; Russia is run by gangsters (so is Karachi in some areas). The recent US foreign policy was disastrous lasting a shameful decade; Bush was wrong to invade Iraq and Afghanistan (we could have sent Commandos working with your own commandos, and targeted bin Laden early on); Obama should have stayed out of Libya; Even my involvement in the 1960s Vietnam- following my country’s orders, was a waste of human lives; the U.S. in 1980s double dealing with the worthless war between Iran and Iraq millions of Iranian and Iraqi youth wasted. It is a mistake in my opinion any involvement with the real evil empire- Saudi Arabia- we should not use their oil; we have our own that government refuses to drill.
    But, to demonize the U.S. is a faulty concept. We are not alone in mistakes. Pakistan has attacked India and lost every war; Unthinkable atrocities, assassinations, rape and pillage occurred in Bangladesh; you did hid bin Laden; you have “kill and dump” by your own authorities in Balochistan; and currently the ISI/Pak support by negligence of genocidal acts against Shias, including tribes and minorities in Waziristan, SWAT/FATA/Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, while protecting and funding terrorists. Governments the world over deal with the same issues – Pakistan is no different.
    Generating articles that inflame anti-American passions assists the real evil present in the world- Salafist Jihadists.