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Fittay Moonh Tera Iftikhar Chaudhray – by Ahsan Shah

Iftikhar Chaudhry

PCO Sworn Judge
Supreme Court of Pakistan
Constitution Avenue

Dear Mr. Chaudhry

Big Shame on You

All praises to Allah Almighty who tested the courage and patience of the brave Pakistani Nation, twice with “One Eyed Monsters”. First at the time of Ameeirul Momineen Zaiul Haq and now by you, the “Emerging Ameerul Momineen”. The final one being the “Dajjal” and all you 3 share is “One Eye,False Flag of Islam and Pseudo Justice”. I believe the Pakistani Nation would definitely stand with the Army of Imam Mehdi (as) and unlike majority of Arabs, would not support Dajjal as our Children would have already read in History how you and Zia be fooled the public taking hide behind “Islam” and “Justice”.

Galloping at 150km/hr on the Road to “Judicial Coup” you have now become the biggest disaster for Pakistan and Pakistanis all over the world, whom you blame as “Un loyal to the State”, as they took an oath to to become a Law Abiding Citizen of another country.

It makes me plunge into river of wonder, how shameless a person you are, you first took an Oath as a Judge to be faithful to the Law, then took Oath from the Dictator Musharaf as a PCO Judge, assuring him of your faithfulness to him and let him rule this country illegally for 10 years, then again broke this Oath coming to the roads after being released from House Arrest by the Elected PM Gillani (Certainly his “Unpardonable” mistake to save a Python. And you bit him as expected)

To the pride of every Pakistani, let me count how many “World Records” you have made a CJ of Pakistan

1: Released more than 50 most dangerous terrorists each of whom was arrested with head bounty about Million Rupees and each of them acknowledged to kill 100s of innocent people in Mosques, Markets, Funeral Processions, blowing up Schools, attacking Police, Army Personnel, GHQ, Naval Bases and killing Iranis and Chinese “to take revenge of Drone Attacks from America” as claimed by JI and IK.

Your Chaudhry Court do not have any “Proof” against any of them.
While you do have “sufficient Proof” against Waheeda Shah for Slapping a woman.

2: Declared Lal Masjid Terrorists as “Innocent” who were declared as ” Doing Fasad Fil Arz and worth killing” even by Imam e Kaba.

3: Ordered the Govt to pay them Financial Compensation but NEVER ordered any compensation for those innocent men, women and children who are killed by these beasts.

According to Quran and Hadith (Which you very often quote now to please the right wing), all the curse and punishment for these terrorists and mass killers will be shared by you in this world and here after as well.

4: Sent an elected PM home out of Constitution, who was your benefactor as well
(Did not you feel shame how badly the people rejected your decision in NA 151?)

5: Refused to accept what is written in Article 248 of the Constitution, declaring “None is above the Law”

My Lord!

If the PM, Governors and even the President is not exempt by the Law, HOW comes your Son Arslan Ch who got all his career and promotions through your “Legal” Push and is now enjoying lavish living in Parliament Lodges and roaming with 30 armed Police Guard under your Courts orders?. How many accused criminals are treated like this in Pakistan or any where in the world?

210 million people including the PM can be accounted by NAB but NOT your Son. Why?

6: Every Government Employee can have 1 Plot as per the Constitution says. How then the PCO judges belonging to your “Gang” can have 2 Plots each and they refuse to appear before the Public Accounts Committee?

7: Your most shameless statement:

Just like Zia, you are taking hide for your every illicit act behind Quran and Hadith

You told Arslan Case to be decided “As Per the orders from the Holy Quran” and then you ordered to Register the case against the Complainant instead of your Son and are openly backing him now. Is it according to Quranic Law?

Now you are going to address the “Public” (Which unfortunately takes lead in Jang News) telling reason for declaring the new law of Contempt of Court as Null and void, saying

“If the Daughter of the Holy Prophet is not above the law, how can a PM and President be”?

I ask you the same question

“If the Daughter of the Holy Prophet is not above the law, how can be the Son of a CJ”?

Considering all this,

You have been nominated as the “Most Corrupt and Nepotist Person” in Pakistan.

I hope your name would very soon be included in Guinness Book for destabilising the State and Nurturing the Terrorists

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Shame on you and your Corrupt Son

Yours hatefully,

Ahsan Shah

Freelance Columnist


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  • But you never mentioned after all who is at the back of such a corrupt judge. President is not happy with him, he is playing with elected parliament. Relative to Zardari then Nawaz was more courageous to get rid of such judges. After all who is stopping the President to send him home prematurely if he has become such a burden on nation. Hopefully not General Kiani is keeping the President and his team at arms length. Hope you will throw some light on this aspect lso.

  • Dear Zubair Khan Sb

    It is a dirty game by Saudia (Under American orders) not to let Democracy flourish in Pakistan

    They want a Dictator with whom they could negotiate easily

    Zardari was extremely disliked by Saudis from day First.

  • Lakhlanat on all ppp rukan or all executive committees Kutay de oh putro sharam bagairat de bachio Kuti man de oh putro halal de bano bagairato… Tuhadi maan nu sour yehan.. Kutoyo

  • Very True Mr. Ahsan , Really good point you rose in this
    article….”“If the Daughter of the Holy Prophet is not above the law, how can be the Son of a CJ”?”

    Now Arsalan Iftikhar is like Yazeed, who is above the law during the Badmaaaaash CJ iftikhar choudhrary…….Shame on on CJ who is destabilizing the democratic Govt as well as our beloved country…..

  • very well said mr. ahsan

    cj should also read this column.
    CJ cannot stay in supreme court forever but his decisions will haunt and destroy the pakistanis forever like ziaul haq.
    there is still too much information to be unfold against this CJ.

  • I think Now CJ should go to home after tendering a resignation, he is biased not independent nor neutral any moer since his involvement in politics and playing biased role for his son and terrorist.

    The Person Name Fahad should mind his language, if he realy a muslim and belongs from the family of respect should have decent language, any one else also can use same language but………


    Kabul Afghanistan

  • Well done Ahsan shah!!
    CJ became the lap child of “yahood & sauides” he is the biggest threat to the country . His son is king of corruption coz this corruption trnsfered to him by his so called cheap justic . Shame on such a cheap and biased justice. I am not a PPP worker but in this case i ll support the stance of PPP. Because CJ is the biggest fintna of the present era, he is like Samree’s ghosala and a man who is the part of great messonic war.

  • Ahsan bhai,

    one word Fantastic!!!!!!

    and Fahad i have a message for you internet pay bili bhi sher ki acting kartii hay apni zaban sambhaloo or insanoon ki tarah baat karoo nahi to hum ko tum se zida galiaan dena aati hain……..

  • Yes now this is too much. I cannot forget Najam Sethi Comments in last night program he said “Izzat karwai nahi jati balkay izzat ki jati hay” Chief Justice in his Son’s case has stopped JIT to work whereas in Mosa Gilani and in NICL cases where victims had serious concerns over the JIT members, the same court allowed the JIT to work, but here in this case JIT has been stopped to work. Double Standards

  • Br Fahd: Here is not only PPP affected, our beloved country Pakistan which is a Muslim symbol place and place of Sahaba e Keram lovers is at the risk of bad fame and bad name. When the Holy Prophet saws naming his beloved daughter and big names in Sahaba e Keram are very strict and tough in case of Justice and Adl even within their families. Please don’t be furious and let’s keep ourselves on high levels of Akhlaq and Spirituality especially in the Holy Month of Ramazan. Wait and see how close is the silent grip of Adl e Ilahi for crushing injustice and helping oppressed ones (references: sura e Feel, zikr e banee israeel – about 39 times, aaaadin wathamood – many times). This is open history of injustice and justice. May Allah swt protect Ehle Haque and Crush with His Curse Ehl e Kofr o Nifaq. Anyway it is a hard worked collection of some facts and figures in this article.

  • all you guys saying is absolutly nonsence, because of your level of thinking and mind set of your believe.

    Chief Justice of Supreme Court is best Judge in the history of pakistan.

    does Zardari is inocent?
    does PPP shows any performance, yes they show load shedding, corruption , bad governance,?
    does zardari is able to run the country?
    chief justice has not taken legal action against his son? even mr malik riaz and ppp was involved to bazari alligation and press confrence against supreme court?

    sorry all you guys please analyse first nutrally,to comment. comment nu

  • it was such a relief reading this article. big big big shame on a senseless, shameless, hypocrite cheap justice.

  • Where is the CIVIL society? Let us build democracy strong and fight against judicial mafia. Very nice article.

  • عاقل ہمیشہ دلیل سے اور جاہل تشدّد سے جواب دیتا ہے ، خواہ وہ تشدّد جسمانی ہو یا زبانی ۔

  • Look like some serious shitty asses are burning at PPP. 2 days ago, we saw Faisal raza abidi shouting over SC, now we got another ranting babe here. Next election will be definitely very interesting.

  • and you don’t know about dajjal. Read ahadees and then determine how he will look like. CJ is not even close to the description according to ahadees.

  • Abusive and foul language has ruined the column and dismantle its spirit. After reading this, I support CJP. He is the best amongst the rest worsts.

  • Whatever we say here, still CJP enjoys 90% support by poppulation against any, recent intlbpolls indicate.

  • This article is full of shit. Absolute nonsense. Nothing substantial. Stop this propaganda and come up with something better next. Don’t waste yours and other people’s time. And please don’t try to exploit the doctrines of islam in your petty hate-war.

  • I am disgusted by the fact that there are still PPP supporters in Pakistan. And their hatred and bias has them seeing the CJ as a villain where as any sane Pakistani should know the past, present and future actions of Zardari, Benazir, Bilawal andd their likes!

  • یہ چیف جسٹس کے نام پر کلنک ہے یہ اس منصب اعلی پر بیٹھنے کے قابل ہی نہیں .. یہ گھٹیا انسان عدلیہ پر ایک کالا دھبہ ہے…ایک ایسا شخص جس کےاپنے گھر سے کرپشن اور فساد شروع ہوتا وە کس منہ سے نیک اور پارسا اور منصف بن سکتا ہے .. اس بےضمیر شخص کە مثال اس داشتہ کی ہے جو ساری عمر بدمعاش اور طاقتور باثر لوگوں کے نیچے لیٹی رہی ہو اور دعوے کرے پاکبازی کے .. یہ اتنا کمزور ہے جتنا جھوٹ اور فریب کمزور ہوتا ہے.. اس کا ماضی اتنا شرمناک ہے کہ چاہیے جتنے بہی دعوے کرے اسکے کالے کرتوتوں کی وجہ سے اسکے دامن پر لگے ہوے غلیظ داغ صاف نہیں ہوسکتےہیں .. سپریم کورٹ میں بلیک میل اورڈرامے بازی کر کے لوگوں سے اپنے بیٹے کی مافیا کے زریعے کڑوڑوں کی کرپشن کر تا رہا ہے. اصل میں اسکا منصوبہ حکومت کو ناجائز انڈر پریشر کرکے بلیک میل کیا جاے … اگر نہیں تو ایسے غیر قانونی اور غیر آئنی ؂ احکامات کا کیا مقصد ہو سکتا ہے … پیپلز پارٹی کی حکومت اسکے ہاتھوں سے تو ختم ہونے رہی .. تو پہر اسکا پلان یہی ہوسکتا جے کہ حکومت کو اور وزیروں کو اتنا ناجائز تنگ کرو کہ وە یہ کہنے پر مجبور ہو جائیں کہ ” مغروں لتہن کے کیا لو گے” لیکن عوامی

  • For a website called criticalppp.com I’ve never actually seen you guys criticising the ppp. Have I misunderstood the name? Is it supposed to mean members of the ppp who criticise others?

  • @Amin

    Perhaps your search engine skills are not quite up to mark. There is an entire tag criticism-of-PPP which has many critical articles on PPP. PPP supporters are not insecure like the civil society chatterers who gush over PTI.

  • @seemab

    Plz give 10-20 links / post of critical ppp in which i can read you guys criticising ppp leadership? or at least admiting what have you done to this countrty in 4.5 yrs of blackout. Please… We r waiting

  • i dont know why people are now also not aware of hypocrisy of cheif justice.
    our beloved prophet muhammmad(s.a.w) is one of the greatest example and role model of justice but this man is actually very biased with his son!!!
    i hate faisal raza abdi very much but after listening his press conference with concerntration realizes that he hjis unfortunately saying the truth!!! 🙁
    now i am with him because he is following my prophet(s.a.w) and sahaba karaam(r.a) sunnah to defend and work against injustice!!!

  • If a law contain a statement which is against the very principles of Islamic teaching (i am referring to the immunity currently being enjoyed by Zardari), it should be wiped out from the constitution.

    From history, People of Loot allowed unnatural relationship between men as authorized by law.

    In history, people of aad had allowed less weighing supported by constitution.

    Whenever you try to support a wrongful act with playful words like majority, democracy, you are making fool of yourself. Evaluate inside your heart what you have reaped from this fake democracy.

  • agar cj na hota to ppp k chor is mulk ka is se b bura hashar krte jo unhon ne kia hay. chand ganday zaleel us ki jaan k dushman hain.

  • ahsan shah sb pakistani qom zardari se shadeed nafrat n cj se shadeed mhbt krti hay. cm sm day pakistan n see dis hell made by ppp n allies in last 5 yrz.


  • I congratulate Mr Ahsan Shah. Well done. CJ is the most corrupt person of this unfortunate country, where all stake holders, govt, military and judiciary chiefs are equally responsible for this corruption.
    But one man Kana Dajal is the most corrupt person of this country.
    Well done Mr. Ahsan Shah

  • Dear Ahsan,

    While I was going through the web, I came across your articles. They are really well written. I only want to mention one thing that even courts cannot work ‘Ultra vires’ i.e. beyond there power. Although I am very young have not studied much history, all I can say is that there is no example in World of such a hyperactive CJ. I hope if CJ is to interfere in everything, than there is much to be done about corruption, media biasness, education and most importantly suo motto of Raymond Davis and drones. CJ could get more popularity there !!!

  • Very Nice and Comprehensive article by Ahsan Shah! Done a very good job to expose this dual and unjust face of biggest mafia, criminal and curropt person of Pakistan. He is CJ (Cheap Justice). We have witnessed a lot of time decisions taken by Cheif Theif as biased to save his pilferage and swindling undergone through his doctor& businessman son Arslan Iftikhar. Cheap Justice and his cronies are on a looting spree. And arslan knows that whatever he will do he can’t be touched due to his Dad and uncle jidhes and also by the blind public as well on them they already have cast a spell.CJ isan organised agent and is on the payroll of all Saudis and banned terrorist organisations. Zardari is not courageous enough to eradicate this termite from the foundations of Pakistan.

  • جو چیف جسٹس ایک ڈکٹیر سے حلف لیکر اپنی بدنیعتی ثابت کر چکا ہو آج اُس نے کروڑوں غیر ملک سے اربوں ڈالر زرِمبادلہ کی صورت میں بھیجنے والے پاکستانیوں کی توہین کی ہے۔ اور کرپٹ سیاست اور کرپٹ جمہوریت کا سیاہ تلک اپنے چہرے پر لگا کر یہ ثابت کر دیا ہے کہ اصل میں وہ خود ایک ڈکٹییر سے حلف لینے والہ جمہوری ڈکٹیٹر ہے،