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Shame on Kashif Abbasi for rubbing salt into wounds of victims of Shia Genocide – by Seema Saeed

Yesterday’s Kashif Abbasi’s Off the Record with Faisal Raza Abdi was quite a traumatic experience for me. Kashif’s wife has very recently been caught staging a controversial show against our very beloved Chief Justice of Pakistan, this was his opportunity to prove his service to Jernaili PCO Zada Judiciary. In his desire to prove his loyalty to the PCO Judiciary and please the powers that control this three ring circus from Rawalpindi, Kashif forgot about the sensitivities of thousands of dead Shia in Pakistan.





Right from the start of the program Kashif Abbasi tried to discredit the person of Faisal Raza Abdi, by questioning his appointment as advisor to President and then his removal or resignation from the position of President PPP Karachi. I seemed a little strange because this line of questioning or interrogation has never been adopted while interviewing other participants. I give two hoots to what designation Faisal Raza Abdi hold in this hierarchy of power and seriously wonder how this can effect or interest the viewers.

However, what our holier than thou anchor failed to realize is that in his enthusiasm to bring into disrepute Faisal by arguing with him on every point, he simply forget that he is intentionally or unintentionally hurting the feelings of one fifth of country’s population and is poking fun at the families of thousands of shias being killed in broad daylight with the killers proudly posting the slaughter on their website for everyone to see. These videos have caught everyone’s attention but not the attention of Mr. Kashif Abbasi who while exonerating CJ from all wrongdoing very shamelessly equated the slaughter of innumerable Shias at the hand of LeJ/SSP with one off event in Lyari and claiming that this sort of shia killing is nothing out of the ordinary and is happening everywhere. I am not going to go into the oft repeated argument of CJ taking suo moto notice on two bottles of whisky or on single slap but your argument Mr. Kashif Abbasi is like rubbing salt in the wound of these people who look towards CJ for justice. You expect your guest to do their homework regarding statistics before criticizing CJ then you should have gone through the statistics of Shia Genocide not just in Balochistan, Karachi, Parachinar, Hangu, DI Khan and Gilgit Baltistan to name a few.

Similarly Kashif was constantly displaying one picture of Faisal and his friends with weapons, trying to create an impression that this act of terrorism is happening on both sides of the fence and what is happening is a tit for tat reaction. What I failed to understand is how one picture of people with licensed arms can be equated with mountains of dead bodies of Shias. I am not into defending Faisal or the stunt but can the enthusiastic anchor quote on FIR registered against him on account of terrorism or vandalism. If not then how can he be equated with those are on record of instigating supporters to kill shias and have self confessed killing hundreds of them.

I can understand Kashif biased attitude and aggressive tone towards Faisal because it is the mission of our media to defend PCO Zada Judiciary (on instructions for  Rawalpindi) but I would like to request him to refrain from doing it in a manner to belittle Shia Genocide.

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Ali Abbas Taj is the Editor of Let Us Build Pakistan.
@aliabbastaj on Twitter


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  • i strongly condemn PPP’s silence over the media ranting on faisal raza abidi. i want PPP to support him. they cannot lose a valor speaker like him, especially wen they know that he has recently struggled through bad health.

  • Kashif Abbasi is an openly jahil, biased and unfair person on a payrol of ISI Zia-Gul group and his sole agenda is to protect Jehadi backed Judiciary and malign democratically elected civilan government and politicians.

    The jihalat of Kashif Abbasi was briliantly repaired and treated by Hussain Haqqani when Haqqani was ambassador.
    Watch and enjoy

    By the way I have lost hope for people of pakistan as long as they continue to listen and Believe on very biased and anti-reason narrative from the mouth of likes of Talat Hussain, Kashif abbasi, Javed Choudhry, Najam Sethi and Ansar Abbasi with out any kind of critical evaluation.

    I also request LUBP to highlite the unfair conduct of Kashif Abbasi and his wife and the way he made fun and undermined the massacre of innocent people of pakistan by fasadis.

  • کاشف عباسی سے انتا جاھلانہ انٹرویو کے توقع نہیں کاشف عباسی نے ادھر ادھر کی سطحی باتوں میں ایک گھنٹہ ضائع کیا

  • There is selective censorship going on in Pakistan. Whenever a comment is submitted in newspaper regarding barbaric killings or constructive criticism of CJ it is not published. Wonder if these talibaan apologists realize that they themselves will not be spared by barbarity that is taliban?

  • Bollywood walo ko shahrukh khan ka alternate chahiya, Mr. Abidi will be excellent item for bollywood. He is wasting his talent in the PPP….

  • I salute Mr. Abbasi. what remarkable anchor. koch loogo sy jalnai ki boo arahi hai. please bring every party (noon league, Kaf league , ANP , tehrik insaf, MQM etc and integorate them exactly like him. your style is wonderful and remarkable.