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Sipah-e-Sahaba thanks Hamid Mir for peddling Saudi-Salafi propaganda on Syria

Hamid Mir has circulated a video recently released by Saudi-Salafi propagandists (most probably affiliated to the Al Qaeda militants in Syria) which presents a very partial and sectarian picture of the situation in Syria.

This act of his is nothing less than an indirect incitement against Pakistan’s Shias.  It is indeed disgraceful that the same Hamid Mir is supported by Pakistan’s Fake Civil Society/Fake Liberal elites. Such individuals who are associated with one or more of the following.  The Friday Times, Jinnah Institute, SOCMM12 , Supporters of #IftikharPCO.  Once again, this should make it clear to naive admirers that the English media  = liberal vs Urdu media = Pro-Taliban binery is a false binery.  Both groups, with minor surface differences, peddle the narratives of the Deep State and both are willing or indirect collaborators in the ongoing Shia Genocide in Pakistan.

For an objective account of the situation in Syria which exposes the hypocrisy and ugly role of all players (Assad regime, Hezbullah, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, USA, UK), refer to the following article by Robert Fisk:

Has there ever been a Middle Eastern war of such hypocrisy? A war of such cowardice and such mean morality, of such false rhetoric and such public humiliation? I’m not talking about the physical victims of the Syrian tragedy. I’m referring to the utter lies and mendacity of our masters and our own public opinion – eastern as well as western – in response to the slaughter, a vicious pantomime more worthy of Swiftian satire than Tolstoy or Shakespeare.

While Qatar and Saudi Arabia arm and fund the rebels of Syria to overthrow Bashar al-Assad’s Alawite/Shia-Baathist dictatorship, Washington mutters not a word of criticism against them. President Barack Obama and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, say they want a democracy in Syria. But Qatar is an autocracy and Saudi Arabia is among the most pernicious of caliphate-kingly-dictatorships in the Arab world. Rulers of both states inherit power from their families – just as Bashar has done – and Saudi Arabia is an ally of the Salafist-Wahabi rebels in Syria, just as it was the most fervent supporter of the medieval Taliban during Afghanistan’s dark ages.

Indeed, 15 of the 19 hijacker-mass murderers of 11 September, 2001, came from Saudi Arabia – after which, of course, we bombed Afghanistan. The Saudis are repressing their own Shia minority just as they now wish to destroy the Alawite-Shia minority of Syria. And we believe Saudi Arabia wants to set up a democracy in Syria?

Then we have the Shia Hezbollah party/militia in Lebanon, right hand of Shia Iran and supporter of Bashar al-Assad’s regime. For 30 years, Hezbollah has defended the oppressed Shias of southern Lebanon against Israeli aggression. They have presented themselves as the defenders of Palestinian rights in the West Bank and Gaza. But faced with the slow collapse of their ruthless ally in Syria, they have lost their tongue. Not a word have they uttered – nor their princely Sayed Hassan Nasrallah – about the rape and mass murder of Syrian civilians by Bashar’s soldiers and “Shabiha” militia.

Then we have the heroes of America – La Clinton, the Defence Secretary Leon Panetta, and Obama himself. Clinton issues a “stern warning” to Assad. Panetta – the same man who repeated to the last US forces in Iraq that old lie about Saddam’s connection to 9/11 – announces that things are “spiralling out of control” in Syria. They have been doing that for at least six months. Has he just realised? And then Obama told us last week that “given the regime’s stockpile of nuclear weapons, we will continue to make it clear to Assad … that the world is watching”. Now, was it not a County Cork newspaper called the Skibbereen Eagle, fearful of Russia’s designs on China, which declared that it was “keeping an eye … on the Tsar of Russia”? Now it is Obama’s turn to emphasise how little clout he has in the mighty conflicts of the world. How Bashar must be shaking in his boots.

But what US administration would really want to see Bashar’s atrocious archives of torture opened to our gaze? Why, only a few years ago, the Bush administration was sending Muslims to Damascus for Bashar’s torturers to tear their fingernails out for information, imprisoned at the US government’s request in the very hell-hole which Syrian rebels blew to bits last week. Western embassies dutifully supplied the prisoners’ tormentors with questions for the victims. Bashar, you see, was our baby.

Then there’s that neighbouring country which owes us so much gratitude: Iraq. Last week, it suffered in one day 29 bombing attacks in 19 cities, killing 111 civilian and wounding another 235. The same day, Syria’s bloodbath consumed about the same number of innocents. But Iraq was “down the page” from Syria, buried “below the fold”, as we journalists say; because, of course, we gave freedom to Iraq, Jeffersonian democracy, etc, etc, didn’t we? So this slaughter to the east of Syria didn’t have quite the same impact, did it? Nothing we did in 2003 led to Iraq’s suffering today. Right?

Then, of course, there’s us, our dear liberal selves who are so quick to fill the streets of London in protest at the Israeli slaughter of Palestinians. Rightly so, of course. When our political leaders are happy to condemn Arabs for their savagery but too timid to utter a word of the mildest criticism when the Israeli army commits crimes against humanity – or watches its allies do it in Lebanon – ordinary people have to remind the world that they are not as timid as the politicians. But when the scorecard of death in Syria reaches 15,000 or 19,000 – perhaps 14 times as many fatalities as in Israel’s savage 2008-2009 onslaught on Gaza – scarcely a single protester, save for Syrian expatriates abroad, walks the streets to condemn these crimes against humanity. Israel’s crimes have not been on this scale since 1948. Rightly or wrongly, the message that goes out is simple: we demand justice and the right to life for Arabs if they are butchered by the West and its Israeli allies; but not when they are being butchered by their fellow Arabs.

And all the while, we forget the “big” truth. That this is an attempt to crush the Syrian dictatorship not because of our love for Syrians or our hatred of our former friend Bashar al-Assad, or because of our outrage at Russia, whose place in the pantheon of hypocrites is clear when we watch its reaction to all the little Stalingrads across Syria. No, this is all about Iran and our desire to crush the Islamic Republic and its infernal nuclear plans – if they exist – and has nothing to do with human rights or the right to life or the death of Syrian babies. Quelle horreur!

Now compare the above objective and balanced account of the Syrian crisis with the sectarian and biased propaganda circulated by touts on either side (Assad regime and Saudi Salafists).

In the case of Hamid Mir, he deemed it fit to circulate the Al Qaeda / Salafist video on Twitter. The video has been produced by Saudi Salafists and is in circulation in Pakistan by the Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (ASWJ), killers of at least 19,000 Shias, the very topic (Shia genocide) on which Hamid Mir religiously remains silent or, worse, tries to misrepresent it as a Sunni-Shia sectarian or ethnic issue.

Hamid Mir ‏@HamidMirGEO
Very sad to see that a Muslim Army is killing Muslims in Syria.Bashar al Asad is Musharraf of Syria.Watch this tragedy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyyytfXuqj8

The video circulated by Hamid Mir was produced by none other than Rihab4Eever, a Saudi Slafist operative in social media with deeply sectarian views about Shias, Sufi Sunnis and other groups. Check out his hate speech against Shia Muslims and Shia Islamic beliefs, a typical hallmark of Saudi Salafists:

Lo and behold, who are there on Twitter celebrating Hamid Mir’s reinforcement of the Salafist propaganda on Syria? Of course, his life long friends, the Punjabi Taliban aka Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (ASWJ/LeJ terrorist):

Hamid Mir responds to a Shia activist and describes him and Shia Muslims of Iraq, Afghanistan etc as CIA agents.

Brainwashed by Hamid Mir’s hate speech, one ASWJ-LeJ activist commits to kill ‘these dogs’ (Shias).

Hamid Mir is the same bigot who mourns Muslim massacre in Burma but remains quiet on Shia genocide in Pakistan at the hands of his radical Deobandi, Wahhabi friends Taliban, ASWJ/SSP terrorists. Instead he calls it routine Sunni-Shia sectarian violence or a Hazara specific ethnic issue.

He is the same bigot who refuses to pay attention to the sarcastic remark by the Ambassador of Myanmar to Pakistan:

About the author

Abdul Nishapuri


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  • Shia Sms Pakistan ‏@shiasmspk
    Hamid Mir-Geo ko Syrian Army ka zulm to dikh gaya, lekin Saudi funded Al-Qaida ka Bibi Zainab.sa k Rozay pr hamla nhi dikha, itna furq kiu??

    Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
    Hamid Mir peddles Saudi-Salafi propaganda on Syria http://shar.es/v3Lsu

    56m Mehr Tarar ‏@MehrTarar
    @AbdulNishapuri Why and how on earth Hamid Mir gets away with EVERYTHING ?

    51m Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
    As long as we have MSRs, we will have Hamid Mirs. RT @MehrTarar @AbdulNishapuri Why and how on earth Hamid Mir gets away with EVERYTHING ?

    Hamid Mir ‏@HamidMirGEO
    @alisalmanalvi @shiasmspk @AbdulNishapuri @marvisirmed @fispahani I only condemned these acts of terror http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhdCuVWjJHM

    Laibaah ‏@Laibaah1
    @HamidMirGEO Please also circulate these 2 videos: http://criticalppp.com/archives/81583 @alisalmanalvi @shiasmspk @AbdulNishapuri @marvisirmed @fispahani

    Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
    Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ-LeJ) terrorists thank Hamid Mir for spreading Saudi propaganda on Syria http://shar.es/vHoiH #RemoveHamidMirFromGeoNews

    World Shia Forum ‏@WorldShiaForum
    @HamidMirGEO Please highlight 19,000 Shias killed, not by Sunnis, but by ASWJ-LeJ-Taliban. http://criticalppp.com/archives/132675 @azharuaf1

    Muhammad shafiq ‏@gujjar27
    @HamidMirGEO plz kabhi bhi Sunni ya Shia ban kar in ka jawab nahi dena

    4h Hamid Mir ‏@HamidMirGEO
    @gujjar27 Alhamdullilah i m only a Muslim like my Prophet Muhammmad PBUH and my leader Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and my Murshid Iqbal

    Azhar Abbas ‏@azharuaf1
    @HamidMirGEO I salute you for raising voice for the victims of Syria.May Allah bless you for this.
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    5h Hamid Mir ‏@HamidMirGEO
    @azharuaf1 If I can raise voice against the killers of Hazras and Baloch No threat can stop me exposing the brutality of Modern Yazid Asad
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    5h World Shia Forum ‏@WorldShiaForum
    @HamidMirGEO Also please don’t ignore non-Hazara Shias of Quetta. They too are equal Muslims and Pakistani http://criticalppp.com/archives/64797 @azharuaf1
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    5h Hamid Mir ‏@HamidMirGEO
    @WorldShiaForum and please don’t ignore the sacrifices of all those who always stood against the sectarian terrorism despite all the threats

  • It’s a big SHAME to believe that Saudis want a “Democractic” Syria. Every evil in Islam links to Saudis

  • It is not befitting for a journalist like Hamid Mir to spread such sort of Sectarian Videos.

    He must be knowing the actual story

    Saudis always stand with American and Israel now, shamelessly.

  • The situation of Pakistan and Syria is identical and Alevis are to Syria what Salafis are to Pakistan. This attempt to turn Alevi dominated tyrant army of Bashar ul Assad is by many quarters is not welcome at all.

    Before we look further one we should ask ourselves whether we should have accepted a dictator to settle for better governance in exchange for civil liberties? Than why make an effort for democracy at all?

    Alevi community has been oppressing the mainstream Syrians for 30 years, if Saudis are using this to advance their own agenda its not their fault but Assad’s just as it is our fault in Balochistan.

  • Saad,

    Kleptocracy doesn’t have a religion. Several Alawites in Latakia and even in Damascus are against Assad and are subject to similar torture by Assad regime.

    Blaming all Alawis for the persecution of ordinary Syrians, the majority of whom happen to be Sunni Shafiis, is tantamount to blaming all Sunnis for Shia genocide in Pakistan, which is wrong.

    Last but not least, Pakistan’s biggest menace are radical Deobandis, not Salafis. None of the organizations involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan (Taliban, ASWJ, JeM, HUJI etc) is a Salafi group.

  • Luke Harding (The Guardian) reports:

    Bashar al-Assad is saying to his sort of core Alawite base this is almost like a Rwanda moment. You have to fight with the regime because otherwise the Sunnis will take over and kill you all and I think it’s certainly true to a degree that the Alawi comunity has coalesced around this idea, that this has been a sort of existential struggle for them. Having said that I met a fascinating Alawite activist who joined the revolution from Latakia, which is in Assad’s homeland. He said: ‘Actually in Latakia half of the population there don’t support the regime, they’re against the regime.’ There are a lot of Alawite activists who have opposed this regime and suffered for it so the picture is complex.


  • This ISI tout is now talking about Syria? Iran should give him money and he will talk in praise of murderer regime in Iran, such a loser he is.

  • On Twitter, Tarek Fatah Sahib reported:

    A Saudi TV to Syrian jihadis: “O descendants of Umayyads, leave no Shia relic in Syria; demolish Lady Zeinab’s “temple”pic.twitter.com/SCgy1PjJ

    Detail is here: http://criticalppp.com/archives/132872

    Detail of Al Qaeda’s involvement is known by everyone but Hamid Mir:


    An example of propaganda / fake pictures:


  • UK probes British Pakistanis’ ‘support’ to Syrian extremists

    Monday, July 30, 2012

    * Released journalists say their captors were radical Muslims

    * Claim kidnappers were from Britain, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Chechnya

    By Asif Mehmood

    LONDON: The British government has started an investigation after the revelation that some British Muslims of Pakistani origin have joined extremist groups in Syria to overthrow the regime of President Bashar al Assad.

    British journalist John Cantlie and Jeroen Oerlemans were captured almost immediately after crossing the Turkish border and held for a week at an extremist training camp in northwestern Syria, revealed British extremists with “Birmingham and South London accents”, who were among a group that shot a British war photographer and his Dutch colleague after taking them hostage in Syria last week.

    The photographers, who were both shot during a failed escape attempt, were freed on Thursday night during a raid on the camp by members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), who returned them to Turkey. Cantlie, who has reported for several British newspapers, said the militants who detained them included several radical Muslims from Britain who were intent on overthrowing the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. As he recovered at the weekend, he told the Sunday newspaper in an email, “Shot in the arm, smashed feet after a botched escape attempt, but safe and sound. Before we were rescued, 30 percent of the extremists who held us were British.” Oerlemans said that their captors were militants from Britain, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Chechnya. He told the Dutch media that some of the group, described as between 30 and 100 strong, had “Birmingham accents”.

    An unidentified source described as being close to the incident told The Sunday Telegraph that there were at least six men with British-sounding voices, including one with a heavy South London accent. The source said that some 40 percent of the group apparently spoke English, but it was not clear what nationalities they were.

    Oerlemans, who works for the British agency Panos Pictures, described how he and Cantlie had been led into their camp by their guide after becoming lost, only to be surrounded by militants armed with Kalashnikovs. At first the captors promised to free them if they could prove that they were journalists, but later they accused them of working for the CIA, and took their equipment and documents. Oerlemans said that when it became clear that their captors planned to seek ransom, the photographers tried to escape, but were quickly intercepted, with Oerlemans shot in the foot and thigh, and Cantlie in the arm.

    Their captors bandaged the wounds but kept the two men handcuffed and blindfolded after that, Oerlemans said, “I don’t think there was one Syrian among them. They were from all over the world.”

    He added that they spoke of being under the leadership of an unidentified “amir”. Oerlemans told Dutch media, “They were definitely quite extreme in their religious beliefs. All day we were spoken to about the holy Quran and how they would bring sharia law to Syria. I don’t think they were al Qaeda, they seemed too amateurish for that. They said, ‘We’re not al Qaeda, but al-Qaeda is down the road’. They would cock their weapons and say, ‘Prepare for the afterlife’, or, ‘You better repent and accept Islam’. It was pretty terrifying, I can assure you.”

    Oerlemans said he and Cantlie were blindfolded when the FSA entered the militants’ camp during a raid on Thursday night, shouting, “How long has this been going on? This is outrageous.”


  • Lets hope that not only Syrian will get rid of Asad Saudi’s will get rid of Saood’s and Iranians will get rid of mullah’s. The world will become a much more peacefull place.

  • The Pakistan (SSP-Hamid Mir) connection to Syria seems to be working very well:

    Radical Islamists with “British accents” are among the coalition forces looking to topple Bashar Assad, says Jeroen Oerlemans, a photographer who was held hostage in Syria for a week. The UK Foreign Office has launched an investigation.
    Oerlemans, a famous Dutch photo journalist, and John Cantlie, another photographer from the UK, were captured by a group of between 30 and 100 anti-Assad fighters when crossing the Syrian border from Turkey last week. They were then blindfolded.
    “One of the black jihadists freaked out and shouted: ‘These are journalists and now they will see we are preparing an international jihad in this place.'” Oerlemans told NRC Handelsblatt newspaper. He said that none of the fighters was Syrian.
    “They all claimed they came from countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh and Chechnya and they said there was some vague ’emir’ at the head of the group.”
    About 40 per cent of the militants spoke English. In fact, several apparently talked with recognizable regional British accents, from Birmingham and London.
    “As soon as Assad has fallen, these fighters want to introduce Islamic law, Sharia, in Syria,” said Oerlemans.

    Nazir Naji writes in Jang (31 Jul 2012):

    اب صورتحال يہ ہے کہ امريکہ نے جس دہشت گردي کے خلاف عالمي جنگ کا اعلان کيا تھا‘ آج وہ انہي دہشت گردوں کو اپني رياستي پاليسياں آگے بڑھانے کے لئے استعمال کر رہا ہے ليبيا ميں القاعدہ اور اس کي حواري تنظيموں کو استعمال کر کے قذافي کي حکومت ختم کي گئي

    شام ميں القاعدہ اس قدر نماياں طور سے حکومت کے خلاف لڑ رہي ہے کہ شام اور عراق کي سرحد پر شامي چوکيوں پر قبضہ کيا گيا تو وہاں ڈيوٹي پر موجود شامي فوجيوں کو نہتا کر کے ان کي گردنيں اسي طرح کاٹي گئيں‘ جيسے دير ميں پاکستاني فوجيوں کي گردنيں کاٹي گئي تھيں يہ منظر عراقي چوکي پر موجود سرحدي سکيورٹي کے جوانوں نے دکھ اور حيرت کے ساتھ ديکھا کوئي عرب ملک ايسا نہيں رہا جہاں القاعدہ کي برانچيں نہيں اور دنيا کا شايد ہي کوئي قابل ذکر ملک ايسا ہو‘ جہاں القاعدہ سرگرم نہيں

    بھارت‘ چين‘ روس‘ برطانيہ‘ سپين‘ فرانس‘ جرمني اور کئي دوسرے بڑے ملک دہشت گردي کے خطرے کي زد پر ہيں چند سال پہلے بھارت اور امريکہ نے دہشت گردي کے خلاف باہمي تعاون کا معاہدہ کيا اور چند ہفتے پہلے ہيلري کلنٹن نے کلکتہ ميں آ کر پاکستان کو دہشت گردي کے خلاف جنگ ميں بھارت اور امريکہ کا مشترکہ ہدف قرار دے ديا? گزشتہ دنوں پاکستاني سفير نے ايک امريکي تھنک ٹينک کے سامنے جب ہمارا يہ مطالبہ پيش کيا کہ افغانستان سے پاکستان پر حملہ کرنے والے دہشت گردوں پر قابو پايا جائے‘ تو وہاں پر موجود امريکي انتظاميہ کے ايک افسر نے جواب ديا کہ ”افغانستان سے پاکستان ميں جا کر کارروائياں کرنے والے ناقابل ذکر ہيں? ليکن پاکستان سے جو دہشت گرد افغانستان ميں آ کر ہماري فوجوں پر حملہ آور ہوتے ہيں وہ پاکستان کے ديرينہ وفادار ہيں?“ اس جواب ميں سب کچھ موجود ہے? تہذيبوں کے تصادم کے منصوبے کو آگے کس طرح بڑھايا جائے گا؟ مجھ ميں اتني بصيرت نہيں کہ ميں اسے احاطہ خيال ميں لا سکوں? مگر نشانياں صاف دکھائي دے رہي ہيں? بھارتي وزيراعظم کے اس بيان کو سمجھنا ضروري ہے کہ ”دہشت گردي کے خلاف جنگ چوتھي عالمي جنگ ہے?“ اسلام کے نام پر دہشت گردي کو فروغ دينے والي تنظيميں جس طرح مسلمان آباديوں ميں اپنا اثرورسوخ پيدا کر رہي ہيں اور سوشل ميڈيا پر انہيں جو آزادياں حاصل ہيں‘ وہ امريکي رواداري کے بغير ممکن نہيں

    Robert Fisk: The West’s real target here is not Assad’s brutal regime but his ally, Iran, and its nuclear weapons.


    Major media admit presence of foreign militants in Syria

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