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ANOTHER Ahmadi Muslim killed in Ramadan for his faith

August 19th: It is with a heavy heart that we report the martyrdom of Peer Habibur Rehman, a devout member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. One week into the most Holy month of Ramadan, two Muslims who believe in the Messiah have been killed in cold blood, only for their faith.

Mr. Rehman, of Philadelphia, PA, was killed early morning today (9:30am Pakistan time) in the Sindh Province.  He was an extremely active member of Muslim Television Ahmadiyya, the world’s first 24 hour free Islamic satellite channel. He, like Dr. Najam al-Hasan, who was martyred just two days ago, was a lion of Islam and will be sorely missed.  It is worth pointing out that Mr. Rehman’s brother was also martyred in May, 2006.  From Allah we are, and to Allah must we return.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community will respond as they have always responded—in a manner that does true honor to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) and Islam—with peace, prayer, patience, and the pen.

Yet, it should be a point of wonder for those who reflect.  A cleric recently declared, “Sikhs are fine, Jews are ok, Christians can live in peace, so can Hindus, but Ahmadi Muslims should be exterminated and uprooted from Pakistan.” In the meantime, Pakistan continues to face it’s worst natural disaster in history. Over 1/5th of the nation is submerged with houses, buildings, and mosques literally uprooted and over 20 million affected.  Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community have been largely unaffected.

Floods have affected roughly 500 Ahmadi Muslim families.  However, Pakistani news agencies report that clerics have issued edicts forbidding anyone to help members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, with even the police refusing to help.

Indeed, Ahmadi Muslims rely only on God for help.

In the meantime, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has dispatched numerous Humanity First teams, sending financial resources, food, medicine, water, and doctors to the hardest hit areas, ready to help anyone who needs help, regardless of faith, creed, or nationality.

May Pakistani leadership come to their senses, and work to save Pakistan…at least to save whatever is left.

We sincerely hope we are not forced to convey further sad incidences of martyrdom’s.

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    A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission – PAKISTAN: No action taken against Geo TV presenter who incited Muslims to murder members of Pakistan minority on air

  • The title of this piece is “ANOTHER Ahmadi Muslim killed in Ramadan for his faith”. An Ahmadi is not a Muslim.

  • The title of this piece is “ANOTHER Ahmadi Muslim killed in Ramadan for his faith”. An Ahmadi is not a Muslim.

  • Faisal Naseem Chaudhry says: August 24, 2010 at 2:15 pm
    An Ahmadi is not a Muslim.
    Are “Shias” Muslims for some of the groups amongst Sunnis?

    Are “Ismailis” Muslims for Shia?

    Are “Ahl-e-Hadith-Wahabi-Slafi” Muslims for Barelivs?

    Are “Deobandi” Muslims for Barelvis?

    Are “Barelvi” Muslims for Deobanids?

    Read more in Maqalat by Mawlana Irshadul Haq Asri on this Sectarianism:)

  • Another sad incident, first they were murdered inside their mosque and now such an open killing with least coverage in media. Shameful.

  • First of all I condemn this killing or killing of any one for that matter without any exception, if the person belongs to any colour, creed, religion, race, group etc.

    I just want to know from the followers of PPP, they are in the Government at the moment. Do they believe in the constitution of Pakistan? Do they hold the Constitution scared?

  • @crankthatskunk,

    Is it possible for you to elevate the discourse, instead of stinking it up all the time like a true skunk. From the workers of PPP to its leaders, yes, the Constitution is accorded its due respect as a living and evolving document. which takes the direction based on the will of the electorate and NOT some Islamofascist army general that is always welcomed by the elite chattering class, of which you are such an ideal representative. We respect the Constitution of Pakistan far more than the Jamaati Judiciary that is worshipped by the chattering class members like yourself, for doing the dirty work of the establishment. And yes, the 2nd amendment needs to go as do all the Islamist clauses and admendments that have been added by various military dictators. And the PPP is fully aware of that. If it had the numbers in Parliament and if there was not a Judicial attempt to derail the legislative efforts of Parliament and the Executive at every turn, this amendment and all the other amendements and ordinances that seek to discriminate on a selective interpretation of faith would go.

  • @maikolachi
    You have highlighted the problems of PPP perfectly well. A closed minded, corrupt party who will blame any one and every one, but itself. From your short post, your venom is directed at almost all level of the society; it is such a vivid reminder of your isolation from the public. And please don’t tell me you are elected. If you calculate accurately you are not elected by even 10% of Pakistan’s population. You do not represent the majority of Pakistanis.

    I asked you a simple question do you uphold the Constitution of Pakistan? If you do, just say so.

  • I reiterate that an Ahmadi is not a Muslim, i am not saying that they do not enjoy equal rights of life, property, job, profession, education, health, (such rights are not introduced by western democracies and the kind of western constitution that we have, such guarantees were even present in the newly born State of Makkah during the life of the Prophet PBUH) but kindly try to understand and do not confuse it with shia muslim or sunni muslim etc,,, i.e. all the categories of Muslims that Mr. Mughal has kindly enumerated in his comments do believe that Muhammad (PBUH) is the Last Prophet of Allah. A person not believing so is not a Muslim. This is not a matter of open-heartedness or religious bigotry. I am not saying that kill Ahmadis, why should i say so, i am not a follower of GEO or Amir Liaqat Hussain either,,,,,,,,an Ahmadi is an equal citizen of Pakistan yet not a Muslim. Thank you.

  • yes u r right fasil….ahmadis are not muslim….the person who not believing on PROPHET MOHAMMAD
    (PBUH)as a last Prophet is not Muslim……so we “ll kill those who “ll try 2 do something against islam…..and whole ahmdies alway try 2 hurt muslim throug progames..through books….if thay want peace then thay dont said that mitza ahmdi is prophet…and shame on u those who said ahmdis are muslim….

  • Faisal Naseem Chaudhry says: August 24, 2010 at 6:17 pm
    all the categories of Muslims that Mr. Mughal has kindly enumerated in his comments do believe that Muhammad (PBUH) is the Last Prophet of Allah.
    My plea is only this why the question of Faith is raised when someone from the Minority is Murdered ruthlessly.

  • I asked a simple question but no PPP supporter is ready to answer the question.

    Ok, let me ask one more question, may be shy followers of PPP get some courage.

    What Qadianis are called in the Constitution of Pakistan? Remember you are in the Government and upholding the Constitution of Pakistan is your duty. Could you please answer the questions?

    Bigots against the Muslims needn’t answer.

  • @crankthatskunk

    As a proud PPP supporter , i feel ashamed that my party was part of legislation which declared ahmedi as non-muslim . if you are taking about anti-ahmedi ordinance of 84 , surely that has alot to do with ahmedi’s killing .

  • @ch

    You mean to say, you want to pick and choose from the Constitution of Pakistan?

    Do you understand, what would be the result if everyone started to choose what they want from the constitution and the law of the land?

    Do you know what is the penalty for breaking the Constitution of Pakistan, in the Law?

    Under what Constitution PPP is in power. Can people disregard the Government of PPP and throw them in the bin?

    Make up your mind, what do you want, rule of Law or anarchy. You can not have both, you can not ask others to follow the Law when you are making a mockery of the Constitution of Pakistan. It is treason, and you should be charge with treason for deliberately making a mockery of the Scared Constitution. You and your leadership should be charged, if you can not abide by the Constitution, you have absolutely no right to govern Pakistan under any circumstances.

  • crankthatskunk, there is an article 6 in the constitution. Let’s hang all generals and judges including Kiyani and Iftikhar Ch, also politicians like Nawaz Sharif, Qazi Hussein, Maulana Diesl, Imran Khan and others who supported dictators. Also included elements of media who support establishment in it.

    Islamo-fascist bigots like you get caught easily.

  • @Crankthatskunk:

    Pakistan Peoples Party does indeed represent “the majority” of the people who “vote”. Please refer to the total votes recived by PPP in the 2008 elections, as well as previous elections.

    PPP is responsible for the legislation in 1970’s which declared “Ahmadi’s” as non-muslims. Which in effect provide the Ahmadi community with the chance to atleast live in Pakistan. Had there still been a dispute to their “religious” status, they would have been presecuted more vigourously, the punishment of repenting from Islam afterall is death.

    But, then again, maybe you knew it all along and just wanted to be a twat just for the sake of it.

  • Assalam o Alaikum!
    Don’t use Prefix or Suffix of Muslim with these Ahmadies. It will raise anger in among the Muslims. Muslim follows Islam and Teaching of Prophet Muhammad peace be Upon him.

  • am ppp suppoter and proudly say that ahmdi are non muslims…………………….if our gov support than we “ll boicot of ppp….

  • Crank Skunk!!: the constitution is not the word of God, something that cannot be changed.
    The cancer needs to be removed before the whole suffering body dies i.e ISLAMIC republic of Pakistan!! just like blasphemy law & hudood ordinance!! WHich calls for ‘punishment of RAPE victems’ under the pretext of ADULTARY, have some care about your MUSLIMS FEMALES, what if some ‘muslim brother’ rapes some women in ur family & she gets punished for the crime she didnt commit!!!!

    CHaudhary: SNAP OUT, muslims dont follow ISlam or Prophet MOhammed (PBUH) but a VIOLENT DEITY called MULLAHISM!!!

  • Religious bigotry that has reached to the core of they nation can be seen in every sphere and at every step;

    Pakistan relief organisations ‘discriminating against Christian flood victims’

    The same people who are raising aid for us in millions (British kafir public has raised $30 million so far and German kafir public $10 million in just one night) are making fun of us for discriminating on religious grounds even in distributing this free aid. What an incentive for them to help us. We want compassion from others but have none ourselves.

  • I have a lot of books,,,FATWA from sudia MAHKMA E OQAF that ahmdi are non muslim…..Jiya Bhutto jis nay ya pak main b in ko non muslim karar de diya….we “ll kill ahmdis till we alive

  • Faizan Malik says: August 31, 2010 at 6:36 pmwe “ll kill ahmdis till we alive
    Dear Malik Sahab,

    Show me any Quranic Verse or Hadith [not Fatwa of Mullahs] which allows the killing of Non-Muslims and that too when they are not bothering anybody.

  • @ faizan…i suggest u should join lashkar e jhangvu then cause you are an ignorant, extremist mind just like the rest of them
    rasullah (s.a.w) refrained from naming the hypocrites amongst the muslim community in medina who were harming the religion and the islamic state….but we in pakistan are so full of ourselves that we think we have a right to question some one faith
    let me remind you all that there would be 72 firqas of islam before qayamat, and only one would be the true deen. the rest will be non muslims….. u me and all the rest could be in the wrong path ….who are we then to declare anyone as muslim or non muslim
    i agree with aamir mughal when he says
    Are “Shias” Muslims for some of the groups amongst Sunnis?

    Are “Ismailis” Muslims for Shia?

    Are “Ahl-e-Hadith-Wahabi-Slafi” Muslims for Barelivs?

    Are “Deobandi” Muslims for Barelvis?

    Are “Barelvi” Muslims for Deobanids?

    cause thats true…..
    but farm boy from thatta won this debate when he said
    “muslims dont follow ISlam or Prophet MOhammed (PBUH) but a VIOLENT DEITY called MULLAHISM!!!”