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In defence of our Ahmadi brothers and sisters

As fellow Pakistanis, our Ahmadi brothers and citizens are equal citizens of Pakistan. This was an assurance given to all Pakistanis by the founder of the nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. It is the responsibility of the state as well as all Pakistanis to respect and protect the life, honour and property of all Pakistanis including those belonging to ethnic and religious minority groups.

Ali Arqam recommended the following op-ed written by Nimer Ahmad which highlights the persecution faced by an Ahmadi doctor in Lahore. We hope that citizens of Lahore as well as the Chief Justice of Pakistan would take note of this case and provide redress to the aggrieved person.

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Abdul Nishapuri


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  • Why that kind of replusion is not against Christians and Hindus and Sikhs living in Pakistan, why Ahmadi? Because they are trying to create Fitna, and chaos in society if they only claim to be Ahmadi those are not Muslims, No Problem, but when they claim that they are Muslims and those dont believe on prophet hood of Mirza Qdiani are Kafir (Infields) that thing is the main problem. Problem is that lot of people have no knowledge about the actual situation and just to pose them that they are humanist they start crying like that, this is totally wrong that Ulama couldn’t define that who is Muslim in front of Justice Munir ( It is the same Justice Munir who legitimize the first Marshal Law). Very few Pakistanis are aware of that, lot of problems Pakistan is facing nowadays are bcz of Qadianis, they are involved in terrorism and claim them self Muslim and infiltrated Tahreek e Taliban to defame them and also get their dirty purposes.

  • “Very few Pakistanis are aware of that, lot of problems Pakistan is facing nowadays are bcz of Qadianis, they are involved in terrorism and claim them self Muslim and infiltrated Tahreek e Taliban to defame them and also get their dirty purposes.”

    Do you have any solid evidence/proof to support these claims?

    Even if we take your above flight of fancy as a fact, the victims described in the article were not involved in any such activities, were they?

  • Followers of mirza qadyani has curse and punishment in this world and even more hereafter.

  • No wonder there is an Ultimate Azaab happening on Pakistan, since it bears fouls like you guys. When non-ahmadis Muslims get killed you blame the west or Ahmadi Muslims, and when Ahmadis die , you justify it by saying ‘we are fitna” so its “ok” to kill us ?

    No matter what the bloody hell somebody believes, its their own business. What kind of Islam allows persecuting people who do not follow what you believe ?

    Umer : You are such an ignorant. Nya shosha. If ahmadi Muslims were terrorists, it would not have been ahmadiyya mosques where people get killed. If taliban had anything to do with us, they would have similar believes as we do. And we have nothing in common. You ignorant fouls hardly know what we belive and how easily you justify ahmadiyya killings.

    Nations who are not Just to their people go through the same state Pakistan is currently going through (cursed in eyes of Allah )

  • I think it will be very easy to see which ( set of ) people bare resemblance with the Prophet (pbuh) by persecuting and which as the persecutor.

    We all have a right to belive in what we belive in. But please try to notice if your actions and throughts represent the Sunna.

  • To Atif and Arfan,

    I request you to show me one example of our most beloved personality Hadhrat Muhammed Mustafa PBUH and his Sahaba where they dealt with Kufars the same way that you are preaching in your comments.
    If you cannot show by His (PBUH) sunnah than people like you are to be blamed for restlesness and disarray in the Muslim world.


  • Friends,

    Keep this in mind while reading the history below that Pakistan First Foreign Secretary/Minister Late. Sir Zafarullah Chaudhry was a Quadiani and appointed by Jinnah.

    Those who think Palestine bears no connection with the polity of Pakistan would do well to look at the Quaids pronouncements on the issue from 1937-1948. Dennis Kux, in his book, The United States and Pakistan 1947-2000: Disenchanted Allies, points out that, in the struggle for Pakistan, the Muslim League demonstrated solidarity with Muslim countries and Muslim causes and Jinnah had frequently criticized Western policy toward Palestine to the point that, in 1948, Pakistans foreign Minister Zafraullah Khan became the acknowledged spokesperson for the Arab cause at the United Nations.

    More than a decade earlier, in 1937, the All-India Muslim League had adopted a resolution warning the British Government that if it failed “to alter its present pro-Jewish policy in Palestine, the Mussalmans of India, in consonance with the rest of the Islamic world, will look upon Britain as the enemy of Islam and shall be forced to adopt all necessary measures according to the dictates of their faith. One need only consult direct quotations from speeches and writings of the Quaid (one good source is Quaid-i-Azam and the Muslim World: Selected Documents 1937-1948, compiled by Atique Zafar Sheikh and Mohammad Riaz Malik). The following are reproduced verbatim, without comment, in their raw un-adulterated, unedited form, along with citations:

    May I point out to Great Britain that this question of Palestine, if not fairly and squarely met, boldly and courageously decided, is going to be the turning point in the history of the British Empire. I am sure I am speaking not only of the Mussalmans of India but of the world, and all sections of right thinking and fair-minded people will agree when I say that Great Britain will be digging its grave if she fails tohonour her original proclamation, promises and intentions-pre-war. MA Jinnahs Presidential Address at the Lucknow Session of the All-India Muslim League (15 to 18 October, 1937).

    The way in which the British Government have hitherto dealt with the Arabs is the greatest blot on their national honour. M A Jinnah on British Governments Policy (New York Times, November 27, 1938).

    But no nation, no people who are worth living as a nation, can achieve anything great without making great sacrifices, such as the Arabs of Palestine are making. All our sympathies are with those valiant martyrs who are fighting the battle of freedom against usurpers.

    MA Jinnahs Presidential Address at the Annual Session of the All India Muslim League held at Patna (26-29 December, 1938).

    That His Majestys Government should try and meet all reasonable National demands of the Arabs in Palestine:

    That the Indian troops will not be used outside India, against any Muslim power or country.
    Letter from MA Jinnah to Lord Linlithgow, Viceroy of India (5 November, 1939). It is our duty to help our Muslim brethren wherever they are, from China to Peru, because Islam enjoins that it is our duty to go to the rescue of our Muslim brethren. Muslim Day of Observance M A Jinnahs Address (2 November, 1940).

    If President Roosevelt, under the pressure of the powerful world Jewry, commits the blunder of forcing the British Government to do injustice to the Arabs in Palestine, it will set the whole Muslim world ablaze from one end to another. Grave wrongs had already been done to the Arabs. If the Jewish immigration is allowed to continue, I have no doubt that not only the Muslim League will revolt but the whole Muslim world will revolt. Speech of M A Jinnah at Strachey Hall Aligarh (10 March, 1944).

    We cannot remain silent and we must assure the Arabs that Indian Muslims will stand by them. M A Jinnahs Speech at the Council of the All-India Muslim League (10 April, 1946).

    The above illustrates the Quaids acumen and prescience in reading and anticipating with stunning clarity the implications of the Palestine problem nearly 70 years back. The spirit of its founding father clearly explains why Pakistan is, was, and should continue to remain a pan-Islamic nation. It also confirms and reinforces that the core issue ofthe Muslim world is the issue of Palestine.

    Ch Muhammad Zafrulla Khan – a devout Ahmadi who did his bai’at at the hand of the Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the founder of Ahmadiyya Movement on September 16, 1907 – was the first Foreign Minister of Pakistan.

    He was called from Bhopal where he was Advisor to Nawab of Bhopal by the founder of Pakistan, Mr Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Mr Jinnah was personally fully aware of the legal mind of Ch Zafrulla and on one occasion described him as his son. Ch Zafrulla Khan later became a great fighter of the Arab cause. This love for the Arabs was generated in him by his love for the Holy Prophet. Ch Zafrulla Khan delivered a bombshell on October 7, 1947, when he spoke on the issue of the partition of Palestine. It was a stunning speech, the Arabs were overjoyed over it. In the next day’s issue of the top Indian daily, the Statesman, wrote editorially:

    For the first time the voice of Pakistan was heard in the United Nations. It was a telling speech which tore into shreds the pleas put forward by advocates of the partition. Ch Zafrulla Khan did not merely indulge in rhetoric, when he described the plan physical and geographical monstrosity, but he proceeded to prove this by his unassailable arguments.

    Answering a question that great many displaced jews be allowed to go Palestine. He posed the counter question, would USA agree to take in five million displaced persons of Panjab if they wish to enter USA and settle there.

    The Statesman concluded:

    We have little doubt that the Arabs will rejoice to find, the voice of Pakistan, so powerfully raised in the United Nations.

    The same paper in its issue of October 11, 1947 quoted an Arab spokesman saying
    It was the most brilliant and exhaustive survey of the Arab case regarding Palestine that I ever heard.

    The second bombshell landed in May 1948, when Ch Zafrulla Khan told the British Foreign Minister Ernst Bevan, that Pakistan would never recognize the state of Israel. This caused stir in the international media specially in New York, where everybody was trying to find out who Zafrulla Khan is.

    From 1948 to 1954, he waged a relentless war in the Security council for the Arab cause. He fought like a tiger for the independence of Libya, Somalia, Eritrea, Tunis, Morocco and Indonesia. The records of the Security Council are eloquent testimony of his fine speeches of this great son of Pakistan who gave a new life to the Arab countries. The Arab Ambassadors often came to know of the history of their land from his speeches delivered off the cuff. He met Gamal Nasser of Egypt and later somebody told him that Ch Zafrulla Khan is a non Muslim, he immediately said if he is one, I would like to be a non Muslim like him.

    The Secretary General of the Arab League Abdur Rahman Azzam Pasha in his letter of Nov 15,1951 said: Reading your speech in (UN) Assembly, I prayed to God to save you and preserve your health in the service of Islam.

    In a statement published in the Al Jareeda, June 22,1952, Mr Pasha said: We know for certain that Zafrulla Khan is a Muslim by profession and practice. He has been successful in defending the cause of Islam all over the world. It was for this reason that he came to be respected by all and the hearts of Muslims were filled with sentiments of gratitude.

    A prominent Egyptian leader Al Sayed Mustafa Momin in an interview with Pakistan news agency said (and this was published in the dailies of Pakistan on May 24/25,1952): Ch Zafrulla Khan holds an enviable position in the world of Islam. He is looked upon as the top most statesman in the Middle East, specially in Egypt and other Arab countries.

    By his powerful support of Tunisia, Morocco, Iran and Egypt in the United Nations he has served the cause of Islam in a way no other Muslim leader has been able to do.

    Late Maj Gen AO Mitha’s posthumously published autobiography, Unlikely Beginnings.


    According to Gen Mitha, it was Gul Hasan who saved Brig Zia-ul-Haq, as he then was, from being sacked. Zia was in Jordan. The year was 1971. Gen Yahya received a signal from Maj Gen Nawazish, the head of the Pakistan military mission in Amman, asking that Zia be court-martialled for disobeying GHQ orders by commanding a Jordanian armour division against the Palestinians in which thousands were slaughtered. That ignominious event is known as Operation Black September. It was Gul Hasan who interceded for Zia and had Yahya let him off. Mitha was treated very badly. His Hilal-i-Jurat was withdrawn in February 1972, something that also appears to have been Gul Hasan’s handiwork.


    The most promising comparison between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Jewish State of Israel came from Gen. Zia ul-Haq. Lacking a political constituency, he skillfully exploited Islam to legitimize and consolidate his military dictatorship. Presenting himself as a simple, pious and devoted Muslim, he institutionalized religious radicalism in Pakistan. In so doing, he found Israel to be his strange ally.

    Toward the end of 1981, he remarked: Pakistan is like Israel, an ideological state. Take out the Judaism from Israel and it will fall like a house of cards. Take Islam out of Pakistan and make it a secular state; it would collapse. He likewise surprised many observers in March 1986, when he called on the PLO to recognize the Jewish state. As discussed elsewhere, he was actively involved both in the 1970 Black September massacre of the Palestinians in Jordan as well as in Egypts re-entry into the Islamic fold more than a decade later. From 1967 to 1970 our Commander of the Faithful Late. General Muhammad Ziaul Haq was in Jordan in Official Militray Capacity and he helped late. King Hussain of Jordan in cleansing the so-called Palestinian Insurgents, Zia and Hussain butchered many innocent Palestinians in the name of Operation against Black September {a militant organization of Palestinians}. The intensity of bloodletting by Zia ul Haq and King Hussain was such that one of the founder father of Israel Moshe Dayan said:

    King Hussein (with help from Zia-ul-Haq of the Pakistani army) sent in his Bedouin army on 27 September to clear out the Palestinian bases in Jordan. A massacre of innumerable proportions ensued. Moshe Dayan noted that Hussein “killed more Palestinians in eleven days than Israel could kill in twenty years.” Dayan is right in spirit, but it is hardly the case that anyone can tch the Sharonism in its brutality.

    NOTES: P. R. Kumaraswamy. Beyond the Veil: Israel-Pakistan Relations Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies (JCSS)

    Charlie Wilson’s War by George Crile during the so-called Afghan Jihad following things did happen;

    He told Zia about his experience the previous year when the Israelis had shown him the vast stores of Soviet weapons they had captured from the PLO in Lebanon. The weapons were perfect for the Mujahideen, he told Zia. If Wilson could convince the CIA to buy them, would Zia have any problems passing them on to the Afghans? Zia, ever the pragmatist, smiled on the proposal, adding, Just don’t put any Stars of David on the boxes {Page 131-132}.

    Quran also says:

    Thou wilt find the most vehement of mankind in hostility to those who believe (to be) the Jews and idolaters. and thou wilt find the nearest of them in affection to those who believe (to be) those who say: Lo we are Christians. That is because there are among them priests and monks, and because they are not proud. [The Table Spread Chapter 5 Verse 82 – Soorah Al-Maidah].

    O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and Christian for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you who taketh them for friends is (one) of them. Lo! Allah guideth not wrongdoing folk. {The Table Spread – V (Soora Al-Maida) Verse 51}.

    REFERENCES: Jinnah, General Zia and Israel

  • Protect Ahmadis

    The recent incident of murder of an Ahmadi leader in Ferozewala, a city of Sheikhupura district situated near Lahore, is a sad reflection of how society chooses to treat a section of the minorities, variously known as Mirzais or Qadianis in Pakistan. What is more disconcerting though, is the apathy — rather collusion — of the state, which not only allows such incidents to take place under its very nose, it tends to protect the perpetrators. According to a series of reports published in this paper, Professor Mohammad Yousaf, leader of the Ahmadi community in Ferozewala, had sought police protection against sectarian zealots in his locality who had been threatening him. Allegedly, in response to this, two unidentified assailants shot him dead while he was at his general store. It was with some effort the family managed to lodge the FIR against the two murderers and four abettors known to the victim, who live in the same area. Instead of arresting the accused and investigating further, it is reported that the police let the four abettors go when they visited the police station with PML-N’s member of the Punjab Assembly Pir Ashraf Rasool. Meanwhile, both the police and the nominees in the FIR have been pressurising the family to withdraw the murder case. Alarmingly, even after the ghastly retribution visited upon Mohammad Yousaf, Khatam-e-Nabuwat Youth Wing’s signboard on the main roundabout of the town, which urges believers to kill and maim Islam’s enemies and to socially boycott Ahmadis, has not been removed.

    While we are witnessing the gruesome consequences of promoting extremist Islam in the form of suicide attacks, this incident shows another dimension of the free rein given to hate-mongering mullahs. Most often the paranoia and hatred against Ahmadis inspired by self-styled Islamic leaders has taken a murderous turn. Not long ago, a TV presenter incited the wholesale murder of Ahmadis by declaring it an obligation for Muslims, as a result of which two targeted killings took place in Sindh. This continues unabated because of the failure of the concerned authorities to take action against the culprits. Apparently, it is due to a deep bias that runs through the entire system. There is a visible nexus of protection as demonstrated in this case. Whether they are Muslim or non-Muslim, the state is responsible to protect all citizens of Pakistan against oppression. It is these kinds of cases that really require judicial activism, as the legislature and executive have both been found siding with the perpetrators rather than the victims.


  • Those who committed these murders are not human beings. They are evil shaitan followers. Ahmedis, may not be Muslim, but they are at least humans. They may become muslim one day. But Taliban are not even human. To be muslims first you have to be a human. Calling Taliban kafir, is like insult to our christian and Hindu brothers. They are worse than kafirs.

  • May Allah save the man kind from the curse of Taliban, and May Allah send Taliban to the deepest fire in the hell.

    We are all Pakistani, lets build Pakistan and bring back peace and prosperity. Taliban has destroyed Pakistan.

    I condemn the murder of 80 Punjabi Pakistanis of ahemadiya sect. I dream of a time when every Pakistan will live in a peaceful Pakistan, free of terrorists.

  • Muhammad Umar :
    Those who committed these murders are not human beings. They are evil shaitan followers. Ahmedis, may not be Muslim, but they are at least humans. They may become muslim one day.

    More than Agreed.

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